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I am resting on a king-sized pillow topper mattress typing this.  My bed frame is about 50 super pails of non-GMO wheat.  I sleep very well, thank you!

Why does this matter?  Well, see what Brigham Young had to say on the matter - its time to cash out that 401K and get something that really matters and holds value in your future stores: ... ilver.html

“Were I to ask the question, how much wheat or anything else a man must have to justify him in letting it go to waste, it would be hard to answer; figures are inadequate to give the amount. Never let anything go to waste. Be prudent, save everything, and what you get more than you can take care of yourselves, ask your neighbors to help you. There are scores and hundreds of men in this house, if the question were asked them if they considered their grain a burden and a drudge to them, when they had plenty last year and the year before, that would answer in the affirmative, and were ready to part with it for next to nothing. How do they feel now, when their granaries are empty? If they had a few thousand bushels to spare now, would they not consider it a blessing? They would. Why? Because it would bring the gold and silver. But pause for a moment, and suppose you had millions of bushels to sell, and could sell it for twenty dollars per bushel, or for a million dollars per bushel, no matter what amount, so that you sell all your wheat, and transport it out of the country, and you are left with nothing more than a pile of gold, what good would it do you? You could not eat it, drink it, wear it, or carry it off where you could have something to eat. The time will come that gold will hold no comparison in value to a bushel of wheat. Gold is not to be compared with it in value. Why would it be precious to you now? Simply because you could get gold for it? Gold is good for nothing, only as men value it. It is no better than a piece of iron, a piece of limestone, or a piece of sandstone, and it is not half so good as the soil from which we raise our wheat, and other necessaries of life. The children of men love it, they lust after it, are greedy for it, and are ready to destroy themselves, and those around them, over whom they have any influence, to gain it” (Pres. Brigham Young, Journal of Discourses, 1:, p.250).


Folks, if you have not already, its time to be looking for and preparing a safe haven for you and your extended family.  If you do not have resources to go it alone, find like-minded family and/or friends and create your own "kibbutz" in an ideal location.  Time is extremely short at this point.  Soon, just as the gun/ammo window closed, the food/financial window will be closed and you will be weeping and wailing and gnashing your teeth with the rest of the world/wicked who refused to obey a Prophet of the Lord.  And they have been sounding the drums for oh so long, now. 

Here is an article summarizing what has been going on over there:


I have been plowing hundreds and hundreds of dollars into drip irrigation and watering automation for our 1/2 acre organic garden and alot of time and effort.  It is my wife's Mother's Day gift after a grueling year of hand watering with soaker hoses during a dry year last year.  She was a trooper - and now I have embarked on this project to thank her for all that work and perseverance while I was busy elsewhere working on sheds and barns.  We are just finishing up the last of the cabbage and spaghetti squash from that 2012 endeavor.

Our food supply is simply poison.  With so many of my friends and colleagues suffering from unexplained maladies and with no way to grow their own food if things go bad, should we be surprised to read the following?  This is my financial and physical motivation.....:

Not Just Another Scare: Toxin Additives in Your Food and Drink
Russell L. Blaylock, M.D.

There are a growing number of clinicians and basic scientists who are convinced that excitotoxins play a critical role in the development of several neurological disorders, including migraines, seizures, infections, abnormal neural development, certain endocrine disorders, specific types of obesity, and especially the neurodegenerative diseases; a group of diseases which includes: ALS, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, Huntington’s disease, and olivopontocerebellar degeneration.
An enormous amount of both clinical and experimental evidence has accumulated over the past decade supporting this basic premise. Yet, the FDA still refuses to recognize the immediate and long term danger to the public caused by the practice of allowing various excitotoxins to be added to the food supply, such as MSG, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, and aspartame. The amount of these neurotoxins added to our food has increased enormously since their first introduction. For example, since 1948 the amount of MSG added to foods has doubled every decade. By 1972, 262,000 metric tons were being added to foods. Over 800 million pounds of aspartame have been consumed in various products since it was first approved. Ironically, these food additives have nothing to do with preserving food or protecting its integrity. They are all used to alter the taste of food. MSG, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, and natural flavoring are used to enhance the taste of food so that it tastes better. Aspartame is an artificial sweetener.
The public must be made aware that these toxins (excitotoxins) are not present in just a few foods but rather in almost all processed foods. In many cases they are being added in disguised forms, such as natural flavoring, spices, yeast extract, textured protein, soy protein extract, etc. Experimentally, we know that when subtoxic (below toxic levels) of excitotoxins are given to animals, they experience full toxicity. Also, liquid forms of excitotoxins, as occurs in soups, gravies and diet soft drinks are more toxic than that added to solid foods. This is because they are more rapidly absorbed and reach higher blood levels.
So, what is an excitotoxin? These are substances, usually amino acids, that react with specialized receptors in the brain in such a way as to lead to destruction of certain types of brain cells. Glutamate is one of the more commonly known excitotoxins. MSG is the sodium salt of glutamate. This amino acid is a normal neurotransmitter in the brain. In fact, it is the most commonly used neurotransmitter by the brain. Defenders of MSG and aspartame use, usually say: How could a substance that is used normally by the brain cause harm? This is because, glutamate, as a neurotransmitter, is used by the brain only in very , very small concentrations - no more than 8 to 12ug. When the concentration of this transmitter rises above this level the neurons begin to fire abnormally. At higher concentrations, the cells undergo a specialized process of cell death.
The brain has several elaborate mechanisms to prevent accumulation of MSG in the brain. First is the blood-brain barrier, a system that impedes glutamate entry into the area of the brain cells. But, this system was intended to protect the brain against occasional elevation of glutamate of a moderate degree, as would be found with un-processed food consumption. It was not designed to eliminate very high concentrations of glutamate and aspartate consumed daily, several times a day, as we see in modern society. Several experiments have demonstrated that under such conditions, glutamate can by-pass this barrier system and enter the brain in toxic concentrations. In fact, there is some evidence that it may actually be concentrated within the brain with prolonged exposures.
There are also several conditions under which the blood-brain barrier (BBB) is made incompetent. Before birth, the BBB is incompetent and will allow glutamate to enter the brain. It may be that for a considerable period after birth the barrier may also incompletely developed as well. Hypertension, diabetes, head trauma, brain tumors, strokes, certain drugs, Alzheimer’s disease, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, severe hypoglycemia, heat stroke, electromagnetic radiation, ionizing radiation, multiple sclerosis, and certain infections can all cause the barrier to fail. In fact, as we age the barrier system becomes more porous, allowing excitotoxins in the blood to enter the brain. So there are numerous instances under which excitotoxin food additives can enter and damage the brain. Finally, recent experiments have shown that glutamate and aspartate (as in aspartame) can open the barrier itself. Another system used to protect the brain against environmental excitotoxins, is a system within the brain that binds the glutamate molecule (called the glutamate transporter) and transports it to a special storage cell (the astrocyte) within a fraction of a second after it is used as a neurotransmitter. This system can be overwhelmed by high intakes of MSG, aspartame and other food excitotoxins. It is also known that excitotoxins themselves can cause the generation of numerous amounts of free radicals and that during the process of lipid peroxidation (oxidation of membrane fats) a substance is produced called 4-hydroxynonenal. This chemical inhibits the glutamate transporter, thus allowing glutamate to accumulate in the brain.
Excitotoxins destroy neurons partly by stimulating the generation of large numbers of free radicals. Recently, it has been shown that this occurs not only within the brain, but also within other tissues and organs as well (liver and red blood cells). This could, from all available evidence, increase all sorts of degenerative diseases such as arthritis, coronary heart disease, and atherosclerosis,as well as induce cancer formation. Certainly, we would not want to do something that would significantly increase free radical production in the body. It is known that all of the neurodegenerative disease, such as Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and ALS, are associated with free radical injury of the nervous system.
It should also be appreciated that the effects of excitotoxin food additives generally is not dramatic. Some individuals may be especially sensitive and develop severe symptoms and even sudden death from cardiac irritability, but in most instances the effects are subtle and develop over a long period of time. While MSG and aspartame are probably not causes of the neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s dementia, Parkinson’s disease, or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, they may well precipitate these disorders and certainly worsen their effects. It may be that many people with a propensity for developing one of these diseases would never develop a full blown disorder had it not been for their exposure to high levels of food borne excitotoxin additives. Some may have had a very mild form of the disease had it not been for the exposure.
In July, 1995 the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB) conducted a definitive study for the FDA on the question of safety of MSG. The FDA wrote a very deceptive summery of the report in which they implied that, except possibly for asthma patients, MSG was found to be safe by the FASEB reviewers. But, in fact, that is not what the report said at all. I summarized, in detail, my criticism of this widely reported FDA deception in the revised paperback edition of my book, Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills, by analyzing exactly what the report said, and failed to say. For example, it never said that MSG did not aggravate neurodegenerative diseases. What they said was, there were no studies indicating such a link. Specifically, that no one has conducted any studies, positive or negative, to see if there is a link. In other words it has not been looked at. A vital difference.
Unfortunately, for the consumer, the corporate food processors not only continue to add MSG to our foods but they have gone to great links to disguise these harmful additives. For example, they use such names a hydrolyzed vegetable protein, vegetable protein, hydrolyzed plant protein, caseinate, yeast extract, and natural flavoring. We know experimentally, as stated, when these excitotoxin taste enhancers are added together they become much more toxic. In fact, excitotoxins in subtoxic concentrations can be fully toxic to specialized brain cells when used in combination. Frequently, I see processed foods on supermarket shelves, especially frozen of diet food, that contain two, three or even four types of excitotoxins. We also know that excitotoxins in a liquid form are much more toxic than solid forms because they are rapidly absorbed and attain high concentration in the blood. This means that many of the commercial soups, sauces, and gravies containing MSG are very dangerous to nervous system health, and should especially be avoided by those either having one of the above mentioned disorders, or are at a high risk of developing one of them. They should also be avoided by cancer patients and those at high risk for cancer.
In the case of ALS, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, we know that consumption of red meats and especially MSG itself, can significantly elevate blood glutamate, much higher than is seen in the normal population. Similar studies, as far as I am aware, have not been conducted in patients with Alzheimer’s disease or Parkinson’s disease. But, as a general rule I would certainly suggest that person’s with either of these diseases avoid MSG containing foods as well as red meats, cheeses, and pureed tomatoes, all of which are known to have high levels of glutamate.
It must be remembered that it is the glutamate molecule that is toxic in MSG (monosodium glutamate). Glutamate is a naturally occurring amino acid found in varying concentrations in many foods. Defenders of MSG safety allude to this fact in their defense. But, it is free glutamate that is the culprit. Bound glutamate, found naturally in foods, is less dangerous because it is slowly broken down and absorbed by the gut, so that it can be utilized by the tissues, especially muscle, before toxic concentrations can build up. Therefore, a whole tomato is safer than a pureed tomato. The only exception to this, based on present knowledge, is in the case of ALS. Also, in the case of tomatoes, the plant contains several powerful antioxidants known to block glutamate toxicity.
Hydrolyzed vegetable protein should not be confused with hydrolyzed vegetable oil. The oil does not contain appreciable concentration of glutamate, it is an oil. Hydrolyzed vegetable protein is made by a chemical process that breaks down the vegetable’s protein structure to purposefully free the glutamate, as well as aspartate, another excitotoxin. This brown powdery substance is used to enhance the flavor of foods, especially meat dishes, soups, and sauces. Despite the fact that some health food manufacturers have attempted to sell the idea that this flavor enhancer is " all natural" and "safe" because it is made from vegetables, it is not. It is the same substance added to processed foods. Experimentally, one can produce the same brain lesions using hydrolyzed vegetable protein as by using MSG or aspartate.
A growing list of excitotoxins is being discovered, including several that are found naturally. For example, L- cysteine is a very powerful excitotoxin. Recently, it has been added to certain bread dough and is sold in health food stores as a supplement. Homocysteine, a metabolic derivative, is also an excitotoxin. Interestingly, elevated blood levels of homocysteine has recently been shown to be a major, if not the major, indicator of cardiovascular disease and stroke. Equally interesting, is the finding that elevated levels have also been implicated in neurodevelopmental disorders, especially anencephaly and spinal dysraphism (neural tube defects). It is thought that this is the protective mechanism of action of the prenatal vitamins B12, B6, and folate when used in combination. It remains to be seen if the toxic effect is excitatory or by some other mechanism. If it is excitatory, then unborn infants would be endangered as well by glutamate, aspartate (part of the aspartame molecule), and the other excitotoxins. Recently, several studies have been done in which it was found that all Alzheimer’s patients examined had elevated levels of homocysteine.
Recent studies have shown that persons affected by Alzheimer’s disease also have widespread destruction of their retinal ganglion cells. Interestingly, this is the area found to be affected when Lucas and Newhouse first discovered the excitotoxicity of MSG. While this does not prove that dietary glutamate and other excitotoxins cause or aggravate Alzheimer’s disease, it makes one very suspicious. One could argue a common intrinsic etiology for central nervous system neuronal damage and retinal ganglion cell damage, but these findings are disconcerting enough to warrant further investigations.
The Free Radical Connection
It is interesting to note that many of the same neurological diseases associated with excitotoxic injury are also associated with accumulations of toxic free radicals and destructive lipid enzymes. For example, the brains of Alzheimer’s disease patients have been found to contain high concentration of lipolytic enzymes, which seems to indicate accelerated membrane lipid peroxidation, again caused by free radical generation.
In the case of Parkinson’s disease, we know that one of the early changes is the loss of glutathione from the neurons of the striate system, especially in a nucleus called the substantia nigra. It is this nucleus that is primarily affected in this disorder. Accompanying this, is an accumulation of free iron, which is one of the most powerful free radical generators known. One of the highest concentrations of iron in the body is within the globus pallidus and the substantia nigra. The neurons within the latter are especially vulnerable to oxidant stress because the oxidant metabolism of the transmitter-dopamine- can proceed to the creation of very powerful free radicals. That is, it can auto- oxidize to peroxide,which is normally detoxified by glutathione. As we have seen, glutathione loss in the substantia nigra is one of the earliest deficiencies seen in Parkinson’s disease. In the presence of high concentrations of free iron, the peroxide is converted into the dangerous, and very powerful free radical, hydroxide. As the hydroxide radical diffuses throughout the cell, destruction of the lipid components of the cell takes place, a process called lipid peroxidation.
Using a laser microprobe mass analyzer, researchers have recently discovered that iron accumulation in Parkinson’s disease is primarily localized in the neuromelanin granules (which gives the nucleus its black color). It has also been shown that there is dramatic accumulation of aluminum within these granules. Most likely, the aluminum displaces the bound iron, releasing highly reactive free iron. It is known that even low concentrations of aluminum salts can enhance iron-induced lipid peroxidation by almost an order of magnitude. Further, direct infusion of iron into the substantia nigra nucleus in rodents can induce a Parkinsonian syndrome, and a dose related decline in dopamine. Recent studies indicate that individuals having Parkinson’s disease also have defective iron metabolism.
Another early finding in Parkinson’s disease is the reduction in complex I enzymes within the mitochondria of this nucleus. It is well known that the complex I enzymes are particularly sensitive to free radical injury. These enzymes are critical to the production of cellular energy. When cellular energy is decreased, the toxic effect of excitatory amino acids increases dramatically, by as much as 200 fold. In fact, when energy production is very low, even normal concentrations of extracellular glutamate and aspartate can kill neurons.
One of the terribly debilitating effects of Parkinson’s disease is a condition called " freezing up", a state where the muscle are literally frozen in place. There is recent evidence that this effect is due to the unopposed firing of a special nucleus in the brain (the subthalamic nucleus). Interestingly, this nucleus uses glutamate for its transmitter. Neuroscientist are exploring the use of glutamate blocking drugs to prevent this disorder.
And finally, there is growing evidence that similar free radical damage, most likely triggered by toxic concentrations of excitotoxins, causes ALS. Several studies have demonstrated lipid peroxidation product accumulation within the spinal cords of ALS victims. Iron accumulation has also been seen in the spinal cords of ALS victims.
Besides the well known reactive oxygen species, such as super oxide, hydroxyl ion, hydrogen peroxide, and singlet oxygen, there exist a whole spectrum of reactive nitrogen species derived from nitric oxide, the most important of which is peroxynitrate. These free radicals can attack proteins, membrane lipids and DNA, both nuclear and mitochondrial, which makes these radicals very dangerous.
It is now known that glutamate acts on its receptor via a nitric oxide mechanism.Overstimulation of the glutamate receptor can result in accumulation of reactive nitrogen species, resulting in the concentration of several species of dangerous free radicals. There is growing evidence that, at least in part, this is how excess glutamate damages nerve cells. In a multitude of studies, a close link has been demonstrated between excitotoxity and free radical generation. Others have shown that certain free radical scavengers (anti-oxidants), have successfully blocked excitotoxic destruction of neurons. For example, vitamin E is known to completely block glutamate toxicity in vitro (in culture). Whether it will be as efficient in vivo (in a living animal) is not known. But, it is interesting in light of the recent observations that vitamin E slows the course of Alzheimer’s disease, as had already been demonstrated in the case of Parkinson’s disease. There is some clinical evidence, including my own observations, that vitamin E also slows the course of ALS as well, especially in the form of D- Alpha-tocopherol. I would caution that anti-oxidants work best in combination and when use separately can have opposite, harmful, effects. That is, when antioxidants, such as ascorbic acid and alpha tocopherol, become oxidized themselves, such as in the case of dehydroascorbic acid, they no longer protect, but rather act as free radicals themselves. The same is true of alpha-tocopherol.
We know that there are four main endogenous sources of oxidants:
1. Those produced naturally from aerobic metabolism of glucose.
2. Those produced during phagocytic cell attack on bacteria, viruses, and parasites, especially with chronic infections.
3. Those produced during the degradation of fatty acids and other molecules that produce H2O2 as a by-product. (This is important in stress, which has been shown to significantly increase brain levels of free radicals.)
And 4. Oxidants produced during the course of p450 degradation of natural toxins.
And, as we have seen, one of the major endogenous sources of free radicals is from exposure to free iron. Unfortunately, iron is one mineral heavily promoted by the health industry, and is frequently added to many foods, especially breads and pastas. Copper is also a powerful free radical generator and has been shown to be elevated within the substantia nigra nucleus of Parkinsonian brains.
When free radicals are generated, the first site of damage is to the cell membranes, since they are composed of polyunsaturated fatty acid molecules known to be highly susceptible to such attack. The process of membrane lipid oxidation is known as lipid peroxidation and is usually initiated by the hydroxal radical. We know that one’s diet can significantly alter this susceptibility. For example, diets high in omega 3-polyunsaturated fatty acids (fish oils and flax seed oils) can increase the risk of lipid peroxidation experimentally. Contrawise, diets high in olive oil, a monounsaturtated oil, significantly lowers lipid peroxidation risk. From the available research.The beneficial effects of omega 3-fatty acid oils in the case of strokes and heart attacks probably arises from the anticoagulant effect of these oils and possibly the inhibition of release of arachidonic acid from the cell membrane. But, olive oil has the same antithrombosis effect and anticancer effect but also significantly lowers lipid peroxidation.
The Blood-Brain Barrier
One of the MSG industry’s chief arguments for the safety of their product is that glutamate in the blood cannot enter the brain because of the blood-brain barrier (BBB), a system of specialized capillary structures designed to exclude toxic substance from entering the brain. There are several criticisms of their defense. For example, it is known that the brain, even in the adult, has several areas that normally do not have a barrier system, called the circumventricular organs. These include the hypothalamus, the subfornical organ, organium vasculosum, area postrema, pineal gland, and the subcommisural organ. Of these, the most important is the hypothalamus, since it is the controlling center for all neuroendocrine regulation, sleep wake cycles, emotional control, caloric intake regulation, immune system regulation and regulation of the autonomic nervous system. Interestingly, it has recently been found that glutamate is the most important neurotransmitter in the hypothalamus. Therefore, careful regulation of blood levels of glutamate is very important, since high blood concentrations of glutamate can easily increase hypothalamic levels as well. One of the earliest and most consistent findings with exposure to MSG is damage to an area known as the arcuate nucleus. This small hypothalamic nucleus controls a multitude of neuroendocrine functions, as well as being intimately connected to several other hypothalamic nuclei. It has also been demonstrated that high concentrations of blood glutamate and aspartate (from foods) can enter the so-called "protected brain" by seeping through the unprotected areas, such as the hypothalamus or circumventricular organs.
Another interesting observation is that chronic elevations of blood glutamate can even seep through the normal blood-brain barrier when these high concentrations are maintained over a long period of time. This, naturally, would be the situation seen when individuals consume, on a daily basis, foods high in the excitotoxins - MSG, aspartame and cysteine. Most experiments cited by the defenders of MSG safety were conducted to test the efficiency of the BBB acutely. In nature, except in the case of metabolic dysfunction (Such as with ALS), glutamate and aspartate levels are not normally elevated on a daily basis. Sustained elevations of these excitotoxins are peculiar to the modern diet. (And in the ancient diets of the Orientals, but not in as high a concentration.)
An additional critical factor ignored by the defenders of excitotoxin food safety is the fact that many people in a large population have disorders known to alter the permeability of the blood-brain barrier. The list of condition associated with barrier disruption include: hypertension, diabetes, ministrokes, major strokes, head trauma, multiple sclerosis, brain tumors, chemotherapy, radiation treatments to the nervous system, collagen-vascular diseases (lupus), AIDS, brain infections, certain drugs, Alzheimer’s disease, and as a consequence of natural aging. There may be many other conditions also associated with barrier disruption that are as yet not known.
When the barrier is dysfunctional due to one of these conditions, brain levels of glutamate and aspartate reflect blood levels. That is, foods containing high concentrations of these excitotoxins will increase brain concentrations to toxic levels as well. Take for example, multiple sclerosis. We know that when a person with MS has an exacerbation of symptoms, the blood-brain barrier near the lesions breaks down, leaving the surrounding brain vulnerable to excitotoxin entry from the blood, i.e. the diet. But, not only is the adjacent brain vulnerable, but the openings act as a points of entry, eventually exposing the entire brain to potentially toxic levels of glutamate. Several clinicians have remarked on seeing MS patients who were made worse following exposure to dietary excitotoxins. I have seen this myself.
It is logical to assume that patients with the other neurodegenerative disorders, such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and ALS will be made worse on diets high in excitotoxins. Barrier disruption has been demonstrated in the case of Alzheimer’s disease.
Recently, it has been shown that not only can free radicals open the blood-brain barrier, but excitotoxins can as well. In fact, glutamate receptors have been demonstrated on the barrier itself. In a carefully designed experiment, researchers produced opening of the blood-brain barrier using injected iron as a free radical generator. When a powerful free radical scavenger (U-74006F) was used in this model, opening of the barrier was significantly blocked. But, the glutamate blocker MK-801 acted even more effectively to protect the barrier. The authors of this study concluded that glutamate appears to be an important regulator of brain capillary transport and stability, and that overstimulation of NMDA (glutamate) receptors on the blood-brain barrier appears to play an important role in breakdown of the barrier system. What this also means is that high levels of dietary glutamate or aspartate may very well disrupt the normal blood-brain barrier, thus allowing more glutamate to enter the brain, sort of a vicious cycle.
Relation to Cellular Energy Production
Excitotoxin damage is heavily dependent on the energy state of the cell. Cells with a normal energy generation systems that are efficiently producing adequate amounts of cellular energy, are very resistant to such toxicity. When cells are energy deficient, no matter the cause - hypoxia, starvation, metabolic poisons, hypoglycemia - they become infinitely more susceptible to excitotoxic injury or death. In fact, even normal concentrations of glutamate are toxic to energy deficient cells.
It is known that in many of the neurodegenerative disorders, neuron energy deficiency often precedes the clinical onset of the disease by years, if not decades. This has been demonstrated in the case of Huntington disease and Alzheimer’s disease using the PET scanner, which measures brain metabolism. In the case of Parkinson’s disease, several groups have demonstrated that one of the early deficits of the disorder is an impaired energy production by the complex I group of enzymes from the mitochondria of the substantia nigra. (Part of the Electron Transport System.) Interestingly, it is known that the complex I system is very sensitive to free radical damage.
Recently, it has been shown that when striatal neurons (Those involved in Parkinson’s and Huntington’s diseases.) are exposed to microinjected excitotoxins there is a dramatic, and rapid fall in energy production by these neurons. CoEnzyme Q10 has been shown, in this model, to restore energy production but not to prevent cellular death. But when combined with niacinamide, both cellular energy production and neuron protection is seen. I would recommend for those with neurodegenerative disorders, a combination of CoQ10, acetyl-L carnitine, niacinamide, riboflavin, methylcobalamin, and thiamine.
One of the newer revelation of modern molecular biology, is the discovery of mitochondrial diseases, of which cellular energy deficiency is a hallmark. In many of these disorders, significant clinical improvement has been seen following a similar regimen of vitamins combined with CoQ10 and L-carnitine. Acetyl L-carnitine enters the brain in higher concentrations and also increases brain acetylcholine, necessary for normal memory function. While these particular substances have been found to significantly boost brain energy function they are not alone in this important property. Phosphotidyl serine, Ginkgo Biloba, vitamin B12, folate, magnesium, Vitamin K and several others are also being shown to be important.
While mitochrondial dysfunction is important in explaining why some are more vulnerable to excitotoxin damage than others, it does not explain injury in those with normal cellular metabolism. There are several conditions under which energy metabolism is impaired. For example, approximately one third of Americans suffer from what is known as reactive hypoglycemia. That is, they respond to a meal composed of either simple sugars or carbohydrates that are quickly broken down into simple sugars (a high glycemic index.) by secreting excessive amounts of insulin. This causes a dramatic lowering of the blood sugar.
When the blood sugar falls, the body responds by releasing a burst of epinephrine from the adrenal glands, in an effort to raise the blood sugar. We feel this release as nervousness, palpitations of our heart, tremulousness, and profuse sweating. Occasionally, one can have a slower fall in the blood sugar that will not produce a reactive release of epinephrine, thereby producing few symptoms. This can be more dangerous, since we are unaware that our glucose reserve is falling until we develop obvious neurological symptoms, such as difficulty thinking and a sensation of lightheadedness.
The brain is one of the most glucose dependent organs known, since it has a limited ability to burn other substrates such as fats. There is some evidence that several of the neurodegenerative diseases are related to either excessive insulin release, as with Alzheimer’s disease, or impaired glucose utilization, as we have seen in the case of Parkinson’s disease and Huntington’s disease.
It is my firm belief, based on clinical experience and physiological principles, that many of these diseases occur primarily in the face of either reactive hypoglycemia or " brain hypoglycemia". In at least two well conducted studies it was found that pure Alzheimer’s dementia was rare in those with normal blood sugar profiles, and that in most cases Alzheimer’s patients had low blood sugars, and high CSF (cerebrospinal fluid) insulin levels. In my own limited experience with Parkinson’s and ALS patients I have found a disproportionately high number suffering from reactive hypoglycemia.
I found it interesting that several ALS patients have observed an association between their symptoms and gluten. That is, when they adhere to a gluten free diet they improve clinically. It may be that by avoiding gluten containing products, such as bread, crackers, cereal, pasta ,etc, they are also avoiding products that are high on the glycemic index, i.e. that produce reactive hypoglycemia. Also, all of these food items are high in free iron. Clinically, hypoglycemia will worsen the symptoms of most neurological disorders. We know that severe hypoglycemia can, in fact, mimic ALS both clinically and pathologically. It is also known that many of the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease resemble hypoglycemia, as if the brain is hypoglycemic in isolation.
In studies of animals exposed to repeated mild episodes of hypoxia (lack of brain oxygenation), it was found that such accumulated injuries can trigger biochemical changes that resemble those seen in Alzheimer’s patients. One of the effects of hypoxia is a massive release of glutamate into the space around the neuron. This results in rapid death of these sensitized cells. As we age, the blood supply to the brain is frequently impaired, either because of atherosclerosis or repeated syncopal episodes, leading to short periods of hypoxia. Hypoglycemia produces lesions very similar to hypoxia and via the same glutamate excitotoxic mechanism. In fact, recent studies of diabetics suffering from repeated episodes of hypoglycemia associated with over medication with insulin, demonstrate brain atrophy and dementia.
Again, it should be realized that excessive glutamate stimulation triggers a chain of events that in turn triggers the generation of large numbers of free radical species, both as nitrogen species and oxygen species. Once this occurs, especially with the accumulation of the hydroxyl ion, destruction of the lipid components of the membranes occurs, as lipid peroxidation. In addition, these free radicals damage proteins and DNA as well. The most immediate DNA damage is to the mitochondrial DNA, which controls protein expression within that particular cell and its progeny. It is suspected that at least some of the neurodegenerative diseases, Parkinson’s disease in particular, are inherited in this way. But more importantly, it may be that accumulated damage to the mitochondrial DNA secondary to progressive free radical attack (somatic mitochondrial injury) is the cause of most of the neurodegenerative diseases that are not inherited. This would result from an impaired reserve of antioxidant vitamins/minerals and enzymes, increased cellular stress, chronic infection, free radical generating metals and toxins, and impaired DNA repair enzymes.
It is estimated that the number of oxidative free radical injuries to DNA number about 10,000 a day in humans. Normally, these injuries are repaired by special repair enzymes. It is known that as we age these repair enzymes decrease or become less efficient. Also, some individuals are born with deficient repair enzymes from birth as, for example, in the case of xeroderma pigmentosum. Recent studies of Alzheimer’s patients also demonstrate a significant deficiency in DNA repair enzymes and high levels of lipid peroxidation products in the affected parts of the brain. It is also important to realize that the hippocampus of the brain, most severely damaged in Alzheimer’s dementia, is one of the most vulnerable areas of the brain to low glucose supply as well as low oxygen supply. That also makes it very susceptible to glutamate toxicity.
Another interesting finding is that when cells are exposed to glutamate they develop certain inclusions (cellular debris) that not only resembles the characteristic neurofibrillary tangles of Alzheimer’s dementia, but are immunologically identical as well. Similarly, when experimental animals are exposed to the chemical MPTP, they not only develop Parkinson’s disorder, but the older animals develop the same inclusions (Lewy bodies) as see in human Parkinson’s.
Eicosanoids and Excitotoxins
It is known that one of the destructive effects triggered by excitotoxins is the release of arachidonic acid from the cell membrane and the initiation of the eicosanoid reactions. Remember, glutamate primarily acts by opening the calcium pore, allowing calcium to pour into the cell’s interior. Intracellular calcium in high concentrations initiates the enzymatic release of arachidonic acid from the cell membrane, where it is then attacked by two enzymes systems, the cyclooxygenase system and the lipooxgenase system. These in turn produce a series of compounds that can damage cell membranes, proteins and DNA, primarily by free radical production, but also directly by the "harmful eicosanoids."
Biochemically, we know that high glycemic carbohydrate diets, known to stimulate the excess release of insulin, can trigger the production of "harmful eicosanoids." We should also recognize that simple sugars are not the only substances that can trigger the release of insulin. One of the more powerful triggers includes certain amino acids, including leucine, alanine, and taurine. Glutamine, while not acting as an insulin trigger itself, markedly potentiates insulin release by leucine. This is why, except under certain situations, individual "free" amino acids should be avoided.
It is known that excitotoxins can also stimulate the release of these "harmful eicosanoids." So that in the situation of a hypoglycemic individual, they would be subjected to production of harmful eicosanoids directly by the high insulin levels, as well as by elevated glutamate levels. Importantly, both of these events significantly increase free radical production and hence, lipid peroxidation of cellular membranes. It should be remembered that diets high in arachidonic acid, such as egg yellows, organs meats, and liver, may be harmful to those subjected to excessive excitotoxin exposure.
And finally, in one carefully conducted experiment, it was shown that insulin significantly increases glutamate toxicity in cortical cell cultures and that this magnifying effect was not due to insulin’s effect on glucose metabolism. That is, the effect was directly related to insulin interaction with cell membranes. Interestingly, insulin increased toxic sensitivity to other excitotoxins as well.
The Special Role of Flavanoids
Flavonoids are diphenylpropanoids found in all plant foods. They are known to be strong antioxidants and free radical scavengers. There are three major flavonols - quercetin, Kaempferol, and myricetin, and two major flavones - luteolin and apigenin. Seventy percent of the flavonoid intake in the average diet consist of quercetin, the main source of which is tea (49%), onions (29%), and apples (7%). Fortunately, flavonoids are heat stable, that is, they are not destroyed during cooking. Other important flavonoids include catechin, leucoanthocyanidins, anthocyanins, hesperedin and naringenin.
Most interest in the flavonoids stemmed from their ability to inhibit tumor initiation and growth. This was especially true of quercetin and naringenin, but also seen with hesperetin and the isoflavone, genistein. There appears to be a strong correlation between their anticarcinogenic potential and their ability to squelch free radicals. But, in the case of genistein and quercetin, it also has to do with their ability to inhibit tyrosine kinase and phosphoinositide phosphorylase, both necessary for mammary cancer and glioblastoma (a highly malignant brain tumor) growth and development.
As we have seen, there is a close correlation between insulin, excitotoxins, free radicals and eicosanoid production. Of particular interest, is the finding that most of the flavonoids, especially quercetin, are potent and selective inhibitors of delta-5-lipooxygenase enzyme which initiates the production of eicosanods. Flavones are also potent and selective inhibitors of the enzyme cyclooxygenase (COX) which is responsible for the production of thromboxane A2, one of the "harmful eicosanoids". The COX-2 enzymes is associated only with excitatory type neurons in the brain and appears to play a major role in neurodegeneration.
One of the critical steps in the production of eicosanoids is the liberation of arachidonic acid from the cell membrane by phospholipase A2. Flavonones such as naringenin (from grapefruits) and hesperetin (citrus fruits) produce a dose related inhibition of phospholipase A2 (80% inhibition), thereby inhibiting the release of arachidonic acid. The non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs act similarly to block the production of inflammatory eicosanoids.
What makes all of this especially interesting is that recently, two major studies have found that not only can non-steroidal anti- inflammatories slow the course of Alzheimer’s disease, but they may prevent it as well. But, these drugs can have significant side effects, such as GI bleeding, liver and kidney damage. In high doses, the flavonoids have shown a similar ability to reduce "harmful eicosanoid" production and should have the same beneficial effect on the neurodegenerative diseases without the side effects. Also, these compounds are powerful free radical scavengers and would be expected to reduce excitotoxicity as well.
But, there is another beneficial effect. There is experimental, as well as clinical evidence, that the flavonoids can reduce capillary leakage and strengthen the blood brain barrier. This has been shown to be true for rutin, hesperedin and some chalcones. Rutin and hesperedin have also been shown to strengthen capillary walls. In the form of hesperetin methyl chalcone, the hesperedin molecule is readily soluble in water, significantly increasing its absorbability. Black currents have the highest concentration of hesperetin of any fresh fruit, and in a puree form, is even more potent.
The importance of these compounds again emphasizes the need for high intakes of fruits and vegetables in the diet, and may explain the low incidence of many of these disorders in strict vegetarians, since this would supply a high concentration of flavonoids, carotenoids, vitamins, minerals, and other antioxidants to the body. Normally, the flavonoids from fruits and vegetables are only incompletely absorbed, so that relatively high concentrations would be needed to attain the same therapeutic levels seen in these experiments. Juice Plus allows us to absorb high, therapeutic concentrations of these flavonoids by a process called cryodehydration. This process removes the water and sugar from fruits and vegetable but retains their flavonoids in a fully functional state. Also the process allows one to consume large amounts of fruits and vegetables that would be impossible with the whole plant.
Iron and Health
For decades we, especially women, have been told that we need extra iron for health -that it builds healthy blood. But, recent evidence indicates that iron and copper may be doing more harm than good in most cases. It has been well demonstrated that iron and copper are two of the most powerful generators of free radicals. This is because they catalyze the conversion of hydrogen peroxide into the very powerful and destructive hydroxyl radical. It is this radical that does so much damage to membrane lipids and DNA bases within the cell. It also plays a major role in the oxidation of LDL-cholesterol, leading to heart attacks and strokes.
Males begin to accumulate iron shortly after puberty and by middle age have 1000mg of stored iron in their bodies. Women, by contrast, because of menstruation, have only 300 mg of stored iron. But, after menopause they begin to rapidly accumulate iron so that by middle age they have about 1500 mg of stored iron. It is also known that the brain begins to accumulate iron with aging. Elevated iron levels are seen with all of the neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s dementia, Parkinson’s disease, and ALS. It is thought that this iron triggers free radical production within the areas of the brain destroyed by these diseases. For example, the part of the brain destroyed by Parkinson’s disease, the substantia nigra, has very high levels of free iron.
Normally, the body goes to great trouble to make sure all iron and copper in the body is combined to a special protein for transport and storage. But, with several of these diseases, we see a loss of these transport and storage proteins. This is where flavonoids come into play. We know that many of the flavonoids (especially quercitin, rutin, hesperidin, and naringenin) are strong chelators of iron and copper. In fact, drinking iced tea with a meal can reduce iron absorption by as much as 87%. But, flavonoids in the diet will not make you iron deficient.
Phosphotidyl serine and Excitotoxity
Recent clinical studies indicate that phophotidyl serine can significantly improve the mental functioning of a significant number of Alzheimer’s patients, especially during the early stages of the disease. We know that the brain normally contains a large concentration of phosphotidyl serine. Interestingly, this compound has a chemical structure similar to L-glutamate, the main excitatory neurotransmitter in the brain. Binding studies show that phosphotidyl serine competes with L-glutamate for the NMDA type glutamate receptor. What this means is that phosphotidyl serine is a very effective protectant against glutamate toxicity. Unfortunately, it is also very expensive.
The Many Functions of Ascorbic Acid
The brain contains one of the highest concentrations of ascorbic acid in the body. Most are aware of its function in connective tissue synthesis and as a free radical scavenger. But, ascorbic acid has other functions that make it rather unique. Ascorbic acid in solution is a powerful reducing agent where it undergoes rapid oxidation to form dehydroascorbic acid. Oxidation of this compound is accelerated by high ph, temperature and some transitional metals, such as iron and copper. The oxidized form of ascorbic acid can promote lipid peroxidation and protein damage. This is why it is vital that you take antioxidants together, since several, such as vitamin E (as D- alpha-tocopherol) and alpha-lipoic acid, act to regenerate the reduced form of the vitamin.
In man, we know that certain areas of the brain have very high concentrations of ascorbic acid, such as the nucleus accumbens and hippocampus. The lowest levels are seen in the substantia nigra. These levels seem to fluctuate with the electrical activity of the brain. Amphetamine acts to increase ascorbic acid concentration in the corpus striatum (basal ganglion area) and decrease it in the hippocampus, the memory imprint area of the brain. Ascorbic acid is known to play a vital role in dopamine production as well.
One of the more interesting links has been between the secretion of the glutamate neurotransmitter by the brain and the release of ascorbic acid into the extracellular space. This release of ascorbate can also be induced by systemic administration of glutamate or aspartate, as would be seen in diets high in these excitotoxins . The other neurotransmitters do not have a similar effect on ascorbic acid release. This effect appears to be an exchange mechanism. That is, the ascorbic acid and glutamate exchange places. Theoretically, high concentration of ascorbic acid in the diet could inhibit glutamate release, lessening the risk of excitotoxic damage. Of equal importance is the free radical neutralizing effect of ascorbic acid.
There is now substantial evidence that ascorbic acid modulates the electrophysiological as well as behavioral functioning of the brain. It also attenuates the behavioral response of rats exposed to amphetamine, which is known to act through an excitatory mechanism. In part, this is due to the observed binding of ascorbic acid to the glutamate receptor. This could mean that ascorbic acid holds great potential in treating disease related to excitotoxic damage. Thus far, there are no studies relating ascorbate metabolism in neurodegenerative diseases. There is at least one report of ascorbic acid deficiency in guineas pigs producing histopathological changes similar to ALS.
It is known that as we age there is a decline in brain levels of ascorbic acid. When accompanied by a similar decrease in glutathione peroxidase, we see an accumulation of H202 and hence, elevated levels of free radicals and lipid peroxidation. In one study it was found that with age not only does the extracellular concentration of ascorbic acid decrease but the capacity of the brain ascorbic acid system to respond to oxidative stress is impaired as well.
In terms of its antioxidant activity, vitamin C and E interact in such a way as to restore each others active antioxidant state. Vitamin C scavenges oxygen radicals in the aqueous phase and vitamin E in the lipid, chain breaking, phase. The addition of vitamin C suppresses the oxidative consumption of vitamin E almost totally, probably because in the living organism the vitamin C in the aqueous phase is adjacent to the lipid membrane layer containing the vitamin E.
When combined, the vitamin C was consumed faster during oxidative stress than the vitamin E. Once the vitamin C was totally consumed, the vitamin E began to be depleted at an accelerated rate. N-acetyl-L- cysteine and glutathione can reduce vitamin E consumption as well, but less effectively than vitamin C. The real danger is when vitamin C is combined with iron. Recent experiments have shown that such combinations can produce widespread destruction within the striate areas of the brain. This is because the free iron oxidizes the ascorbate to produce the powerful free radical hydroxyascorbate. Alpha-lipoic acid acts powerfully to keep the ascorbate and tocopherol in the reduced state (antioxidant state). As we age, we produce less of the transferrin transport protein that normally binds free iron. As a result, older individuals have higher levels of free iron within their tissues, including brain.
In this discussion, I tried to highlight some of the more pertinent of the recent findings related to excitotoxicity in general and neurodegenerative diseases specifically. In no way is this an all inclusive discussion of this topic. There are many areas I had to omit because of space, such as alpha-lipoic acid, an antioxidant that holds great promise in combatting many of these diseases. Also, I did not go into detail concerning the metabolic stimulants, the relationship between exercise and degenerative nervous system diseases, the protective effect of methycobalamin, and the various disorders related to excitotoxins.
I also purposely omitted discussions of magnesium to keep this paper short. It is my experience, that magnesium is one of the most important neuroprotectants known. I would encourage those who suffer from one of the excitotoxin related disorders to avoid, as much as possible, food borne excitotoxin additives and to utilize the substances discussed above. The fields of excitotoxin research, in combination with research on free radicals and eicosanoids, are growing very rapidly and new information arises daily. Great promise exist in the field of flavonoid research as regards many of these neurodegenerative diseases as well as in our efforts to prevent neurodegeneration itself.
A recent study has demonstrated that aspartame feeding to animals results in an accumulation of formaldehyde within the cells, with evidence of significant damage to cellular proteins and DNA. In fact, the formaldehyde accumulated with prolonged use of aspartame. With this damning evidence, one would have to be suicidal to continue the use of aspartame sweetened foods, drinks and medicines. The use of foods containing excitotoxin additives is especially harmful to the unborn and small children. By age 4 the brain is only 80% formed. By age 8, 90% and by age 16 it is fully formed, but still undergoing changes and rewiring (plasticity). We know that the excitotoxins have a devastating effect on formation of the brain (wiring of the brain) and that such exposure can cause the brain to be "miswired." This may explain the significant, almost explosive increase in ADD and ADHD. Glutamate feeding to pregnant animals produces a syndrome almost identical to ADD. It has also been shown that a single feeding of MSG after birth can increase free radicals in the offspring’s brain that last until adolescence. Experimentally, we known that infants are 4X more sensitive to the toxicity of excitotoxins than are adults. And, of all the species studied, cats, dogs, primates, chickens, guinea pigs, and rats, humans are by far the most sensitive to glutamate toxicity. In fact, they are 5x more sensitive than rats and 20x more sensitive than non-human primates.
I have been impressed with the dramatic improvement in children with ADD and ADHD following abstention from excitotoxin use. It requires care monitoring of these children. Each time they are exposed to these substances, they literally go bonkers. It is ludicrous, with all we know about the destructive effects of excitotoxins, to allow our children and ourselves to continue on this destructive path.


This may be the key to limitless energy - a star in a jar:
The thing that kind of is unsettling is that we are on the cusp of so many amazing things, just as we embark on a path of complete self-destruction.....  I have to keep telling myself that we may be reaching a pinnacle of telestial knowledge and power; but that it is really nothing compared to the smallest spark of terrestrial glory that awaits us.  So......., we just need to power on an get thru the difficult stuff that is soon upon us.  What is on the other side will boggle the mind!

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Wow - I had no idea.  The corruption and obfuscation just boggles the mind!!


I could not have said it more succinctly:

The Dying Dollar and the Rise of a New Currency Order

by on April 7, 2013
The Dying Dollar For years now, the collapse of the dollar has been in the cards. Recent developments show mounting pressure on the dollar’s reserve currency status. With a major international deflation going on, the threat of inflation through money printing is unreal. However, should the dollar’s  reserve currency status end, the repatriation of trillions of petro- and eurodollars could lead to a strongly inflationary scenario.
The roles of a reserve currency are to finance international trade and to function as a store of value for Governments. Until the second world war it used to be the British pound, but with the demise of the British Empire, the pound lost its international relevance and was overtaken by the dollar. This was formalized in the 1944 Bretton Woods system. All other currencies were fiat currencies, but pegged to the dollar, which in turn was pegged to Gold at 40 dollars an ounce and redeemable for international trading partners.
The Eurodollar
With the dollar as the reserve currency, the US had to export dollars. In the early years after the war especially for Europe, the famous Eurodollars. This sounds great: print money and buy whatever you like. But with the Gold window it was also risky: overprinting could mean excess dollars would be exchanged back to Gold, depleting US Gold reserves.
This was also a weakness that those annoyed with American Hegemony could exploit. In 1967 the leftist press mogul Jean-Jacques Servan-Schreiber penned a famous screed called ‘le défi Américain’ (the American challenge’), arguing Europe was being colonized economically by superior American competition.
France, at the time, was run by de Gaulle, who never was impressed with Anglo-American supremacy. He made a point of exchanging every dollar he could lay his hands on as a means to undermine it.
In the late sixties the situation got badly out of hand because of the Great Society and the Vietnam war, very costly projects that were deficit financed, leading to serious inflationary pressures. Inflation that the US tried to export, leading to an excess of dollars abroad. Especially the resurging Deutschmark’s appreciation became untenable. The Europeans started pressuring the US to fix its deficits, provoking the US Treasury Secretary John Connally famous cry ‘the dollar is our currency and your problem’.
But the situation had become unsustainable and Nixon was forced to close the Gold window to stop the depletion of US gold. This was the end of the Bretton Woods system and from then on the major currencies were floated freely in the international currency markets.
The Petrodollar
But it did not end the dollar reserve currency status, as the Empire had been found another basis for it: they reached an agreement with the House of Saud, to accept only dollars for its oil. The Sauds agreed to invest their dollar wealth on Wall Street, making the deal even more powerful for the Empire. Saudi Arabia controlled OPEC and the dollar was saved: international oil trading is financed with dollar only. Since then we have been on an informal Black Gold standard, known as the petrodollar.
This situation was better than before, because overprinting of the dollar for international trade or to finance all sorts Empire projects could no longer be punished by depleting Gold reserves and would result only in rising prices.
In the last decade the problem of over printing was solved by artificially raising oil prices through the Peak Oil hoax, and ending Iraqi oil production. It must be understood that the Empire is not looking for more oil production. There is so much oil in the world that should it be drilled for freely, it would end the Money Power’s energy monopoly. The Iraq invasion and the quest for control of the Middle-East is to keep a lid on oil production. Saddam’s suicidal decision to accept euro for his oil only hastened his demise.
Even today Iraqi oil production is not even half of what it was before 1991. With the Western Oil companies now in charge, it will most likely never fully recover.
By raising the price for oil, the oil market has mopped up  excess dollar supplies, which are now needed for the oil trade. As a result, the dollar has remained relatively stable in its value. Of course, it fits well with the agenda of decapitating the middle classes and under this agreement higher oil prices also means ever more oil profits invested in Wall Street.
Of course, the great boon of this for the Empire is that it can pay with worthless paper for real goods. It can eternally finance a major trade deficit.
Trade deficits are incorrectly understood as problematic.
From a nation’s point of view, the goal of trade is not to export, but to import. We export to give back for what we need from others. If you run the reserve currency, you don’t need to export as much as you import, because you can partially finance your imports with money printing. For all other nations this is impossible and trade deficits are lethal in the long run, as it leads to net capital outflow.
But the US Empire is in trouble. Its infrastructure is crumbling, its manufacturing base gone, it’s badly over extended. It needs ever more virulent threats to coerce the nations into dollar submission and just like Connally failed in 1971, the US is failing today. The Money Power is done with the Empire and the dollar and it is moving to the next phase. The dollar will have to step back and we are seeing a realignment.
The new currency order
China is moving towards a Gold backed yuan that will be very powerful in the international arena. Recently Australia, which is already completely dependent on China, with 30% of its exports going there, is preparing direct convertibility between the yuan and the Australian dollar, meaning they will no longer use US dollar to finance bilateral trade. This means less US dollars are needed in its reserve currency role.
In 2001 Goldman Sachs executive Jim O’Neill invented the BRIC’s. South Africa was later added, representing Africa and emphasizing its globalist agenda. Russia and China, as two powerful neighbors, obviously have long standing and important bilateral relations. But equally obviously, have little in common with Brazil, India and South Africa. India and China are actually sworn enemies. However, in 2009 they organized a first summit. Just a week ago we all of the sudden hear the BRICS are planning to open up a competitor to the IMF.  They’re still working out the details and it’s not a done deal yet, but the move looks very serious.
And there is of course the euro, which, make no mistake, is in great shape. True, Eurocrat legitimacy is suffering because of the euro crisis, even in Germany the currency is losing support. But the euro crisis is purely for internal consumption, to sucker the nations into surrendering budget responsibility to Brussels. This is the final frontier for a full blown EU federalist Super State. While the euro is deeply hated, this is not really a problem for the Money Power: it isn’t in this business to make friends and it does not mind a big fight. It only fears real alternatives and these are nowhere to be seen. There is nobody proposing anything real, people are just letting off steam. Once they get their fiscal union, the crisis will quickly end. People have a short memory.
The euro was designed to be eventually backed by Gold and the ECB has enough of the stuff to be ready for the coming transition.
We are seeing the advent of the new currency order. There will be a number of more or less equal blocks: a dollar zone, a Yuan/BRICS zone and the euro, with the Yen and the Pound as lesser entities. These will later be able to converge to even more ‘cooperation’, in the Money Power’s relentless march towards World Currency.
These units will be at least partially Gold backed, implying long term deflationary pressures. Central Banks are buying Gold in major quantities, creating the interesting question why Gold prices have not risen in the last 18 months.
The problem for the United States will be to manage the transition. Trillions of dollars that will no longer be needed will have to be repatriated and this will lead to very strong inflationary pressures at home. It is unclear how the Fed is going to deal with that. It probably can’t. Furthermore, the US is probably in the worst of positions to deal with a new Gold standard. They claim to have 8,000 tonnes of Gold in Fort Knox, but nobody really believes that.

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First of all, I want to thank Kim, a blog reader for getting me off high center about this book.  I have known of its existence for several years now and was turned off initially just by the reports of it saying that the Lord's coming could be in the next couple of years.  I have never seen things before on a compressed schedule and would not have believed it.

I was up last night having problems sleeping and jumped into it and read it from cover to cover in four hours doing what I do best - skimming.  Once I have had the Spirit confirm it (which it did, except for one minor issue and one major issue), then I will jump back into it in a few months or the next year and go for a deep dive as I did with Visions just in the last few weeks.

The major issue I had was the start of the 42 month countdown occurring in 2008.  He was off by a year - but thankfully did not throw his own baby out with the bathwater and has kept revising and refining what he has been taught.  The author uses logic and a healthy dose of the Spirit to establish a timeline after putting all ancient and modern timelines together.  He would have nailed the 2009 date if he had seen the same stuff I have dug up about the blood moons and jubilee years.  I think he knew long before I did that bummer is the anti-christ spoken of in Daniel.  It was nice to get that confirmation - and at least an explanation as to why Romney had to lose on the second round in order for the evil one to fill that role.  If there is a divine explanation for something, I am fine with it and can rest knowing it is God's will.  When it is just senseless and random, I sometimes struggle when I see our nation teetering on disaster as good principle is repeatedly thrown out, despised and trampled upon.  Like I said last night - vermin has infested the halls of power and common sense has been abolished!

So, I recommend the following book if you would like to clearly know the timing and sequence of the four distinct events that comprise Christ's coming in totality as I have been blathering about in the blog for years.  What remains to come never was a single event - but a series.  Brother Keele says it so much better in his book than I could ever say it and with much more detail.

Here is the link:

I downloaded it to the laptop so that no internet was required in order to read it at will. 


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Folks, there is a reason we have been commanded to stay out of debt and to have a food storage and be self-sufficient.  What is it??  So we do not have to rely on the treacherous retards we call federal gubbimint to take care of our needs.  Our economy is purposefully being driven into the ground and millions are being forced into the dole so that we get used to having to be taken care of by the benevolent "big brother" (you can call the gubbimint god, if you are a libtard).  If you haven't figured it out, I despise our current regime and what it has made our situation into.  It does not take a rocket scientist to know we are in serious trouble.  If I could have the desires of my heart, I would eliminate Hollywood, CA and DC right off the map with all the inhabitants - just so that others could take a lesson from it.  September 11th did not seem to completely get the message across and I am earnestly hoping for an intervention from God.  I will take it in any form that it comes in - and will be grateful for it.  There is a reason this is not a political blog - I cannot be civil to any degree when talking about the government - so I try and refrain in a setting where I am trying to keep the spirit because I just simply shred.  Facebook is just one cynical rant after another - and its my outlet.  If you are a liberal - you are no friend of mine.  I have a SIL and BIL that I think are pretty nice people who voted for Bummer the first time around - and thankfully came to their senses in 2012, but it was too late to keep the vermin from infesting DC.

Spencer said that they would take the people who do not have food and be able to manipulate them into doing their bidding and keeping "their" rules - that most likely will fly in the face of God's rules.  There agenda will be in line with the agenda of those who infest the halls of power in DC right now.  I will vigorously resist that agenda.  I have always said that living that kind of life is no kind of living and that I would rather be dead than submit.  So, I have already decided my future - and so be it.  Live free or die.

Here is what got me spun up:

FEMA disk given to school children (Photo: Cassius Methyl,
FEMA disk given to school children (Photo: Cassius Methyl,
by Cassius Methyl
May 23, 2013

FEMA , the Red Cross, and the department of homeland security are now using taxpayer money to educate children in public schools about ‘getting ready for disaster’. But why would government agencies hold interest in this? Is it because they want schools to be safer, or because they want citizens to flee to FEMA camps in a time of crisis?
A disaster that very well could be orchestrated by a government agency, one might add. So what are these ‘disaster relief’ camps like? A quick google search for ‘FEMA camps’ would turn up thousands of results. Yet contrary to what one may think, leaving these camps may not be voluntary.
In fact, a leaked document signed by Joyce E. Morrow (administrative assistant to the secretary of the army) suggests that disaster relief camps may actually be military internment camps. The document is titled ‘internment and resettlement operations’ , and it describes these camps in great detail, stating that ‘civil support is the department of defense support to civil authorities for domestic emergencies. Civil support includes operations that address the consequences of natural or man-made disasters, accidents, terrorist attacks, and incidents in the U.S.’ .
To sum it up, this leaked document confirms plans by the department of defense to operate internment prison camps for citizens during a crisis . But why would they need a crisis to imprison large amounts of people, and why would they imprison large amounts of people in the first place? But the real question is, do these prison camps tie in with FEMA?
And if so, is FEMA preparing children in public schools to accept going to an internment camp if there is a disaster? Perhaps the military internment camps to be used for disasters, and the FEMA camps to be used in times of crisis, are unrelated. But given the recent NDAA , allowing for the legal indefinite detainment of American citizens, and the political weather, it seems this isn’t such a far out possibility. It isn’t a nice issue to think about, but spreading the word about the possibility of an American holocaust would be arguably the most effective way to stop such an event.




Folks, this is a belated Memorial Day post.  I am sure many have read something similar to it.  If you have not, its time to get mad as "heck"!! and do something about it.

Hope this provides fodder for good thought and action:

There is no way that could happen NOW.  There is no way that could happen HERE.  We are better than that….RIGHT???    Well, you better read on...


…and there was no one left to speak for me.

First they came…” is a famous statement and provocative poem attributed to pastor Martin Niemöller (1892–1984) about the sloth of German intellectuals following the Nazis’ rise to power and the subsequent purging of their chosen targets, group after group. There is some disagreement over the exact wording of the quotation and when it was created; the content of the quotation may have been presented differently by Niemöller on different occasions.
You have probably heard at least one version of “First they came…” at some point in your life.  Here is a common version of it:
First they came for the communists,
and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a communist.
Then they came for the trade unionists,
and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a trade unionist.
Then they came for the Jews,
and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Jew.
Then they came for me,
and there was no one left to speak for me.

There are other interpretations that include Catholics, Social Democrats, etc.  Which version you choose to quote really doesn’t matter because the point of the statement is not to describe the exact groups Nazis’ targeted.  The point in this statement is that the totalitarian/statist Nazis targeted and punished their political enemies using various tactics, including intimidation, until there was no one who felt safe speaking out against the government.  Those who stood in opposition to the Nazis were destroyed.  If you were perceived of not being supportive enough of the Nazi movement you were condemned and either executed or imprisoned.  Was it fair?  No.  Was it effective?  Absolutely.  Millions were murdered by their own government with little to no public outcry or revolt.
Tyrants like to “make examples” of those who oppose them.  As seen in the classic Star Wars Episode 4, The Empire uses its Death Star to vaporize an entire planet in order to make an example of it to any others seeking freedom from The Empire.
Fear will keep them in line
Fear kept the people in line.  Fear is a powerful tool.  When an all-powerful government wields its power against its own people in an effort to intimidate, silence or destroy its perceived political enemies, look out.  That is how almost every major holocaust, purge, massacre, atrocity, (call it what you will) has taken root.  The government abuses the power given to it by the people and turns that power against the people.  It has happened time and time again by totalitarian governments all over the world.  China, The Soviet Union, Cambodia, Germany.  It is estimated that there have been over 260 million people killed by their own governments in the last 100 years.  The term for mass murder of people by government is Democide.
These atrocities usually have a few of things in common – a pattern or roadmap to tyranny:
A new government surges to power during a time of hardship by promising change.  They claim they will make things better and give the people things like security, jobs, housing, food, education, health care, etc.  They may even promise to deliver on vague concepts such as fairness, justice, status, equality, identity, pride or unity.  Whatever the people want, they will promise to deliver.
However, first the government requires additional powers in order to accomplish its goals to change things.  It may ask for new powers, or just rewrite the laws to take the power they want.  The power of the state/collective soon supersedes the rights of the individual and eventually the government no longer answers to the people.
As the rights of the people fade and the power of the state grows, speech against the government becomes taboo or even a punishable crime.
At some point along the way they (the movement or government) will claim that if it weren’t for this group or that group standing in the way of progress we could move forward and give you all the things we promised you.  Those groups become de facto enemies of the state.  If you support the state you must oppose these groups.  Those groups are targeted, isolated, harassed, mocked, intimidated, threatened, attacked, made examples of and eventually destroyed.  There is no protection from the state for these groups of people because the legal system has become a puppet of the state, as has the news media.  At this point the only hope for these groups is to go underground or flee their country before it’s too late.
Sooner or later, the whole of the people are disarmed, making tyranny feasible.  It may require (the use of) a catalyst in order to sell the idea of gun confiscation to the people.  Once the people are disarmed there is no going back.  The door to physical opposition has been shut, and all doors to peaceful opposition were already shut prior to the disarmament.
At this point the state has complete control and all opponents are hiding in fear, disarmed or dead.  That is the end game for the psychopathic control freaks.  Once this has been achieved that can get on with the business of remaking the country in their image.  Usually purges and holocausts follow.
Now, let’s transition this discussion to modern times.  It seems like humanity has evolved beyond such behavior, right?  There is no way that could happen NOW.  There is no way that could happen HERE.  We are better than that….RIGHT???
COLLEGE-LIBERALOur system is better than that.  We have learned from the mistakes of history. We have laws to protect us – a Constitution.  We trust our government.  Anyone who thinks tyranny could happen here is in the “tinfoil hat, black helicopter” club.
Well congratulations for being an obedient little sheep, that is exactly how they want you to think.  Just sit passively by, questioning nothing, accepting everything; complying with every new requirement being imposed on you.  Never refusing to follow orders, no matter how ridiculous or unreasonable.  Never stopping to ponder why it is that we are taking orders from the government, not the other way around.
Now we have a virtually unknown Barack Obama swept into office on a wave of popular support for his platform of “Hope and Change.”
We have a President who has publicly stated that he is tempted to circumvent Congress and act as a dictator in order to accomplish his agenda.  Watch the video of Obama addressing The National Council of La Raza (“the race” in Spanish.)  Also pay attention to the crowd reaction.  These third-world state worshipers applaud his desire to act as a dictator, and begin chanting “Yes you can!”  This is a good example of why we need to control our immigration.  Foreign statists come here and vote for tyrants.
We have a President that advises college graduates to reject voices warning of government tyranny.
This is the same President who has publicly said on Spanish TV channel Univision that his supporters should “punish our enemies” when referring to Americans opposed to his political agenda.
We have a man-child for a Vice President who mocks people that fear a government gun registry by suggesting they are paranoid conspiracy theorists: “The black helicopter crowd really is upset.”
We have a news media who mocks those who speak out against the state as “Tea Baggers” and other childish and offensive slurs.  They call women who speak out against the state vile slurs not worthy of print here.  This is the same news media that willfully conceals the failures and corruption of the state from the people, while publicly promoting the agenda of the state.
We recently have discovered that the Obama Administration has been snooping where it shouldn’t, perhaps in violation of the law.  They have been what can best be described as “spying on reporters” who cover anti-administration topics, or who speak to “whistleblowers” that speak to the press about the administration.
We have also seen the regime admit to and apologize for “inappropriately” using the already abusive powers of the IRS to target groups and individuals who publicly challenge the administration.  They then used the unconstitutional Department of Homeland Security to target Tea Party groups who protest the IRS for said inappropriate action.
We had “Operation Fast and Furious” in which the federal government was responsible for thousands of guns being put into the hands of violent Mexican drug cartels.  This entire operation is justifiably suspected by many to be a premeditated effort to allow the government to (incorrectly) fault our gun rights when those guns turned up at murder scenes all along the border.  After all, this is the same man who promised the anti-gun Brady Group to work the gun control issue “under the radar,” meaning he would attempt to impose gun control via alternative, stealthy and secret means – using the Executive branch and bypassing Congress.
We have the NDAA which authorizes indefinite detention of American citizens without due process and at the same time a government that defines “terrorists” as the enemy, and ordinary Americans as “potential terrorists.”
There was the Benghazi, Libya cover-up where the government has basically been caught red-handed in a blatant lie about what happened that day, and how and why our consulate and its occupants were attacked.
We see supporters of Obama declaring (in an effort to further divide and conquer) that anyone who doesn’t believe as they do must be engaging in a “war on women” because some people disagree with their views on issues like abortion and MANDATORY birth control and other coverage being paid for by employers that do not want to pay for certain things on moral grounds.  (When did we decide we wanted the government telling us what to do?)
We see the Department of Homeland Security goons expanding well beyond airports to interstate highways, bus and train stations, high school dances and sporting events.  They are also making HUGE procurements of ammunition, weapons and vehicles that they would use against the American people, since they can only operate domestically.  They are also establishing “FEMA Internment Camps” for the imprisonment of American citizens.
We see unmanned drone attacks on the soil of countries we are not at war with, killing American citizens without due process.
We see a President with a secret kill list of people, possibly even American citizens, he plans to execute without due process.
We saw the entire city of Boston put on “lockdown” into a de facto martial law because there was one 19 year old who may have been armed on the loose.
We have seen our right to privacy disappear, as now every electronic transmission over the phone, the air or the internet is being tracked, monitored, logged, warehoused and used against us.  Your financial and health care information has also been co-opted by the government.
We have seen parental rights to their own children attacked and questioned by elitists who support the state and believe the state knows better than parents how to raise children.  Melissa Harris-Perry went so far as to go on the record dismissing parental rights in favor of children belonging to the collective (AKA the state.)
With each of these disturbing developments, ask yourself “why are they doing that.”
This never-ending parade of usurpation of power and attacks on states’ and individuals’ rights has been accelerating at an alarming rate.  The tyranny ratchets up just fast enough for the people to tolerate it without a revolt.  The people have become complacent, ignorant, lazy, selfish and dependent.  In a word, children.
dancing obama idiot
The people do not care if the rights of their fellow Americans are being violated, especially if they are on the other side of the political aisle.  As long as the 51% of the population that are those “children” keep getting the stuff they were promised the state can continue its march toward tyranny unabated.  
What these Americans don’t realize is that those “enemies” who are under attack today speak out for the rights of all Americans, not just their own.  By sitting idly by while those who speak out and question the actions of the government are attacked, Americans are putting their own rights at great risk.

 So, if we were to recalibrate that Martin Niemöller poem to 2013 America perhaps it would read something like this:

First they came for the Tea Partiers,
and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Tea Partier.
Then they came for the Christians,
and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Christian.
Then they came for the Gun Owners,
and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Gun Owner.
Then they came for the Businessmen,
and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Businessman.
Then they came for the Home Schoolers,
and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Home Schooler.
Then they came for the Journalists,
and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Journalist.
Then they came for me,
and there was no one left to speak for me.

Go ahead and make your own version of it if you want.  The point is they are coming.  We have provided plenty of examples of this government abusing its powers to intimidate and make examples of those who question it.  We have provided examples of the government apparently making preparations legally and logistically for the next phases of their power grab.
The path toward tyranny has been set, and the hour is late, but there is still time.
Will you speak out?
Or will you quietly wait for them to come for you?


It is hard to free fools from the chains they revere.  
A lie told often enough becomes the truth.” 
-Vladimir Lenin
"Resistance to tyranny is obedience to God."               
-Thomas Jefferson 

"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free."

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