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I just made the boldest statement I have ever made on this blog, thanks to some input from a reader.  Around March 22nd, 2013 I did a blog piece that stated that this visit by Obama to Israel was very unusual and that it might have an unusual significance (CLICK HERE).  IF this is it, then that was the understatement of the year.

As you watch this rather lengthy piece and get to the 1:25 mark (one hour 25 minutes), you will find that the date of March 22nd, 2013 is significant.  This guy recorded this in 2005.  Obama visits Israel on this EXACT date.

The sign will be this:  if the crops indeed fail on the order of 50-75% this year, then we are about to enter a very bad series of years - the tribulation, so to speak.  War will most likely be poured out on Israel from Syria and it will get ugly.  Israel will most likely get nuked this year.  If you are reading this from Israel, NOW is the time to split......

My mind is still reeling - as I would not have expected this so soon.  It fits perfectly with my timeline and the doctrine appears to be sound.  I will post more as I find it.  If you live in the USA, when you see the nuke fly from Libya and hit Israel, you have 12-24 hours to get to your safe place.  Literally run out the door and get out of the cities - especially those wicked areas.  Brigham City to North Salt Lake will not be safe if you are in Utah.

Here is the link:

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Rabbi Judah ben Samuel’s Jubilee Prophecy gives the Year of the Messiah

Rabbi Judah ben Samuel
It was in the year of 1217 CE that one of Judah’s most legendary and prolific German Hassidic rabbis made an astounding prediction about the future of Jerusalem and the coming of the Messiah. Known as Judah ben Samuel (Judah He-Hasid or Judah the Pious, he lived in the 12th and 13th century in Regensburg, Germany.
Born in Speyer in 1140, Rabbi ben Samuel died in February 22, 1217 in Regensbug. He was one of the fathers of Chassidei (Hassidic Judaism), a movement of Jewish mysticism in Germany different than Rabbi Lurias Kabbalistic mysticism, where the Chassids emphasized strong moral ethics and prayer.
When Rabbi Judah HeHasid settled in Regensburg at the age of 55, it was here that he wrote his seminal books; the Sefer Hasidim (Book of the Pious), Sefer Gematriyot (a book on astrology) and Sefer Hakavod (Book of Glory). The latter book is now lost and few quotations have remained by subsequent authors.  
These years were the time of the Roman Christian crusades into the Holy Land between the years of 1096-1270. During that time also a flourishing correspondence was carried back and forth from Jerusalem and the Holy Land and Europe rabbis in Worms and Regensburg in Germany. It was in these letters that they knew about Saladin the Great and Saladin’s Sunni Ayyubid Dynasty in Egypt.
It was in this year that Rabbi Judah ben Samuel began publishing his biblical calculations called the Gematria, plus his astronomical observations a gave us this summary which we can read today.
Rabbi Judah ben Samuel - “When the Ottomans (Turks) – who were already a power to be reckoned with on the Bosporus in the time of Judah Ben Samuel – conquer Jerusalem they will rule over Jerusalem for eight jubilees. Afterwards Jerusalem will become no-man’s land for one jubilee, and then in the ninth jubilee it will once again come back into the possession of the Jewish nation – which would signify the beginning of the Messianic end time.”
According to Leviticus 25, one Jubilee period is 50 years in which the 50th year, each person will regain ownership of his or her tribal lands. As Rabbi Judah the Pious looked into the future, he was postulating theoretical calculations, which today are showing them to be amazingly accurate. It would be over 300 years after his death that his first prediction would become true.
During the Roman Christian Crusades, the Mamluk began their reign in Jerusalem in the year of 1250 CE when the last Ayyubid Sultan of Egypt, Turanshah was assassinated by his Mamluk slave General Aibek. Aibek then founded the Mamluk Bahri dynasty. They held power over Jerusalem until they were conquered by the Ottoman Turks in the year of 1517, three hundred years after the death of Rabbi Judah ben Samuel. 
According to Rabbi Judah he-Hasid, the Ottoman Turks would later wrestle power and control over the Middle East and assume power and control over Jerusalem. They would control the Land of Palestine and Jerusalem for eight Jubilees, according to his predictive calculations.
  Ottoman Empire at its Peak
Well, eight Jubilees (50 years x 8 Jubilees) are 400 years. We know again by history that the Ottoman Turks gained control of Jerusalem in the year 1517 and held power over Jerusalem for 400 years, when they were conquered in 1917, by the British military forces under the command of British military General Edmund Allenby on Hanukkah, December 17, 1917.  The Ottoman Turks began to falter in 1918 after the defeat of the army at Jerusalem. The city of Damascus fell on October 1, Homs on October 16, and Aleppo on October 25 and Turkey capitulated on October 30, 1918. After this date the League of Nations conferred the Turkey, Syria, and Egypt to the British Mandate that included the Land of Israel, then called Palestine, and Jerusalem to the British.
Then the prophecy continues when it states; “Afterwards Jerusalem will become no-man’s land for one jubilee.” Is it not amazing that from the year of 1917 when the British Mandate controlled the city of Jerusalem, Jerusalem did become under international law a “no-man’s land for one jubilee”. It was fifty years after that year in 1917, that the Israeli army captured the city of Jerusalem in the Six Day War on June 17, 1967. Exactly one Jubilee, 50 years later, Jerusalem returned for the first time to the control of the Jewish-Israeli ownership since the day when Jerusalem was destroyed in 70 CE. 
Called the “Light of Israel”, Rabbi Ben Samuel truly was a “Light to the World”. He did not discriminate against anyone who wanted to learn from him. Even the Roman Catholic bishops sought his wisdom.
His students were some of the Torah scholars of the ages. Those who have spent their lives studying and referencing the studies of Rabbi Judah he-Hasid, were; Rabbi Isaac Ben Solomon Luria, a mystic dealing with the messianic world (Jerusalem, 1531-1572, Safed); Joseph Solomon Delmegido (1591 Candia – 1655 Prague), a mathematician and astronomer (“Mazref le-Chochma”), Azulai I (1724-1806), a famed bibliographer; Samuel David Luzzatto (1800-1865), a Bible scholar; historian Heinrich Graetz (1817-1891); and Torah scholar Jacob Epstein (1925-1993). 
According to his pupils Rabbi Isaac ben Moses (Vienna), Rabbi Baruch ben Samuel (Mainz) and Rabbi Simcha (Speyer), Rabbi Judah the Pious was a model in his role of strict abstinence selflessness and of service to other. His burning desire was awaiting the coming of the Messiah.
When he was asked where he received his wisdom from, his answer was:
Rabbi Judah ben Samuel – “The prophet Elijah, who will precede the Messiah, appeared to me and revealed many things to me and emphasized that the precondition for answered prayer is that it is fueled by enthusiasm and joy for the greatness and holiness of God.”
As we read the studies of this great man of G-d, and review his finding in all their simplicity and accuracy, we stand amazed today. In review, just before 1217 CE, this rabbinic sage and giant of Israel made the amazing prediction that the “Ottoman Turks would rule over the holy city of Jerusalem for eight Jubilees.”
Unknown to Rabbi Judah ben Samuel, the first known reference of the “Ottomans” was in 1215 CE, just two years before he died. The Ottomans were a Turkish speaking tribe that was first ruled by Ertugrul in the land of Anatolia. His rule continued to ascend in power as the Seljuk Turkish Empire decayed. Ertugrul’s son, Osman, became the name-sake “father of the Ottoman Turks” for his name was corrupted in Europe as “Ottoman”.
The Ottomans expanded to Nicaea (present-day Iznik and then went over the Dardanelles in 1362. Almost ninety years later, the Ottoman ruler Mehmed II conquered the Byzantine Imperial capital, Constantinople (Istanbul) in the year of 1453. Eventually the Ottomans ruled over most of the Balkans, the Fertile Crescent and Egypt included the forsaken land of Palestine.
This empire lasted until after World War II, but the Holy Land and Jerusalem were taken possession of in the year of 1917 by the British General Edmund Allenby on Hanukkah, December 17, 1917.  Of personal interest, one of my relatives sent a personal account of the Battle of Jerusalem by the British forces under the command of General Edmund Allenby. As written:
Geoffrey – “The story of Jerusalem and General Allenby, which I remember my Grandfather telling me was about the time when Allenby halted the British Army some twenty miles away from the great city and sent a telegram directly to King George V. saying: “I will not fire British Guns on G-D’s City” signed Allenby.   Apparently, the King wired him back with one word “PRAY!”  And the next day the Turks left without a shot being fired and Allenby led the British Army into Jerusalem.
We survived the German Occupation of the Channel Islands, because we knew who we were – values had been handed down, we were British!  We knew right from wrong! And we would, no matter how bad things could become and they did, win the war.  Today, we can clearly see that society has forgotten to hand those core values.”
Judah ben Samuel’s Prophecy of Ten Jubilees
As Judah ben Samuel predicted the years of 1217 and 1517 were recognized as the biblical 50 year Jubilee Years. Three hundred years of six Jubilees after 1217, the Ottoman Turks took control of Jerusalem until its fading years when the Allied Forces swept the last ruler of the Ottoman from power by the forces of the British military troops under the command of General George Allenby in 1917.
Even after the Declaration of Independence by Israel in May 15, 1948 and Israel’s War of Independence against five Islamic nations, the city of Jerusalem still remained a “divided city”. The Jordanian government controlled the eastern part of Jerusalem including the Temple Mount and the Old City of Jerusalem. A strip of land divided the State of Israel control of Western Jerusalem and the Jordanian controlled East Jerusalem. This strip of land was called “The No-Man’s Land” by both Israelis and Jordanians.
Then in the year of 1967, Israel was once again attacked. After the Six Day War, on June 17, 1967, the entire region of the West Bank was conquered by the Israeli Army and the entire city of Jerusalem returned back in possession of the Jewish people. Seven hundred and fifty years after the prophecy was first made by Rabbi Judah the Pious, from 1217 to 1967, all the conditions of the prophecy were fulfilled to the letter of the prophetic oracle. Then Rabbi Judah heHasid wrote:
Rabbi Judah heHasid – “In the ninth jubilee Jerusalem will once again come back into the possession of the Jewish nation – which will signify the beginning of the Messianic end time.”
This leaves one more Jubilee, the tenth Jubilee since the Ottoman Turks took control of Jerusalem and the Land of Promise in the years of 1517. According to this Jewish sage, the end of this tenth Jubilee will “signify the beginning of the Messianic end time.”
As we review the Sabbatical Week of Years, this present Sabbatical Cycle began on Rosh Hashanah 2008 5778. The 8th year would have been the day of the Messiah ending Rosh Hashanah 2009, but the Messiah did not come.  
If this Sabbatical Messianic cycle 2009-2017 is completed and the GogUMogog war does begin within the year between Rosh Hashanah 2015 to Rosh Hashanah 2016, then the Messianic Era will commence before Rosh Hashanah 2017. We are currently in the 4th year of the Sabbatical Messianic Cycle that began on Rosh Hashanah 2009, in the Jewish year 5773 (2013).
There is still time for the Messiah the Prince, the anti-Messiah to forge a covenant with the “Holy Ones” of the rabbanim of Jerusalem for a seven year hudna, for the biblical text in Daniel clearly states that it will be abrogated by the anti-Messiah within 3½ years.
Can we look forward to a Middle East Peace Accord by Passover 2013?  If so, 3½ years later, will be see the revealing of the Maschiach ben Dovid before Rosh Hashanah 2016 (Jewish year 5777 between Rosh Hashanahs 5776-7)?  
If so, the Epic Year of the Messiah will be here on Rosh Hashanah 2016 or the Jewish year of 5000 plus 777 years. The age of the Enlightenment of the Torah will have begun. The forces of evil will have been destroyed and the Kingdom of G-d on Planet Earth will begin with the Maschiach ben Dovid ruling with the “rod of iron.  
If not, will we have to endure for another Seven Year Sabbatical Week of Years or another Jubilee cycle? It’s time that the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel with their brothers, the Jews of the House of Judah begin praying, as revealed in the name of the Prophet Zechariah, Zechariah ben Berechiah ben Iddo (At the Appointed Time, G-d blesses and G-d remembers). Let us call upon the Holy Name of the L-rd to bless us and be merciful to the Jews of the House of Judah and the Lost Ten Tribes of the House of Israel.
The Finger of the Divine is rapidly transforming our world in to the final guela and redemption for All Israel; Judah and Ten-Israel together.  As it comes to the Lost Ten Tribes of the House of Israel, our naturalized homelands as we know them to be will soon disappear and we will have only one choice left, assimilate into rapidly decaying gentile world, or return to our ancestral tribal homelands in Israel. The prophets have a lot to say as to the fate of each of these Lost Israelites.
The prophets are continue to speak and reveal to us today. As with Rabbi Judah ben Samuel, the clue as to the prophetic vortex that is rapidly swirling around our lives is becoming more revealed. If you don’t know how to listen to the “still small voice”, the voice of HaShem, like Elijah the Prophet, it’s time to begin listening as the G-d of Israel is whistling or coaxing you to come back to the brotherhood of Klal Yisra’el (All Israel).
To learn more about this redemptive process, you are Welcome to Contact “Kol Ha'Tor”, the Voice of the Turtledove. Here is a joint Orthodox Jewish and 10-Triber Mission to bring awareness of the imminent fulfillment of the Biblical Prophecies regarding the Redemption of all Israel (12 Tribes Re-conciled and Re-United). This super Event of all Times will entail establishing in the region of Shomron (the Ancient Bible Heartland of the Patriarchs) and the Judean Wilderness into a new homeland for the Return of the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel when All Israel will finally be redeemed.
For inquiries about Kol Ha Tor Vision for the Lost Tribes of Israel, Visit – “Shomron Lives!”,a Spiritual Retreat and Guest House in Samaria, that hosts Shomron (Samaria) Tours to reacquaint the Returning Lost Tribers of the House of Israel.

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That date, folks holds some great significance for the world.  Keep it in mind when you are planning your vacations and your preparations.  The following year will have significant impacts for Israel - as she will most likely be made to be free in some significant way.

I wonder if Al Aqsa will collapse and they will finally be able to build their temple??

I am so exicted to see what transpires in the next few years!

Here is something interesting:

I wanted to give credence to 2015-16 being a jubilee year which may help in pinpointing the second coming of Christ.
The Hebrew calendar is different from our own calendar in that their civil year begins sometime in September-October, vs. our civil year beginning January 1st. So Hebrew years will always begin sometime around Sept./Oct. through Sept./ Oct. of the next year. Can we use this in helping to determine the next Jubilee year???
Well, the last Jubilee year occured from Sept. 24, 1966 to Oct. 13, 1967 (these dates are from atonement/yom kippur 1966 to atonement/yom kippur 1967). This entire span of time from Sept. 24, 1966 to Oct. 13, 1967 of the following year was the Jubilee year. And it was WITHIN this period of time (Jubilee) that Israel recaptured Jerusalem on June 7, 1967. So looking to the next Jubilee we count 49 years of 365.25 days, from Sept. 24, 1966 and literally end up at Sept. 22, 2015...with the next day September 23, 2015 being the START of that extra 50th Jubilee year, which would run through to Oct. 12, 2016. Perhaps this is why Rabbi's in Israel celebrated the last Shmita (Sabbath) year from Sept 22, 2007 to Oct 8, 2008, because the next Shmita year ocurrs 7 yrs later from Oct. 4, 2014 to Sept. 22, 2015, the next day being Jubilee from Sept. 23, 2015 to Oct. 11, 2016.
The 7th day is a sabbath rest day, the 7th year (Shmita) is a sabbath rest year, and the 7th Shmita is the 49th year, with the next 50th year being Jubilee...then the cycle starts all over.
But I think some ambiguity ocurrs when we dont consider that a Hebrew year intersects 2 of our years. And so if you bust out a calculator and add 49 yrs to 1967 you get 2016, or add 50 yrs to 1967 you get 2017. But the last Jubilee didn't start in '67, it began in '66 and ran through to '67 (Sep. 24, 1966 to Oct. 13, 1967). Consider, If the Jubilee didn't begin until Atonement of '67 (Oct 14, 1967), then Israel would have captured Jerusalem before Jubilee even began, which would be outside the laws of Jubilee...since all land is recaptured, debts cancelled, slaves set free WITHIN the year of Jubilee. But instead, if you add 49 yrs to Sept. 24,1966 you come to Sept. 22, 2015, with the very next day of Sept. 23, 2015 being the first day of that 50th year...Jubilee. 
Israel capturing Jerusalem did not start the Jubilee, Jerusalem was recaptured by Israel WITHIN the year of Jubilee which had already begun 8 month earlier on the Feast of Atonement/Yom Kippur.
This ultimately reinforces Daniel 9:25 and the 7 weeks (49 years). Because if you take 49 Hebrew years (17460 days) from Israel capturing Jerusalem on June 7, ALSO end up at September 23, 2015 which is the Feast of Atonement/Yom Kippur, and next Jubilee. Here are the past Shmita years which have been observed by rabbis since Israel became a nation:
1916-17 (this was 7th Shmita/49th year, following year 1917-18 is Jubilee) General Allanby captures Jerusalem from Turks Dec 1918.
*1965-66 (this was 7th Shmita/49th year, following year 1966-67 is Jubilee) Israel captures Jerusalem in 6 day war.
*2014-15 (this will be 7th Shmita/49th year, following year 2015-16 is Jubilee) Christ returns??
Jubilee years can be confusing b/c the bible doesn't specify whether they ocurr within the 7 year cycle. For instance the 50th year is Jubilee, but it is also the 1st year of the next 7 year cycle. There's division over this question among scholars. However, if the Rabbi's say the next shmita year is from 2014-15, then 2015-16 would be the next Jubilee.
And if anyone is interested in how you can determine the hebrew feast days visit or just type in "hebrew date converter" to google or bing.
-passover (aka pesach) is always Nisan 14
-unleavened bread is Nisan 15
-first fruits is Nisan 17
-pentecost (aka shavuot) is Sivan 7
-trumpets (aka rosh hashanah) is Tishrei 1
-Atonement (aka yom kippur) is Tishrei 10...Shmita years (every 7th year) and Jubilee (every 7th Shmita plus 1 yr for 50 years) are always announced on this date, which ocurrs around sept/oct.
-tabernacles (aka sukkot) is Tishrei 15-21
You can type in these dates and it will convert them into our Gregorian dates ie. January 4th. Also, if you'd like to count the amount of days inbetween dates, go to, or just type in "date counter" to google or bing.
Stefen Lopez


Okay - I have to say I that after the initial shock has worn off, I have softened my stance a little and it does align nicely with this stance from a reader's comment (is this my wife??):
I think the reason they allow all the boys to be a part of scouts, regardless of orientation, is that no boy is ostracized. The leaders, all of which live by high moral standards, (in theory--two deep leadership, etc.) can keep a watchful eye and even have older boys in different tents than younger ones, if they are on the same excursion together. This just means we have to do a better job as parents of educating, preparing our kids for how to handle uncomfortable situations, should they arise, and helping kids to honor their bodies and their choices, so that they feel comfortable saying "no" when needed. They need to know these skills for any situation that could arise...even on a mission with a companion, although that is much more unlikely, but it has happened. Sometimes just being included during the difficult teens and impressionable ages and seeing good examples can heal some of the hurt and emotions that caused one to feel acceptance by choosing alternate paths in the first instance....
 I am fine with that comment.  My intent would never be to harm a young impressionable kid by excluding because they acted effeminately or "gay" - but I would NEVER want my kid polluted by a kid whose motives were less than pure.  The emotional and spiritual wreckage lasts a lifetime.  Thankfully, I do not have to deal with it as my only living boy is pretty much done with Scouts and I think the Church will slowly move away from the institution as Scouting becomes more and more irrelevant and the divide grows ever wider in society.  So I do not expect it to be a problem for my kids - Lord come quickly!!

The idea that people should train their children to be effective in deflecting immorality really hits home with me.  I have had plenty of opportunities in my life to do so.  One time where homosexuality was involved was when I was a Zone Leader in Fortaleza on my mission.  I had one of the best Zones that worked hard and the Sisters were just on fire - almost as many Sisters as Elders and I was constantly making them treats for having worked the hardest and the Elders went hungry....  The Sisters really were the leaders in the Zone and we just sat back and watched in amazement as they worked the Elders under the table.  There was one sister, a junior comp who I could tell was struggling.  Well, down there, there were typically two and sometimes three companionships to a house and sometimes, in smaller apartments, they slept on bunks for lack of room.  The senior comp got the upper bunk and the junior comp got the lower bunk - both Brazilian.  Well, one night the junior comp got feelings for the senior comp - and tried to cop a feel with a hand going into the upper bunk.....  Bad juju.  Of course, the senior comp freaked out and the younger comp was sent home and that was the end of that.  Hey, it happens with the nuns in the Catholic Church - so should we expect anything else in this situation?  There is always a bad apple in every crate..... 

While in that mission, I had to break up an engagement (serious stuff in Brazil) between an Elder and a local, send a lesbian home and my trainer had not resisted when a couple of Brazilian "snakes" broke into their house and were naked in their armoire waiting for them when they got home and were getting undressed and putting their clothes away.  So he was sent home for not dismissing them summarily.  All Brazilians.  Its that hot Portuguese blood that can be blamed on the Arabs that invaded the Iberian Peninsula long before Columbus was around.  All I can say is this - I was glad to get out of there without having had a close shave.  So - yes - we need to raise our kids to know how to rebuff inappropriate advances.  I do not get much into that world for good reason, but I have seen enough to know that its a jungle out there - and a dangerous one at that.

As I see charity decrease in the world, I understand that the underlying mechanism is most likely lack of chastity (previous blog piece).


Yep, I am here at work right now and just saw this.  That is a standard Boeing part number (a CRES Clamp used on landing gear on 767 airplanes and the nut shown in the pic is a standard stainless steel "JC" nut I call out all the time in repairs) and it two airplanes did hit the twin towers that day.  Its impossible to say otherwise.....  No, this was not planted to try and discredit the conspiracy nuts....
Did other means bring down the towers?  Possibly.  I do not know, but I do not back Dr. Jones completely (BYU professor who was fired for speaking out against 9/11 as an inside job), even though he is superb and a really nice guy.  I have seen evidence of some beams that appear to have been cut with thermite/thermate; but who knows.....

This I do believe:  I am not sure that an airplane actually hit the Pentagon.  I think it to be highly improbable.  And, if that is the case (inside job), then its quite possible the rest of it was an inside job to suck us into a global war on terror to help consolidate the One World agenda as the US has been weakened and despised by other nations as a consequence.  This will play into a concerted and crafted attack against the US - and Spencer says it will be an unprovoked nuke attack.  We are hated by all nations - and their patience may soon run out if we keep meddling in everyone else's business in the name of this ridiculous war on terror.

I do not believe that WTC 7 collapsed on its own.  There was some sort of intervention there.  That building housed the CIA HQ in NYC.  This I do know - the guy who bought the WTC had it double insured at the time it was hit.  He made a killing - and that, quite literally, might have a double meaning in that case.

Many of those I clash with on LDSFF are also 9/11 conspiracy theorists.  When I dismiss most of what someone says, I throw out the rest of it with the trash - and so I have been reluctant to say much one way or the other on the matter.

But I will post this:


I do not purport to know all things - but I sure like to figure out how things work.  I wrote the following to a sibling about another sibling who is laboring under sin and who is having a hard time being charitable towards our father.  All I can say is this:  its a good thing he saw this particular sibling in her spirit form before she was born (and in her glory), otherwise it would be one hard pill to swallow (if it were me), being her father.  She has been vicious and mean towards him since she rebelled and went off the deep end over 30 years ago.  It has gotten particularly bad as of late:

Yeah – no sweat.  _______ really labors under a lot of anger.  These are my private thoughts only and not to be shared with other siblings; I think there is much unrepented sin there and as she ages and her mortality becomes more and more evident, she is faced with having to deal with it and come clean with her Maker (as we all have to).  As she has rejected the Church, she has no outlet to go through to obtain that forgiveness.  The correct path is through her (Heavenly) Father and earthly Priesthood reps.  Our father is a token of her Heavenly Father and also has the Priesthood (but obviously is not a Bishop).  Her rage is directed in that way towards our dad for that reason.  It is the M.O. of many people in that boat – and is the reason that they raged against Dad about ____________.  The very things they were accusing an innocent man of, they are guilty of themselves.  I picture the Savior bent down and writing in the dust of the street where the woman taken in adultery was being stoned.  In our accusations, many times, we reveal our own secret sins.  When we are casting stones through the windows of others’ abodes, we reveal the fragility of our own glass mansion.

Just some thoughts.  I pray more and more lately that they will be brought down to the depths of humility – if it must needs be by the things that they must suffer – so that they can begin their journey to healing and bettering themselves.  Until they recognize and confess their own weaknesses and are stripped of ALL pride, they cannot begin to be partakers of the salvation which Jesus offers.  The atonement is simply null and void until that point is reached.  This is why so many around us struggle in tragedy and difficulty.  God is being merciful in offering them a chance to come to Him and be humble in order to achieve greater spiritual things after they have passed through the valley of the shadow of death.

A last thought about not being respectful to our elders - including Church leadership.  The command is given and a promise.  One of the few of the 10 commandments that also contains a promise like the Word of Wisdom does.  We are promised that if we honor our elders, our days will be long on the land.  Translation - we will not be swept from off the face of it for insolence.  Could it be that right before ancient Israel and Nephite civilizations perished from the face of the land, that there was much discord and breakdown of the family as the children began to dishonor their parents (so long as the parents were striving for some sort of righteousness)?  Interesting to think about today, in light of how mouthy and insolent children are towards their parents......


Gotta love Brigham Young.  He stuck by Joseph through thick and thin:

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Okay - I just get doing a piece talking about supporting the Brethren, and then this??

That puts the OUT in Scouts and the BS in BSA.....

My oldest is pretty much out of scouts, so I do not have to worry about him sleeping in a tent with another who might be attracted to him sexually.....  If they had said that it was okay for young women and young men to go on overnighters and sleep in the same tent, I would have the same reaction.  It is wholly inappropriate for an innocent 12 year old to be on a campout with minimal supervision and possibly be assigned to a tent with an 18 year old who might try to bust a move on him because of same-sex attraction.  I know how the homosexuals work, in inducting "fresh meat" into their ranks.  Because they are not a normal societal group, they constantly have to be "recruiting" so to speak in order to have fresh "conquests".  I have heard horror stories about how they work.  Folks - they are pedophiles, many of them.  Sorry - this is not homophobic, its fact based on statistics and observations.  And yes, the "lifestyle" is self-destructive and is the work of satan and his minions.  Repentance is the only answer - and counseling where hormonal or androgenous conditions exist.

All I can say is wow, I am moving off to the hills to be alone and detach myself from society where I can live some semblance of family and Godly values.  Oh, wait.  I already did that.....  Anyone want to throw everything into the kitty and start a commune?  I will call it the "1838 Project" and live life mostly how they did back in Far West - okay, maybe with the internet (heavily filtered) and cars - but nothing else.....  I am ready to go hippee all the way, home schooling and everything....

Here is the article that got me spun up and still has my head spinning:


This is fantastic stuff.  When you decide that you will develop a personal relationship with Christ, you will find that all hell will break loose.  You WILL be tested to see if you will be faithful in spite of all things before you are given the higher blessing.  Your soul will be enlarged by those things you must bear, before you will be enlarged by His presence:


If you expect to make it through what is coming, you will need to become a consecrated man/woman, couple, then family, then community.  That is the minimum standard for those who would be part of a Terrestrial existence.  I have battled mightily (and tired out the moderators on LDSFF), those who are attempting to parse some old sayings and to justify themselves in paying their tithing on their net in lieu of their gross.  I know there is some latitude in the official handbook on the matter - and I am not here to condemn, nor to argue that.  Some raging apostates will feign anger at how funds are used on various Church programs and then decide that they alone will decide how those funds are used - seeking to counsel the Lord and those (human and mortal ones) who have been chosen to direct the affairs of the Church.  I do not mind folks who ask questions in a humble and submissive manner - but will NOT tolerate those who derisively take pot shots at those chosen through the Lord's process to lead the Church.  Are our leaders human and fallible?  YES.  Are they to be laughed at and torn down publicly?  NO!!  We are to pray for them and seek out the best for them - heaven knows I could do far less good of a job if in their shoes.

So, my point is this:  if we are attempting to increase our spirit and magnify who we are, we should be looking for increased ways to serve, give and grow the Kingdom of God - not looking for a technicality upon which we can excuse ourselves to lesser things.  In so doing, we damn ourselves to a lesser future and a lesser role in God's Kingdom - and that, hinging upon whether we would even qualify, or not, for the glorious future that is nearly upon us.  A consecrated people will make it into the next phase of this earth's existence - or at least what I would call the transitional phase towards the terrestrial existence we will move into.  The devil's description of that is the "age of aquarious" - what a load of tripe......  The devil imitates, God creates.  I am going to repeat that over and over - thanks to Emily and her friend who wrote the book, "There Are Save Two Churches Only" that I am reading now.  I am so sick of cheap fakes and fakers/feigners out there who attempt to deceive and lead people from the correct path.  My BS meter is now just a siren that is constantly blaring away.  No rest from it lately.

I will never forget the quote from Ashton, one of the co-founders of WordPerfect.  He said the more he gave away, the more he got.  He could not give it away fast enough.  He lived a consecrated life and found joy in having less, while blessing the lives of those around him.  I note that once he left WP, things went downhill at the company.  Sometimes, I feel as if things are just simply put in place so that individuals with the right mindset (who will use riches - if they seek for them - to bless the lives of others as taught in 3 Nephi), can flourish.  Once the need is over, the thing that was provided by the Lord usually evaporates away as if it were never there to begin with.  Many in Utah know the story/lore of the Lost Rhoades Mine.  According to what I understand of it, the Salt Lake Temple simply could not have been built to the level of adornment and with the speed that it was without that resource that the Lord (and some Ute Indians who were following explicit orders).

The same thing can be said of Jesse Knight.  He finally repented of some stubbornness and wayward ways and he was blessed with untold wealth.  Most of it helped benefit the lives of those in Utah - and he was told specifically that the treasure contained in the hills and kept hidden for a wise purpose in God, was not for the non-Mormons who had arrived to rape and pillage for their own glory/profit, but to bless the lives of the Saints in those valleys.  He was a key player in making sure BYU remained afloat and succeeded through some key trials.  I watched a movie of the founding of my alma-mater (soul mother) while on a tour of the campus a month ago and I wept and had renewed gratitude for Jesse Knight and Karl G. Maeser and their vision and hard work:
I love the respite from the world that BYU was for me.  Magical is the only way to describe my time there almost twenty years ago.

The third and final work of the Lord in regards to treasures hidden up, that will help move the work along in a way that will be ground-breaking in every sense of the words, is the Dream Mine.  It will either be a consecrated effort and the proceeds will be used to bless the lives of good people and establish Zion in all her beauty, or it simply will not succeed, as envisioned by Koyle.  I am watching intently as the reports come in from the midwest of TOO MUCH rain - such that there is flooding and water-logged fields where-in they cannot plant for several more weeks.  The window for planting corn is closing.  If the rains cease and we enter yet another drought cycle, I will begin to really hedge my bets that we are truly in it - and you will have little time left to get your long-term food storage in place before you either have no more money or no more food to buy, if you do have sufficient funds.  The curtains may be closing folks - just like they did last November/December on buying guns and ammo for self defense.  Oh the howling by those who did not act when they were advised to by those in the know.  On the food front - the howling will be a little more desperate because the howling is accompanied by the growling of empty stomachs....

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


I am in no way surprised.....  No, not in the least.  When you live a life of self-destructive behavior, you have already sworn allegiance to your master by your actions.  That master has declared an all-out war on marriage and the family - the very first commandment given to man/woman in the Garden of Eden.  That master is deceptive, filled with hate and will stop at nothing at bringing down those who have chosen the better path in an attempt to have egg on God's face.  It is war - and he knows he will lose and God and His children will come out victorious.  We soon see all the stops being pulled in a last-ditch attempt.  Life will be VERY interesting in the coming years:

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Here is something a very wise person wrote on LDSFF about supporting the Brethren - not following blindly, but keeping Temple covenants to not speak ill or derisively of those whom we raise our hands to sustain.  I find myself constantly doing battle with these types.  If given the power (and I have had that privilege in unique circumstances), I would bring their world down around them in order to humble them in the name of the Lord.  I tolerate little or no discord and insolence among so-called "members" of the Church.  And its probably why I am not a Bishop.  I would read what they wrote, arrive at a conclusion and there would be a quick court where those individuals would then have the opportunity at some future time to petition their way back into membership in the Lord's kingdom.
This subject came up at the end of August in 2012 and this is part of what I wrote then:
So here are some of the things Joseph Smith wrote directly (found in letters Joseph wrote to others) about how apostasy began on an individual level and how you could detect it:

“It is in consequence of aspiring men that Kirtland has been forsaken. How frequently has your humble servant been envied in his office by such characters, who endeavored to raise themselves to power at his expense, and seeing it impossible to do so, resorted to foul slander and abuse, and other means to effect his overthrow. Such characters have ever been the first to cry out against the Presidency, and publish their faults and foibles to the four winds of heaven.”9 [History of the Church, 4:165–66; from a letter from Joseph Smith to Oliver Granger, July 1840, Nauvoo, Illinois.]

"Renegade ‘Mormon’ dissenters are running through the world and spreading various foul and libelous reports against us, thinking thereby to gain the friendship of the world, because they know that we are not of the world, and that the world hates us; therefore they [the world] make a tool of these fellows [the dissenters]; and by them try to do all the injury they can, and after that they hate them worse than they do us, because they find them to be base traitors and sycophants [flatterers].”12 [History of the Church, 3:230; first and second sets of bracketed words in original; from a letter from Joseph Smith to Church members in Caldwell County, Missouri, Dec. 16, 1838, Liberty Jail, Liberty, Missouri.]


Orson Hyde, a member of the Quorum of the Twelve, reported: “Joseph the Prophet … said, ‘Brethren, remember that the majority of this people will never go astray; and as long as you keep with the majority you are sure to enter the celestial kingdom.’”16 [ Orson Hyde, Deseret News: Semi-Weekly, June 21, 1870, p. 3.]

William G. Nelson reported: “I have heard the Prophet speak in public on many occasions. In one meeting I heard him say: ‘I will give you a key that will never rust,—if you will stay with the majority of the Twelve Apostles, and the records of the Church, you will never be led astray.’ The history of the Church has proven this to be true.”17 [William G. Nelson, in “Joseph Smith, the Prophet,” Young Woman’s Journal, Dec. 1906, p. 543; paragraph divisions altered.]

Ezra T. Clark remembered: “I heard the Prophet Joseph say that he would give the Saints a key whereby they would never be led away or deceived, and that was: The Lord would never suffer a majority of this people to be led away or deceived by imposters, nor would He allow the records of this Church to fall into the hands of the enemy.”18 [Ezra T. Clark, “The Testimony of Ezra T. Clark,” July 24, 1901, Farmington, Utah; in Heber Don Carlos Clark, Papers, ca. 1901–74, typescript, Church Archives.]

These quotes came from this link: ... 81_000_031

Well here are many of the quotes from presidents of the church themselves, who have espoused the principle about "the prophet not leading members of the church astray." This really only includes quotes about the relationship between the prophet, God, and the church as that was your question.

In finding these quotes about a prophet leading the church astray, there were many interesting quotes also on our responsibility regarding our relationship and duties to revelation regarding us, the prophet and God, which I did not include...but it was good reading. This was just a quick cut and paste, by no means exhaustive or including all there is to include from all the prophets and scriptures.

The Lord Almighty leads this Church, and he will never suffer you to be led astray if you are found doing your duty. You may go home and sleep as sweetly as a babe in its mother’s arms, as to any danger of your leaders leading you astray, for if they should try to do so the Lord would quickly sweep them from the earth. Your leaders are trying to live their religion as far as they are capable of doing so (DBY, 137).[Young, Brigham. Discourses of Brigham Young. Selected by John A. Widtsoe. 1941.]

entire article: ... 0?lang=eng

We have revelation with us. True, the leaders of this Church since the death of the Prophet Joseph Smith have not [published] many revelations. Joseph Smith brought forth the Book of Doctrine and Covenants, and it is a grand volume of revelation—one of the most glorious records ever given of God to man on the earth. But I want to say that Brother Brigham Young did not live without revelation. He always had revelation with him. He could not labor without it; he could not preach or do the will of God without it. Nor can any man that occupies that position. The Lord would permit no man to stand at the head of this Church unless he was governed and controlled by revelation. We are feeble instruments—weak worms of the dust; but God has chosen the weak things of the earth to confound the wise, and to build up His Zion, and He gives us revelation and makes known unto us His mind and will.11 [Millennial Star, March 5, 1896, 148.]

The Lord will lead [the President of the Church] where he wants him to go. We know God is with him, and has led him all the time. … It requires [the prophet] to tell us what is right and what is wrong in many things, because that is his place and calling. … A perfect channel exists between the Lord and him, through which he obtains wisdom, which is diffused through other channels to the people. That we know. We have got to learn to bring this knowledge into practice.12 [Deseret News, December 16, 1857, 324–25.]

The Lord will never permit me or any other man who stands as President of this Church to lead you astray. It is not in the programme. It is not in the mind of God. If I were to attempt that, the Lord would remove me out of my place.13 [The Discourses of Wilford Woodruff, 212.]

entire article ... 9?lang=eng

If [the President of the Church] should become unfaithful, God would remove him out of his place. I testify in the name of Israel’s God that He will not suffer the head of the Church, him whom He has chosen to stand at the head, to transgress His Laws and apostatize; the moment he should take a course that would in time lead to it, God would take him away. Why? Because to suffer a wicked man to occupy that position, would be to allow, as it were, the fountain to become corrupted, which is something He will never permit. [Deseret News: Semi-Weekly, 26 June 1883, 1.]

I bear my testimony to the divine authority of those who have succeeded the Prophet Joseph Smith in the presidency of this Church. They were men of God. … I can bear testimony to the integrity, to the honor, to the purity of life, to the intelligence, and to the divinity of the mission and calling of Brigham [Young], of John [Taylor], of Wilford [Woodruff], and of Lorenzo [Snow]. They were inspired of God to fill the mission to which they were called, and I know it. I thank God for that testimony and for the Spirit that prompts me and impels me towards these men, toward their mission, toward this people, toward my God and my Redeemer.26 [Gospel Doctrine, 169.]

entire article: ... 5?lang=eng

You need have no fear, my dear brothers and sisters, that any man will ever stand at the head of the Church of Jesus Christ unless our Heavenly Father wants him to be there.5 [Gospel Standards, 68.] ... 8?lang=eng

I thought the whole article was interesting in that it discussed the building of a sugar beet factory by the church and the opposition (within the church) that was against it... ... 8?lang=eng

To you Latter-day Saints everywhere, that promise [in D&C 21:4–6] will be yours if you will follow the leadership the Lord has placed within the Church, giving heed to their counsel in patience and faith.16 [The Teachings of Harold B. Lee, 529.]

Look to the President of the Church for your instructions. If ever there is a conflict, you keep your eyes on the President if you want to walk in the light.17 [The Teachings of Harold B. Lee, 532.]

entire article: ... 9?lang=eng

"It is not to be thought that every word spoken by the General Authorities is inspired, or that they are moved upon by the Holy Ghost in everything they read and write. " [Lee, Harold B. "The Place of the Living Prophet, Seer and Revelator", Address to Seminary and Institute of Religion Faculty, Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah; July 8, 1964]

The authorities which the Lord has placed in his Church constitute for the people of the Church a harbor, a place of refuge, a hitching post, as it were. No one in this Church will ever go far astray who ties himself securely to the Church Authorities whom the Lord has placed in his Church. This Church will never go astray; the Quorum of the Twelve will never lead you into bypaths; it never has and never will. There could be individuals who would falter; there will never be a majority of the Council of the Twelve on the wrong side at any time. The Lord has chosen them; he has given them specific responsibilities. And those people who stand close to them will be safe. And, conversely, whenever one begins to go his own way in opposition to authority, he is in grave danger. I would not say that those leaders whom the Lord chooses are necessarily the most brilliant, nor the most highly trained, but they are the chosen, and when chosen of the Lord they are his recognized authority, and the people who stay close to them have safety.23 [In Conference Report, Apr. 1951, 104.] ... 3?lang=eng

"His church will not be misled. Never fear that. If there were any disposition on the part of its leaders to do so, He would remove them." ... d?lang=eng
[Hinckley, Gordon B. "Our Testimony to the World", Ensign, May 1997, page 83.]

My personal assessment:
One of the principles we might need to gain a greater testimony of is a prophet's role in restoring his gospel in the latter-days, and preparing the earth (individual by individual) to receive the Savior and become a part of the Kingdom of God. We may need to pray about the role this church and leaders have in the process of proclaiming this gospel and establishing that kingdom.

This doesn't mean we should be lazy and not pray, search, and seek to understand many various principles of the gospel by asking God ourselves. We need to pray about where we fit in with that role of proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ and his kingdom and what God's will is for us. Are we becoming who God would have us become should be our focus. Maybe we as a people need to evaluate our individual selves foremost. I have decided that I need to spend more time and energy asking God where I stand in his eyes and asking him to help me discern when promptings, inspiration, and revelation come from Him.


I received a curious e-mail from someone who is tied into the Dream Mine and whom I have followed online for some time - and have confirmed he is a legitimate, good person and not a charlatan.  I am not at liberty to discuss what was said in our correspondence, except that this contact extended an offer to take questions to the one of the board of directors of the mine.  I am a curious fellow - and as my wife and I as newlyweds, ventured south in Jesse Knight (they were big benefactors of BYU when it was in financial dire straits and I got my upper level math help in the Amanda and Jesse Knight building on campus) territory down in Eureka on a weekend lark and I first noticed that building on the hill, it held me fixed in curiosity about what it was all about and I have poked around much trying to get more info about it since then.  When I first heard about Bishop Koyle's flamboyant character and eclectic following along with an obvious gift of prophecy, my curiosity has grown ever more curiouser....

Articles related to it are the third biggest driver of traffic to this blog - so the people who are into the Dream Mine are surely into the fodder on the Wood Zone.

Here is the point of this piece:  Do you have a question for the Director of the Dream Mine.  I am going to present a few of my own and it may be worth it to add others from curious people.  One of mine will be how I can buy a piece of stock and any thoughts about my previous piece about Section 111 and the role the mine will play in saving our collective financial bacon after the financial collapse happens in a few short years.

Just add the question to the comments section - or ask for the e-mail address if you feel it is too personal of a nature for public consumption.


When the cloud of poor judgment and bad thinking begins to lift and you see things as they really are, you will find this thinking to be spot on.

The modern-day 'slave class' is anyone who cannot do math... and that's about 95% of the population
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor ... ments.html

(NaturalNews) Throughout human history, most slavery has been enforced physically -- with whips and chains. You either did what you were told or they beat you into submission.

Most modern people mistakenly believe slavery has been largely eradicated across our world. They don't see people shackled in chains or being ordered what to do by their owners. Modern culture no longer accepts overt slavery, right? ...Or does it?

As it turns out, slavery is alive and well on our planet, and its shackles are made of numbers, not steel. Those who are enslaved under this new system are people who fail to understand simple math: numbers, compounding interest, loans, investments and so on. You show me a person who can't do math, and I'll show you someone who functions as a slave to the system.

In this article, I show you how to escape mathematical slavery and live as a free person. But first, you need to understand how mathematical slavery really works.

Let's begin with WAGES.

There's a good reason why people who earn incomes reported on IRS W-2 forms are often called "wage slaves." It's not a derogatory term; it's more of a cry for help. "Help! I'm a slave to my paycheck and I can't get ahead!"

There's a reason you can't get ahead: the banks and the government have fine-tuned your "payments" to them (taxes, loans, fees, etc.) in order to extract the maximum amount from your paycheck while leaving you so little of your own that you can never get ahead enough to stop working.

Your car payment and house payment, for example, are precisely calculated to make sure you can't pay either of them off ahead of schedule. They're mathematically selected to guarantee you can only "squeak by" and barely pay more than the monthly interest, thereby extending your loan principles into the far distant future.

Mathematically impaired people, of course, don't even know the difference between the "interest" and "principle" sections of a loan repayment schedule. Hence, they do not realize they can actually save themselves a small fortune on their home loans by making HALF the normal payment TWICE as often (every two weeks instead of once a month, essentially). This costs you nothing extra but can save as much as $100,000 or more on the life of a home loan.

Wage slaves genuinely believe that the parts of their paycheck "withheld" by the government are needed to run the government. This delusion has been hammered into their heads for so long that they simply cannot come to grips with the reality: the government can create all the money it needs to fund itself. It does not need to take it from taxpayers. The entire purpose of the tax code is not to raise money but to control the wage slaves.

Home loans
Mathematically impaired individuals really get "taken to the bank" when it comes to home loans. Through the entire process of getting loan pre-approval, making an offer on an house, having the offer accepted and then closing the home to make it "yours," these people are getting royally screwed up one side and down the other.

For starters, they do not understand that they are paying (a loan origination fee) for the "right" to pay a bank over 200% more than their house actually cost. Yep, if you take out a 30-year home loan at any interest rate exceeding 5.5%, you actually end up paying for your home TWICE in terms of total payments to the bank.

And don't even get me started on variable rate loans, "interest only" loans and other scammy vehicles that keep people financially enslaved.

Insurance is where mathematically impaired individuals really pay the price. Most of the profits in the insurance industry come from people who make terrible decisions about what level of deductibles to apply to their insurance policies.

The way this works is that the lower your deductible, the more you're getting ripped off. On auto insurance, any deductible under $2500 is a waste of money. Agents "sell" it to mathematically impaired individuals by saying, "You should buy a deductible of just $250, that way if something happens, the maximum you'll have to pay out of pocket will be $250."

To a mathematically impaired individual, that sounds perfectly reasonable. What they don't grasp, however, is that the additional fees they are paying for the lower deductible result in them paying far more than $250 in additional insurance fees, usually within just the first 12 months. They would be much smarter to buy a far higher deductible, save the difference in the insurance rates and set it aside to cover the larger deductible if something happens.

Mathematically impaired individuals don't realize the insurance companies have already run all the numbers through their computers and determined that a person with a lower deductible has an increased risk of causing a payout. Thus, rates are much higher.

These same principles apply to all forms of insurance, not just auto insurance. Generally speaking, people who are obsessed with buying insurance for everything are the very same people who are allowing themselves to be ripped off all the time. I've known people who buy cancer insurance, flood insurance, fire insurance, theft insurance, data loss insurance, work injury insurance and a dozen other policies. It's almost an addiction for them, but at the end of the day they have no money left because they're sent it all to the insurance companies in a foolish effort to try to "eliminate risk" in their life.

Here's some stern advice: Number one, you can't eliminate all the risk in your life. And number two, insurance companies go broke all the time, meaning that you might be paying insurance into a company that goes belly-up right when you need them.

The Lottery
People who can't do math love to play the lottery. That's because they are incapable of comprehending their odds of winning, so the state extracts yet more money from them in order to feed its own endless budgetary needs.

Lotteries are a way the state steals from the poor. Wealthy people don't play the lotto, primarily because wealthy people tend to have a far better grasp on mathematics.

National debt
A typical mathematically impaired American does not know the difference between the national debt and the budget deficit. They think that when Obama says something like, "The budget deficit is actually decreasing..." that it means the national debt is being paid down. Or even that the budget deficit itself is getting smaller.

What Obama really means, however, is that the rate of growth of the budget deficit is smaller. This is the government equivalent of a "budget cut."

Because mathematically disadvantaged people do not understand deficits and debts, they are incapable of discerning which candidate for public office is actually committed to shrinking deficits and paying off debts. Thus, they vote for whoever talks the most convincingly, and that's how we end up electing the best liars rather than the best economists.

The stock market is going up! Must be a great time to get in, right?

It's all a scam, of course, designed to extract money from people who cannot do math. Most people, for example, don't understand that the "Dow" is a compiled metric of the market that is constantly re-worked to show high numbers by dumping poor performers and adding high performers. The same is true with the Nasdaq. These market index numbers are specifically manipulated to make you think the market is doing extremely well at all times.

Then there's the fact that as the money supply gets flooded with cheap money from the Fed, it causes all stocks to appear to go UP in value because they are all being purchased with increasingly worthless dollars from an eroding money supply.

A typical American thinks, "The Dow is up another 20 points today! That's good!" but they fail to realize the Dow is a contrived market index whose primary purpose is to sucker new investors into the system so that the market insiders can (legally) separate them from their money.

10 ways to free yourself from the modern era of mathematical slavery
The one thing different about modern-day slavery is that you can free yourself from its grip. It only requires that you educate yourself in basic mathematics and begin to use your knowledge to separate yourself from banks, lotteries, investment scams and other vehicles of financial confiscation.

Here's the true path to financial freedom that frees you from mathematical slavery:

#1) Develop a valuable skill and use it to earn money.

#2) Live well BELOW your means so that you can save at least 20% of your after-tax income.

#3) When you buy your first house, pay it off as quickly as possible -- within five years at most.

#4) Never buy another house using bank loans again. Always pay cash and you'll never be living under somebody else's roof.

#5) NEVER take out loans on vehicles. Buy your vehicles outright, even if it means driving something older and less expensive.

#6) NEVER buy insurance that isn't required by law. If you are forced by the state to purchase insurance, get the highest deductible allowed. Set aside enough money to cover any catastrophic loss, and you'll always be ahead of the game vs. buying insurance for it.

#7) NEVER play the lottery. The state has enough suckers to fund itself.

#8) Consider starting your own business. This is the one true path to economic freedom. It will require time, money and effort, but it offers you no limit on your earnings. Plus, it gives you a wealth of ways to legally deduct all your business expenses.

#9) Don't listen to mainstream "investment advisors," none of whom warned anybody about the dot-com crash or the housing bubble crash. These people are paid sales agents for mutual funds and other investment vehicles "for the masses." If you really want to invest in something valuable, invest in your own education via books, DVDs, seminars or graduate degrees that offer real, practical skills.

#10) Diversify your savings. Never put all your eggs in one basket... or even one currency. Be wary of the coming financial collapse, bank holidays, bank account confiscations, etc. Make sure you can protect the wealth you've earned.

And stop watching television! Nothing makes you more mathematically stupid than CNBC.

Monday, April 22, 2013


I have read D&C 111 many times and wondered after that prophetic utterance - it seemed to not come to fruition as it reads on the face of it.  I also know that the prophetic gift is not always black and white and cannot always be taken at face value.  For example, the OT states that the Messiah would come out of Egypt, but that he would also be a Nazarene.  The two would appear to be juxtaposed to each other - and it would have been confusing in the day that it occurred in a real-time setting.  I also know the prophecies were fulfilled every jot and tittle in that case.  Just not as many might have expected before the events began to be fulfilled.  Many times, you can only understand things in hind sight and in the retrospective waning light of the day - not in the bright noon sun.  Patience and "watching and waiting" is required.  I think the obvious fulfillments are withheld or obfuscated on purpose in order to confuse the devil, to shake the faith of those who are weak (as a sifter) and to teach the "patience of the Saints".  God is always playing a chess game and has to stay at least one step ahead of the great deceiver in order to come out the victor in the end.  Having an easily discerned outcome would play into the hand of the deceiver - so things must, of a necessity, be hard to read.

So, as I have read up on the Dream Mine - I have to wonder if the great treasures that are purported to be stored there will one day be used to help the Church out of financial ruin and to ultimately set up the massive kingdom of God on the earth in all her glory - remember that we are only in our infancy; every bit as much as the early Church was in 1830 compared to what it is now.  The kingdom will fill all of North and South America - it will fill the earth.  That takes incredible wealth, it takes incredible funding, it has been prophesied of since the beginning of time.  Many, in consecrated times past, have hidden their wealth up to be used for this very purpose so that they could be a "part" of that great future work of which we are about to embark upon.  The Dream Mine wealth purports to be part of that.  There are several other "repositories" that will come forth in North and South America when its time for the great city to be built and the one right and true world government to emanate from that location.  Nothing will rival it. 

In 1960, the capitol of Brazil was in a suburb of Rio de Janeiro, Petropolis.  A US-backed, military junta took over the government and wiped the slate clean, so to speak.  They decided to build a new capitol city in the middle of nowhere, partly to build a stronger Brazilian presence inland to fend off those who might be prone to grab uninhabited territory on the western borders and also to make a clean start and become a model of western society - and fend of the pressing communistic influences on the country.  Brasilia was born - everything was new and wonderful and represented a new hope and a new direction that the country could take.  It did not turn out as planned - the social experiment largely failed in its objectives.   When the U.S. has been purged of most all wickedness and a new heaven and a new earth have been established, a new world capitol city will be born and nothing will bring it down and Christ will be her governor and her champion and angels among her inhabitants.  I long for this city - we truly should be yearning for Zion with all our hearts.

In order to bring this about, I have repeatedly wondered if the Salem of John Koyle will end up being the Salem spoken of in Doctrine and Covenants, Section 111.  I suppose, time will tell.  I think we live in amazing and exciting times.  What is coming will boggle the mind.


Yes, I am taking another swipe at the apostates and soon-to-be (budding) apostates on LDSFF who believe in directed energy and many other false (New Age) concepts that the Brethren have specifically warned about.  Many LDSFF apostates support Doug Mendenhall.  I got kicked off the forum for questioning their sacred cow in Doug Mendenhall and stating that I simply did not feel the Spirit while listening to him that Friday night a few weeks ago.  He questioned several things about leaders including some things about our Apostles.  I pointed out that there was a fellow that spoke before Mendenhall who presented some great points on the Book of Mormon - and that I felt the Spirit during that presentation in spades, but did not while listening to Mendenhall.  I quizzed several other people there who where present and could not find a single person among people that I trust, who felt the Spirit.  I then listened to those whom he had obliquely maligned in his presentation the next two days and again felt of their spirit as the Spirit of the Lord confirmed what they had to say.  All in stark contrast to what I HAD NOT felt while listening to Doug Mendenhall's presentation that Friday night.

The thing that seemed to throw a wrench in the works, was whether the adversary can read thoughts.  Doug stated that the devil CAN read our thoughts - something I have never believed, even though most else that he spoke passed the litmus of things as I understand them.

You can have a smorgasbord of great food and still have a turd tucked away in the fruit salad that ruins the entire thing.  The Spirit will NEVER testify of a portion of untruth that is mingled with the remaining scripture or truth.  Its all or nothing when we teach or are receiving truth - thus the need to be doctrinally correct in all that we say and do in the name of the Lord.  That is how the devil gets his agenda across.  It is true that he knows that most people will not buy a pack of lies, but they often will buy a single lie mingled with many other truths.  The gift of discernment is crucial in this life.

Here is a talk by Francis M. Gibbons who was the Area 70 back in the late 80's and early 90's down in Fortaleza where I served as an Assistant to the President at the time.  I translated for Elder Gibbons during a mission conference when he spoke (his Portuguese was "muito fraco").  That was a difficult assignment, to say the least.  It requires perfect mental acuity to get it right:

I think this General Conference talk from October 1991, (THE DUAL ASPECTS OF PRAYER by Francis M. Gibbons) dovetails with some of the aspects being discussed in this thread. Before I quote the talk, remember that it was allowed to be given under the direction of President Ezra Taft Benson, and his counselors Gordon B. Hinckley, and Thomas S. Monson. To my knowledge it has not been retracted. If anyone knows of this, then please say so...or if these Bretheren or more current leaders corrected the doctrines taught here, please inform me.

Here are some excerpts of the talk that are especially pertinent to our discussion on this thread:

"It is clear, then, that Satan and his followers, who have been cast out of God’s presence and are dead to His Spirit, are excluded from those who, by the spirit of prophecy and revelation, may know the thoughts and the intents of our hearts. So, in his wisdom and mercy, God has provided a channel of communication between him and his children on earth that Satan, our common enemy, cannot invade. This is the channel of secret prayer. The significance of this to the Latter-day Saint is profound, for by this means we are able to communicate with our Heavenly Father in secrecy, confident that the adversary cannot intrude."

(This speaks peace to my soul. It feels like light and truth to me. This talk speaks peace to my soul.) Joseph Smith did not know this truth when he was first seeking answers. There was no one to teach it to him. He had to learn by experience. It is my belief that over time God gave him keys in how minimize the effects of the adversary and how not to be deceived.

"David Whitmer reported that the Prophet Joseph Smith taught that “some revelations are of God: some revelations are of man: and some revelations are of the devil.” (In B. H. Roberts, Comprehensive History of the Church, 1:163.) But while Satan can convey thoughts, he does not know whether these thoughts have taken root unless they are reflected either in words or in actions."

"All this suggests that we should be wise in what we say and do. We should also be wise in the way we guard precious things that are revealed to us through the Spirit. For example, when President Heber J. Grant was a young man, presiding in the Tooele Stake, Patriarch John Rowberry gave him a special blessing. Afterward, the patriarch said to President Grant, “I saw something that I dared not mention.” President Grant later recorded it was made known to him at that moment that he would one day be the President of the Church. He never discussed this revelation with anyone, never recorded it, and revealed it only after it was an accomplished fact. (See Francis M. Gibbons, Heber J. Grant: Man of Steel, Prophet of God, Salt Lake City: Deseret Book Co., 1979, p. viii.) How wise he was, for had he revealed it to others, his enemy, Satan, would have known and, with that knowledge, could have created unimaginable difficulties for him."

"Often, we talk too much. We say things that need not be said or should not be said; for in saying them, we may open a crevice which enables Lucifer to wedge his way into our lives. We learn from 2 Nephi that Satan “seeketh that all men might be miserable like unto himself.” (2 Ne. 2:27.) Satan and his followers are persistent in their quest to drag us down to their level. They will use any device or artifice to accomplish their end. If they know, for example, of revelations such as the one given to President Grant, or if they see from our words or actions evidence of animosity or hatred or discord among us, they may capitalize on them in ways which will be detrimental to us. Wisdom suggests, therefore, that we suppress words and actions which might enable Satan to harm us or whose tendency might be to create discord or enmity."

Maybe each of us should take our conclusions to the Lord "pray[ed] in secret, relating our [her] experience and asking God to reveal whether our [her] conclusion is correct, in the manner prescribed in the ninth section of the Doctrine and Covenants. (See D&C 9:8–9.)"

It is interesting that this talk was brought back to my remembrance after all those years, in light of discussion we are having....


I was in Fast and Testimony meeting last week and a gal got up to bear her testimony and spoke of being in Chichen-Itza over Spring Break this year.  She was on a tour put on by an LDS woman named, Alma who works out of Cancun.

She said that there is a temple there known as "the Temple of the Frescoes" and also known by the locals as the Temple of the Woman.  In that temple, there apparently is a fresco (raised relief carving) of a woman who is in the process of bearing a child.  On April 6th, a hole in the wall of the temple aligns perfectly with Venus which illuminates the fresco of the woman.  The locals say that the woman depicted on the wall is Mary, the Mother of the Son of God.

Venus (the goddess of love) has always represented the woman.  April 6th is clearly the date of the birth of our Lord.  The Mayans had it figured out, I believe.  I have a visit to this temple on my bucket list.

While down there, I plan to visit my friend and a man whom I used to home teach who is living his dream:
He built a truly amazing resort down there with local labor and his own construction skills.  I admire him for what he has done and for living his dream.  I also feel badly for him - several years ago the resort and several near it were flattened by a hurricane.  Before he left for the Yucatan, I warned him that this would happen.  Not just a single destruction, but twice it would happen.  The first one would be bad - but the second would be total and complete.  I believe this second destruction will occur when the large EQ occurs and the seas are heaving themselves beyond their bounds.  No one who is still at sea level will survive.

As a side note, they also take people into the jungles of the Yucatan and offer their own tours for patrons of their resort.  They note that all the Mayan cities in their area have a central plaza that is aligned with true north (the north star).  That manner of reckoning has not changed since the pyramids at Giza were built.  However, all central plazas of earlier ruins (before 33AD) are oriented 12 degrees off of the alignment with the north star.  Why is that?  Because the entire land mass was re-oriented 12 degrees during the great EQ when Christ came to the Americas after His resurrection.  How much is 12 degrees?  It is equivalent to the sweep of two minutes on the face of a clock.  Not much you say?  Think about the power required to move an area approximately the size of Utah that far.  The amount of energy required, boggles the mind.

Truly, the very God of Nature died and the earth (whose creation was His) revolted and shuddered.


Wow - I just got permission from a blog reader today to share this info.  I do not put it out there to be salacious or speak ill of someone who is obviously down.  Dr. Cohen and related searches are the single biggest driver of traffic to this site - so people are clearly curious about what is happening with him lately.

Well - not to throw stones from my spacious glass mansion, but he flat got it wrong in 2011 about Betelgeuse going supernova and the sign of the Coming of the Son of Man occurring as a result of that flash of light.  I think what he had to say was correct - or could be correct as far as content goes, but the timing was OBVIOUSLY not on the money.  I made a similar call in 2011 that was FLAT WRONG on the timing and kept saying that if things went down in 2011 as I thought, the sequencing would be wrong from a doctrinal standpoint - but I stand behind the content of what I said will happen.  I do not question what Joseph Smith, Eliza R. Snow and many others have talked about.   I have only been on the money prophetically speaking around 70% of the time (100% when I have been in the Spirit - but try to stay in the Spirit for 100% of the time with the frustrations of mortality - it requires pretty much walking on water; and I am experience that sinking feeling regularly...... ).

So - here it is - and many thanks to my "anonymous" source for the great update.  I have been dying of curiosity about Dr. Cohen myself.  This source that sent this is a "sober child" and an engineer like myself, so you can trust it implicitly.  He will serve as a Bishop one day:
Just read your post on being banned from LDSFF. I got on there for the first time a couple weeks ago. What hit me the hardest of all on that site is how shallow and ignorant most of the postings are. Coming from someone who's been educated in the Bible Belt on a mission, and all the religion courses at BYU, it simply amazes me that so many church memebers have such a lack of basic Gospel fundamentals. I was initially searching for some "meat" to specific questions that I had, and went away no better than I entered. I have found that the authors at meridian magazine have some real "meat" for those that are really interested. So, it does not surprise me that this mendenhall guy is full of it.
Anyway, here's more about me...I've been an EQ president years ago, along with 1st & 2nd counselor, and this is my 2nd round as EQ secretary. I'm currently a ward missionary, and have been in every position in the Young Men's, Executive Secretary, Financial Clerk, and am currently a Stake Finance Auditor (for the past 7 years). I was put through the ringer while as an EQ pres with a toxic member of the quorum. That experience taught me a lot.
My dad is well connected in SLC and meets with the Brethren several times per year as a member of LDS philanthropies, they have big dinners with the 1st presidency and Quorum of the Twelve, so he's met all of the top 15 personally. Years ago, my dad told me about David Cohen, his book on adamic language, which I read. I was hooked, and believed the entire thing and was waiting for the "signs" in fall of 2011. Well, they never came. Cohen has since left the church and moved to Israel somewhere thinking he's on a divine mission. I know this again because of my Dad's connections, and people that knew about Cohen in his stake in St. George Utah. He was peddling the publishing of his book to Deseret Book and several others in Utah, and none would touch it. He found a publisher that would, and got the book into print. Seems some people feel they know better than the Brethren, and want to be out in front of them, no matter the cost. So the part about people seeking fame, glory etc. for thier own profit rings true.
So, needless to say, my eyes have been opened BIG TIME to what is going on, thanks in large part to your postings. I have done a ton of research, and for example back in 2004, I still believed the official 9/11 story. No more. I've done a 180 and know see clearly that our government would not hesitate to kill 3,000 innocent people. Heck, they allow millions to be aborted, and thousands to be pawns in meaningless wars. They truly don't care about us.
I have my own personal stories that I won't share just yet but, I know we have other family member looking out for us on the other side. I know this for a fact. The Spirit has borne witness to me countless times to this fact. I just wish I could get more people to "Wake Up", but truly, many are in a very deep slumber. It is frustrating.
I also have a good friend I grew up with who is a convert to the Church that I converse with on FB all the time. He's very close to the spirit, and heavily involved and connected with the GOP down in Vancouver, Wa.   He has many secret service friends, he's a journalist by trade and worked for a company that makes the "drones". He's told me a lot of stuff that makes me really mad about our government.
The Church is True, the BofM is true, and we are in the last days. I'm really torn even still because I really don't want the bad stuff to happen. I don't know if I can ever be prepared enough. Cheers.

Sunday, April 21, 2013


I have seen much of this going on around me.  People are very stressed.  Teens and Millennials all see the writing on the wall; a future that is glum and that holds little promise for them - or definitely not as much as it did for even my generation.

This leads to elevated stress levels which turns into a mental health crisis and other significant debilitating illnesses such as cancer begin to manifest themselves.  Now, if you have read my blog, you will know that increased stress = increased cortizol levels in the body.  And you will also know that the amount of B-12 is inversely proportional to the amount of cortizol found in the body.  Where B-12 levels have been compromised, symptoms of mental health issues will manifest themselves all the way from anxiety (panic attacks) to schizophrenia to bi-polar to hypersexuality (possible promiscuity where values are not in place).

Here is the article that I am referencing.  There is much great material in this piece:


Americans 'snapping' by the millions

Exclusive: David Kupelian reveals record fear, stress, suicide – and inspired way out

author-image David Kupelian About | Email | Archive
David Kupelian is an award-winning journalist, managing editor of WND and editor of Whistleblower magazine. A widely read online columnist, he is also the best-selling author of The Marketing of Evil and How Evil Works.
In the age of Obama, America is undergoing a “fundamental transformation” – that much everyone knows.
But what few seem to realize about this transformation is that the sheer stress of living in today’s America is driving tens of millions to the point of illness, depression and self-destruction. Consider the following trends:
  • Incredibly, 11 percent of all Americans aged 12 and older are currently taking SSRI antidepressants – those highly controversial, mood-altering psychiatric drugs with the FDA’s “suicidality” warning label and alarming correlation with school shooters. Women are especially prone to depression, with a stunning 23 percent of all American women in their 40s and 50s – almost one in four – now taking antidepressants, according to a major study by the CDC;
By the way, things are no better over the pond – and may be worse, according to one major study that concluded almost 40 percent of Europeans are plagued by mental illness.
What on earth is going on? Why isn’t medical science – and for that matter all of our incredible scientific and technological innovations in every area of life – reducing our stress and lightening our load? Why doesn’t the almost-magical availability of the world’s accumulated knowledge, thanks to the Internet, make us more enlightened and happy? Why is it that, instead, more and more of us are so stressed out as to be on a collision course with illness, misery, tragedy and death?
Most important, what can we do to reverse course? Fortunately, amazingly effective help is available – but more on that later.
‘He wants people to snap’
“Life is difficult,” wrote psychiatrist M. Scott Peck at the outset of his international best-seller, “The Road Less Traveled.” Stress, difficulties, disappointments, accidents, disease, misfortune, cruelty, betrayal – they’re unavoidable in this life.
Yet, during eras when society and families are stable, unified and fundamentally decent and moral – as, say, America during the 1950s – the stress level for each person is minimized, or at least not compounded by a perverse society. Conversely, when – as is the case today – we have widespread family breakdown, a depraved culture that mocks traditional moral values, a chaotic economy and disintegrating monetary system and a power-mad government dominated by demagogues and sociopaths, the normal stresses of life are greatly multiplied.
Thus it has come to pass that America, long the hope of the world, has grown increasingly dispirited and angry, which in turn breeds anxiety, fear, confusion, hopelessness and depression.
After all, let’s face the hard facts: We just re-elected perhaps the worst president in history, someone manifestly obsessed with dismantling traditional, free-market capitalist America and transforming it into a socialist nanny state. That in itself is highly stressful – at least for the roughly half the population that still understands socialism always leads to a profound loss of freedom and prosperity.
Then there’s today’s relentless economic pressures: high unemployment (the actual rate is at least double that of the “official” government rate), foreclosures and bankruptcies, a stagnant growth rate, 11,000 new people signing up for food stamps every single day, rising taxes for the entire middle class whose net worth is simultaneously shrinking, ever-higher prices for food, gas and other essentials – and overshadowing it all, a galactic national debt burden, courtesy of a wildly out-of-control government unrestrained by either the Constitution or common sense.
That, too, is very stressful. Top it all off with an administration continually abusing the public for the sake of enlarging and consolidating its political power – for instance, by purposely making the “sequester” cuts hurt Americans, even our active-duty soldiers, as much as possible.
Make no mistake: This sort of stress on Americans is not only intentional on the part of Team Obama – it is strategic. Remember, these people are revolutionaries (that is, engaged in “bringing about a major or fundamental change,” as Merriam-Webster puts it) and utterly committed to replacing one societal structure – America’s constitutional, limited-government, free-enterprise system – with another – a socialist, wealth-redistributionist system run by an all-powerful government.
Such a radical change cannot be accomplished while Americans are calm, happy, content and grateful for their blessings. Citizens must be unhappy and stressed out. Indeed, widespread popular discontent has always been the required fuel for leftist transformation.
Just reading a few pages into Saul Alinsky’s notorious “Rules for Radicals,” one encounters repeated confirmation that the very key to radical “change” is keeping the populace angry, encouraging their grievances, stoking their resentments and making sure they are continually upset. That is the primary psychological dynamic of “community organizing” – and America today is led by community-organizer-in-chief Barack Obama, a long-time master practitioner and instructor in Alinsky’s neo-Marxist agitation methods.
Top radio talker Rush Limbaugh recently picked up on this normally unspoken aspect of Obama’s modus operandi: “I think he wants people to snap,” opined Rush. “I think Obama is challenging everybody’s sanity. Obama [is] literally pushing people to snap, attacking the very sanity of the country.”
Commenting on Obama’s sudden obsession with employing every means possible to deny law-abiding Americans their constitutionally guaranteed right to keep and bear arms, Limbaugh exclaimed: “All of this is so in our face. Everything that people hold dear is under assault. Deliberately making people upset! This is not what presidents do.”
It’s not what presidents do – unless they happen to be leftist revolutionaries, in which case “deliberately making people upset” is precisely what they do to accomplish their intended “fundamental transformation.”
We need to realize that Americans could not have twice elected a leader as transcendentally unworthy of the presidency as Barack Obama without first having had their minds and hearts captured. Through constant leftist indoctrination, emotional manipulation, ruthless intimidation – and then being rewarded once they have “converted” – perhaps half of the American electorate has been programmed over the course of decades by a subversive school system and equally perverse “news” establishment. Truth be told, both institutions have become full-blown abominations, occupying as they do near-sacred stations of public trust in American civilization.
Of course, at the nuclear core of the myriad assaults on traditional America is the rejection (at least by society’s elites) of God and repudiation of the Judeo-Christian values that underpin Western civilization. This in turn has led to pervasive societal disintegration and a Pandora’s Box of almost unimaginable problems.
Unfortunately, despite our nation’s growing number of seriously troubled people, psychiatry provides little help. It has evolved in our secular, mechanistic culture to see virtually all mental, emotional and spiritual problems as genetic or physiological in origin. No longer is there any such thing as sin. Nothing is moral or spiritual. Good character, introspection, understanding, repentance and forgiveness, so vital to genuine healing, are now irrelevant. Just write a prescription.
Since the current research fad is to conclude (as the National Institute of Mental Health puts it) that “depressive illnesses are disorders of the brain,” psychiatry has come to rely heavily on altering our brain chemistry by (in the case of depression) tricking it into producing higher levels of neurotransmitters like serotonin and norepinephrine. But this forces us to ask an obvious question: What are you talking about? Do you really believe that the 23 percent of American women ages 40 through 59 currently on antidepressants ALL have defective or diseased brains?
Or, is it just possible that, rather than tens of millions of inexplicably damaged brains, much of today’s epidemic of “depression” and other “disorders” has a lot more to do with the prevalence of stress, pressure, confusion, cruelty, anger, injustice, temptation and corruption all around us – and our inability to deal with it without being infected and hurt by it?
Finding the way out
There are, of course, proven commonsense steps each individual can take to minimize the effects of stress. Chuck Norris’ personal list of “12 ways to avoid depression” is as good as any available online, and encompasses everything from diet and exercise to meditation and gratitude to God.
But boiling the matter down to core essentials, there are really three time-tested elements required for staying healthy physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. They are:
1) A genuinely healthful diet: Newsflash – eating the wrong foods (or eating too much) causes huge problems. Obesity is not only stressful, but has myriad adverse health effects, including depression. Likewise, eating foods that are heavily processed, high-sugar, adulterated, chemicalized, processed, artificially flavored, colored, sweetened and preserved stresses both body and mind. As WND columnist and orthopedic surgeon Lee Hieb, M.D., puts it, “If my great-grandmother would not have recognized something as food … I don’t eat it.”
Mountains of research and dietary wisdom can be boiled down to this: Eat a variety of fresh, natural foods, especially vegetables and fruits and particularly lots of enzyme-rich raw foods. Fish and chicken are fine, so is red meat in moderation, same with dairy (eggs, milk and butter – not margarine), but buy natural/organic whenever possible.
2) Regular exercise: A good exercise regimen not only helps keep our heart (and the rest of us) healthy, it confers untold benefits, tangible and intangible – plus it is, all by itself, a major de-stressor! Again, WND columnist Chuck Norris, who as a six-time undefeated world karate champion (and reputedly the world’s toughest man) knows a little about exercise, says this: “Exercise is a cure for so many ills; depression is one of many. Exercise is so powerful on our mind that Men’s Health calls it the drug-free depression cure.” Enough said. Just do it.
3) Personal quiet time for prayer and reflection, allowing us the opportunity to seek the Creator’s will while letting go of accumulated anger, frustration and resentment toward others. (In other words, renewing our love for God and our neighbor.) Anger in all its forms has long been shown to be at the very root of many serious problems and illnesses, both physical and mental.
Pause button. One all-important point needs to be made here: It is not the stress itself that harms us, but rather, the way we overreact emotionally to it. And primarily, that reaction is one of resentment, either overt or subtle.
Grasping this often-overlooked fact leads directly to the bottom-line principle for successfully coping with stress, whether it’s related to money, work, health, relationships or trauma: Learn to calmly endure the stress (or as the Bible expresses it, “trials and tribulations”) with genuine patience and faith instead of anger and frustration, and an amazing thing happens: The stress, rather than making us sick and debilitated, actually serves to make us stronger, more at peace and more whole.
Help with this all-important facet of stress management comes, ironically, from the occupation Forbes calls the “most stressful job” in America – namely, the U.S. military.
Despite the tremendous ravages of war stress – 22 suicides per day among U.S. military veterans (on average) and an epidemic of post-traumatic stress disorder and other war-trauma conditions streaming out of Iraq and Afghanistan – a quiet revolution in overcoming stress is nevertheless unfolding within the military.
Like the constantly inculcated attribute of “resilience,” the military has also found the practice of “mindfulness” to be extremely helpful in overcoming stress. And the gold standard in this growing field is “Be Still and Know,” a simple and time-tested awareness exercise that been used in all five armed service branches for many years.
Currently relied on by tens of thousands of soldiers and veterans, “Be Still and Know” is the key ingredient included in a compact disc titled “Coping Strategies.” In essence, the 30-minute exercise helps users discover genuine patience, mental clarity and (a word the Founding Fathers used a lot) equanimity. It has been highly endorsed by both the U.S. Army’s chief of chaplains, Maj. Gen. Douglas L. Carter, who calls it a “great resource for our Soldiers,” and Col. John Bradley, M.D., long the chief of psychiatry at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.
“Coping Strategies’” distributing organization, the nonprofit Patriot Outreach founded by U.S. Army Col. Antonio P. Monaco, offers the CD (or Internet download) free to all U.S. military personnel, veterans and family members upon request. It is also readily available to civilians, at a nominal charge to support the free grants to the military. Patriot Outreach’s program has been publicly praised by Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad as well as former GOP presidential candidate Sen. Rick Santorum.
Having written about “Coping Strategies” and the “Be Still and Know” exercise a couple of years ago, I recently checked in with a member of the Patriot Outreach team, Navy Special Ops veteran Lee Booton, for an update.
Booton, who experienced a lot of hand-to-hand combat, came home from Vietnam with a nice big fat case of post-traumatic stress disorder. (“In the middle of the night I was pounding on my wife, thinking I was still fighting the North Vietnamese,” he told me. “I felt horrible.”) Yet years later, when he was introduced to “Be Still and Know,” Booton knew it provided the answer he and other stressed-out soldiers were desperately seeking. Over the past five years, volunteering with Patriot Outreach, Booton has “met face to face with returning troops” and personally “handed out between 5,000 and 6,000″ of the “Coping Strategies” CDs to vets and encouraged others to download the exercises for free. (There are actually four exercises included in “Coping Strategies” – the main one, “Be Still and Know,” plus three others that focus specifically on “Overcoming Pain,” “Overcoming Fear” and “Overcoming Stress.”)
Does he ever hear back from the soldiers he helps? “Yes!” says Booton enthusiastically. “Sometimes they give me a big hug and say, ‘Boy, does that work,’ or ‘You helped save my life – this made it so much easier for me to deal day-to-day with all of my issues.’”
‘Cure stress’
“Be Still and Know” was developed by Roy Masters, who at 85 is the patriarch of stress experts, having taught this method since 1960 to millions, his fans including everyone from movie star John Wayne to Internet journalist Matt Drudge. He also hosts talk radio’s longest-running counseling show, “Advice Line,” on Talk Radio Network. The author of 18 books, Masters was featured on the Sean Hannity Show to discuss his newest book, “Hypnotic States of Americans.”
Recently, all four of the audio exercises on the “Coping Strategies” CD have been released in a new civilian version on a dedicated MP3 player called, “The Cure Stress Device.”
“In today’s high-tech, wireless world,” said Masters, “a little, self-contained audio device the size of a credit card seemed like the best delivery system possible.”
In a recent message he tweeted, Masters summed up more than 60 years of work in just 140 characters: “Learn to endure cruelty and injustice without resentment and after the stress has passed you will find the fulfillment you have been seeking.”
“Most stress,” explains Masters, “is simply cruelty, in one form or another, directed at us by other stressed-out human beings, who themselves have been victimized by cruelty and stress in their own pasts.
“Imagine, however, that someone said or did something cruel to you, but that you did not react in any way whatsoever – you did not become upset, resentful or even ruffled. You simply observed that this person was saying or doing something cruel, as though you were calmly observing the scene in a movie. You simply would not be stressed by what would appear to others to be a highly stressful encounter. Stress and cruelty affect us as profoundly as they do only because we react to them resentfully.”
The exercise works so well, he adds, because “it enables you to become objective, a little bit separate, detached and disentangled from all your troublesome thoughts, emotions, heartaches, fears and traumatic memories – and that, all by itself, is extremely helpful, and actually healing.”
‘You just be cool and calm’
“Stress” – our modern name for all the trials and tribulations the Good Lord in His wisdom deems necessary for us to grow in character and faith – is not the enemy. It is, however, the difficult but necessary part of life that tests us, proves us, and ultimately makes us better – or kills us.
Fortunately, in the loving sacrifice of his Son, not only did God make provision for the forgiveness of mankind’s sins, but He also gave us another priceless gift – the perfect example of how to deal with stress. Even while hanging on the cross in agony, Jesus did not resent his tormentors and even asked God to forgive them. That’s the essence of what we need to find.
In one sense, our task is simple: Since our past sins have been forgiven, and since the future is in God’s care alone, we just need to focus on discovering how to live right now, in this present moment, with faith, patient endurance and perfect integrity.
Now more than ever, it is essential that Americans get a handle on stress. The pressures of modern life are being greatly multiplied by the ever-present threat of terrorism and a socialist government that thrives on promoting everything dark, perverse and angry (and therefore stress-producing) in human nature. Remember, Winston Churchill called socialism “the gospel of envy.”
After Rush Limbaugh warned his listeners that Obama wants good Americans “to snap,” he added, good-naturedly: “You just be cool and calm. Everything’s going to be fine. I’ll tell you when it’s not.”
Indeed, to prevent Obama and company from completing their “fundamental transformation” of America, we are going to have to learn to stay cool, calm and collected – and not just on the surface, but deep down in our souls.
Know this: If you are upset at Obama and the maniacal left – if you’re angry, full of rage, feeling hopeless, frustrated, wanting to drop out, or wanting to lash out and act violently – believe me, that’s precisely what your adversary wants. Not only that, that’s how he wins, because when you’re upset and angry and overreacting – pardon me for putting it this way – you become stupid. That’s what’s wrong with the Republican Party. Its principles are magnificent (read the 2012 platform), but most of its leaders are intimidated by the ruthless Obama administration and the blatantly biased and abusive “mainstream media.” Thus, in their reactive, intimidated state of mind, they become ineffective, cowardly and contemptible (with a few notable exceptions, for which we are very grateful).
This is true not just of politicians, but all of us: No matter how smart, moral and right-thinking we might otherwise be, when we’re angry and upset we do not possess God’s grace, wisdom, courage and creative genius guiding our steps, and thus we are no match for the evil rising in America.
But if Americans would discover grace under pressure – hey, Ronald Reagan had it, why can’t we? – if enough of us found strength and resolve that were rooted, not in rage, but in righteousness and love of God and our neighbor, then nothing, and I do mean nothing, could stop us. Having regained our lost innocence, we would likewise see our beloved country restored to the noble land it once was.
“My brethren, count it all joy when ye fall into divers temptations; Knowing this, that the trying of your faith worketh patience. But let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing,” James 1: 2-4 KJV.
The preceding is excerpted from the April 2013 issue of WND’s acclaimed Whistleblower magazine, “STRESSED AND DEPRESSED: The unreported health crisis of the Obama era.”