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This is spot on:
It can be listened to while doing menial tasks.


I have always loved the stories about Moroni and Nephi - because they clearly were deep thinkers and recognized a grave situation when they were in it - and tried their best in the face of insurmountable obstacles.  Nephi was a stud - he monster garaged a ship out of almost nothing.  Who could do that today - even with power tools?

Here is a pic of me during a mission conference.  I am the serious one.  I am jovial and fun-loving - but I can get dead-nuts serious when things are serious.  I have been feeling like that picture shows me, as of late.  Its about to get real, folks!:


Here is a question:
Hello--I've been following your blog for three years now, I love it, and appreciate the time and effort you put into it. There was an article in Meridian Magazine about whether the blood moons are significant. I would really appreciate your take on it, if you have the time. Thank you in advance for your consideration! Here is the link:
I read far enough to see that this guy is not into the blood moons.  He is VERY well researched out - but I look at the preponderance of the other data flooding in and say to that guy (who is likely a paid schill from the government - yes the Church is heavily infiltrated just as every other religious organization in the world is):  there were deniers in Jerusalem up until the blood was flowing in the streets.  In Lehi's day, as well as after the Savior was gone.

You can focus so heavily, straining at the gnat (of something that appears to be in discord with some supposed authoritative dictation of how things will be) - and still fully swallow the camel.

I just dealt with a guy today that is doing just that.  So focused on all the flaws of women he knows and others who would seek to befriend him, that he has few genuine friends and no prospects for marriage after 30 years.  When you are turning blue and choking to death on camel carcass, you have to ask yourself, "Did I miss something somewhere?".  I know I have had to do it many a time in my own life......  Thankfully, it is an iterative process and, while it is yet day, there is repentance and an encompassing change of heart that can still take place.


LOL - I am guaranteed to get some comments after doing a Spencer post.  Most contrarian opinions have died down now as others have given their witness on this blog - such as Cleon Skousen (who might be considered "adoptive royalty" in the Church); who says that there will be Russian action on our own soil - and that they will work in concert with the Chinese in the final scene to trash on wayward Israel (the U.S. as well as the state of Israel). 

Those that have been posted should probably be copied here so they can be read over and over again (if you are a Spencer/Menet/Wolfgramm person).  Things tend to have a way of sorting themselves out in our minds if they are read over and over again.  The Spirit will witness to the introspective mind - usually one that does not have needless noise going on in the form of  the tv on 24/7 or radio programs that spew mindless garbage.  There will be none of that stuff in heaven or on a terrestrial sphere - mostly because people will not need to medicate their wounded spirits with something to drown out the howling consciences and over-riding voices in their heads due to riotous living and a non-repentant spirit.  I just tangled with such a person today.

Here are some recent comments on Spencer:

Watch for the signs because they are here already but Spencer was translated at the conference not a much older man and the conference was 2 years after the eq.

Thank you for sharing your blog. I think generally, there is a growing sense among folks that we need to be prepared. Yes, those of us who have carefully studied what is to come recognize that times will be challenging and not anything like what the majority of Latter-day Saints think the last days will be like. Last year, when VOG was gaining popularity, I asked "Spencer" a question through his blog regarding the timing of things. The response I received was.... “Agree with the posting. It is a process that begins now and take a few years to come to full fruition. 5 To 15 years does not seem far off.” My estimate was based on his writings but also trying to reconcile comments made by others, such as President Packer's comments in 2011 that the youth of today can look forward to "getting married, having a family, seeing your children and grandchildren, maybe even great-grandchildren". Anyways, based on my own experiences, the "timing" part has always been the hardest to grasp. Things are surely moving (and something will happen..maybe war), but I am not sure the big EQ will be this year. I enjoy your blog.

I doubt the Lord had any say in the expansion of the MTC or that he even factors it into the equation when tribulation begins. He won't say, "Don't expand the MTC, because I'm going to destroy it." He doesn't micromanage decisions we make using common sense. Think of it from his perspective: he is a man not bound to the weakness of the things we build. He cares only for the souls of men. In the EQ, temples will probably be destroyed, or they will be protected. Nothing is impossible with him. He can rebuild one in a day. He won't care if the church pays for and builds buildings that might be destroyed the next day. He's going to destroy the whole earth, before he cleanses it. Why should he care about a building?
That said, what about the military truck, folks? Are you all forgetting that little detail? How do you explain the existence of such a truck this year, or the next, if the quake is around the corner? How do you reconcile it? That truck does not exist, and will not for years, but the Asian military had them after the quake.

I find it funny that people always get stuck on the truck detail.  Seriously?  I have a diesel 1-ton truck, two diesel cars, a diesel tractor and a diesel power generator (which I am VERY excited about).  Why all diesel?  Because diesel stores and I have put up a couple year's worth.  It is not super flammable (compared to gasoline) - and it is STABLE.  Here is a writeup on my project I just wrote to my daughter (an engineer in college) about:

You would LOVE what is going on in the monster garage.  I found a little 7.5hp Lombardini diesel that a co-worker of mine was going to throw away.  I call it the Lamborghini....  It had been sitting in the field for 3 years in the rain and had blackberries growing through the cowl around the cooling fins on the cylinder.   It was originally on a road sign for charging the batts.  Anyway, it has a 90Amp alternator and will charge a set of four golf cart batteries.  I found a supplier that has all the gadgets like a system that auto-fills the batts with de-ionized water so they don’t go bad from low electrolyte levels.  I am going to install a 12VDC fan from an old computer that I have sitting around – and that will pull the fumes out of the batt case during the re-charge phase.  When the alternator is spinning, the fan is too.  When it dies out, so does the fan.  I found a good source for all the disconnects for the heavy amperage requirements so the battery pack can be removed remotely and used in a remote app without having to drag the whole diesel power source.  A place just across the street from the factory here in Everett sells an auto-start module that senses low voltage (about 11.5VDC) on the batteries and kicks on and runs until they are at 12.8VDC and then shuts off automatically, saving loads of fuel and no late-night jaunts out in the rain or snow.  This little unit has its own automotive grade starter and everything.   I have mounted everything on a skid arrangement with forklift style electrical disconnects (1/2” diameter cable in crimped connectors).  I am going top of the line and industrial.  I want this thing to last.  It will be a $4000 unit off the shelf for under $1000.  Feeling VERY blessed in how it all came together.  Heck, maybe I ought to perfect it and market it.

I thought about you and your after-hours alternative energy group at Glacier High and wished I had come across this a year or two sooner.  It would have been the perfect project.  Anyway, this along with 400 Watts of solar and a separate diode and charge controller, we will have access to power completely off-grid.  I am shopping around for a composting toilet to eliminate the requirement for black-water mitigation and the grey water can be used for watering the garden, etc.  The only thing that will be needed is rainwater collection/fresh water sourcing.  With the good Berkey, a stream would do the trick.

The other amazing thing about these cars and power plants?  I can run them on vegetable oil, motor oil (in a mixed ratio) or most any other oil.  If you can get oil or fat warm enough that it is no longer a solid, for the most part, it will run a diesel.  The more crude the diesel engine, the worse the garbage it will run in it.  A diesel ship runs on bunker fuel - which is basically just crude oil.  Carbon fiber truck bodies?  Do MORE research.  Most OTR trucks out there are made of composites due to weight, durability and ease of manufacture in a low-volume production environment.

Doubt not - but be believing after so many witnesses.

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I received the following comment from a blog reader:
  Quick comment on the timeline presented in VoG. The first few times I read the book it seemed that Spencer said they began traveling north soon after the EQ in SLC, but it also didn't quite make sense because he said the EQ was in the fall, that when they were leaving for the north was "several months later" but that the season was Fall. He also says that the big general conference that was held soon before they left happened around the first week of October. That just didn't seem to make seance how those events could both be right around the beginning of October. Then I found where he said that when they left had been several months after the EQ and that before the conference he had walked to the SLC temple "hundreds of times" to help the cleanup inside the building. The only way it makes sense in my mind is that the EQ happened around Oct, and then a full year goes by before that general conference in October and they head north to Cardston. Maybe that was clear to everyone else.

I feel that this assessment is correct.  The "Spring" EQ that Spencer spoke of likely would occur at or around the solar eclipse after the 2015 Blood Moons (just a pure guess - no prophetic/HG input here).  This would wipe out the West Coast.  For my west coast readers, you may well have a sign that gives you a heads up in the Utah quake. 

A further note here:  The EQ which sends our Chinese and Russian buddies packing (which apparently will affect them to the point they have to go take care of their own problems at home), will occur when Christ comes to the Old Jerusalem on Oct 18th, 2016.  Most of their armies will have been wiped out in the ME at that point.  They will be humbled (and weakened) to the point that the final gathering (from the heathen nations) will begin at the hands of the 144,000.  This is the point when the missionary efforts REALLY take off.  The LDS church (or what it becomes at that point) will bust at the seams.  The numbers will swell into the hundreds of millions as the ushering in of the Millennium begins - and final harvest is completed prior to the burning.  The returning 10 tribes alone will bust the plains around Jackson County to the seams.  Epic will not be magnaminous enough to describe the scene.

I am so glad I will get a peek at the events that bring this all about.  Truly, we have waited for centuries to see this moment.  Just to be alive at this time says so much about you and I; but where there is much given, MUCH is required.  We should be humbled at the prospect - not puffed up over it.


I would like to thank "Awaken to Our Awful Situation" (Heather Jackson) who featured this on her FB page.  She is a regular gal doing amazing things (and while taking care of seven children).  What an inspiration!

I am guessing she has no time to keep up on the latest TV shows with the great stuff she is doing.  May the God of Heaven bless her for her work and wonder!  I am not inspired by too many people - but I feel that she is fulfilling a God-given role to wake people up, and I am inspired by her efforts, which make me want to be a little better at what I am doing.  God bless her.

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This article is very disturbing, yet true:


Well, apparently an anti-Russian Police Chief in Ukraine had his throat slit by pro-Russian people.  This in front of his wife.  It was removed from u-tube for graphic content, so you cannot view it.

Folks over there tend to go tit for tat on stuff.  This might not end well if you are a pro-Russian Czech leader.  Wear the kevlar vest......

Apparently this Russian is summing up the pulse of how people over there feel (and me included):
I dont want to kill anyone. I am more than happy to have guests from any country or nation, but without weapon in their hands. But you are gearing towards us, why we should not retaliate? Or wait, if we are not slaves to your system, then we must concede ourself to your satan lords? I dont want to be a product for your satan rituals. Neither anyone from my country wants that.
We need to leave them the hell alone - or they will make good on their threats to use nukes.  The Ogden Temple will apparently be pretty much finished in the June/July time frame.  Not good.  Spencer spoke of seeing devastation as he moved north (sometime in October/November?).  If he were moving through there, it is most likely that the fallout/devastation had occurred much earlier on the timeline?  If it so be that it is in July or August, then we need to have a civil action start somewhere in the Chicago or midwest area awful soon.  If not?  I guess we shall have to see.  Might it be related to the devaluation of the dollar and inner-city rioting?  Time will tell.


I had the pleasure of moving a family out of our ward and into a new apt unit.  I often wonder about people - and what is motivating them right now.  They were a young family with the father pursuing a Doctorate in Computer Science at UW.  They were moving close to a transportation hub so he could quickly and easily commute into classes each day.  Was this fellow and his young bride being acted upon by the Spirit to pursue this field and this degree at this time - precisely when I am saying there will be little use for such things in the Millennium - and that the whole of the West Coast will be devastated?  A time when the U.S./world economy will be wiped out and re-aligned for a few brutal years followed by a new way of thinking and doing things?  Or is he just being swept along in life - and just responding to external impetus of the need to provide for his family - and not having anything else to do with his time and energies, so why not this?

My wife and I are going radical - downsizing like we have never down-sized and preparing for the most radical shift in income, moves, status and many other measures of our lives; while most around us seem oblivious to the drama we/I see as coming.  I have a tingling that I have felt before; right before September 11th - when I came home that day six weeks before the event that changed so much in America, and told my wife, "Something big is going to happen; it's going to affect my (aerospace) employment, and it's going to happen in the next six months."  When asked what it was, I said "I do not know exactly, but we need to double our fast offerings and pay our tithing religiously with every pay check (and not let it slide to the end of the quarter or til tithing settlement, as we were prone to do)."

At the end of the move, I was helping move the truck and wrap things up and chatted with the EQ President, whom I had been on a move with about a year previous.  I asked him if he remembered my prediction the previous year that we would tangle with the Russians and eventually end up with them on our East Coast (at that point, I had no definitive timeline in place).  He vaguely remembered.  Somehow, we got on the topic of Sept 11th and we both shared our "where were you when it happened" moments.  I told him I am feeling the same thing again - but this does not have the easy light at the end of the tunnel feel to it.  I also feel I have a strong foreboding of what exactly it will be this time - and what time we can expect it (by October).  He was less prone to blowing me off this time.  While he is not a news head - more of a sports freak than anything - he seemed to be willing to entertain the idea that things could go down.

We talked of food storage and he basically gave me the reason why my GD lesson on preparing for the baptism of fire was not well received - he said that many were too mired in debt to think of even attempting a food storage.  Amazingly, I am sure that most within the sound of my voice that lesson had a 55" big screen tv, a brand new car, and iPad and MANY other things which I do not possess - but yet none of which have been commanded by the Lord.  Could it be that priorities just needed to be modified?  He mentioned that there was a push within the ward to have a Dave Ramsey seminar on getting out of debt.  I told him that this year is the year of change - the window will have closed by then.  Those who were laughed at and scorned for driving a 20 year old vehicle and bringing paper copies of scriptures to church, or living in small homes and less-than-ideal conditions - but who have stayed out of debt - these will be exalted while those who have mocked, shall mourn.  I am not sure exactly how it will go down - but there will be many who suffer physical bondage for not heeding the clear call of food storage and managing/minimizing debt so many years ago.

Pray about it and find out for yourself.  Prioritize, commit, execute.  Follow the Spirit with exactness.  We are at our juncture in history, similar to what it was when Lehi had just left Jerusalem (along with Mulek, Tamara Tephi, and so many others) - and the dust from the approaching armies is beginning to billow up on the horizon.  There is little time to delay.  Those dust clouds spell disaster.

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Always good stuff when talking about this subject......

I am not sure where this fits into the timeline, but I am sure it will be within the next 5 years.  Many incredible things to transpire shortly.

You will know I am right when Russia breaks out into Eastern Europe here shortly.


Also, a quick Wood Zone classified ad:   I am looking for a four seasons bunkhouse trailer (27-32') that is in good condition, no older than 10-12 years unless it is exceptional for its age.  For the right price and condition, I would drive to the east coast - but prefer inter-mountain west or west coast, for obvious reasons.  I would even take one in need of minor repairs if the price was right.

Let me know if you know of a good one.  Thanks!

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The Mp said a knife in the back of a pro-Russian Czech leader will be the clear pretext for invasion of that country - which will end up with Russian troops at the Atlantic.  That will not happen until the U.S. is out of the picture, after our attempts to sanction Russia have failed (remember how that worked out for the U.S. just before WWII with our sanctions against Japan??).  Our economy will collapse (after the sanctions back-fire) which will leave us with rioting in the streets (midwest - Chicago; thanks bummer buddy Rahm Emmanuel) and then come the nukes to knock out our strategic ability (thanks bummer for modifying our nuclear doctrine to one of pacification years ago, so that we will not strike back the minute we know we are under attack).....  Does anyone else here see how we have slowly been sold a bill of goods and set up for a major fall?  Folks - that piece of despicable poo in the WH is the trojan horse of all time.  Yep, this nation is doomed.  The Russians smell weakness, are sick of us meddling - and will strike.

You can put this one in the L column for us.  The fix is already in and the game has not even started.  Our fate is sealed - DO WHAT YOU CAN NOW!

Here is the article that got me spun up:

Putin Warns of Consequences as Ukraine Steps Up Offensive

Photographer: Kirill Kudryavtsev/AFP via Getty Images
Ukrainian special forces take position in the eastern Ukrainian city of Slavyansk on April 24, 2014.
A member of the Ukrainian special forces takes position at an abandoned roadblock in the eastern Ukrainian city of... Read More
Photographer: Kirill Kudryavtsev/AFP via Getty Images
A member of the Ukrainian special forces takes position at an abandoned roadblock in the eastern Ukrainian city of... Read More
Photographer: Kirill Kudryavtsev/AFP/Getty Images
Ukrainian special forces take position in the eastern Ukrainian city of Slavyansk on April 24, 2014.
President Vladimir Putin warned Ukraine against continuing its anti-separatist offensive after government troops killed five rebels and prompted Russia’s military to begin new drills on the two nations’ border.
“If it’s true that the current regime in Kiev sent the army against citizens inside its country, then it is a very serious crime against its own nation,” Putin said today in St. Petersburg. “It will have consequences for the people who make such decisions, including relations between our countries. We’ll see how the situation develops and we’ll make conclusions based on the reality on the ground.”
Ukrainian Interior Ministry and army troops destroyed three road blocks as they fought pro-Russian separatists in the Donetsk region city of Slovyansk, the ministry said today on its website. Russia’s latest drills are a response to events in eastern Ukraine and involve warplanes near the border, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said, according to Interfax.
Full coverage of the Crisis in Ukraine:
An agreement to disarm rebels signed last week in Geneva by Ukraine, Russia, the European Union and the U.S. is on the brink of collapse. President Barack Obama said today the U.S. and its allies have additional sanctions against Russia ready to go because Putin’s government has yet to abide by the accord.
Russia’s Micex Index (INDEXCF) fell for a fourth day, losing 2.2 percent and taking its decline since Putin’s intervention in Crimea started March 1 to 10 percent.

IMF Loan

After rallying on the prospect of an International Monetary Fund loan, Ukrainian bonds fell. The Washington-based lender’s staff endorsed a $17 billion bailout that may get board approval April 30, according to government officials. The yield on the government’s dollar-denominated note due April 2023 rose 0.03 percentage point to a month-high 10.09 percent.
“Ukraine is at risk of a foreign invasion, or a civil war, or both at the same time,” Czech President Milos Zeman said today at a meeting of east European leaders in Prague. “The older among us experienced something similar about 20 years ago in Yugoslavia.”
After an operation to rein in the separatists resumed this week, Ukrainian Interior Minister Arsen Avakov said security forces cleared the mayor’s office in Mariupol, less than 60 kilometers (37 miles) from the Russian border. There were no casualties, he said on his Facebook page.
Ukrainian troops also repelled an attack by about 70 gunmen on a military base in Artemivsk, north of Donetsk, during the night, Avakov said. One soldier was wounded.

‘Successful’ Operation

Acting Ukrainian president Oleksandr Turchynov called the operation to counter the separatists “successful” and said it would continue. In a live television address, he urged Russia to pull back its forces from his nation’s border.
“Russia has switched from public threats to concentrating its forces on our eastern border,” Turchynov said. “There’s an increasing number of troops, who’ve been threatening our country for some time.”
Deputy Foreign Minister Danylo Lubkivsky said in Washington that while a Russian invasion is possible, Ukraine is prepared. The ministry later said Russia should explain its latest military drills in the next 48 hours.
An attack on a Russian citizen is an attack against Russia and “if we’re attacked, we’d certainly respond,” Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said yesterday in an interview with state-run broadcaster RT. Speaking in Moscow today, he called on Ukraine to pull back its army, stop “illegal actions” and disarm the nationalist Pravyi Sektor group.

‘Serious Question’

The offensive in the east is “criminal” and raises a “very serious question” about planned May 25 presidential elections called to help end the nation’s political crisis, Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov said in St. Petersburg.
Turning up the economic heat on Ukraine, Russia’s state-run OAO Gazprom presented the nation with an additional $11.4 billion bill for gas it promised to buy last year.
The U.S. has been preparing for the prospect of further sanctions against Russia, Obama said today.
Russia has yet to act in the spirit or the letter of the Geneva agreement, and if there’s no progress in the coming days, “we will follow through,” he told a news conference in Tokyo. All that’s required is some “technical work” and coordination with allies, he said.
The U.S. joined the EU in imposing sanctions after Russia annexed Crimea from Ukraine last month. “Already you’ve seen a whole lot of money and investors leave Russia,” Obama said.

‘Legitimate Actions’

French President Francois Hollande told reporters in Paris that unless the Geneva deal was implemented fully, “we would by necessity have to apply the sanctions as planned by Europe.”
The EU didn’t criticize the Slovyansk operation. While calling on “all parties” to live up to the Geneva pledges, EU spokesman Michael Mann told reporters in Brussels that the Kiev government has the “right to take legitimate actions to defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity.”
Ukraine’s SBU State Security Service pledged yesterday to use “all means” to restore order in the east. As many as 1,300 separatists were involved in holding government buildings in the Donetsk region, according to the SBU.
The government in Kiev accuses Putin of instigating turmoil to possibly lay the groundwork for an invasion. The separatists who took over buildings in eastern Ukrainian cities say they’re not subject to the Geneva accord.

Troop Approval

Putin has parliamentary approval to deploy troops in Ukraine to protect Russian speakers and those of Russian heritage. He has about 40,000 troops massed on the border with Ukraine, according to NATO.
The Russian exercises announced today are “exactly opposite of what we have been calling on the Russian’s to do, which is to de-escalate the situation, so we again call on them to act responsibly,” Army Colonel Steve Warren, a U.S Defense Department spokesman, told reporters at the Pentagon.
“We have seen some movement associated with” Russia’s announcement “but it’s too early to tell what it is.” he said.
Obama stressed that there won’t be a “military solution” to the confrontation and held out the chance diplomacy will work. “There’s always the possibility that Russia tomorrow or the next day takes a different course,” he said.
To contact the reporters on this story: Daryna Krasnolutska in Kiev at; Ilya Arkhipov in Moscow at
To contact the editors responsible for this story: Balazs Penz at Andrew Langley, Ben Sills

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Yep, I am kind of on a tear today.  This is just a little more fuel on the raging inferno - and part of the reason why it is coming to this land.  I am beginning to feel just as I felt before Sept 11th.  I felt the impending doom for having supported hellish practices back then. 

This one just is too much:
 We are getting close to the "hunker in the bunker"phase of this thing....


Wow - This was from his Lyceum Address which was given in Illinois in 1838.  Right before the Saints arrived from being driven from Missouri - and then were driven out of Illinois as the second paragraph foreshadowed.  The first paragraph foreshadows the approach of danger that will occur in the same state of Illinois (Chicago area) later on this year as the CWII busts out and then is followed by the surprise nuke attacks on our military installations by the Russians (as Cleon Skousen, Dmitri Duduman and others have pointed out).  This is going to be an interesting year, indeed.
Shall we expect some transatlantic military giant to step the ocean and crush us at a blow? Never! All the armies of Europe, Asia, and Africa combined, with all the treasure of the earth (our own excepted) in their military chest, with a Bonaparte for a commander, could not by force take a drink from the Ohio or make a track on the Blue Ridge in a trial of a thousand years. At what point then is the approach of danger to be expected? I answer. If it ever reach us it must spring up amongst us; it cannot come from abroad. If destruction be our lot we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of freemen we must live through all time or die by suicide.
Lincoln indirectly blamed slavery for lawlessness in the United States.[3] In this context he warned that
whenever the vicious portion of [our] population shall be permitted to gather in bands of hundreds and thousands, and burn churches, ravage and rob provision stores, throw printing-presses into rivers, shoot editors, and hang and burn obnoxious persons at pleasure and with impunity, depend upon it, this government cannot last. By such things the feelings of the best citizens will become more or less alienated from it, and thus it will be left without friends, or with too few, and those few too weak to make their friendship effectual.


According to the Mexican prophet (lower case p), we will get some more of this around the end of May.  Then one more in Southern Germany.  That is too bad - my wife served a mission in that region and it WAS on my bucket list of places to be able to take her before travel became difficult or impossible or too expensive.

Oh well.....

Here is the article:

Group: Deadly asteroids more frequent than thought

Group: Deadly asteroids more frequent than thought
Credit: AP
A meteor that scientists estimate weighed 10 tons streaked at supersonic speed over Russia's Ural Mountains on Friday, Feb. 15, setting off blasts that injured hundreds of people.

by Traci Watson, Special for USA TODAY
Posted on April 23, 2014 at 6:44 AM

Space rocks big enough to destroy a city hit the Earth much more often than thought, according to an estimate by a private group devoted to preventing disaster from such orbital killers.
It took a space rock the size of San Francisco to finish off the dinosaurs 65 million years ago, but a decent-sized metropolis could be reduced to smoldering ruins by a boulder that could fit inside a soccer field. The strike rate for such large space rocks, properly known as asteroids, has been estimated at once every 3,000 years, but the B612 Foundation, a planetary defense group, says the true figure could be as high as once a century. Outside scientists say that frequency is plausible but could well be too high.
"There are people who say, 'Oh, once every million years we have something we have to worry about.' That couldn't be more wrong," says physicist and former space shuttle astronaut Ed Lu, chief executive officer of the B612 Foundation. "Eventually you're going to get hit, because it's just a matter of time."
B612's once-a-century estimate comes in part from data collected by a worldwide network of sensors designed to detect nuclear explosions. The sensor network, which became a global system only within the past decade, picks up the ultra-deep sound waves that circle the Earth after a nuclear bomb is detonated in the atmosphere or just under the Earth's surface or when an asteroid explodes in midair. The data were made available to the foundation by Peter Brown of the University of Western Ontario, who will present the numbers at a scientific conference this summer.
Since 2000, the sensors have detected 26 asteroid blasts equivalent to at least 1,000 tons of TNT. In four of those incidents, the space rock's explosion unleashed more energy than the atomic bomb that leveled Hiroshima. The self-destruction of an asteroid roughly as big as a house in 2009 just off the Indonesian coast was more powerful than three Hiroshima bombs. An even bigger asteroid explosion over Chelyabinsk, Russia, in 2013 injured more than 1,000 people, blew out windows and created a fireball bright enough to give some witnesses a sunburn.
None of the 26 asteroids in Brown's data was big enough to destroy a city, because of their size and composition and because all exploded high in the atmosphere. But Lu says this database of harmless asteroids can be extrapolated to shed light on the frequency of their fearsome cousins. The results suggest that a city-killer strikes once a century, though Lu says he wouldn't be surprised if the true rate were actually less worrisome, perhaps once every 150 or 200 years or less frequent still.
Lu's group is raising money to build an orbiting telescope to spot potentially destructive asteroids, including those big enough to wipe out a city, decades before they strike the Earth. Numerous telescopes around the world survey the sky for asteroids, and more instruments are coming online. B612 says its orbiting craft would be far more efficient at spotting space rocks that are relatively small but deadly.
Brown agrees that the true hit rate for asteroids of that size is probably more frequent than past estimates, but he's cautious about the B612 Foundation's once-a-century number.
"It could be that high," Brown says, but once every 100 years "is probably very near the upper range of numbers." The true number is probably closer to once in 500 years, or even once in 1,000 years, he says. In a 2013 study, Brown and his colleagues found that impacts by asteroids ranging from bus-sized to department-store-sized could be 10 times more common than thought, but a definitive number is impossible, given the skimpy database of city-killers. Scientists have details about exactly one recent asteroid strike large enough to wipe out an urban area: the Tunguska event, when an asteroid perhaps 180 feet wide exploded over the wilderness of Siberia in 1908, leveling 800 square miles of forest.
"It is quite possible that Tunguska is a once-per-century event, but it is also possible that it's a once-per-three-centuries event," says Brown's co-author Mark Boslough of Sandia National Laboratories via e-mail, who notes that other experts think the hit rate is much lower. "We need more surveys … to resolve this."

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I feel impressed to re-release this previous post that I did.  The Deganawida prophecy talks pretty clearly of Walker Lake and the native gathering in Nevada in 1890, as spoken of here:

This account of the event comes from one Susa Young Gates, editor of the “Young Women’s Journal”[12]:
“Few, if any, of our leading Brethren doubt the probability, of a certain, if exaggerated, foundation for these stories. Our Lord is evidently setting His hand to prepare the scattered remnants of Israel for the great events about to take place.’
The Millenial Star also reported on what happened, noting:
“Eye-witness account of F.K. Upham “It tells how a very righteous young Indian by the name of Porcupine from the Cheyennes was, like certain wise men of the East, inspired to make this long pilgrimage to Walker Lake, Nevada, to see their Messiah.  He was accompanied by his wife and two other Indians, and, like the wise men of the East, they were very content with the high reward of their journey, for they had seen the Christ! … At sundown the Indians collected in large numbers, and after it became dark He appeared to them, – a large fire being built to throw the light on him.  He was not as dark as an Indian nor as light as a white man, and his dress was partly like each. He sat for a long time in perfect silence, with his head bowed, during which time the Indians never moved nor spoke.  They were told that if they even whispered, the Christ would know it and be displeased.  After a time He raised His head, and then Porcupine saw that he was fair to look upon, that His face had no beard, and was youthful, and that His bright hair extended to His waist.  Porcupine had heard that the Christ of the white man had been nailed to the cross, and looking he was able to see the scars of the nails in the hands of the Indian’s Christ when he raised them.  In His feet he could not see the marks of the nails by reason of the moccasins, but he was told they were there, and that in His side were spear marks which were concealed by the shirt He wore.”[13]
Things are going to get interesting:


I attended a pow-wow in Browning, Montana thanks to my wife's desire to go to "Indian Bob's Flatbread".  She ran into the wife of Indian Bob (a member of the Blackfeet Tribe) at the summit of Going to the Sun Road in Glacier National Park and she was plugging her husband's excellent food.  And delicious that food was.

After chowing down on a medium pizza-sized flatbread with all the goodies on top of it, we headed over to the pavilion where we watched the various tribes perform from all over the north and west of the USA.  It was interesting to see their different dress - and I have to say, I felt some guilt for being part of the culture that has oppressed them so heavily so that we could have their land.  As thanks for that land, we have fought and bickered over it instead of sharing it in a consecrated manner, as God would have it as preparation for Christ's millennial reign.  For that, we will pay a price collectively.  There will be no owning of land in the conventional sense when Christ comes again.  We will receive rightful inheritances.  The natives did not have a division so to speak - and maybe this was required of a people who were primarily hunter/gatherers.  No other system would work easily under those circumstances.  But, having no clear boundaries or stewardships, there was heavy fighting and rivalries that exist to this day.  One of my kids asked why there was such a heavy (tribal) police presence at the pow-wow.  I pointed out that some of the rivalries/grudges between tribes exist still to this day.  In God's millennial economy, there will be just divisions in order to establish stewardships so that each man/woman may be accountable.  The idler shall not stand in that day.  The dole will be a thing of the past - though charity, where needed, will be abundant until the physical need for it is non-existent through righteous use of priesthood power.

Before I post Deganawida's prophecy, I would like to say that I had a particular feeling while watching the dancing, that part of the releasing of the captives on the 50th, 50th Jubilee will be a releasing of that portion of the House of Israel that is located and also waiting for their release from their oppressors, here in America.  At that time, not only will the righteous remnant of Joseph (Ephraim) be released from the clutches of the "red snake" and the wicked portion of the "white snake" who have bound them tight (as Brigham Young described it) - but the righteous portion of the descendents of Mannasseh who head for the hills to escape the flooding and EQs of their lower lands, etc.  Folks, if this has to happen before the fall of 2017 which is the end of the 50th, 50th Jubilee (where the slaves and captives are released), then things must begin to happen rapidly, or IT WILL NOT HAPPEN AT ALL according to that timeline.  The wrath of God will not be poured out in the last 60 days of the Tribulation period.  I want that timeline to come about - I think it will rectify so many things from a national scale down to problems on a family scale.  I have been a little testy as of late because I am fed up with how things are going on so many levels.  I can no longer pray in faith over many situations - including those who INFEST (as in vermin) - the halls of power in this nation and over this earth.  I simply pray that they will be swept so that this ship can be righted - to stand for nearly 1000 years.  I have a dear one who is struggling with the concept of a God who would allow the wicked to be destroyed.  To me it is very clear.  He allows the wicked to remove the wicked from this sphere of existence so that the innocent children that are sent down can grow as calves in the stall without perversions, distortions, sickness, broken homes, disease and strife.  When values of families, cities, countries and the world are maintained, there is no strife.  But the evil one sets it in the hearts of a few to create dissensions and it snowballs until it is general among the people.

God, who knows all things, works to do the most good for the most people as often as He can.  This is His work - and the reason that there are so many broken civilizations.  Literally, one broken heap upon another broken heap.  Man is fickle and short-sighted.  The various archealogical layers are proof to that end.

We are about to add another layer to the existing layer(s) on this land.  After the cleansing amongst those who should know better, the Iroquois and others have been instructed to "head for the hills" and join their brothers there.  Here is the prophecy of Deganawida - and see if it does not apply to our situation today, though it was given around 500 years ago:

There is a very important message to deliver. That message comes from the First Peoples, for unity within the world. There are many messengers of our Grandfather Unequa. Our Creator. They come from all walks of life. There are many who CLAIM to be prophets, but speak untruths. The true prophets do not speak of money, power and greed. They tell of a time when all will come together "under one banner."
The Deganawida Prophesy is ONLY ONE OF MANY of those prophesies. And I'll assure you it has NOTHING to do with money and greed!!! The Deganwida was the great prophet who appeared to the Seneca First Peoples who came across Lake Champlain in a stone boat.
Deganawida taught the Seneca the ways of Peace. The same "Man of Peace" who appeared to the rest of the tribes on Turtle Island, and also the tribes of the Old Testament. He appeared to the Lakota Sioux, bringing the Peace Pipe and teaching the ways of Peace. To the Myans, the Aztecs, the Cherokee. All tribes. He constructed the Articles of Confederation the League of Five Nations while with the Seneca. Then he appointed Hiawatha His disciple and sent him out to convince other nations to make peace among themselves and join together to fight this new peril from the North. The Pale One, man of peace, the Peacemaker, the great Holy Man appeared in many forms to all of the Native Peoples.
The Deganawida is one of those forms. He told the people that they will face a time of great suffering. A time when they will distrust their leaders and the principles of peace and of the Confederation. That a great White Serpent was to come upon their people. For a time it will intermingle with the Indian people and will be accepted by them. They will treat the serpent as a friend. In time, the serpent will become so powerful that it will attempt to destroy the Indians.
The White Serpent is described as choking the life's blood out of the Indian people. Deganwida told them that they will seem to be lost, and that when things look the darkest a Red Serpent the White Serpent. Upon seeing the Red Serpent the White Serpent will be terrified and will release the Indian, who will fall to the ground like a helpless child. Then the White Serpent will turn all its attention to the Red Serpent.
Bewilderment will cause the White Serpent to accept the Red Serpent momentarily. Then the serpents will have a heated argument and begin to fight. The indian will revive and crawl toward the land of the hilly country where he will assemble his people together. They will renew their faith and the priciples that Deganawida had taught them. At the same time there will be a great love and forgiveness come among the Indian peoples for their brothers. At this gathering there will come streams of people from many tribes from all over the country. They will gather in the hilly country and renew their friendship. Deganawida said that they will remain neutral in the fight between the two serpents.
While they are watching the two serpents locked in battle, a great message will come to them that will make them very humble. When they become truly humble, a young leader, an Indian boy, will come to them. He will be a holy man who will be able to see the future- a great prophet. Nobody will know who he is or where he comes from , but he will be given great power and will be heard by thousands. He will give the Indian people guidance and hope. He will instruct them to to go back to their former land. He will be accepted as their leader.
Deganwida said that they will gather in the land of the hilly country beneath the branches of the elm tree and burn tobacco as an offering. They will call upon the Deganawida by name in their darkest hours, and then He will return.
Deganawida said, that , as the young prophet speaks to the Indian, he will be heard by all the people at the same time. Then, while the Indian people are gathered together to watch the fight between the two serpents, a Black Serpent will come up from the sea in the South. He will stand there to rest for a spell, to get his breath, while watching to the North toward the land where the White Serpent and Red Serpent are fighting.
Deganawida said that the battle between the White Serpent and Red Serpent will begin slowly, but then will become so violent that the mountains will crack open, the rivers will boil and the fish will die. He said that there will be no leaves on the trees and no grass. That strange bugs and beetles will crawl from the ground and attack both of the serpents. It will become so hot that the stench of death will cause both serpents to become ill.
Then, as as the boy prophet is watching the fight, the Red Serpent will reach around the back of the White Serpent and pull from the boy's head, a hair, which will be carried toward the South by a great wind into the hands of the Black Serpent. As the Black Serpent studies the hair, it will suddenly turn into a white woman who will tell him things he knows to be true but wants to hear again. When she is finished telling these things to the Black Serpent, he will take her and gently place her on a rock with great love and repect. Then, becoming infuriated by what he has heard, he will head North to join the battle between the Red Serpent and the White Serpent with such speed and fury that he defeats the two battle weary serpents.
When he is done, he will stand on the chest of the White Serpent and boast. He will push out his chest like a conqueror and look around for another serpent to conquer. He will look to the land of the hilly country and see the Indian boy standing there with his arms folded, looking noble, and know that the Indian boy is not the one he should fight. He will next look to the East and will be blinded by a light brighter than the sun. The light will be coming from the East to the West over the water. When the Black Serpent regains his sight, he will become terrified and run back into the sea from which he came. He will jump into the sea and swim away toward the South, never again to return. The White Serpent will revive, see the light, and make a feeble attempt to go toward the light. A remnant of the White Serpent will separate from the rest of the people he represents and make its way toward the hilly country to join the Indian people with a great love like that of a lost brother. The rest of the White Serpent will go into the sea and, dipping under, will be lost from sight for a time.
Then, suddenly, the white Serpent will reappear on top of the water, swimming slowly toward the light. Deganawida said that the White serpent will never again be trouble for the Indian people. The Red Serpent will revive and shiver with great fear when he sees the light. He will crawl to the North and leave a bloody trail. He will never be seen again by the Indian people. Deganawida said that He will be that approaching light and that He will return to His Indian people. When He returns, the Indian people will be a greater nation than they ever were before! your heart and your eyes to what is really taking place in our world today. Slow down and listen to all of our relations. Come back to the ways our Creator intended for us to be. The ancient ways. It is all in the elements of our world. That is the key.
It is my prayer as a believing ,faithful, Cherokee woman, that ALL will see and hear what these prophecies are saying. All will come to understand the unity that our Grandfather wishes us to have. Those who refuse to listen will destroy themselves.
I wish you all Good Peace, and that you will hear that small still voice in the inner part of your heart. That voice my brothers and sisters is our GrandFather Creator, and all things we see, touch, taste, smell, and feel. Listen and learn with ALL your senses. As I is in the elements before your eyes..
 Last of all.  Some of these natives will be the means of scourging the wicked Gentiles that originally oppressed them.  I note that there are two large reserves directly south and north of Cardston.  Those on the south (the Blood Indians), historically have been horribly brutal and blood-thirsty.  There is a very large reserve south of Kalispell whose members are probably one of the most productive and enlightened group of natives that I have ever seen.  Their reservation is impressive and they live in peace with their neighbors.

I have a feeling that the plagues that reduce a large portion of our population (and that I think will be targeted to take out anglo males specifically), will leave many of our native brothers unscathed.  In a sad twist of the narrative, we (the slovenly, wayward gentiles) will be turned into the minority population and those who were wiped out with the first ever crude germ warfare (smallpox-infected blankets), will be on the giving end this time around - and it will not be pretty.  All scripture and modern history is about is one people seeking the genocide of the other physically distinct people.  By definition (as given in the Book of Mormon), the tables must be turned for this next phase.

Get ready - and know how to use yarrow.  Blessed is the man/woman who knows the proper use of yarrow in fighting what is coming.

Monday, April 21, 2014


Reid HAS TO GO!!

I am embarrassed that he has ANY tie to my religion.  He is one of the most corrupt people I am aware of in this nation right now.

He is also a member in GOOD standing.  If I were his SP, I would have his keister in my office to do a little "splainin' " about what is going on with another decent member of the Church - Bro. Bundy.

One question we are asked is about our dealings with our fellow-man.

Reid's are questionable to beat all hell!  Especially if just a shred of this article is based on fact:


Harry Reid’s Connection to Bundy Ranch Siege

Harry Reid’s Connection to Bundy Ranch Siege

April 20, 2014

Sales of Harry fund ongoing research into Reid corruption (many leads to follow, some dangerous) and building a huge database of supporting documentation. Your support is needed and appreciated!

As some may be aware, the Bundy Ranch in Nevada is having 500 plus head of free range cattle that have been fed on desert BLM land seized by the government. This is a long standing decades old dispute that pits the Bundy family, who have ranched this land since the 1870s, against a literal army of BLM SWAT forces supposedly there to protect desert tortoises.
Our purpose here is to show how this siege must all eventually be linked to Senator Harry Reid, who literally controls everything that happens in Nevada. I wrote the only biography of Harry Reid (more below) which goes into his history of shady land dealings and use of the BLM. The best leverage the Bundys have is not against the BLM, but by making corrupt Harry Reid the focus of media attention. Because this is breaking, I will be updating this page continuously as I put information together, lots more to come.
Descriptions of what is going on at Bundy Ranch can be found here

  • Constitutional Sheriff Mack Speaks on Bundy Ranch Standoff
  • Bundy Ranch Blog
  • BUNDY DAUGHTER SPEAKS OUT ON GOVERNMENT TERRORISMIn bullet point, tying my research on Reid in with the situation, here are some reasons why Reid is vulnerable and complicit in this issue:
  • Neil Kornze, former Reid aid, is now a BLM Director and is well involved in the Bundy seige. Kornze was responsible for planning the allottment of 285,000 acres to dedicated Solar farm development (a pet Reid boondoggle). These Solar development zones are Tortoise and Bird kill zones – see BrightSource. So Reid knows damn well what is going on at the Bundy Ranch and could stop the BLM Gestapo cold.
  • It turns out Brightsource is also a big Reid contributor. See how this works? Hundreds of thousands of acres set aside to kill Tortoises for Friends of Reid, nothing for the Bundys who have worked and preserved the land since 1870.
  • Harry Reid killed more Tortoises in cahoots with Brightsource solar and jailed buddy Harvey Whittemore than Bundyranch.
  • Reid helped good friend and bigtime lawyer/lobbyist Harvey Whittemore procure environmental waivers for the Coyote Springs golf and residential development, a short distance from the Bundy Ranch. L.A. Times did a big expose on Reid and Coyote Springs special deals for Whittemore. Reid was happy to let Brightsource propose to cover 8,300 acres of tortoise land of the 42,000-acre Coyote Springs. These included powerline changes and most importantly, a land swap with BLM for Desert Tortoise land. Whittemore claims Harry had nothing to do with the dubious Tortoise landswap, like anything in Nevada happens at Reid’s displeasure.
  • Harvey Whittemore was convicted of giving Reid illegal campaign contributions and is due to start a two year sentence. Only the big boys who pay under the table get Reid’s favors. Whittemore’s lawyer is Dominic Gentile, good buddy of Reid and sometime mob lawyer. Dominic owns the Palomino strip club, what a guy.
  • Here’s what the BLM really thinks of Desert Tortoises. Let them Burn! Not thirty miles from the Bundy Ranch. Dry Lakes
  • Harry Reid ‘owns’ 200 acres in Searchlight, all old BLM mining patent deeds inherited from his miner dad, all filled with desert Tortoise. His home is surrounded by the 14 abandoned mines that he owns�old sites with names like Spotted Horse, Diamond Wedge, and Cyrus Noble (so named after it was swapped for a bottle of Cyrus Noble whiskey). The question is why does he have ancestral claim to this land while the Bundys do not to their grazing rights?
    Reid’s claim to that land are mining patents, dependent on BLM favouritism since he no longer mines anything. Maybe he should be evicted, since his claims rest on old mining law from 1872. A patent is a parcel of claimed mineral-rich public land which the federal government sells to the claim holder for $2.50 or $5.00 per acre, as required by the 1872 Mining Law. A patent, or patented claim, is no longer public land; both the land and the minerals contained in it become the property of the patent holder. Congress has imposed a moratorium on new mining patents since October 1, 1994. Reid bought much of the land in 1973.
    In 2007 Vegas land was $700k/acre. People thought Searchlight would be bedroom community. During the Real Estate boom, Reid thought his land was worth $20 million. That’s why the new four lane highway into Searchlight directly benefited Reid, for land he has no more right to than the Bundys.

    Here are the parcel numbers from the Clark County Assessor. You can click to get more info and aerial maps.
    REID LTD PFT SHR PL & TR AGMT REID HARRY M TRS DST-700 #243-34-201-006
    REID LTD PFT SHR PL & TR AGMT REID HARRY M TRS DST-700 #243-34-601-002
    REID LTD PFT SHR TR REID HARRY TRS DST-700 #243-34-711-009
  • Reid’s house was built by developer Jim Rhodes (they all thought they’d make a killing in Seachlight), right smack dab in Tortoise land. Coincidentally, Rhodes was also fined for illegal contributions to Reid. Rhodes later hired disgraced Erin Kenny for $16,000 a month, a Reid protege for Lieutenant Governor, who was caught taking bribes from Tittybar owner Mike Galardi of Cheetahs and did jail time. Reid’s other protege, Dario Herrera, also did jail for Tittybar bribes. What a nice crew, friends of Harry. Jay Brown, Harry’s best friend, has also done legal work for Rhodes, Herrera and Kenny, go figure. Rhodes, Erin and Dario, all bribe-magnet Democrat friends of Reid.
  • Rory Reid, Harry’s son, was hand picked to take over Dario Herrera’s County Commission seat. The Reids will claim total ignorance that Herrera was tittybar-bribe taking dirty politician. Unexpected!Wonder how much Rory and Harry Reid paid Dario Herrera so Rory could take Herrera Commissioner seat? Dario jailed for tittybar bribes at Cheetahs and no-show work.
  • Someone should ask how many Tortoises were killed building a four lane superhighway to Harry Reid’s land in Searchlight. Reid has positioned himself to be a beneficiary of owning the land entering Searchlight as a future bedroom community. Maybe he should be asked about his Desert Tortoise land in Arizona too.
  • If Harry Reid truly believes in the environment and not making his family pig rich off of BLM favouritism, he should be asked to put his Searchlight 200 acres into a BLM Desert Tortoise Trust in perpetuity. He could call it the Desert Institute for Reid Tortoises (DIRT)
  • Fifty acres of the Reid Searchlight DIRT is co owned with acknowleged Reid best buddy Jay Brown, also conveniently a mob and tittybar lawyer. Reid also did a deal on land “he didn’t own” and collected $1.1 million in cahoots with Brown (see also in above article). Who says Harry Reid doesn’t know how to play land deals for a quick skim? Not like he’d ever play the BLM for his own benefit. I have also written extensively on Jay Brown in my book, and now have a long article linking him to 40 years of bribes. Who Is Jay Brown?

  • Reid also promoted the Desert Express High Speed Rail boondoggle from Victorville to Las Vegas (so bad it can’t make it over the grade to get to LA, now Express West). This was a payoff to Reid good buddy lobbyist Sig Rogich, who amazingly turned around immediately after the Reid endorsement and ran Republicans For Reid (which is big reason Sharron Angle lost). Maybe someone should ask Reid how many Desert Tortoises that taxpayer funded railway payoff would have killed.No one does anything in Nevada without Harry approval. That’s why the Bundys needs to expand protest to the top slimeball in the land, Harry Reid, and make this a national issue. Reid could stop the Bundy Ranch Seige with just a phone call, (UPDATE: apparently he did just that, to save his own hide, as the situation resolved) to his BLM buddy Kornze or to Obama. But he won’t because there is no bribe money in it for him. Make him a pinata. Reid needs to feel massive long term pain, mainly by focusing on his Searchlight land.