Wednesday, September 30, 2015


I thought this stampede was odd.  I would not put it past the Saudis to pull this off, as they are sworn enemies of Iran.  Iran is working with Russia who is against Saud because they want a pipeline for their gas products to go thru Syria, Russia's ally.  Thus, their support for the drop in oil prices and materiel and support for ISIS - our US/CIA creation/proxy army.

Man, and most people cannot see past the smokescreen into the reality of what is going on.  We are governed by gads - and they ALL must die for this deception.  They and all their families and those who love and make a lie.  This will be the end of the USA, as we know it, as well.  We are messing with the good will of a determined nuclear power.  The transition of power is about to happen.  The US will lose her fortress - we are on the cusp, and as Joseph Smith said, "Knowing this, how can I declare peace?".

It is a terrible thing - the death and destruction will reach into the millions and hundreds of millions on this continent alone.  The stench from the dead will persist for years after it sweeps this continent.  As for me and mine - we seek to be no part of it.  We have fled from Babylon.

Here is what got me spun up - and it was a brilliant move by Israel, if true....:

Report: Mossad and Saudi’s pre-coordinated the Mina stampede to abduct key members of The Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC)

[link to]

Emperical evidence strongly indicates that the Saudis gave Israeli Mossad full access to the Hajj biometric system and facial recognition systems to help them bag Iran's government people.

First of all, the reason why the Saudis blocked all access to health facilities with armed police is known:

To prevent anyone from going in and identifying members of Iran's government before the Mossad could cart them away to Israel for torture and interrogation the moment they stabilized and were ready to be shipped. And the reason for the slow medical response is also known, and it was to allow the Mossad enough time to ferret out all the Iranian government officials from the crowd.

First of all, Here are the stats on the medical support at the Hajj:

Roughly 22,000 health professionals are on duty with approximately 141 preliminary health care centers operational.

With 22,000 health professionals available from 141 locations at the Hajj, there is no conceivable reason for them to take six full hours to actually respond and start helping, unless it took that long for the Mossad to bag everyone they wanted and give the all clear. Case closed on the slow medical response.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Folks, you cannot deny the facts.  This is not possible, it is a statistical anomaly and completely improbable.  This is God's work:

I have a couple of spammers nailing the comments talking about how delusional Christians are.  Folks, they are puny of mind - and have no clue as to how statistics work.  NO WAY that this has happened by chance.  God is with them.


Soon, we will be able to take glimpses into the past using similar techniques to what are being demonstrated in this video:

Pretty cool, eh?


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Works at Doctor of Osteopathy (D.O.)
Studied Medicine at Touro University of Nevada-College of Medicine
3 hours ago
I remember reading your LDSFF quotes on Urim and Thummim. I put some of that stuff on the blog, without revealing who the source was. I would love to get your take on that news release about the stone used by Joseph for translation and maybe what your thoughts are on the C&E. You clearly are a descendant of Christ (not sure if you have read the book by Vern Swanson on the topic).
Which one of his stones? Joseph had four. But I am not familiar with the news release on his seer stones.
I don't know if Facebook is the best place for a discussion abt the C&E... Which time zone are you in? Email me at I appreciate your kind words but there are so many that come from the Savior's bloodline that you throw a rock you'll hit one. I haven't had a chance to read Swanson's book. But I am interested.
He had one with a hole in its center, a darker one, one that I have never seen and don't know the color of, and an ordinary brown stone. The brown stone was the one he used more exclusively... It's the one Martin Harris switched out with an ordinary rock as a prank to see if Joseph could still translate.
I am in mountain - just moved to Cardston..... We were already headed here before Spencer made it I will send a link to Vern's book. It might even blow your mind - the info is off the charts good. His research is unparalleled - and extensive.
My family was told to move to Salmon as a way station to Cardston.
Indeed - the blog post has the church's press release on it and shows the brown stone that you mentioned.
Spencer, or Tom as he is really, said in person Salmon was a place he saw and the Stake president in Challis is preparing for a great influx which will happen within the next five years.
That would be Salmon, ID right?
Im in Oklahoma now and will be in NJ for two years due to the Lord's plans but my family are in Salmon
You think it would be that far along? Yes, I have been in contact with Tom. We are in the final 14 months of the seven year period. But then, the fallout of this war will be years. I have an 18.5 yo son who will die in battle as a 20 yo. That puts dire things happening within the next year or so. I knew that since I laid hands on him as a baby. We already lost our other son to SIDS - so yeah, great news, eh?
No... When things begin... There are 3.5 years of warning and then 3.5 years of ... Ah how can I put this moderately?... "Outcomes."
yes... We are past Daniel 11:27... And right at the Ezekial
chapter 8 moving to chapter 9
which correlates to revelations chapter 7
my gosh I didn't see the loss of your son part until just now! I'm so sorry.
Call me. It is faster than typing and more filled with the Spirit. 208-446-5004
Will there not be great destruction in the NJ between now and then? I know about the 3.5 years and then the 3.5. I do not know how to do a reader's digest version of this, but I ran across a guy who crunched all the scrips and said in 2005 on youtube that the A/C would ascend temple mount on March 22, 2013, eight years after the release of the youtube. On that date, Obama visited Israel on Passover and caused the sacrifice to cease. I will call.
seriously call me.
Phone die?
Ooops. We just ran out of minutes. My wife is re-charging right now.
Sorry about that. I don't know her phone well....
That's okay. I totally understand. Lol.
What I meant to say I was shown the car I would have... My brother got it for me without me ever describing it or seeing it upon his purchase... My brother has the children he had in the dream... The home in the dream... Distinctive... Never seen its like. We found it by virtue of the Spirit... It is a very unusual and one of a kind home and the Lord miraculously put it into our hands... In Salmon... My family moved to Salmon last December
but you desired to ask abt the C&E...
Wow - you saw that home in Salmon that long before they found it?
Yes... And I never knew it was in Salmon until the real estate dealer showed it to mother said my face turned pale.
years after the dream
Are you positive that you are not supposed to be there sooner? Russia is about to make the move on the USA. Skousen said a dictator would take over the USA, then a natural or manmade disaster would hit and power would then be turned over to a Russian dictator who would take the fight into Europe and down into Israel.
But... That being said. The Lord has asked me to go by myself to NEW JERSEY iINTERJECTED BY ERIC) J... Oh my family own the home. I purchased it for them. It's ours and now we have a few things left to make it ready for the influx.
You have a bunch of Joseph in you (dreams, etc), but I have never met anyone as spiritually powerful as you are. Dead ringer for a descendant of the Savior. Much like Joseph Smith - both lines.
You are going directly there (to the NJ - she was talking about New Jersey)?
things will happen and martial law will be enacted before I am completely home but I must go and do as the Lord commands me
joseph has been in my dreams a lot yes... But he's really busy now... If he visits someone it is most likely to ordain them to something.
Wow - you are a brave soul. Amazing faith. Kansas City will take a direct hit, as will Montana north of Great Falls.
Yes... And Colorado too. But before that there will be Isis militias rise up among Americans in large cities. Cleveland Ohio will become desolate with only the buildings standing.
you give me too much credit in the spirituality and bravery arenas. I have cried many a time about going to NJ... But He has asked and I will go because He gives no commandment unto the children of men save He will provide a way for them to accomplish the thing that He will ask.
But I am curious about the descendant thing you mention. Which one of the Savior's wives are you wondering about? Joseph Smith I believe came out of two if not three but I don't know all the details...
Our native friends have seen it - the missiles coming in from the North over Cardston. The ten tribes will come thru here, as well and will follow the Missouri south into the NJ.
wow!!! those details I didn't know.
oh I went back and saw my mistake... You meant Joseph in me, not had visits from Joseph in my dreams..oops sorry... Small phone screen. I better break out the computer
Yep, it will be epic. All of the plains indians here know that when the big one hits, they are to gather just west of Cardston and await the event. Hopefully, the people here will be ready for it. For the most part, they are good, faithful people. Probably the best I have ever been around.
I work with the Kaw and Pawnee plains Indians.. they are as blue eyed and blonde as I am.
The sign is that an old sacred mountain will crumble in the EQ and then they are to gather. They have quite the amazing holy men, as well. Cree Indians. Cool - you are in a clinic on the reservation?
I am working as their physician currently before I leave for NJ... my little bountiful if you will
I was told that I would serve the Pawnee, years before I became a physician... and when I was told I was going to be on a reservation. I asked, "Is it the Pawnee?" And the Staffing agency said... "Is there such a tribe.. the surrounding nation is Cherokee..." but then it was the Pawnee like the Lord said it would be
Cool - I just finally figured out that the meso american model was complete bunk. Joseph was right - Zarahemla is just across the river from Nauvoo. We did our church history tour and visited those sites.
Yes... he is correct. And the mountainous range we love to call the rockies was the area that Enoch was from
Joseph left a lot more hints about things than scholars would like to believe
Wow - you are awesome! I would love to have that much foreknowledge. I have to work hard for it. You have an ease with it that I have not seen before in anyone - except Joseph Smith and others. It is a LONELY road.
It is a lonely road... but each of us have different pieces of the puzzle so that we can work with each other.
Where two or more are gathered... the Spirit of the Lord will be
Yep, many scholars have been leading us astray..... VERY frustrating for me. I have learned to trust the intellectuals less and less and seek out people that actually learn by personal revelation. What a concept, eh? Hey, I have a friend who is in the process of receiving her C&E - and has received some sort of witness that she is to be involved in the 144K. She is an elect and trying to figure out why all of the sudden she is having so many revelations and the path she is being led on. I would love to put you in touch with her so she can pick your brain and get some encouragement. She is reading Vern Swanson's book. I can pick out lineages just by interviewing a person - and she is a Fielding - clearly a descendant of Jesus. Just coming awake right now. About three years into the process.....
I have a friend whom has achieved more in terms of the Lord than I could ever dream of achieving in this lifetime... yet, I have one little piece of the puzzle with which the Lord has help him with... Everything else is superior in him by ten-fold... yet, that is how the Lord works.
I believe your talents lie in that which is designed for warriors and priesthood holders through faith and obediance... gods-in-training smile emoticon, if you will.
Wow... your friend sounds like an amazing lady! I would love to meet her
Indeed. I have perfect faith when I need it. When we found our kid, my first call was not to 911, but to my home teacher. I was insistent that we raise him. It was not the Lord's will - but I knew I had the faith to do it. Ever heard of Iohani Wolfgramm? Same kind of belief.
Yes... I know of him quite well. grin emoticon... Yes you are like him
That is where your strength lies and that is the nature of the male or patriarchal priesthood.
So what is the name of Vern Swenson's book?
When did this occur with your son?
Her name is Cherilyn Michelle Kynaston. We are on a FB group - and she was reaching out trying to understand her potential in an experience she had about one year ago. Unfortunately, I am a paygrade or two too low to help her. I need someone way ahead of me to turn her to. Here is a great song she did on the subject as she was striving before she had her first experience in preparation for her C&E:
He would be 14 years old today. The next one is about 1.5 years out from being called over..... Ughh.... He is more mortal - so I am concerned about him. Not in the proper state to go over - at least at this point.
She is a fielding? Hyrum's child?
I'm so sorry.... Are you sure he will be only twenty or look twenty?
That hurts me for you and your wife.
I believe so. One of the elect by blood. Amazing gal. You can feel her spirit in her song - recorded on an iPhone for the RS and put together in three days.... Very talented and smart.
I'm am not a descendant of Joseph's family. Her song is beautiful. I imagine Hyrum would be proud.. or is proud.
We named him after my wife's dad who died in Vietnam - and I had been sick for three days straight. Basically a forced fast as I blessed him and I knew he would suffer the same fate. I knew when our SIDS kid would go to the exact date. As an engineer, I know the statistical odds of getting anything like that right three years in advance are off the charts. It is freaky beyond belief. There almost needs to be a support group for people with gifts - a frank discussion brings blank stares in an EQ lesson..... Cherilyn says the same thing. Feels like a freak - no one believes in gifts any more. She really could use you as a friend right now. I feel like a PA trying to do brain surgery, you know what I mean?
But getting one's C&E is an individual process... the change of heart which she is singing about, is less individual and has similar requirements based on the laws in the temple. The second baptism or I should say the sanctification comes with an individual sacrifice that the Lord chooses for a person.
Im sorry... to bear such knowledge is a heavy burden.
I know, I am a little worried that she is not up for what comes next. It is gut wrenching - all hell can break loose when you state your intent. Staying faithful through it is like riding the tail of a jetliner at altitude with nothing more than a rope to hold on with....
You are different from her as she is different from me. The gift of prophecy is fact... that's just how it manifests as blatant truth and that's it
Your manner of receiving the sorrowful news as almost as you would statistics... is because that is how the warning portion of prophecy feels. It is not a warm fuzzy. It doesn't bring a joyful tear to a person's eye. It is piercing undeniable truth.
Bringing up the gifts of the Spirit in Sunday school will get you blank stares because everyone is at a different learning curve. And even then, not everyone experiences Spiritual things the same. The laws are the same for everyone. The path is the same, it's the individual details that vary
Indeed - it is cold and hard to bear. I have been through so much - and read enough to know that life can be tough (as Joseph and the Savior showed), that I just accept life as it comes. I also gladly accept the blessings for being faithful - which are added witnesses and greater strength.
Indeed - I finally came to that conclusion after years of painful frustration. I love being around gifted people - it lessens the freak effect. It was sad to see LDSFF descend into chaos and faithlessness.
You're right the next part of the process.. involves the law of consecration. It is awful for anyone... Joseph's test was he was asked to give Emma poison. D&C 132 elicits to it. Her's may be as much as losing everything or having to give it away.
Indeed. We have sold everything and were told to make a mobile kitchen among other things. We will likely live in a tent while our things go towards those who are coming in from all directions. Cardston still will go thru a purge.
And it is hard... The system within the organization of the Church.. the way the Lord designed it was that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was to nuture and bear forth the Church of the First born (Rev 12). It is not an end unto itself... and it takes a no-child-left-behind approach in some cases... because some areas may have those still in the early stages governing. But... it is our relationship with Christ and our knowledge that we are to prove them herewith that keeps us going and pressing forward... with a steadfastness in Christ... 2 Nephi 31:20-21 was actually talking to those that had already received their Baptisms of Fire and the Holy Ghost like your friend... on their way, trying to seek the face of Christ their Living God.
She has been blessed with much - and I am afraid that will be the case. She may have to walk away from her family, as well. Her husband is not on board with her process. I do not think he or she expected her to ascend out of that sleepy state and find herself.... Thankfully, my wife is on board with all of my craziness. After I began to hit a solid streak, she began to be a believer. At that point, so did I. God is amazing.... I had no idea. We mature in our gifts often far too late.
Wow... and you speak of me as being faithful?! You are truly faithful! I am grateul to the Lord because of you two.
Yeah, I was about to ask whom is she married to... Because in order to be a part of the "144" one has to be married... So technically it's at least 288,000... So whom was she promised to in exchange? She would know this herself.
So, did you know that the Church just put in plumbing for 6,000 toilets in AOA? I think we are getting so close. Also, a request for bids on a covered arena that will seat tens of thousands for down in the valley. Quietly working away - and most everyone has no clue. The world truly will be unaware of it.
Nice... a couple where two work as one, you don't see that, much anymore. smile emoticon I'm proud of you two. Keep going together. Your wife's faith in the Lord and in you, actually in of itself increases your strength in the priesthood... that is the virtue of the matriarchal order of the priesthood. Faith
Wow... the whole toilets and land thing... Just like the Cardston Temple vision
Not sure - I mentioned this to her. To not give up on her husband - she believes she will be part of the 144K - but I told her she has to do it as a team - and time is short. You will need to ask her this. I think she knows - but she is reluctant to say.
Are you going to be part of the 144K? Or do you have another role in the NJ?
Yep, I keep trying to tell people that we are closer than most think. Just as the decline has accelerated at an alarming rate, the culmination of events will accelerate, as well. It is like drinking from a fire hose.
Oh... Joseph has given wives of less than worthy husbands to those that are worthy all the time. No biggey. If she is worthy then she will be assigned to another whom is worthy of her. I was told once: "A woman is a gift given to a man whom is worthy of her." She is a dominion... and if his priesthood literally can not justly rule or govern that dominion, and she has been faithful, then the Lord will give her to another whom is faithful and able to govern righteously. D&C 121 and D&C 132
My role is...well, I'm a different breed of animal. I go where the wind takes me.... or the Spirit instructs me. I cannot say for sure because I have not received such a dilenating ordination that would describe the exact nature of what the Lord wants me to do. But I will tell you, that the Lord's messengers have come to take me home on a number of occasions and I have told them, "not while the earth stands will I abandon my fellow men. I have work yet to do." What this work is exactly, I don't know and I haven't asked. I don't know if I would like the answer. I didn't much like the idea of going to NJ, though I knew deep down it would happen.
Indeed - you are about the only female on the face of this earth that is not a fundamentalist that has this down correctly. Most cannot take that with any kind of grace. It takes a full understanding of stewardship and Consecration in order to understand it. Having our son taken home to help my G-G Gpa on the other side of the veil taught me we are simply stewards and God will use us as He will in order to fulfill His purposes. Are you going to be part of the 144K or have you other roles? I have received ZERO information beyond what I am doing here in Cardston. I just know that I have been on a major repentance kick lately. If the Lord will use me, I have to be on a higher plane - or I simply will be passed over. A terrestrial state is not an easy thing to go to.
For yourself... wait until the Lord sounds the call for you to speak loudly and succinctly. It's not yet... when that takes place then ears will hear your voice. Right now... most haven't learned exactly how to distinguish the voice of their master from the thousand other voices running around in this world. And when they are ready to hear His voice, they will hear yours. Whether it be the voice of his servants or the voice of the Lord it is the same.
I would rather do the purifying on my own terms - rather than on the Lords' crash course. A purge will occur here in order to get things in running order - but there are SO many other amazing people who have been prepared for their roles. I have such hope and excitement. I never understood why Spencer had to go thru Cardston before going to the NJ. It seemed like a difficult step - other than to provide a refinement to him.
I understand the rules on the other side and how they see marriage and dominions. We add a lot more to it than they do... everything is based on worthiness... and either the law of adoption or another law which I will not mention here. Telestials have trouble understanding terrestials... and therefore they look at them funny or want to kill them... either way, its not fun for the terrestrial. But terrestrials live in the world of justice... they appreciate and esteem celestials, but they do not understand their concept of creation... creation is hard to understand from a stand point other than a celestial's... that's what the laws of chastity and consecration do, is prepare the mind for celestial thinking and creation. Marriage in its entirely is founded upon the principles of creation and dominion and sealing as many as possible to the eternal Father.
Indeed. I was in the temple in 2010 and was fasting and praying asking the Lord what to do. I was in the chapel and asked the Lord to direct my hands as I opened the scrips. They fell open to D&C88:81 and all the other verses greyed out and a light shone on 81. I about flipped out - that has not happened before or since. I then read the rest of the verses about judgment..... Man that was a wakeup call. I have been a blogging fool ever since. I hit one million hits last October after five years of blogging and then will hit the second million in a few days. So excited that I have been able to reach out to people and express my feelings and the Lord's will.
Caveat... telestials that are ready to become terrestrials are the only ones upon the earth in the telestial realm that understand a terrestrial and appreciate them. There lies the distinction... Those whom are ready for the Baptism of Fire and Holy Ghost do not shirk from it but embrace it. YOu being a man, will hear the audible voice of the Lord say unto you, your name followed by "you are clean and then possibly instructions."
Oh NJ! New Jerusalem! Nice! I am sent to New Jersey. And I was using NJ acronym the whole time.. lol... yes, I am behind the times. wink emoticon
Oh, that would be so awesome. I have had the baptism of fire when I was twelve after coming home from Priesthood Session. I was wrought upon so hard, I was unable to move. I asked my Seminary Teacher what was going on, I was kind of worried. She wept. She knew what it was. It stayed with me strongly for three days or more. The only other time I felt the overwhelming love I felt the night our kid died. Amazing embrace of love and fire.
I believe you are well on your way. Use the beattitudes as a step-by-step process in telling where you are at in the process and overlay them with the four laws in the temple the change of robes being the Baptism of Fire
You are AWESOME! I will do so.
Then you are somewhere past "hungering and thirsting after righteousness" in 3 Nephi 12:6 which is the Baptism of Fire step.
But I will tell you... as a man, you must hear the voice bearing record that you are clean. Your wife does not... she can hear it, but it is not necessary for her if she had her endowment taken out before 2001.
Whoa - interesting. It comes to the man in the coupling? And the man takes it to the wife? Through the ordinance we all know about? I will have to think about it a little more - pick out the details of the changes since 2001. They no longer call you in directly? The Church is very large now.
So you are saying you are supposed to go to New Jersey and not Independence on your next move?
Also superimpose 2 Peter chapter 1: 6-10 characteristics step-by-step list over the beatittudes and the temple endowment. Once one hits the law of chastity and the law of consecration... it gets a little slow and becomes an endurance race... so you constantly are wondering, am I making any improvement, am I doing as the Lord asks? This is where the beattitudes and the 2 Peter list come into play. Charity... is an actual gift given by the Savior...
The wife has a different role on her own... both are single even into the first degree of the celestial kingdom. She has differnt gifts given to her in the initiatory than the man. He is awarded the rights to "weaponry", she is pronounced clean there in initatory. Women are saved in childbearing and other associated things. For women whom are single and without children there are other things the Lord has them do. Men must be cleansed from the blood and sins of this generation by the "sweat of their brow" so to speak in spreading the gospel. women do not have that requirement
Yes... I will be sent for two years to New Jersey on the New York border. I blame Joseph. lol... Okay I don't blame him for this, but that is near his old stomping ground.... so I can *laughingly* and tasingly "blame" him for it. wink emoticon
teasingly not tasingly lol
How much longer will you be in Oklahoma? Do you know? I am not sure that NY will be wiped out here shortly. I was just there - it is the city that will fall in one hour.
Are you central time? You probably need to turn in for the night? Or are you on a late shift?
I will be in Oklahoma until October 24th then I fly back home to grab my things and make the trek from Idaho to New Jersey. I will be working in Christ Hospital in Jersey City NJ for two years until October 31st 2017. That's my contract time... I am not sure if things will last that long, but I can not say for sure one way or another. And no, if you are still wondering if I am one of the 144,000.... no... I'm a... little uh... different.
I do have to go.... but you've had one final question that you have been holding off on and I must stay up until you ask it. So ask away...
smile emoticon
How are you different? Are you not married at this point - or do not expect to be when that occurs? What did you mean by that?
Different is different.
Okay - I will leave it at that. 
When can you talk with Cherilyn? She says that Thursday night after 9pm is good for her.
No, I am not married. But that doesn't have to do with anything... I belong to someone, I just haven't married my intended yet and if it never occurs in this life, I am not concerned... Like I said, they've come to take me home several times, but I will not leave my fellowmen while the earth stands and I will serve until the end.
After 9pm? I think I can manage that. I don't work on Friday, but I am traveling to Texas because some rowdy people have been so kind to teach me archery for free and fencing, and I adore them. lol. Give her my phone number
LOL... Sorry typing doesn't come off as gentle as it is when one is speaking... I hope none of that sounded curt.. it wasn't at all... I'm not even bothered by the whole married-unmarried thing. lol
I've already been spoken for and I just shrug at the rest. LOL. I guess the things of the Lord are matter-of-fact to me anymore. lol
Wow - is your health good? Or have they just shown up in good health and asked you to go? That is cool - and yes there is agency involved. I was supposed to go in place of my son. My wife was given the opportunity to choose that it not be me. It was the most amazing, affirming thing I can imagine. I KNOW God lives - and that he loves us. I will pass her number on to you. I would love to be in on it - so I could learn - but you may be able to have a much better conversation one on one. Thank you for your time. I have much to study and ponder on.
You are amazing - you are the first female I have met who completely gets it. Amazing. God bless you in all your endeavors, large and small.
I am... uh... one moment healthy as a horse and the next they could stop my heart and it would be an ordinary thing. I do feel sorry for the messengers that plead with me to come home... I'm not the most understanding when it comes to their desires. I have my own agenda. I want to finish what I started and I will finish it unless the Lord Himself drags my behind going, I'm not leaving without a fight... or else this probation would have been wasted for me.
lol... when you've been to, seen the otherside as much as I have, it becomes normal. I have no worries concerning those things. I worry that I will not do enough here.
Wow - that is awesome. I am somewhat lost as to what I am to do. I know I should be over there - but still seek direction on what to do over here. If asked, I would gladly go where that love and warmth are. It is intoxicating - luring. BUT - at the same time, I know there is going to be one heck of an adventure here for those who stay. That was Cherilyn's prayer - she wanted to stay for the whole enchilada. And got a witness that she would and some kind of sealing to that effect.
In a family... when work has been done on the otherside in the family's line... a male or two must be taken in order to balance the work. It happened in Wilford Woodruff's family. Your child also chose it to be himself... and blessed is he for the work he is doing! What a strong man he must be! But your wife's faith... the prayers of a virtuous daughter of God are extraordinarily powerful if directed towards that which is righteous. Hyrum and Joseph's mother saved their lives numerous times because of her faith. The most important one was during Zion's camp. They were healed the instant Hyrum had a vision of their mother praying under a tree over them.
Wow... I'm liking this Cherilyn more and more... wink emoticon
Indeed. She is an amazing woman. But you will learn little from her - and she will need instruction like you have given me.
This is for your wife: A wife, a daughter, a sister, and a mother.... a woman's prayers on behalf of the men around her and her belief in their goodness and their priesthood makes them stronger and more powerful in the priesthood. That is your role. A shield maiden if you could call it a metaphor. The men face the outside threats and your strength gives them added strength... it is your belief in them and God that makes them greater... literally.... Consider it as you would faith as is described in the Lessons on Faith... Faith is a force... a power of action... an actual thing. Therein lies the unspoken portion of the matriarchal priesthood. YOur strength becomes theirs... why else does the prayers of virtuous daughters reach teh Lord's ears with such great speed... is because their faith in the Lord increases Him and His cause.
This is my duty... my right. I will strengthen as many as it needs be and take care of their wounds as they battle helping, until the women in their lives come to that understanding which the adversary has blinded them too. The adversary would have women believe that they are nothing without their husbands or even superior to men or that they have to be the same as men. NO no no. We are different. Unique. We work in groups. We pray in groups. We have faith in those we love and strengthen them and soothe them. The natural soothing power in one woman is enough to heal a household. The priesthood of men is strengthened and sustained by it... When your husband gives a blessing, it is best that you are there at his side with your faith strengthening his and you will see him physically and spiritually expand like you have never seen before. And thus increases his and your dominion.
We teach other women this these principles and they teach other women.
So when people ask me if I am part of the 144... my response is that I am a woman... I will do as my Lord asks of me. I am not... I am different.
When the decision was made who it would be, all three of us (my dad, my son and I) were all sick. My dad's Gpa, former patriarch of Cedar City Stake called us all in (my dad saw it in vision) and we were all interviewed. Gave our answers. My dad said the last one there was one who looked like I did when I was 25 - just a little taller and broader in the shoulder. He was taken two weeks later. I told my mom after the funeral that she was next that she had about six months before she was called home. A week short of six months, she was called home. They both came back to give my dad a message about being able to re-marry after it was over. It was exactly as I had been given it in the dream the night our boy died of SIDS. Statistically speaking - off the charts. No question that God lives - you might say I have a perfect knowledge of it. I do not need to see Him to know that. I wish I could pass that knowledge along to everyone I meet. The blog is the best I can do for now.
This exact thing occurred during Wilford Woodruff's time and he recorded it in his journal. There are always three candidates called. The interviewer interviews them... it is weighed whether or not their work on one side of the veil or the other is greater. Then one is taken at the appointed time, because to them over there: it's like walking from room to room or from house to house or from state to state. One stays in Idaho and the other moves to New Jersey. Your mother is a good woman. A very good woman. And so is your wife.
My wife is a survivor of sexual abuse (her step father who had just baptized her), so her faith in men has been in trouble for years. She is the strongest woman I know - she has just been beaten to a pulp in life and she still powers on. When she prays over me, I can feel it. I note the time and then later ask her if she was praying for me. Indeed - she was - and I know it.
This is how it is with men... called to callings. They just come and get us women. It's kind of funny really... I wasn't in a particularly polite mood when one male angel came to bring me home... I was exasperated and told HIM to go home, if he wanted someone to go.
She is most definitely a strong woman... and that explains the impressions of the Lord to give her the matriarchal priesthood "spiel"... not very many are to be taught such a thing... not very many at all.
I have got to go soon... there is one more question.
Tell me, what is that burning question that you hold so close to your heart?
LOL - that is awesome. I remember reading your experiences with angels on LDSFF and have held you in the highest regard since. How many others are there out there like you?
I cannot ask you here. Do you know what it is?
I have learned enough for a weeks worth of study on C&E. Maybe a month's worth - but I cannot ask it unless you broach it.
Can I paste this conversation for Cherilyn to read so she can use it to formulate her questions when she calls you?
LOL... oh I feel sorry for the angels that come to deliver messages to me... I am not penitent. I've been known to: glomp, tell them they're fatter than I remembered (that was to Joseph Smith himself), that they smelled funny like lilies (Poor Hyrum got both the glomp and "you smell funny"... glomped the just-man-made perfect right out of the poor guy), asked them a thousand questions, stopped talking with them about their message and spent the time instead inquiring from the HOly Ghost what I wanted to know... okay, I could go on, but man, I realize how naughty of a child I can be.. poor messengers.
Wow - I would give much to ask questions as you have. So would my wife. Are you going to be sealed to Joseph or Hyrum? As many have post-humously?
You are almost too good for this world.
Some simply cannot be kept here. "Spencer" is one of them.
She can have full access to this conversation if she likes. I was assuming it was about the C&E... but all I can say is "what is wanted?" It doesn't work the other way around. But... it does when a messenger comes to speak to you... you test them as if you are in the place of the Lord.. and remember above all else, their relationship with Christ distinguishes them as His messengers... THat is your failsafe question if you do not recognize them immediately: "Do you believe that Jesus Christ is the ONLY name by which we can be saved?"
Sealed to Hyrum or Joseph? What made you ask that? That was your wife's question, lol... she asked that one.
I would love to talk with you guys as much as the Lord permits. YOu are good and blessed people whom have suffered much but are still faithful. You were exactly what I needed.
lol... the Smith brothers put up with me enough. lol
No - it is just that you will need to be with someone who is leaps and bounds above you. There are few in this world who will fit that bill. Soon, 70% of the males will be gone, and few will remain until the resurrection gets into full swing and good ones are called from the grave - and those who will, receive those who were promised to them. I am not even sure I will make it. I have gotten no promise. Just directives that I am to be here in Cardston. The collapse will happen soon - I will share my 777 "prophecy" on our next chat. The world economy will not make it past the next July. the crash started on 7/7/15. I felt the first one in 2001. I have blogged it all. I knew it when I came home from being set apart into the EQ and still had the spirit of prophecy about me - it lingers after events like that and I use it to look into the future. I COMPLETELY get Joseph. He is my brother. But I am nothing - and would be glad to eat the crumbs from his table...
I just want you to know that I love you guys and feel the Lord's love for you. It is a blessing to see His hand in your lives and guiding you.
LOl... I will say that I have had my share of proposals.. and leave it at that. lol.
Yes... the Spirit of prophecy lingers... it is probably the most amazing but peculiar aspects of the Spirit.
No one is nothing... Everyone has a part, for good or for bad.
Okay - I was going to say. How do you manage to remain single with your gifts?? I MUST let you go. Thanks again for your willingness to entertain Cherilyns' questions. She, like me is simply thirsting for more light and knowledge.