Wednesday, October 31, 2018


Folks, I do not think I am giving away confidences here - but I have an amazing friend who has an amazing friend who has dreams.  In the early 2000's the dreamer saw that there would be a President who began to build a border wall, but it was never finished as an invasion force from Central/South America overwhelmed the USA and then we were called out to places of safety as the difficult times set in.

Folks, my friend (not the dreamer, the other one), knew Trump would get in when he made it a central stumping point to build a wall.  He did get in against all odds.  We now have the collapse of several nations south of Mexico and now this invasion force.

Trump is sending troops to the border to counter it (my friend from Tucson is witnessing a massive buildup of the "stopping forces").

So, there you have it.  Elder Oaks just took on the left/gads with his "line in the sand" talk in Conference.

I say I finally got my wires uncrossed with good intel and we are shaping up for an interesting future.

Oh well, I have been given my marching orders to finish our shelter before next summer and get our garden in (miracles have been happening in that area - I keep getting a bunch of doo-doo and straw given to me for free!  Woohoo!!).

Have you been following up on the direction that the Spirit has been giving you over your stewardships?  President Nelson has been urging us to understand and then seek out personal revelation for our charges.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018


Well, it is that time of year again. 

I am looking at FB photos and see a lot of posts of women dressed up as witches or Maleficent or whatever that baphomet-horned lady is.... 

Folks, if you have half a brain in your head, please stay away from that stuff.  It is glorifying evil, plain and simple.  On foot in babylon, etc, etc....

Instead of dressing up as that, take the evening and go do some temple work for the dead on the dia del mortos....   I just get in despair over people who should know better going there.  We are more intelligent than that.


Glad I went to the two biggies on our last trip to the East Coast.  Unfortunately, there was so much anti filth there, it almost ruined the experience.  I cannot imagine going to a Catholic Mass with a bullhorn and beating them down over some real or perceived flaw in their organization....

Who has the time or energy for that?  I have plenty of constructive things to do with my time, thank you.  But, once someone gets that demonic spirit about them, they just go on kicking against the pricks and do not let up.

Part of the interesting changes we are all about.  The Church is expecting to be shut down in it's public forums.  For this, we will need to be ready to worship in non-public places.  I give it 3-5 years tops.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018


Folks, this information was from 2014 and it is happening - just as they said it would.  This info needs to go viral!!!!!!!:

A Monday joint press conference was held by Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto and Guatemalan president Otto Perez Molina to announce their agreement to jointly cooperate in and facilitate the invasion of their northern neighbor, the United States.
Labeled “The Southern Border Program to Improve Passage,” it is an officially-sanctioned, coordinated effort on the part of Mexico and the nations of Central America to invade the United States.
The agreement provides a network of border checkpoints through which an internal Mexican travel document will be issued, which is valid for a period of 72 hours. That document, known as a Regional Visitor’s Card, will provide temporary legal status to those in Mexico illegally for the sole purpose of invading the United States.
The announcement, officially granting the “privileges” to illegals from Guatemala and Belize, is expected to be applied to anyone who reaches the southern Mexican border with the intention of invading America.
Additionally, this action even provides special protections as well as financial assistance to unaccompanied minors.


What the brown shirts will not do to take this country down....  Obama and company should be tried for treason.  Tall branch, short rope!


Get in Soy Boy, we are making America GREAT AGAIN!!

If you oppose an America first agenda and support a world government (based on luciferian principles), then you are part of the problem and will be eventually swept off until Christ comes to make God great again.  In the meantime, we have this until it all collapses:


LOL to all the limp wristed anifas out there:

President Trump on Monday declared himself a "nationalist" as he railed against Democrats and "globalists" who put the wellbeing of the world over the country.
At a raucous campaign rally in Houston, Trump warned supporters that Democrats will seek to restore influence to "corrupt, power-hungry globalists."
"You know what a globalist is? A globalist is a person that wants the globe to do well, frankly, not caring about our country so much," Trump said. "And you know what, we can’t have that."

The crowd began booing as Trump moved on to his preferred descriptor.
"You know, they have a word. It sort of became old-fashioned. It’s called a nationalist," he continued. "And I say really, we’re not supposed to use that word. You know what I am? I am a nationalist. Use that word."
The crowd broke out into chants of "USA" in response..

Monday, October 22, 2018


I have said this for years.  Some Protestant boys from Texas pulled off the offing of the Catholic boy from Mass....

If anyone would know, Johnson's affair women and JFK's wife would be those with the back-channel.  All affirm it was him.  No doubt, he was a gad and started a long line of them in power up until Trump, I believe.  Daddy Bush was the CIA man who planned the operation.  Cannot believe I was so naive as to vote for piece of work and his spawn....

Here is the smoking gun:

And, you know, of all the things on my bucket list when I was down in Texas, not being able to piss on Johnson's grave while I was down there was probably the highest miss. And, yes - I actually had a plan to pee in an half-empty Mt Dew bottle and then "accidentally" drop it, spilling the mixture on the marker.....  Gross?  Nope - if I could have pulled off the "half-chewed chocolate bar", I would have done it.....

I wasn't willing to go to jail for the deed....  but, I was willing to carry it out for the rest of the people that care about the direction that America went after Kennedy was taken out.  That would include a situation that escalated into war so Johnson could get more jobs for the Texas Lockheed plant and so much else.  That would include the senseless death of my wife's father fighting a war they never expected to win.  If you pull the handle, it is to win - as I always say.

THAT is marginally forgivable - when you calculate in the additional 50,000+ lives that were wasted over there.  Definitely piss-worthy.  Hope he enjoys the hell he is marinating in along with hitler, stalin, pol-pot, etc.

Thursday, October 18, 2018


Whoa - these are the words of a caged, or very nervous animal. 

I would clarify and tread very lightly if I were the deep state.....


Wednesday, October 17, 2018


I have not shared a pic of my bride and I before.

This is us - 25 years ago:


I was yet again disappointed to see someone who knows better, take Dallin Oaks to task over what he spoke over the pulpit in General Conference.  Here is his talk:

Here is my response to this woman who is, unfortunately, on the road to PC bliss and complete apostasy.  If you love someone, correct them.....:

I think that Dallin H. Oaks is quite compassionate for those who may fall victim to the confusion that is being sown out there by those who have an evil agenda. Some people ARE born with both kinds of bits and they DO have to prune some off and make a decision. That is a horrible trial to overcome in this life. I think God will reward them openly for having to have borne that cross. HOWEVER, there is an entire faction of that subset who seeks to overthrow the Kingdom including speaking against the Lord's anointed. They seek to push the Church into a corner and try and impinge on the Lord's definition of marriage - which is one man, one woman. Period. They seek to make a mockery of the highest ordinance under heaven. To those, I would condemn gladly to hell - and so would Jesus. I have no sympathy, nor compassion for them. Nothing but contempt - and I would drive them out of the temple or any other sacred place where they seek to make a mockery of God and His ways. Bruce Jenner never was a woman. No woman beats the Russians and East Germans in a decathlon (arguably, the greatest test of athleticism in the world), and then suddenly decides they are a woman. THAT is demonic possession. My wife's cousin, who was an LA County deputy Sheriff, suddenly decided one day to start cross-dressing and become a woman and have the tax-payers foot the bill. He is no more a woman than I am a unicorn. aye, a pink unicorn.... My wife had to cut off all contact with him because he was so perverse even on a public forum about his exploits in the women's bathrooms, etc. A completely perverse individual. I have seen mental illness and demonic possession. Largely, transgenderism falls into that spectrum of disorders. Can someone come out of it? YES, there is repentance. Can someone repent of calling the Lord's anointed out for clearly stating the Lord's position on a matter? Yes, they can. Hope this was not too direct.


I have a daughter that has a mild to moderate peanut allergy - and she was one of our kids that my wife caved on and had her vaccinated:

No automatic alt text available.


Another video from my former comp:

Good stuff.  His graphics are professional qualities.


This is just one of the best videos out there.  I get a thrill every time I watch it:

Thanks be to my former mission companion for his efforts to produce things of beauty.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018


The creation, as depicted in the new endowment films is simply spot on.

The earth was populated with the heavy stuff from outside of itself via chunks of this stuff slamming into it from external sources.  As things have cooled, the hot metals worked their way to the surface often through fault lines.  In fact, every mine I have been in, has been a crack that filled in with copper or quartz and often gold, silver or platinum and other marketable ores.

As with diamonds, these things slammed into our planet (earlier blog articles).

Here is another piece of the puzzle to back this up:

Slowly, the truth will be revealed - backing revealed religion.  Error and deceit will always lose.

Monday, October 15, 2018


Well, famine does not always mean drought - as it is classically envisioned.

There are several things that could lead to it including loss of pollinators, bad weather that does not allow planting nor harvesting or the presence of things in the air or environment that cause plants to not thrive (such as red dust from a comet or volcanic ash obscuring the sun and reducing the amount of light and heat that hits the earth).

Another cause could be a massive hailstorm of hail consisting of stones or ice that pummels the crops of the earth and leaves little or no food for the people.

This is the reason we have a food storage in place.

I was talking to a neighbor who feels like this is all alarmist talk and that "until I hear it directly from the Prophet, I am not going to worry about it".....  This, the mother of 8 children and likely counting.  I just walk away slack-jawed.  How do you counter that??  We HAVE been commanded of a Prophet - for YEARS.  Yet, the first people to show up on our doorstep in a crisis will be this woman and her 8+ children asking for food.  I cannot turn away a starving child - but I sure can turn away an indolent adult.....  These are not slackers - but people who occupy lofty positions in the Church and who are too wise to be wrapped around the axle about such petty things.  I honestly hope that they perish in the plagues - because I am afraid that I will be resentful of them, if asked to carry them during the low point.  I hate to say it - but I feel that way (but not for the children who are innocent, hapless victims).

I am sad and indignant at the same time.  Obviously, folks are not looking at the real news - but have drunk the "all is well in ______" kool-aid.  Truly, they are under the influence of a deep and restful sleep.  What can you do?  I just share - and then move on, just as I did on my mission.  We are the finders or hunters - and must weed and separate among fools.  It is a thankless job - for now.

And so we go.

Here is the article on struggling bees that got me spun up:

As a side note, the farmers may finally be able to harvest the last 30% of the wheat and other crops that has laid in the fields in the last month of rain and cold weather in the S. Alberta area.  It has been a brutal year for farmers.  No rain when they needed it - too much when they did not.  Building in this weather melee has been a whole other situation.  You have to be a hardy soul in these parts to not get discouraged.


The hypocrisy of the gads is deafening (underlined in yellow below).

Anyone who wants info into vaccines by a researcher who knew the people making them should read, Dr Mary's monkey. When you read why they put certain things in vaccines you won't give them to your kids again. We are used as a science project to see how quickly we get cancer. Some of us get it as kids others take longer. I've had to many friends die from cancer before the age of 50. My mum died at 59 from cancer. Most got cancer in their 30's and died in their 40's. We are not born with cancer it is put in us to explode at any given time. Those with eyes will see, those who bury their heads in the sand won't. One last thought. My friends worked in the British royal palace, just so you all know, they don't vaccinate. That's how my friends knew how bad they were and didn't vaccinate her kids. But I was dumb and didn't listen to her. Now I'm dealing with the consequences of my actions. Or my kids are anyway.

Thursday, October 11, 2018


I am filled with the Spirit when I read this.  Iohanni stood approved and had the Second Comforter minister to him and the "Third Comforter".  I have read accounts where the faithful is given the privilege of the "Fourth Comforter", where-in they are introduced to the mother of their Spirit.  As I have said before, this has to be one of the most sublime events a mortal can experience.

I am intrigued about the Scale of Time mentioned in Iohanni's account:

Image result for scale of time judgment

If you ever have had doubts about President Kimball being a Prophet of God, this testimony of Iohanni should lay that to rest.  I would say the same thing about President Nelson, though I lack anecdotal backing for him that this event provides:

Pres. Kimball went on to say that I should take with me my genealogy to Tonga and teach even the Royal family, and bring the Scale of Time to show them how short the time is for them to go to the temple and redeem their dead. Before we left the prophet told us that two days after arriving in Tonga I would be visited by Christ and he would let me know of my mission to the Tongan people.
We went to Provo for missionary training and eventually arrived in Tonga. In the training center we were very popular and every time there was a break missionaries came into our room and wanted to hear more and more of what I had to say.
But today I want to let all my family know what happened to me. From here I will explain to you why I was sick, but in reality I was not sick. Rather it was the vision that I saw with my eyes that caused me to feel like that. It was during the night that I saw the vision before I retired to bed.
There were two personages that stood inside our living room. Their feet did touch the ground and I didn’t know where they came from. They said to me, “Stand up, we have come to take you with us and would like you to see the dwelling place of the Lord.” I took a deep breath and we were on our way. We went on a very speedy trip. I was frightened and thought they were going to destroy my life. As we traveled we passed many planets and other celestial bodies. I asked them where they were taking me, and they told me to where the Lord resides.
I was taken to a place unknown to me. I didn’t understand where we were. In a short time I heard the thunder and saw lightning and rain. It looked like we were facing the west as the sun went down-then it was all dark. At that time it seemed to me like 8:00 p.m. but it was after midnight when I was getting ready to retire. We saw the light, though it was raining and saw the lightning hit and then saw another lightning hit, and one of the men said, “See, in a few moments you will see a vision from the heavens and the appearance of Christ in his glory.” Everything was so light and beautiful and shining. While I was standing there I felt the rain, the lightning hit me and the darkness disappeared and everything was light. That light never disappeared. Then I saw the rainbow and the rainbow encircled the light and there was no end of the brightness-brighter than noonday sun.
Then the voice spoke to me and asked if I understood about the rainbow. I said, “Yes, that was the covenant that was made between Noah and Father in Heaven that he would never again destroy the earth by water.”
Then the voice said, “Iohani, have you repented enough?” Then the voice spoke of this world, “Have all mankind repented enough? Indeed it is true, I will not destroy this earth again by water, but I will destroy it with fire if they will not come unto me.” Then I saw the light circle around the rainbow. He told me to look and see what was written. What I saw was:
written in gold. Again the voice spoke to me, “See.” The writing was full of lights and very brilliant. I heard a voice speaking from that light saying, “Iohani, go and call repentance unto your people. Call them to repent and to repent and to repent. Go and call everyone that lives on these islands to repent and repent and repent. The time is so short that they must repent and repent and repent. Let the people know that you will meet in this life know that the time is so short that they must repent and come unto Christ. You must go and call repentant unto your people in Tonga, including the royal house of Taufa’ahau Tupou IV, Mata’aho and the Crown Prince Tupou To’a. The Lord told me that a few months after Salote and I touch the American soil, a destruction will come to Tonga-not to destroy them completely, but as a warning to let them know that he, Jesus Christ, rules on earth and in the heavens. I was sent to Tonga by God so I could be an instrument or a mouthpiece for him so I could cry repentance unto my people and if they hardened their hearts to the words of God, and repented not of their iniquities, a tidal wave would come to their beaches and it would cause damage to their crops and plantations. Some of their homes, power lines, and trees, would be uprooted. Floods would come to some places. Rocks and coral would be tossed like feathers in the air. But this problem will only come if they fail to hearken to voice of his servants and repent not. I was filled with the Spirit of the Lord and I started my mission where Christ told me to begin at Ha’atafu in the western district, then all the way up to Niutoua in the eastern district. “In my anger I will send destruction to them because they have not listened to my servants nor repented of their iniquities. Because they will not listen to my voice, they will destroyed and no one will be left.” In his loud voice Christ spoke and said to me that I must go and teach them, to speak to them with kindness but not hurt them and for them to repent.. No one will live when I send my destruction upon the islands of the sea, even those who are not members of the Church that have not listened to my servants will be destroyed. Christ spoke to me and used the word repentance 16 times.
This was shown to me at the very first part of our mission. After He spoke to me the light disappeared, and I stood there alone. I was confused, not knowing what was going on, and again wondering where this light came from. From where He was speaking to me it was about 30 or 40 feet away. Again the light came back only about 2 minutes after it disappeared, and again I heard the voice speaking to me. This second time it was louder. Christ stood behind me cupping my ear and spoke to me, “Go and speak to the people and tell them I am Jesus Christ-and have sent you to those who live on this island and those you meet in your daily work. Call them quickly to repent because I am coming soon to destroy this world and no one will be left behind-they will all be destroyed.” Also, for the third time he again spoke the same thing to me. “Go to them and call them to repentance. I am coming to this world to destroy it if they do not repent and repent and repent and wait no more, for I will come to punish them-those that will not keep my word nor abide by the scriptures.”
“You must speak even to those missionaries you are serving with-that are working daily with you-call them to repentance also. I am Jesus Christ, who called for you to call them to repentance. Command the missionaries not to be ashamed or fear but to preach repentance also. Most of them will hate you and won’t believe what you say to them, but you must let them know that they must repent or they will be destroyed.”
He urged me to go and speak to the missionaries, not tomorrow, but right now.” Then the light disappeared again. At that moment I still stood there. Then the lightening came again and hit me right under my feet and started to work its way up through all my body like a ball of fire starting from my feet. I could see myself standing and the power that came from that light was like an electric shock. It first affected my flesh and entered my bones. I immediately felt the pain in my whole body with that power inside. I looked at my hands and my whole body was illuminated. I felt that I was going to faint-with the heat and the strong power. Even my eyes. I was like the sun standing there. My body was changed.
I almost fell to the ground, but the angels held me up and said, “Iohani, you have the same power with which the Lord created the whole earth with and same power will stand firm for you when you meet the Savior. The Lord called me from the side, “Iohani.” I turned and Christ put his arms around me and hugged me and kissed me and told me how much He really loved me and wanted to introduce me to his father Elohim. Then He took my and introduced me to Elohim in the place where they dwell. It was more beautiful. The place was full of light and was clear like crystal and pure and holy. It was a beauty that I cannot explain, but I felt a warmth and spirit of love in that place. He kissed me and hugged me and told me, “I wish that all my children on the earth would do the same as you have been doing in giving your time, your talent, your faith and sharing your love with others.” And again he embraced me, hugged and kissed me, and Jesus did the same to me. Jesus Christ and Elohim laid their hands on my head and ordained me to my calling. After that they hugged me again.
Immediately I heard someone speak behind me with his mouth to my ear. “I tell you right now, go and speak to your people. You don’t have much time to call your people to repentance. Those who haven’t received the gospel must come unto Christ and be baptized. There will be many diseases and people will die from them and destruction will come to them. Don’t hesitate, but straight way talk to the missionaries, they must call the people to repentance also.”
Christ spoke again in my ear and said, “Iohani, look behind you and see what’s going on.” I slowly turned my head to see what was behind me. I looked at my own hands and body and it was full of electric power and I saw thousands and thousands of people behind me. The understanding that I had was that they were not members of the Church and they were full of evil-all kinds of evil, and had not yet repented. Again the voice spoke into my ear. “Iohani, turn around and continue to preach to these people. Go to these people behind you and call them to repentance. Speak to them like right now.”
When I was told to do that I obeyed the voice. I turned around, walked straight at them, and as I started to speak to them, it was like my whole body was in a flame of light. I didn’t know where I was standing, but lit it was daytime. As soon as I started to speak, the people started to fall to the ground. Some started to cover their faces. They couldn’t withstand the power that came from me. Some fell on their back on the floor, some didn’t want to look at the light and turned their heads away. When I spoke to them, it looked like the people were wilting. Some were sitting against some boards and when I spoke, they fell to the floor. Some of them fell from the wall they had been sitting on. That’s how powerful the spirit was. Again they tried to hide their faces of fall on their stomach. They were even falling from the houses. Some on their knees. The people were beginning to get frightened-you could tell by their eyes. As I was talking I told them to repent-then Christ told me to speak out louder-three times. Repent, be baptized, and come to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints so you can have eternal life. I did as I was told. Christ said, “Iohani, speak up louder.” Again for the second time I began to speak to them very loudly with all my strength. The third time Christ spoke again to me and said, “LOUDER.” Be obedient to the Lord or your life will be taken. Some didn’t have clothes, some had torn clothes, and were very frightened. I don’t know how many people were there, but many thousands.
When I was told by Christ to tell them to repent-I raised my hand and brought it down firmly and told them to repent. “Say it louder and louder,” I was instructed. I called them to repentance with all my power and the Lord was very pleased with me.”
When I was returned back to my home I wanted to wake up Salote to tell her, but the spirit said it was not the right time. I wanted her to massage my back because the pain was still in my body, my bones, my flesh, my muscles and I needed a massage. But she slept on and didn’t hear me call for help.
I crawled to the bathroom and buried myself in the cool water to get some relief, but it was no comfort. My body was on fire, especially my bones and my flesh was in pain. Again I ran the shower over my heard, but nothing helped. I said a prayer and asked it it would be alright to relate the story to my wife, but the spirit told me not now. I suffered that day and throughout the next night until morning. I couldn’t even move my hands.
Salote woke up and thought I had the flu so went after some aspirin. While Salote was out two sister missionaries walked into our missionary home to see if they could have breakfast with us. I crawled to the kitchen, cooked them a pot of rice. While they were eating Salote arrived with two Elders to administer to me. After the blessing I felt a little relief, but not much. I still had that pain and my body was so hot, and especially all the joints. I never experienced sharp pain like that my whole life. It began with my toes, all the say to the top of my head. There was no part of my body that was not in pain. I felt like I was inside a furnace of fire-the pain in my body was tremendous.
I started to get up and try to sit down, but couldn’t discover a way to relieve the pain and heat from my body. Salote went after some more aspirin. I took it but no relief. Again she went after the same Elders to administer to me again. While they were blessing me I was taken away somewhere and don’t know how long I was gone, but during that time the Savior again saw me. After I returned I was able to explain to my wife and the two sister missionaries what had happened to me.
The same day, the Lord spoke to me and said, “Why are you waiting? You need to go now because I have ordained you as my mouthpiece. Get up and go now.” Though I had almost no strength in my legs and they were very shaky, I was determined to go to Ha’atafu where I was directed to go first and take Salote with me. “You are not to turn away from what you are to say to the people. When they do not what I say, there will be tidal waves, there will be bad storms, and the water from the ocean will destroy their plantation, and will come over the beaches. It will be a testimony to them that I am Jesus Christ who have sent you, and you will be my mouthpiece to your people. I am the one who created this earth and everything therein.”
I was filled with the spirit of our Father in Heaven and no one could stop me. I could speak to the people with power and ask them to come unto Christ and repent and be baptized. I spoke to the people at Ha’atafu and as I spoke to the people I was full of the spirit and started to prophesy many things that would come to their life they didn’t change and come unto Christ. The spirit of Christ was within me that day. I felt a great love for the Savior. And the love in my heart for my Tongan people caused my heart to ache because they hardened their hearts and I bore testimony and prophesied many things that some of the old prophets had told them in the scriptures. I preached to them Joseph Smith and authority was given to him and all the keys in the last dispensation of time. He was truly a prophet of God. They must listen to the missionaries and repent and be baptized and come unto Christ and join his church, if they really want to have eternal life. If they don’t they will be destroyed.
And I did the same from Ha’atafu all the way to the next town and the next village Kanokupolu.
As I returned home in the evening a van from mission headquarters arrived to take us to a missionary meeting. When we arrived at the meeting I was very ill and they took me anyway and as I got there I fainted. They rushed me to the doctor at Vaiola Hospital thinking I had a heart attack. The severe heat had never left my body and my whole body was like a furnace of fire. The doctor couldn’t find anything wrong with me except my body was heated and they couldn’t get rid of the heat. I was told I must go back to Te’ekiu and run a cold shower on my head and body. Again the Savior came and spoke to me. I must go again on to the next town and was told not to fear for my life for I would be protected. Many people will hate you and many will call you names, but angels will protect you. At this time also, he reminded me that angels have heard the prayers of your forefathers and want their work done in the temple. For I was to include calling those people to bring their names to the temple and get their work done. Those forefathers had died before the gospel was brought to the islands. Lastly, when you preach to them they will swear at you, they will call you all kinds of names and hate you for telling them the truth, but don’t give up but continue on preaching.
The next day I almost died again. We went out again and continued on to the next village. My body was full of the spirit of our Father in Heaven. I couldn’t imagine all the words that filled my mind and my spirit-words to be used when I spoke to these people. And when I said those, I heard voices back from them saying, “You are a liar, you stop spreading lies.” I expressed to them my love and the love of our Savior to them and bore them my testimony. I felt like I was going to die again. Especially my joints and bones were killing me.
Again the missionaries arrived in their van to check up on me. They had a welfare meeting we needed to attend in Nuku’alofa. Again I fell down and passed out. They took me again to Vaiola Hospital. I couldn’t get rid of the pain. I asked my mission President Hopoate and another Elder to give me a blessing. After that they thought I had the flu, which was prevalent in Tonga at that time. I stayed in the shower all night, but didn’t get any relief. I got up very early and went to Kanokupolu and started to preach to the people. The people were mean to me again over there. We walked to Kolovai. The same treatment.
Not my words, but from the Lord that spoke in my ear. Repent. Also He says that He will punish those in His house first before He punishes others. If the destruction comes to the house of the Lord, what about your house? Are you ready to receive the Lord when he comes? Have you repented enough? What He has told me is that He will completely destroy this whole world by fire and not to be slow about repenting because it will come to your house before it goes to others. Especially to my own family at home.
I am your father speaking to you. You can come unto Christ. I am very concerned about you. Are you ready to change your life? Don’t wait any longer. The Lord won’t speak any lies to me. It is the truth. We must change our lives for the better. I’m doing this because of my love and concern for you because I want to make sure that you will be protected and hope that you’ll be obedient. The voice of warning is from Christ.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018


Hmmm....  Look at this pic:

This article came out decades ago talking about the new world currency.

Could they be doing this purposefully?

Time will tell - but the huge drop in the markets today could be a harbinger of something bigger.

Evil, for some reason, has to announce their nefarious plans before they act on something.


Folks, I fall short daily.  Some days - flat on my face.  But I have seen enough to know that obedience is the key.  The key scripture is D&C 93:1.

If we want something badly enough, we will qualify ourselves for it by showing our obedience to the principle associated with the blessing we seek.  It is very simple.  Each commandment has an associated requirement and blessing that is the outcome.  If we do not want to be swept from the Promised Land, we need to honor our parents (in righteousness - Abraham simply did not have to honor his wicked father who sought his life for evil motives).  If we want to enjoy the ministration of protecting angels as the destroyer passes over during the tribulations, we need to keep the Word of Wisdom with exactness.  We have been asked by our current Prophet to double down and keep the Sabbath Day holy in order to reap the associated blessings in these perilous times.  Each thing providing a layer of protection as we descend into difficult times.

As we keep the commandments with exactness, we become Justified before the Lord.  As our power in the Priesthood increases, we become more holy and sanctified and the old creature is purged by the First Comforter or Holy Ghost.  Eventually, we qualify for angelic ministrants as we are shown in the Endowment.  In the end, we qualify for a personal visitation of the Lord or Second Comforter.  Eventually, we are presented to the Father by our Savior (Third Comforter?) and eventually, we have the privilege of meeting our Divine Mother (Fourth Comforter??).  Every young man dying in battle calls out for his mother to comfort him - just as he did as a little boy.  As we take damage in this spiritual battle and suffer greatly, we find ourselves calling out for heavenly parents for comfort.

I happen to think the greatest salve of the eternities would be the embrace of a Heavenly Mother.  It is on my bucket list one day.  Verse 1 of this section is the gate to that event.

Doctrine and Covenants

Section 93

Revelation given through Joseph Smith the Prophet, at Kirtland, Ohio, May 6, 1833.
1–5, All who are faithful will see the Lord; 6–18, John bore record that the Son of God went from grace to grace until He received a fulness of the glory of the Father; 19–20, Faithful men, going from grace to grace, will also receive of His fulness; 21–22, Those who are begotten through Christ are the Church of the Firstborn; 23–28, Christ received a fulness of all truth, and man by obedience may do likewise; 29–32, Man was in the beginning with God; 33–35, The elements are eternal, and man may receive a fulness of joy in the Resurrection; 36–37, The glory of God is intelligence; 38–40, Children are innocent before God because of the redemption of Christ; 41–53, The leading brethren are commanded to set their families in order.
Verily, thus saith the Lord: It shall come to pass that every soul who forsaketh his sins and cometh unto me, and calleth on my name, and obeyeth my voice, and keepeth my commandments, shall see my face and know that I am;
And that I am the true light that lighteth every man that cometh into the world;
And that I am in the Father, and the Father in me, and the Father and I are one—
The Father because he gave me of his fulness, and the Son because I was in the world and made flesh my tabernacle, and dwelt among the sons of men.
I was in the world and received of my Father, and the works of him were plainly manifest.


Folks, as Christians, we will either have our heads lobbed off, or will have to go to detention centers when this group takes over the West Coast.  I have several friends who have seen it in vision:

China permits the detention of suspected 'extremists' in internment camps for 'education and training' amid harsh crackdown on Muslim minorities

  • Xinjiang government has revised a law to permit so called 're-education camps' 
  • Chinese officials have previously denied the existence of  internment camps
  • Comes after officials launched an anti-halal campaign in Urumqi on Monday
  • UN committee cited that up to one million Muslim Chinese have been held
China's northwestern region of Xinjiang has revised legislation to allow the detention of suspected extremists in 'education and training centres.'
The revisions published Tuesday come amid rising international concern over a harsh crackdown in Xinjiang that has led to as many as one million of China's Uighurs and other Muslim minorities being held in internment camps.
Chinese authorities deny the internment camps exist but say petty criminals are sent to vocational 'training centres.' 
Former detainees in the camps say they were forced to eat pork and drink alcohol,  as well as denounce Islam and profess loyalty to the ruling Communist Party.
Entrance to a jail which locals say is used to hold those undergoing political indoctrination program in Korla, Xinjiang. Local laws have now been revised to allow such establishments
Entrance to a jail which locals say is used to hold those undergoing political indoctrination program in Korla, Xinjiang. Local laws have now been revised to allow such establishments
Residents walk through a security checkpoint into the Hotan Bazaar where a screen shows Chinese President Xi Jinping in Hotan in western China's Xinjiang region
Residents walk through a security checkpoint into the Hotan Bazaar where a screen shows Chinese President Xi Jinping in Hotan in western China's Xinjiang region
Residents walk past a statue showing Mao Zedong near billboards with the words for 'Welcome 19th Congress,' 'Patriotism' and 'Democracy' near a square in Kashgar in Xinjiang
Residents walk past a statue showing Mao Zedong near billboards with the words for 'Welcome 19th Congress,' 'Patriotism' and 'Democracy' near a square in Kashgar in Xinjiang
China has said Xinjiang faces a serious threat from Islamist militants and separatists who plot attacks and stir up tension between the mostly Muslim Uighur minority and the ethnic Han Chinese majority. 
Article 33 in the revised Xinjiang law stipulates that 'conversion institutions such as vocational skill education centres should carry out trainings on the common national language, laws, regulations and vocational skills, and carry out anti-extremist ideological education, and psychological and behavioral correction to promote thought transformation of trainees, and help them return to the society and family.'  
China has come under increasing pressure from the United States and the European Union after a United Nations panel confronted Chinese diplomats in August over reports of arbitrary mass detentions and harsh security measures aimed at Muslims.
According to estimates cited by the UN, up to one million Uighurs may be held involuntarily in extra-legal detention on the 'pretext of countering terrorism'.
Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying had previously said that the UN experts' comments had 'no factual basis', adding that people's satisfaction with Xinjiang's security and stability had risen dramatically. 
The announcement of the revised law came a day after local leaders in Urumqi, capital of Xinjiang, announced the beginning of an anti-halal campaign
The announcement of the revised law came a day after local leaders in Urumqi, capital of Xinjiang, announced the beginning of an anti-halal campaign
In a meeting on Monday, the Communist Party leaders of Urumqi, capital of Xinjiang region and home to the mostly Muslim Uighur minority, led cadres to swear an oath to 'fight a decisive battle against "pan-halalisation" '
In a meeting on Monday, the Communist Party leaders of Urumqi, capital of Xinjiang region and home to the mostly Muslim Uighur minority, led cadres to swear an oath to 'fight a decisive battle against "pan-halalisation" '
'As for certain counterterrorism and stability maintenance preventive measures, I think that internationally this is in general use by lots of countries,' she told a news briefing. 
The announcement of the revised law came a day after local leaders in Urumqi, capital of Xinjiang, announced the beginning of an anti-halal campaign.
Communist Party leaders of the capital led cadres to swear an oath to 'fight a decisive battle against "pan-halalisation",' according to a notice posed on the city's official WeChat account.
Everyday products, like food and toothpaste, must be produced according to Islamic law. 
'Pan-halal tendency', or halalification, refers to extending halal labelling to non-food items to appeal to Muslim consumers.
The official Global Times said on Wednesday that the 'demand that things be halal which cannot really be halal' was fuelling hostility towards religion and allowing Islam to penetrate secular life. 
Services like 'halal haircuts' and 'halal baths' have previously been banned in Gansu province, home to a large population of Hui Muslims. 
A Uighur man looks on as a truck carrying  policemen travel along a street during an anti-terrorism oath-taking rally in Urumqi. The characters on the banner read, 'Willingness to spill blood for the people. Countering terrorism and fighting the enemies is part of the police spirit'
A Uighur man looks on as a truck carrying policemen travel along a street during an anti-terrorism oath-taking rally in Urumqi. The characters on the banner read, 'Willingness to spill blood for the people. Countering terrorism and fighting the enemies is part of the police spirit'
China's Xinjiang province is in the far west and Kashgar city has the biggest Uighur population
China's Xinjiang province is in the far west and Kashgar city has the biggest Uighur population
Uighur security personnel patrol near the Id Kah Mosque in Kashgar in Xinjiang 
Uighur security personnel patrol near the Id Kah Mosque in Kashgar in Xinjiang 
As part of the anti-halal campaign, Ilshat Osman, Urumqi's ethnically Uighur head prosecutor, penned an essay entitled: 'Friend, you do not need to find a halal restaurant specially for me'.
'We ethnic minorities have taken it for granted that this is a respect for our eating habits. We have not thought about respecting their eating habits,' he wrote. 
He encouraged his Uighur peers who are also party members to eat with their Han Chinese colleagues rather than solely at halal restaurants, adding 'Changing eating habits has a significant and far-reaching impact for countering extremism!' 
According to the WeChat post government employees should not have any diet problems and work canteens would be changed so that officials could try all kinds of cuisine.
The Urumqi Communist Party leaders also said they would require government officials and party members to firmly believe in Marxism-Leninism, and not religion, and to speak standard Mandarin Chinese in public.
Chinese citizens are theoretically free to practice any religion, but they have been subject to increasing levels of surveillance as the government tries to bring religious worship under stricter state control. 

Who are the Chinese Muslims?

Muslims are not a new presence in China. Most of China's Muslim communities, including the Hui, Uygurs and Kazakhs, have lived in China for more than 1,000 years, according to fact tank Pew Research Center
The largest concentrations of Muslims today are in the western provinces of Xinjiang, Ningxia, Qinghai and Gansu. 
A substantial number of Muslims live in the cities of Beijing, Xi'an, Tianjin and Shanghai. 
Chinese Muslim men take part in gathering for the celebration of the Muslim holiday, Eid al-Adha, or the Muslim Feast of the Sacrifice, at the Niu Jie mosque in Beijing, China
Chinese Muslim men take part in gathering for the celebration of the Muslim holiday, Eid al-Adha, or the Muslim Feast of the Sacrifice, at the Niu Jie mosque in Beijing, China
They make up about two per cent of the 1.4 billion population in China. However, as the country is so populous, its Muslim population is expected to be the 19th largest in the world in 2030.
The Muslim population in China is projected to increase from 23.3 million in 2010 to nearly 30 million in 2030.
Typically those in the Han Chinese majority, including policymakers in Beijing, have little knowledge about Islam and thus view it as a threat, according to South China Morning Post
At the same time, radical Muslim Uighurs have killed hundreds in recent years, causing China to implement even more extreme measures to quash potential separatist movements.
Uighurs in particular have long been used to heavy-handed curbs on dress, religious practice and travel after a series of deadly riots in 2009 in Urumqi, according to the Financial Times.
Schoolchildren were banned from fasting during Ramadan and attending religious events while parents were banned from giving newborns Muslim names such as 'Mohammed' and 'Jihad'. 
Certain symbols of Islam, such as beards and the veil, were also forbidden. Women with face-covering veils are sometimes not allowed on buses. Unauthorised pilgrimages to Mecca were also restricted.