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This is timely and interesting:

"In my meditations, this morning, the Spirit of the Lord came upon me, and I was moved to write: and being grieved in my spirit on account of false pretenses by evil designing persons to gain power and lead away the flock of God; It whispered (to) me and said: ' Evil men, ambitious of power, must needs arise among you, and they shall be led by their own self-will and not by me. Yet they are instruments in my hands, and are permitted to try my people, and to collect from among them those who are not the elect, and such as are unworthy of eternal life. Grieve not after them, neither mourn nor be alarmed. My people know my voice and also the voice of my spirit and a stranger they will not follow; therefore such as follow strangers are not my people."
Orson Hyde


I have not watched this - saving for later.

Might this be another sign in the heavens in such an exciting year?:

I could not figure out why "Venus" seemed so bright as of late.  This is the reason.  They are back in conjunction again.  Apparently this is a rare thing - I am still digging into it.  Fascinating!

Here is some further info on it:

Thanks to some FB pals for alerting me to the obvious.....  I knew it was special - just was not sure what it was.


This will make you either laugh, or cry.  Damnable bigots out there.....:


I thought this was novel:


I was looking up skull and bones stuff.

Thought this was interesting.  I love the internet - for bringing the dark things to light so we can stamp them out by shining a light on them.....:

William Howard Taft, 27th. President of the United States (R) Confirmed Mason. Was a member of the Order of Skull and Bones. In fact, the Taft family which dates back to Braintree Mass. in 1679, helped start the Skull & Bones Order and at least eight Taft's have been in the Order. Coleman DuPont, went in business with President Taft’s brother Charles P. Taft (member of the Skull & Bones) in 1910 to build McAlpin Hotel in New York City. (Taft’s other brother Horace Taft, was a member of the Order of Skull and Bones. United States Presidents and the Masonic Power Structure
W. Averell Harriman (init. into Skull & Bones in 1913), the man who helped finance Hitler to power. The Skull and Bones also incorporates sexual activities into their practices. "The death of the initiate will be as frightful as the use of human skeletons and ritual psychology can make it..." (Esquire Magazine, "The Last Secrets of Skull and Bones", Ron Rosenbaum, p. 89) Sexual perversion is part of ritual psychology. Ron Rosenbaum, author of the Esquire Magazine article, stated that on initiation night, called tap night, "...if one could climb to the tower of Weir Hall, the odd castle that overlooks the Bones courtyard, one could hear strange cries and moans coming from the bowels of the tomb as the 15 newly tapped members were put through what sounded like a harrowing ordeal..." (Esquire, September, 1976, p. 86). Further, [initiates] "lay naked in coffins and tell their deepest and darkest sexual secrets as part of their initiation." (Esquire, p. 85). More Skull and Bones
These experiences in the coffins incorporated sexual pain and resulted in being born-again, into the Order, as we mentioned above. (Cooper, p.95) Powerful force charges through the participants of these ceremonies, transforming their lives dramatically. This type ritual is classic Satanism. Anton LaVey states, in his book (The Satanic Rituals: Companion To The Satanic Bible, (p. 57) "The ceremony of rebirth takes place in a large coffin.. This is similar to the coffin symbolism found in most lodge rituals."
Make no mistake about it: Any organization which utilizes this coffin ritual to simulate rebirth is practicing Satanism, including Skull and Bones. The Skull and Bones believes that on the night of initiation, the initiate "dies to the world and be born again into the Order..." (Esquire Magazine, September, 1977, p. 89). Remember Hitler's belief that he had been born anew after his ritualistic initiation and training? This term is a common one in occultism.
During the 1988 Presidential Campaign, a TV reporter asked Vice-President Bush if he were a Christian. Bush initially stammered, but then said, "if you mean born again, then, yes, I am a Christian". Now we know what George Bush meant by his deliberately misleading statement.
 Here is a link that shows the actual Skull and Bones initiation (at least the outdoors part of it).  People, this is what the people who run our nation do for fun.  Disturbing??  Oh, yeah - just a little:

We need to pray for the destruction of these chumps and their "religion".  We know who their god is....


(N.Morgan) In this latest move by Vladimir Putin, he issues his final warning, Elites your time is at an end.
As we know, Putin has been very open about his disdain for the Power Elite and now he is ready for war.
Putin wants Russia to get the respect he feels is due his country.
Please read this speech very carefully, as Putin is not bluffing.
He laid out the Russian doctrine very carefully with many warnings. He is planning war with NATO, Europe and America.

He sees Obama and the Europeans for what they are, and how the bankers are trying to take over.
The problem is who is the “good guy” in this? For sure it is not Obama and the Europeans, and Putin supports so many “bad guys” like Iran with its nukes.
There is no “good guy” anymore, as America is now corrupt and morally bankrupt under Obama and the Hard Left reprobates. It is like the entire world is now under the control of evil.

Here are the key points of his speech:
6. Russia will not attempt to reformat the world in her own image, but neither will she allow anyone to reformat her in their image.
Russia will not close herself off from the world, but anyone who tries to close her off from the world will be sure to reap a whirlwind.
7. Russia does not wish for the chaos to spread, does not want war, and has no intention of starting one.
However, today Russia sees the outbreak of global war as almost inevitable, is prepared for it, and is continuing to prepare for it. Russia does not war—nor does she fear it.
8. Russia does not intend to take an active role in thwarting those who are still attempting to construct their New World Order—until their efforts start to impinge on Russia’s key interests.
Russia would prefer to stand by and watch them give themselves as many lumps as their poor heads can take.
But those who manage to drag Russia into this process, through disregard for her interests, will be taught the true meaning of pain.”
Our world may be at the dangerous cusp of WWIII.
Will Putin follow through if his demands arne’t met?

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Shared from a FB post:

I was counseled to share the following dream and revelatory session from this year. I always follow thru with any and all Spiritual Promptings from our beloved Heavenly Father. The first section is the dream in which I awakened from then to be prompted to transcribe revelations from our Heavenly Father.
South America, Costa Rica, locations? Areas first to be hit? Unsure why these cities were told to me in my dream. Their names were never elaborated upon.
I dreamt of huge, huge massive waves coming inland into California, at our old house in Northern California. Not sure what caused a huge, huge massive water displacement. That flooded quite a bit of the west coast.
I was walking around in another country where the water had also had flooded inland, but it was a foreign language, foreign church's, homes resemble tiny shanty towns. Small shacks made of scraps of debris. No one knew what hit them. All sources of obtaining news were also wiped out. NO ONE KNEW THE TRUTH WHAT TOOK PLACE. BILLIONS OF LIVES WERE LOST, AND WILL BE LOST when this will come to pass. Media blackout prior to all of the water/ocean destruction...WORLDWIDE GLOBAL DISASTER. the powers that be fully understand, understood what will and what did take place.
North America got hit the hardest by this massive, huge, wall of ocean water. The west coast is dismantled, disseminated, millions, millions and millions of lives lost, that inherited their place in the Realms of Heaven. - Next section revelations from our Heavenly Father -
I need to preface the following revelation from our Heavenly Father. He shares His revelations with me thru blunt, honest means so there is no room for misinterpretation. I have encountered many Spiritual events in my life that I can not deny that our Heavenly Father does indeed lives, He is immensely aware of our needs, desires,etc. My PB mentions our relationship btwn each other which gives me greater insight why I receive such knowledge from on High in this manner.
I have also removed personal revelations to me and my part in these Latter days since this is only for myself and loved ones to be privy too. Everything within " " marks are words, impressions, visions I receive directly from our Beloved Heavenly Father. I am shocked in a way that I am allowed to share this, but as one read further on He already sanctioned this revelation to be shared when so directed. Which I have, that is why I sharing this dream and revelatory session from Saturday March 21st @ 1:55am. I awakened from my dreamed to be advised to transcribe the following:
" 2016, within this year further destruction will once again on a global scale that no human has yet to record. The earth, she will shake to & fro, that she will 're-write the topical geographical locations/land masses' thru what is left of mother earth. The Heavens have given her chance to 'rest for a season'.
Mother Earth is finally able to be cleansed from the thousands, thousands and thousands of years of wickedness that had stained her earthly garments. People that do not know each other, many different families will be residing together not only shelter but for protection.
Lawlessness of those who survive, not prepared shall cause further hell to rage upon this planet. For a while there will no forms of ANY GOVERNING BODY OR COUNCIL. All manner of illness, sickness, disease, etc will run rampant to further souls transition to the other side.
Each continent will suffer grave massive damages due to the mighty influx of the world's oceans displacement.....My son this shall be "the Celestial event" that will usher in and bring to pass my beloved Son Jesus Christ's Second Return. I showed you, allowed you to witness what will come to pass so you and your Loved ones can be prepared as much as possible. You must rely upon the sacred, Holy Priesthood that is now upon thee. ** ( This revelation came soon after I become a High Priest ) **
The Higher Priesthood that I lovingly bestowed upon thee thru my chosen disciple for you will be the start of my glorious works, and wonders to be allowed to be manifested thru you. Fear not for I am with thee. You shall become a beacon of light and hope for those who do not have faith in me. I shall fill thy mouth with Holy Scriptures sanctified by the Holy Spirit of promise to further testify of my Beloved Son's Triumphant Second Return.
You must further cleanse all facets of your body to be able to become a stronger, righteous Disciple of my Beloved Son, Jesus Christ. For His sake of your fellow brothers and sisters. The time is nigh, and the world is ripened with inequities of my people's demise.
All convenanted areas of earth/land shall remain to help build up a righteous, mighty dwelling of the righteous ones that shall help build my Holy Kingdom upon this earth. I challenge you to attend the sacred Holy sanctuary's of my Beloved Son to gain a further witness what shall come to pass.
Your promises in the Heavens awaits, your righteous actions to help thwart evil, to bring to pass much righteousness to quell the gross inequity that will befall this nation and world. Your strength shall become my strength in all manners of righteousness.
Ponder greatly within the sacred Holy walls of Jehovah's Holy Sanctuaries. You have been tested thru out your mortal life, to bring to pass your Divinely ordained, and appointed role in these Latter Days. Your immovable Faith will continue to be your greatest weapon of righteousness to thwart the darkness that I will allow from these global cleansing processes.
The Holy Tabernacle shall once again have its rightful place, position upon these cleansed, convenanted lands. What I shown you was what covered the Holy Tabernacle in the wilderness with your beloved brothers Moses, Aaron. You shake head in sincere wonder, this shall come to pass, it must and shall, to bring to pass the eternal life of my creations. Mother Earth shall be ripe with those survivors ready and willing to help build up the Kingdom upon this earth.
My, son, remember those sacred conversations, and covenants that you willingly took upon thee, your spiritual growth era of your time being tutored for this occasion to come to pass. To help usher in my glorious Sons Return. With much tribulation, comes expanded Blessings of eternal truths.
Now, sleep my son, I love you, your obedience to transcribe my Holy counsel unto thee. I counsel you to prayerfully decide as to what sections of your dream and further revelations and knowledge to bring to light to those who understands what I have shared with thee. Sleep, my son, you are exhausted by what I allowed you to witness, quiet your mind. I give you mighty peace, equal to your mighty faith my son, now sleep find your rest awaiting you. " - end 3:02am
This is one of my longest revelatory sessions. I am always wiped out exhausted by it all, at times emotional from what I have been told and seen. Please do not read any more than what is has been shared. To me is black and white.
I ask you to prayerfully ponder over what has been shared for you to find your own spiritual witness of the truths from our Heavenly Father. I know that He wants His children both and in out of the fold to be ready as possible for the Triumphant Second Coming of His Beloved Son Jesus Christ. ~ Love, Steven ~


I find this FB commentary to be spot on:

SCOTUS did, perhaps because we didn't. The tragic truth is that the history of the latter-day saints also includes years upon years of refusing to follow numerous warnings and instructions from God.
1. Build a temple at Nauvoo
2. Consecrate your surplus to the church and poor
3. Live the united order
4. Don't persecute the poor through land speculations
5. Don't leave so late in the season
6. Respect and priesthood for all races
7. Celestial Marriage
8. 2 yrs supply of food and basics
9. No public schools
10. Oppose Communism and Socialism in all forms and in all places
11. Don't denying birth of Gods children into covenant homes.
12. Politically defend the home, marriage, and life
13. Avoid Pornography
etc, etc, etc

Today the 9th of Tammuz, the walls are again breached, but not from a foreign invader - from our own apathy and love of comfort more than God. We worship our nice homes, new cars, fancy clothes, status, jobs, prosperity, ease of living, electronic distractions, and popularity more than God. It would have meant short-term sacrifice for us but if we, as a body of professed believers, would have followed the true and living God this day would have been different.
Nevertheless God is long suffering. His arms are always open. He ever awaits our obedience and SACRIFICE. His path is bordered by an iron rod and His design is to lead us out of hell, through the darkness to the light of His love.


I am sitting here in 90+ degree heat in Seattle and noting that we just had a huge aurora event in our skies last week.  I think there is a connection to weakened magnetosphere and the skies being dry and the weather "whacked out".

I am pretty sure there is a connection between this and the drought Cali and then the rest of the nation is going to experience.  It is no coincidence that we are coming close to the advent of our Savior.  It is all timed to coincide.

Here is the article:


From Sarah Low that works in the Church office building:

I've been thinking tonight about something I don't want posted on a larger page.
Temples, specifically Salt Lake and Jordan River.
I'll start with Salt Lake. A family member works for a company that was hired out to do some major renovations on the Salt Lake temple. Sort of what was done to the tabernacle to reinforce the structure. The date was set, the contractors had been hired, the plans were drawn, the meetings were taking place. The Prophet said no. This is no longer happening. This was decided six months ago.
Jordan River, I have a family member who works there as an employee. Has been there over 20 years. They've been told a number of times the temple will be undergoing a major renovation which will take two years. Same thing, contractors are hired, everything is in place. Prophet said no. This was decided a few months ago.
Makes me raise an eyebrow at this point in the game....


Nothing surprises me any more.....  This guy is the anti-Christ.  Period.

Remember the George Q. Canon post a few posts back.  When you are in it, you will hardly recognize it.  Same problem with the Jews when Jesus showed up on the scene.  They were ill-prepared to recognize him because they were looking for a little more pizzazz.

Here is Jonathan Cahn touching on the same subject:

The mouth of a few witnesses have told you.

Here is some history on this abomination:

Germany was infected.  Then we conquered Germany and imported all their ridiculous knowledge and occult here (including the space program), and now we are the modern incarnation of the throne of satan.  Here is another pic that will blow your mind (based EXACTLY off the altar at Pergamon)  - showing that we are modern babylon and we are on the devil's business (ever since President Jackson and we lost control of the vision of the Founding Fathers and began to persecute the Saints in earnest):

Just as Cahn pointed out, we (as a nation) are trying to kill the good Christians and also to wipe Israel off the map by supporting her enemies.  For this crime, this nation will be destroyed.  Not partially - but completely wiped to the ground.  So it will be.

Friday, June 26, 2015


I have gotten little press time on my prediction that we are "in it".  Too many naysayers telling me we have 50 or 75 years (or more).  All the while, I am saying that we are in the final 3.5 years and the tribulations are about to get real.

Here is a quote by a "heavy breather" which tends to back me up:
"The greatest events that have been spoken of by all the Holy Prophets will come along so naturally as the consequences of certain causes, that unless our eyes are enlightened by the Spirit of God, and the spirit of revelation rests upon us, we will fail to see that these are the events predicted by the Holy Prophets." George Q. Cannon, Nov. 2, 1879, JD 21:266-67.
Who can argue with that guy?


Just saw the pic below.....   How festive of them.  How disgusting.  How fitting for the bundle of sticks we have in that house and his tranny "wife".....  The plunge off the cliff is proving to be meteoric.  The only question is:  how low can we go??

Image source: Screen grab via YouTube

Makes me sick to my stomach - the mockery of a symbol that used to be sacred to so many.  I have been working on our RV so I can take a bunch of time off and go do what we did in Cali a few years back.  I called it the devastation tour - post Prop 8.  The event that got this whole party started.  Now it is time to go get the dust off my feet in DC.  They are quite dusty these days.....

God will NOT be mocked.....  First by water, then by fire.  This is more like the reality of what we will soon see.  And yes, I think the die is cast - and there is no going back.  We have sealed our fate on this one.

Thanks, bummer!



The records of the Church were moved at this time.  So was the food.  Persecution is coming again where troops will once again be arrayed against God's people.

There will be a great sifting at that point - those who oppose tyranny and support God's definition of marriage - and those who have listened to the siren call of babylon and have departed the iron rod into the mists.

We are about to embark on an interesting journey:

History has a habit of repeating itself.


 I have already gotten a bunch of comments pointing this out - but I had already snagged this off a FB feed.  We are indeed ripe - the only question I have is when will the hammer fall.  Economically, socially and spiritually.  Along the spiritual lines, I have been feeling for some time now a certain edginess in friends, family and just across the board.  It is my opinion that the Spirit is being pulled or has been pulled from off the face of the earth - leading to utter chaos and desolation when the final constructs of civility are pulled out and we are left to ourselves - a desolation.

For this purpose, we have been prepared by the Brethren to focus on charity, love and our inner selves.  Our wells will have to be deep in order to survive what is coming down the pike.  I am gaining a testimony that there is a need for a callout.  As Brigham Young once said, there would be no way to tell a Mormon from a non-Mormon in the last days (paraphrased) because the people would no longer be so distinct (as they try to mirror babylon and fit in with the world) and that our communities would become watered down with people who did not share our values.

A friend pointed this out to me: Look at today on the Hebrew Calendar. And then look on the same calendar, same date, two years ago. Both the 9th and the 17th of Tammuz are days of mourning on the Jewish Calendar due to the Babylonians (on the 9th) and the Romans (on the 17th) breaching the walls of Jerusalem on the way to destroy the Temple (which happened on the 9th of Av on both occasions). Also look at 27 June 1844 (date of the martyrdom of Joseph Smith) and you will also find it fell the day after the 9th of Tammuz. This was NOT the destruction of the Jewish nation, but it paved the way to the destruction of the Jewish nation. It is a day of mourning.
Today's SCOTUS ruling concerning Same Sex Marriage fell on the 9th of Tammuz. The walls have been breached.
 AND, some timely words of a Prophet:
"WE WARN that individuals who violate covenants of chastity, who abuse spouse or offspring, or who fail to fulfill family responsibilities will one day stand accountable before God. Further, we warn that the disintegration of the family will bring upon individuals, communities, and nations the calamities foretold by ancient and modern prophets."

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I think this chemo has more to do with the stuff that comes out of bottoms, than it does with the bottom line.....  Absolutely stinky!!   This article lays it down:


As a professional, I could most likely be "conscripted" to work for a regime I have no interest in supporting at NO PAY.  In the days we calling for the ouster of the rebel flag because it (supposedly) represents slavery, we have this clear directive towards it and by a BLACK (half-black) prezdent.

The irony, if it were not so horrifying, is simply overwhelmingly bizarre:

President Obama signed his own executive order which allowed for the President to enact slave labor, on a large scale, on American soil.

For the Americans who have been targeted for FEMA camp detention, most will voluntarily self-incarcerate in order to avoid starvation for both them and their families. The following excepts from EO 13603 will be enacted.

Third world population control, using food as one of the primary weapons, has long been a matter of official covert US national policy and a portion of President Obama’s Executive Order (EO 13603) is a continuation of that policy. Americans will be the new third world and your food will be withheld in order to enforce compliance with the planned slave labor in support of the WW III production needs.

Most Americans will report for duty on a voluntary basis in order to avoid starvation. Duty for what?

Slave Labor Force
According to Executive Order 13603, the President, or the head of any federal agency that he shall designate, can conscript “persons of outstanding experience and ability without compensation,” in both “peacetime and times of national emergency.” I can hear the Obama supporters now as they will write to me and say, “Obama would never do that, you are drinking from the Kool-Aid”. Well, here it is, you can read it for yourself.

Sec. 502. Consultants. The head of each agency otherwise delegated functions under this order is delegated the authority of the President under sections 710(b) and (c) of the Act, 50 U.S.C. App. 2160(b), (c), to employ persons of outstanding experience and ability without compensation and to employ experts, consultants, or organizations. The authority delegated by this section may not be redelegated.

This means that Obama, and his fellow communists, can seize any resource, property, or person at any time for any reason, including being able to force that person to perform assigned labor without being paid.

There is only ONE word for forced, “uncompensated employment”. That word is slavery. Congratulations to President Obama, he has effectively repealed the 13th Amendment to the Constitution.

Section 601 of the act specifies, in part, how far the government can go in terms of making you their slave.

Sec. 601. Secretary of Labor. (a) The Secretary of Labor, in coordination with the Secretary of Defense and the heads of other agencies, as deemed appropriate by the Secretary of Labor, shall:

(1) collect and maintain data necessary to make a continuing appraisal of the Nation’s workforce needs for purposes of national defense;

(2) upon request by the Director of Selective Service, and in coordination with the Secretary of Defense, assist the Director of Selective Service in development of policies regulating the induction and deferment of persons for duty in the armed services;

(3) upon request from the head of an agency with authority under this order, consult with that agency with respect to: (i) the effect of contemplated actions on labor demand and utilization; (ii) the relation of labor demand to materials and facilities requirements; and (iii) such other matters as will assist in making the exercise of priority and allocations functions consistent with effective utilization and distribution of labor;

(4) upon request from the head of an agency with authority under this order: (i) formulate plans, programs, and policies for meeting the labor requirements of actions to be taken for national defense purposes; and

(ii) estimate training needs to help address national defense requirements and promote necessary and appropriate training programs.

[link to (secure)]


Wow - this fellow on FB really went after our dear friend, DS.  I could not help but think of my wife's favorite scripture of D&C93:1 - which actually says that if we are patient, humble and faithful, it MAY be our privilege to have a ministering manifestation by the Lord.  BUT - to expect one?  Nope.  It would be the height of arrogance, methinks.  Here is D&C 93:1 (hyper-linked if you would like to read it in context):
Verily, thus saith the Lord: It shall come to pass that every soul who forsaketh his sins and cometh unto me, and calleth on my name, and obeyeth my voice, and keepeth my commandments, shall see my face and know that I am;
I find GREAT comfort in knowing that someone as insignificant as me can potentially one day have audience with the Lord - that He cares enough for me to ensure that I can meet Him if I can meet the bar that He has set (remembering that His yoke is easy and His burden is light - or in other words, this is not too hard of a thing to accomplish, if we simply apply ourselves and desire it with all our hearts).  I might only struggle with feelings of my own inadequacy and also with what questions I might ask during that time.

Here is my friend's FB rant (which I also happen to agree with, to some degree):

The following powerful passage has been completely wrested by a popular former LDS (excommunicated) author, Denver Snuffer, Jr., and his followers:
"The other Comforter spoken of is a subject of great interest, and perhaps understood by few of this generation. After a person has faith in Christ, repents of his sins, and is baptized for the remission of his sins and receives the Holy Ghost, (by the laying on of hands), which is the first Comforter, then let him continue to humble himself before God, hungering and thirsting after righteousness, and living by every word of God, and the Lord will soon say unto him, Son, thou shalt be exalted. When the Lord has thoroughly proved him, and finds that the man is determined to serve Him at all hazards, then the man will find his calling and his election made sure, then it will be his privilege to receive the other Comforter, which the Lord hath promised the Saints, as is recorded in the testimony of St. John, in the 14th chapter, from the 12th to the 27th verses...
“Now what is this other Comforter? It is no more nor less than the Lord Jesus Christ Himself; and this is the sum and substance of the whole matter; that when any man obtains this last Comforter, he will have the personage of Jesus Christ to attend him, or appear unto him from time to time, and even He will manifest the Father unto him, and they will take up their abode with him, and the visions of the heavens will be opened unto him, and the Lord will teach him face to face, and he may have a perfect knowledge of the mysteries of the Kingdom of God; and this is the state and place the ancient Saints arrived at when they had such glorious visions—Isaiah, Ezekiel, John upon the Isle of Patmos, St. Paul in the three heavens, and all the Saints who held communion with the general assembly and Church of the Firstborn.”
– Joseph Smith
('History of the Church', Vol. III, pp 380-381)
I love that (doctrinal) quote from the Prophet Joseph Smith...
What I do NOT love is the teachings of a certain excommunicated lawyer (Denver Snuffer), who perpetuates the idea, for $24.95 + tax, that there is some 'formula' for CONJURING the Savior of the world.
The very idea that ANYONE should feel entitled to a visitation from Deity is an obvious immediate disqualification. But that lack of humility, that prideful expectant self-will, will definitely open the door to the side of the veil that CAN be CONJURED by men on earth (Moses 5:22-31)
From the Prophet Joseph Smith to the Apostles and Prophets of the past (such as John the Revelator, Paul, Ezekiel, Jacob, Nephi, Isaiah, Moses and the brother of Jared) those to whom the Lord unveiled His face had one consistent common theme:
NONE of them were EXPECTING a divine manifestation when it occurred!
The Lord does NOT hearken to the conjuring commands of men.
That would make the Savior of this world subject to men. When our only hope to have such a manifestation is to become fully subject to Him.
And, again, that is the key word – HOPE.
When something becomes an expectation, it becomes an entitlement. It is NO longer a gift. It is a demanded wage.
That has NEVER been the case with ANY Divine Manifestation in the scriptural accounts. It has ALWAYS been a gift to the faithful – who, in every instance, had no anticipation or expectation that the Savior would part the veil and grant them a witness of His glorious majesty.
I deeply worry about those who have fallen prey to this dangerous new trend towards expectantly CONJURING Deity – as though the Godhead were a set of genies in a bottle. No matter who their 'visitors' claim to be, who exactly are they opening up the door towards – in these entitled anticipatory petitions?
(D&C 112:10)
10 Be thou humble; and the Lord thy God shall lead thee by the hand, and give thee answer to thy prayers.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Folks, from Civil Defense shelters to summer gardens in the country, Russia has its stuff together in a way that we could only hope for.

My friend that spent a year studying aerospace over there saw this with his own eyes during the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1990.  He observed people coming into the Moscow on a train carrying the food for an extended family in boxes and gunny sacks.  There were people in the city who lived in the flats and those in the country who maintained the summer garden.

In the winter, the people congregated in the city.  It is really a pretty smart way to go.  Most everyone did it.  Those who did not, were consigned to bread lines that could last days to get small rations.  Russians are used to suffering - we are NOT.

In 2011 the dacha (summer cottage) gardens of Russia produced 40% of the nation's food

Perhaps they are in a better position to weather hard times than we are

[In 2003, the Russian government signed the Private Garden Plot Act into law, entitling citizens to private plots of land for free. These plots range from 0.89 hectares to 2.75 hectares. A hectare is about 2.5 acres. A city block is about 1.5 acres]

How much land do you need to grow all your food? This is a dacha garden in Russia where there is a strong tradition of growing your own food.

While many in the world are completely dependent on large scale agriculture, the Russian people feed themselves. Their agricultural economy is small scale, predominantly organic and in the capable hands of the nation's people. Russians have something built into their DNA that creates the desire to grow their own food. It's a habit that has fed the Russian nation for centuries. It's not just a hobby but a massive contribution to Russia's agriculture.

In 2011, 51% of Russia's food was grown either by dacha communities (40%), like those pictured left in Sisto-Palkino, or peasant farmers (11%) leaving the rest (49%) of production to the large agricultural enterprises. But when you dig down into the earthy data from the Russian Statistics Service you discover some impressive details.

Again in 2011, dacha gardens produced over 80% of the countries fruit and berries, over 66% of the vegetables, almost 80% of the potatoes and nearly 50% of the nations milk, much of it consumed raw.

While many European governments make living on a small-holding very difficult, in Russia the opposite is the case. In the UK one councillor's opinion regarding living on the land was, "Nobody would subject themselves to that way of life. You might as well be in prison"; tell that to a nation of gardeners living off the land.

During the communist period school children were obliged to visit their local farms to get hands-on experience harvesting food (below left) at a time when about 90% of the nation's food came from dacha gardens. During the same period every child would be expected to play their part in growing the family's food from their small patch of Russia.

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And then fully bound with everlasting chains (if we do not repent when we stumble).

This story is a fantastic illustration of how we can be deceived.  If every in a YM/YW organization again, I will use this object lesson.  Very powerful:


I asked the person who shared this with friends if I could post this on the blog and got permission.  I have heavily redacted names and places (in parenthesis) so that the person can remain anonymous and so that the space/time continuum is not wrinkled (sorry for the Star Trek allusion - but when you talk of things, you can change outcomes, according to principles of moral agency and the Heisenberg Principle).

I feel honored to share this.  I think it backs up what I have been saying all along.  What Spencer finally came out with in Visions of Glory - and what indeed will come to pass here shortly.  Possibly as soon as this summer/fall.  I know timelines are problematic - but it is all coming together so quickly.  People feel it all around me.  The numbers on the blog show it - as they go exponential.  BTW - I have put ads on the blog simply as an experiment in order to see whether I could go "pro" on the blog and do it full time after leaving my job in aerospace finally in order to prep full time.

I am at a huge juncture in my life right now.  I am finally a six figure earner and am doing okay in my career.  I have a chance to take an opening in Cali that would effectively double my salary and allow me to work at home as many as two weeks a month - but which would cause me to have to travel quite a bit to investigate in-service failures within the fleet.  Normally, I would not put that info out there - but I am requesting prayers on my behalf in order to make the correct decision for my family.  At this critical time - I NEED to make the right decision.  Greater pay and opportunities to be with the family would help to make necessary preps and do much more good than I can right now.  Being required to be in a cesspool (LA) and international travel away from my family would be a bad thing.  I have resolved never to live my life in fear - BUT, the writing on the wall is in ALL CAPS, bold font.....

Change is coming - and coming sooner than we expect.

Anyway - please pray for me.  As open as I am on the blog, I try to leave personal information out which keeps the trolls/stalkers at bay and keeps my family safe if I am not around.  There are some real weirdos out there - says the guy with the "end of the world" blog.....

Anyway - the following was a real breath of fresh air in helping me to make the decision.  I have partial confirmation that this is not one of those "faith inspiring" stories made up by someone who is trying to promote their hero, "Spencer" (BTW - that was a shot across the bow for the spammers and trolls - right up front).....

Here it is:

Just want to share something.
I'll try to give a readers digest version, but I want to share an experience I just had yesterday. I had the opportunity of meeting a wonderful family yesterday. His name is (Jim), his wife is (Ariagato). Neither are members and knows nothing about the LDS church (other than Jim's heard it is a cult). Jim is new to my work section and I invited him to go scuba diving. After the dive and cleaning up, I brought up the conversation of religion and discovered that he is against organized religion, but is self-taught and is studying to find the truth...he said, "I know someday we'll have prophets and apostles on earth because God is the same yesterday, today and forever." This led to a very interesting dialogue for our ride home. When I dropped him off, he invited me into his home to chat with he and his wife, Ariagato. Ariagato is from Japan, believes in Christ, but is not officially a Christian because of family tradition and culture. She has a bit of knowledge of Christianity and of the Gospel, but is confused on a lot of things. We ended up chatting for 4+ hours and we had such a lovely afternoon; I wanted to share some of the conversation with you all.
As part of the introductions, I listened intently of Ariagato's religious upbringing and about her husband's intense studying of the scriptures to know the "mysteries of God" and "HIS truth".
Afterwards, Ariagato, in her Japanese accent, asked me what I believe. I shared about Joseph Smith, gave an account of his first vision, and gave a brief overview of the Book of Mormon. She wanted to know more, so I began sharing the Articles of Faith. I never made it thru the end of all 13. She inquired about so many of the unfamiliar words and or beliefs or points of doctrine (i.e. sin, original sin, effects of little children if they die, hell, atonement, ordinances, prophets, faith, New Jerusalem, etc). She would stop me and ask me to briefly explain details of each; her husband enjoyed jumping in and sharing his knowledge on each subject as well. After discussing AoF #4, for some reason I skipped to Aof #10. Her husband and I discussed Israel, the scattering and gathering etc. Then I went back to AoF #5 and so forth. At Article of Faith #7, she again stopped me to understand more about visions and the gift of tongues and wanted more details.
I told her that the purpose of these gifts of the spirit are to spiritually edify us and to bring us unto Christ. Her husband began to provide additional knowledge on the subject; however, she kindly interrupted her husband, and kindly requested him to just listen. Ariagato continued speaking to Jim but was looking at me with a rather matter-of-factly look and said that she has dreams, visions, and can see clean and bright and good spirits around me and said that she knows that I have pure intentions, and that I have important messages to deliver and again tells her husband that it is very important that they just listen to me.
I asked her if she could share with me any of her dreams and visions. She was hesitant and said that she hasn't really shared them with anyone other that her husband, and that he isn't quite sure what to think because he has a different understanding or belief of the "spirit world". She said she's always had this ability since birth, which is that she can see things that others can't. I assure her that it is okay and she said that lately she's had a lot of dreams and visions...she begins to tear up, looks down, and begins to rub her 9 month pregnant belly (she's due on 28 June). She starts again and said she doesn't know why she's having a baby girl now because really soon some very terrible and powerful things are going to happen in the world but that she doesn't quite know the timeline. She is hesitant to share at first, and I feel impressed to mention an economic collapse. She immediately looks up at me and then to Jim and said "Yes, see Jim, I've been telling you about this and I think it will start soon, maybe this Sept." She told me "there will be no recovery once it happens." Then she mentioned tsunamis and earthquakes. I asked her if it's here on Lanai? She said "Yes, but Lanai tsunami hits later, that it starts in California, that most of the state falls away or sinks into the ocean. It also happens in Florida, the coasts and half of Florida goes away, and that the effects goes all the way up past New York and Boston." She said "there is a terrible Earth quake across the world, with much destruction in Africa, South America and Tokyo with death everywhere." Again, she emphasizes that "it's all around the world." I asked her if she sees war. She said "yes, with nuclear weapons and Asian nations and Russia and wicked men in those countries are meeting and conspiring and planning for this war now and that there will be an attack and invasion against our country." She mentioned "there is something else that is released that sickens everyone," I asked if it is like smallpox or ebola, she said "yes, but worse and that it can change because it was made to be very deadly." At this point, I am really in awe, I am feeling the spirit and find that it parallels the book Visions of Glory.
Ariagato then referred back to our discussion about the gathering of Israel, that she "sees there are places of safety, and not just one." She said "they are around the world" but she's "distinctly seen 5 of them, one of them is a small place in Tokyo with a white building." I was thinking of the temple.
At this point, she changes the conversation and said that daily she can see "lots of people that have died," and she can see "other people who have bodies, but are not dead, but are good and can travel around fast." I was thinking of translated beings.
She mentioned that "some of these dead spirits don't understand that they are dead and try to kill themselves over and over, by jumping off a building over and over." Others she said "...have addictions and they like to go into clubs and bars to experience their addictions through others." She said she can "see spirits walking around all over the place, but gets overwhelmed and tries to turn it off, and that she doesn't like to see the bad ones." She explained to me how she can "tune-in the spirit like a radio, and it can be really strong" if she wants. If she doesn't think about it nothing happens.
I talked a bit about the veil and our premortal life, the war in heaven, and Lucifer and the 1/3 rebellious followers cast out. How Christ was picked to be the Savior, that by him, death and sin were overcome. And how we are to be tried and tested and exercise faith in this short life on earth.
She then said, "I can see your bedroom and stacks of books on your night stand, and I know you do a lot a study and prayer, and you desire to share and teach things to people." I confirmed this, and she said, she is "one of the people and that there are others still." Then she said "I can tell that"...and she looks above my head and stares then continues, "...I don't how to describe it because I only know the term reincarnation, but I know that is not that, I just don't know how to explain it." Then she continued staring above me and trying to find the words and said, "I can see that you were ordained or something, like a priest, even before the world existed, and that soon in the future you will have and use very powerful powers to do things to protect and save lives." Then she gestured her hands moving about to describe what she saw while still staring above my head and said, "there is like a crown and great light that goes up and up and spirits angels are above you."
Before I can say anything, she immediately changes topic and asked about my wife and said, "I see your wife, and I know her parents spirits are with her right now." I told her Yes, her parents have both passed away and she is in (Utah) at a family reunion for her nieces wedding. She said "yes, and that she knows that my wife is very good, and spiritual and that she had to do something that was hard for her family to accept, but that it is okay because they are good people too and spiritual and that this will help them out". I don't say anything, but continue to listen.
Ariagato then mentioned that she can "see my children, that they are good and that they have special powers and gifts." She mentioned that "one of them has had visions like her and will have more." I mention my son (John) , and I recall briefly his dreams about tsunamis.
Then she said, that she "..sees that I have stuff that she needs to see because she knows she is supposed to have food and water storage but is overwhelmed because she doesn't know how or what to do." She started to cry again. I shared with her the church's welfare program, the commandment to prepare both physically and spiritually, and I related the parable of the ten virgins. Her husband sweetly consoled her telling her that God is in control and that he will help to make all of these things happen. I testified and assured them of Gods love, that it is so great and that he cares greatly about the details of their lives. On this note, we embraced, and I left to go home.
Driving home, I related the event on the phone to my wife who is in Utah. We rejoiced together and praised Jesus for his gracious love. When I got home, I hurriedly went to the (Princeton's) home to share this with JP and (Karen). While there, Jim and Ariagato sent me a text asking if they could come over to my house now to talk a little more and see my food and water storage. I said definitely and they said they'd be there in 20 minutes. I invited JP and Karen down to my house to meet with them.
Again, we had a lovely discussion and enjoyed ice cream bars. Ariagato shared a condensed version of her dreams with all of us again. Ariagato also shared something new that I hadn't heard previously. Just recently, her family moved from (New York) to Laina, and they were staying in a hotel on Waikiki beach. She said that while on the 14th floor, she looked out at the ocean when she was shown a vision. She said she saw a wave of water that was so high that it went over the tops of all the skyscrapers. She also said she could see my house, and that she knew it was up high and protected. She talked about my wife and kids and again stared. She said that faces were blurring, but she knew it was my wife, but that her hair was going to be shorter than it is now in the pictures in my home. She also mentioned my really blonde little boy, (Jamie).
I showed her and everyone else our food storage and the pile of books by my bed that she mentioned she had seen in vision. She said "Yes, but there are more than that." I showed her my office bookshelves, and she "Yes, but there are more". I didn't mention it, but when my wife and I moved to Hawaii, we left boxes and boxes of books and food storage items in long-term storage. Before I could say anything, she said that she was just told to tell me something like "there will be many people who will try to challenge my knowledge, and some that would tell me false things and persuasive ideas, but that I know what is truth and not to worry" She also said that she "knows that I am anxious to teach and share and help, but that I have many questions too...that I really try to learn a lot of things so I can teach people truth" I then showed Jim and Ariagato a picture of the Laie and Salt Lake city temples. She took a camera picture of them. I invited and committed their family to go to the temple visitor center and mentioned that there she would really be able to 'tune' into the spirit better than anywhere else. She seemed very excited and eager.
JP provided them a copy of Visions of Glory for them to read. I loaned them A marvelous work and wonder, and 65 signs of the times.
Finally, I took them outside and showed them our water storage tanks. After showing the tanks, she told me that my "...eyes are very beautiful, but not in a way of a compliment because she didn't know how to explain it very well but that they are beautiful because they are pure. She said I am not perfect, I strive for perfection and I am too hard on myself."
We all said good night, embraced again on the driveway and they left. For most of the night my thoughts and dreams were of their family in the temple and sharing the gospel with other people.
The Sister missionaries are going to get me some copies of the BoM to share with them, in both Japanese and English. I am excited to see them in the temple.
I hope to hear from you, thanks.


An interesting thought from the Spencer tape I am listening to right now.

He talks about how his spirit was more able to move through things that were in nature - but not as easy as moving through things like concrete or rebar, etc.

I have always wondered why the buildings in Jerusalem are required to be made of cut stone with very little unnatural (synthetic or composite) building materials.  It just may be rooted in this concept.  These cities (the Jerusalem/New Jerusalem), will be filled with spiritual beings who will be coming and going as they go about their work.  It would be more easily done, if they were able to move through the more natural buildings.

Just a thought - and I know that what Spencer spoke of is spot on - as abstract as it may seem to many.  It was sweet and delicious to me.

If you have not listened - here it is again:

Monday, June 22, 2015


I came across it again and thought I would share again:


I have heard several collaborating versions of this from people from this area - and it all seems to match up with what the others have said about near future events:

The fifth question was about the wars. I'm not sure how the world war started, but it had to do with oil in the Middle East and Israel. European nations, facing no oil, got involved. About this same time Russia was on a course to regain their past glory and clashed with just about everyone. Meanwhile, war had begun between India and Pakistan. Iran had stirred up trouble in the Middle East and had something to do with starting the war with Israel, but I'm not sure how. All I remember is that war was everywhere in the world.

Here is the whole experience:


Dream of Texas Gathering at end times

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I read this some time ago on this forum. I just wanted to re-post it as I find it to be very interesting.

If anyone knows of the source of this dream I would be very interested to know.

My Dream Of A Future Event (Traveling from Texas to Utah)


I have a college degree in Criminal Justice from Trinity University in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. I also attended Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah and Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas. After serving a two-year LDS Church mission in Northern California, I served in the military intelligence branch the U.S. Army in Vietnam from 1967 to 1968. Then I joined the County Sheriff's Department in Texas where I live and retired in 1989. I am married and have nine children.

On Tuesday, April 5, 2005 while traveling home from the Houston, Texas temple with my wife, my sister and her husband we were discussing events from the book There Is No Death, by Sarah Menet. (Prior to this time I had never heard of Sarah Menet or Roger K. Young.) When my brother-in-law mentioned about a convoy of large semi trucks traveling westward at the time we are called to the safety of the mountains, my dream returned clearly to me and I then related the dream to them. Up to this time I had not told anyone about the dream.

I have believed for some time the many stories told by members and our church leaders who have warned us that the time would come that we as members of the church would be asked to live the United Order and be called by our church leaders to flee to the safety of the mountains in the west. I have believed this to be Utah and the surrounding inter mountains for protection against outlaw elements and a breakdown of our civil government prior to the second coming of our Savior Jesus Christ. The dream came as no real surprise to me, but I just decided to keep the dream to myself... until now.

My dream of a future event occurred in the summer of 1988 at my home. For three nights in a row, the dream continued and each night I would pick up where the dream left off the night before. At the time I was serving in the Bishopric of the Vidor Ward, Orange, Texas Stake.

My dream is as follows:

I, along with several others, were called to attend a special meeting with the Stake President and the High Council of our stake. Upon arrival at the Stake Center, I noticed those called to attend included Bishops, their councilors, doctors in our stake and those like me who had prior military experience and/or police experience or both, as was my case.

I do not recall the names of the Stake President or the various Bishops, doctors or others that I care to name at this time, but the meeting was about the current breakdown of law and order and the coming troubles facing our nation. Things were bad for our nation at this time both inside and outside with war raging throughout the world, but war had yet to come to our shores.

The feeling I had in this dream was it was just a matter of time. The Stake President said that orders had come from Salt Lake City that it was now time for us in our stake to take in members from Louisiana who had been gathering in and around Lake Charles. He said we were to open our homes to the members and help them. As soon as we gathered all we could from Louisiana to safety in Vidor, we would travel as a group to a gathering place near Woodville, Texas and meet with the Beaumont, Texas Stake.

We were going to organize into units as in the old days; families of ten, then one hundred, then one thousand. The Bishops would be organizing the tens and hundreds, but the larger numbers would be by Stake Presidents. This order was not only for us in Southeast Texas and Southwest Louisiana.

I understood that Houston, Texas was organizing and Saints from the eastern parts of the country was fleeing west in large groups, mainly for protection in numbers. My part in all this was to be part of the security force that was being organized. We were to organize units as a military security force to protect our movements.

The dream continued. I saw a large tent city at my brother's ranch south of Evadale, Texas at Wiess Bluff. I saw a smaller one at my old home place where my sister lives and one at my other sister's land. I also saw other groups camping in and around North Vidor. I saw later that we were ordered to move from these camps to the Woodville, Texas area.

Much distrust came from outsiders. I remember clearly that Orange, Texas was rather hostile to the Mormons and we did not attempt to set up any camps there. Vidor was more tolerant, Evadale was somewhat hostile toward us, but our strength in numbers prevented them from attacking us.

I helped negotiate a peace treaty with the leaders of the people of Evadale to allow us to cross the Neches River Bridge without interference. I saw thousands of campfires surrounding Lake Tejas near Woodville, as this was one of our camps where we met up with the Beaumont, Texas Stake.

There was not yet a total breakdown of law and order so we received some help from law enforcement in our movements and campsites. Shortly thereafter, we moved as a group by trucks, cars, buses and some semi trucks northwest. Near Gatesville, Texas at the site of a military fort called North Fort Hood, we met some regular army people or National Guardsmen who were stationed there.

They asked us to accept several army tanks as they feared these tanks would eventually fall into the wrong hands or be taken by force by several outlaw gangs. They were about to abandon the fort and therefore wanted the tanks to go to Utah where there was still law and order and some official acting government of the United States who would be restoring order to the nation.

Several of the soldiers joined our group because they had nowhere else to go. The army provided us with large semi-tractor trailer vehicles to load and move the tanks. Many other vehicles were provided, including large gasoline tankers along with fuel, weapons and food. Before this time, we had to scrounge around for gas and supplies and sometimes negotiate with money for needed items.

It seemed the whole world was falling apart, especially Europe except for England. Wars were everywhere and the United States had committed troops everywhere, but since the federal government had declared national martial law, had federalized most of state and local law enforcement and suspended the courts, many people began resisting. Our armies overseas were being recalled to help restore order, but many upon return had just simply refused orders or deserted.

I recall now that my dream showed several large cities in a state of rebellion with mob rule and large gangs, private armies or volunteer armies all fighting for control with the federal government unable to do much to restore law and order. The cities I remember were Los Angeles, St. Louis, Washington D. C. and New York City. San Francisco, Seattle and Denver at the time of our travel were just about in the hands of the outlaw mobs.

All civil rules had vanished. Troops had withdrawn from the cities. There were other cities, but I don't remember if they were in total disarray at this time or if that happened after we all got to Utah. I do recall that things got so bad in Washington D.C. that the government along with the President had flee to safety.

By this time it was no big secret that the Mormons and their friends were fleeing to the Rocky Mountains for safety. From Fort Hood we headed northwest, but we were not to go by way of Denver, Colorado, as that city was already too dangerous for anyone to travel through. Those fleeing to Utah were advised to go around Colorado. We traveled slowly through New Mexico being careful to negotiate our way through the towns and cities.

I do not remember much about Albuquerque, but Gallup, New Mexico, Ship Rock, New Mexico, Southwestern Colorado and Southeastern Utah were trouble zones. Somewhere in one of the trouble zones we had a major battle against a large hostile force that attempted to ambush us. We off-loaded several tanks and easily defeated this force. Also in the trouble zone, armed groups stopped them to get food and also wanted their women. Our response was, "We'll give you bullets (shoot you), but not our women!"

Along the long route, many others joined us, mostly non-members. Traveling near us, but not directly with us were two other large groups of members, one from East Texas and the other either from Houston or Austin, Texas. We were in contact with them. Near Green River, Utah we met large church security units from within Utah who were there defending the way west into Utah and Price Canyon.

I was surprised to meet my son in the Price area where he commanded a company-sized unit, all well-armed. He had been very worried about us and especially his mother and sisters. He said we could come to his place and be with him and my wife's two sisters.

(At this time of my dream, my son was still in high school and living at home. Later he served a full-time mission for the church in Italy, then spent four years at BYU. Later he married a girl from Utah and currently lives there.)

We were then escorted through Price Canyon. Along the way I saw many defensive positions. At Soldier's Summit I saw a huge military camp with tanks, artillery, helicopters and anti-aircraft guns. Here we turned over our tanks and some of the single men and soldiers in our group for re- assignment. It seemed to me that nobody passed Green River without permission.

Once into Spanish Fork, Utah, most of the people were sent to camps already prepared. Some were out near Nephi, Delta and west of Utah Lake. I was to understand that many camps were located through Utah and many were already full of Saints from overseas. My family went directly to my son's home. Then I remember with much pain that one or more of my children had not yet arrived to the safety of the Rocky Mountains. My dear wife suffered much until they eventually arrived safely.

After most of the church had gathered into the safety of the Rockies, the rest of the world began to really fall apart. Many who had not traveled to the Rockies the first time attempted to come, but found the way blocked by outlaw gangs or of thugs who preyed heavily upon them. There were few who made it. The whole world including the United States was at war to the like the world had never seen. There was no true safety or law and order in America.

I remember later a large hostile army that came from California by way of Reno, Nevada to fight us, but after a year of hard fighting, they retreated back to California. At about this same time another larger army came from Denver, Colorado, but after a short time and with very heavy loses on their side, trying to force their way into Price Canyon, they retreated back to Denver. My dream finally ended with a general sense of peace and safety as the rest of the world continued to war.

Question & Answers:

Since recording my dream and having several people read it, a few simple questions or concerns have been expressed. I believe this is a good place to answer them.

First is the question of time. The year of the event is not known, but it was sometime in the near future. The gathering had already begun before our trip west. It had started prior to the world war and members began coming quietly from overseas to Utah. Many from the west coast were already in camps in Utah. The borders of America were open because it seemed to me the Border Patrol was less effective at this time and later was called upon to help with riot control in the major cities.

The gathering in Southwest Louisiana had been quietly going on for several months. The move from Lake Charles, Louisiana, took only a week. The collected Saints came not only from Louisiana, but some had already come from places such as Mississippi, Florida and Georgia. In Vidor, Texas, they remained about two months or less before the general move to the Woodville, Texas area.

We remained in that area for about a month or less. The trip from Woodville to Utah lasted about two or three weeks. Vehicles broke down on the way. Some that could not be quickly repaired were abandoned on the side of the roads. The Captains of ten and one hundreds were responsible to see that the families and or supplies were transferred to other vehicles in their group. A lot of baggage was left behind. Many had over packed and found themselves arriving in the mountains with just the clothes on their backs.

The attacks on Utah from California and Colorado came some time after our arrival, maybe a year or less. The war with California lasted more than a year, but the attack from Colorado lasted less than six months. Both attacks came at about the same time, but were not coordinated by our enemies.

Second question is about the number of people. I was never really sure on the numbers, but it seemed to me there were about two thousand from the Lake Charles area and less than a thousand from our stake. Sadly, less than half of our Ward would go. Many had too many other worries and said it wasn't bad enough yet and they'd come later... maybe. These are the ones who tried to come later and who suffered the cruelty inflected upon them by gangs and mob law. This was happening throughout the country with the gathering. As one looks now at numbers less than 40% of Wards today are considered active. Less than half that number hold temple recommends or pay their tithing and offerings. I fear only the faithful will answer the call to move west.

The third question was about the breakdown of the civil government and law and order. I did not see a total breakdown of the government for the entire nation. We flew the current American flag, as did other groups outside the Church and who still believed in freedom and America, but they were disorganized and many misguided in their various causes. Many cities and States fell apart as rebellion and riots with mob rule, continued to grow. Simply put, I saw the cities and State police, now under federal control, could not stand up to so much crime and disorder. Even with the help of the Army and National Guard, many cites were lost to the mobs.

It seemed to me that when the government suspended rights and the courts, imposed martial law throughout the land, then forced food and gasoline rations and imposed other oppressive means, some unlawful, the people got fed up with it, and the riots and rebellion started.

Local taxes and the Federal Income taxes were not paid and with the failure of banks, the stock market unable to operate, along with very high oil prices and limited food, it was a general breakdown of control.

Banks and stores were robed with local officials and judges murdered. Even with the military recalled home, many soldiers wouldn't fire upon fellow Americans. The Church warned the Saints to obey the law, but a few hot heads didn't listen. I saw even Salt Lake City faced with unrest. But I did see that by the time we arrived in Utah Valley, Salt Lake City and the rest of the State had effective law and order.

A fourth question arose from the third question. What about the banks and our money? At the time of our move to Utah, most banks had failed. The stock market was unable to operate in New York City. Money was still around, but a lot of people didn't trust it. We used money to bribe some of the people to allow us to pass safely through their towns. Since we were under the United Order, most of our cash money went to the Bishop to use as he saw fit. Still many gangs and mobs lusted for money and gain. They would kill even for money that was soon to be worthless.

The fifth question was about the wars. I'm not sure how the world war started, but it had to do with oil in the Middle East and Israel. European nations, facing no oil, got involved. About this same time Russia was on a course to regain their past glory and clashed with just about everyone. Meanwhile, war had begun between India and Pakistan. Iran had stirred up trouble in the Middle East and had something to do with starting the war with Israel, but I'm not sure how. All I remember is that war was everywhere in the world.

A sixth question had to do with the missionaries. I did not recall any full time missionaries serving in the United States or anywhere else in the world at the time of our movement. I believe missionaries had already been to Israel, but had been recalled because of the war. This I'm not sure of. I think there was some missionary work still going on in Mexico and in South America. They were not from the United States, but were local Elders from the various countries. There was no missionary work going on in North America.

Then the question about Mexico, Central America and South America. What was happening there? I'm not sure, except there was no mad rush for them to go to Utah, but there was some, mainly from Northern Mexico, Arizona, Texas and California. I just didn't see what happened there. War came to them I know. I saw Spanish American people fighting for the Church in the California war, so apparently some came to Utah.

A final question about the North American Indians. What did they do? I saw that at first they were very suspicious of everyone and especially the federal government, but I did see that they came in mass to the aid of the Church because many were already members and they saw the Saints treat them fairly. This happened at the time of the attacks on Utah.

Today a lot of my dream makes more sense to me, but at the time it was confusing, though as I said before, I already accepted the general facts of what may be or more likely will happen unless this nation repents... which isn't likely to happen as we continue to sink deeper into the coming events spoken by our leaders about the very last days.

I have always hoped to have passed on before all this comes about, but I now see my lovely children and grandchildren who will have to face all of this... I think I'd rather be with them through all this and try to help and save them.

Dreams are like warnings to us or a way to give information. The dream was about me and my family. I take it as such. I do not speak for the Church, but for myself and to some degree, my family. Sometimes we can change things or make it a little better.

I believe it's a warning to prepare, stock up the year's supply, stay temple worthy and teach your family the truth. We can't change a lot of things that will happen to this world, but we can make a difference upon ourselves and our families. We can be prepared. I say to all who read my dream to be prepared like the five wise virgins were when the bridegroom came. Hope to see you in the Rockies when the time comes. I'll be there... will you?


I was shocked to find out how close to Cardston, one of the more concentrated nuke silo constellations in the USA is.  I always thought the silos were down in the Great Falls, MT area.  After stopping at a rest stop just before Shelby, MT on I-15 - there was a map there and an explanation of all that is around that area.  We are talking less than 100 miles to Cardston (as the crow flies).  It would take a VERY contrary wind to push some of the fallout NW into the Cardston area - but still, it was shocking to me how close to utter destruction, Cardston is.

It goes to show - few places are truly safe.

Here is the article, chock full of good info:


Just like with bummer, when his mouth is moving, you know he is lying and should and cannot be trusted.

He only wants the downfall of the USA and to line his pockets while doing so.  Don't people normally die by his age??  One could only hope and pray......  Why will he not just GO AWAY....??

Here is what got me spun up:

Sunday, June 21, 2015


The more I hear, the more I wonder if this whole Jade Helm thing is the real deal.  A forced occupation for sinister purposes.  There is a very nice network of people in NW Montana who are ready to resist this kind of stuff.  Also, I have to admit, last time I was there in Kalispell, I was surprised to see a C-17 taking off from Glacier International.  I have never seen one while I was there before.  The closest I saw was a smaller transport with the Fourth of July aerial demonstration team associated with the military.

So, this is an interesting development:

Update: Military Movements on the Northern Border: Small Groups of Foreign Military Units Sighted

Jeremiah Johnson
June 19th, 2015
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Jeremiah Johnson is a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne) and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape). You can contact JJ by using this form.
The information presented within this article is in follow-up to the activities observed by the author in relation to U.S. Military maneuvers taking place on the Canadian Border in Montana.  Since the first article was printed, a tremendous amount of comments, e-mails, and observations have trickled in to supplement the observations.  Please take note: all commentators and information providers will be kept anonymous and their identities withheld.  The area the observations were made will be the only thing provided.
COLUMBUS, MONTANA.  Night helicopter activity around the Columbus, MT area has been observed.  The reporter resides approximately fifteen miles outside of town and heard helicopter sorties flying a few times each week for the past 3 weeks. Most often it is just after sunset but some were observed in the early morning hours before dawn.  Many small planes were observed circling the area overhead during the day, making 3-5 passes and then departing for an hour or two before returning.  The observer did not notice any such activity when originally moving into the area the year before.
BUTTE, MONTANA.  The observer noticed 3 airlifts into Butte Airport in May with C-17’s.  Such was completely unprecedented.  Multiple pallets were off-loaded from these aircraft each time, with the observer providing unconfirmed reports that these contained crew-served ammunition, transferred to storage facilities on site.  Multiple C-130 operations concurrently with “local” security contracting company that is well-known in Butte.  Parachute drops and airborne operations were conducted for 3 different days, and one of the aircraft remained there the entire week.  The other operations with the 130’s involved only the transfer of cargo.
CARSON/DENVER, COLORADO. Observer reported Ft. Carson utilizing 4000 troops to Trinidad County for maneuvers.  Frequent Blackhawk and Chinook helicopters have been conducting flyovers during the day around Denver.  The observer reported speaking with Apache pilots who told him their role was to “practice resupply and intercept,” although the intended object of interception was never specified.
KILA, MONTANA.  Multiple C-130 flights observed originating with Glacier International Airport and flying NW at approximately 4-6000 feet.  Distribution was 3 aircraft during the day, and 3 at night, in staggered formation to suggest potential practice for airborne operations.  Flights observed over a 3-day period (6/12-6/14).  Observer noticed (for the day flights) through high-powered optics that all of the aircraft bore U.S. Insignia; however, they were “sterile” of fin numbers and unit designations.
TREGO, MONTANA.  Observer noticed what appeared to be a platoon-sized element of individuals hiking around in the National Forest in black BDU’s, and upon closer inspection the observer found all of them to be Asian in appearance with no unit patches, name tags, or any identifiable markings.  The men were armed with black AK-47’s, load carrying vests, sidearms, and grenades.  The element appeared to be “led” by two members of the U.S. Military, also in sterilized U.S. Uniforms and also heavily-armed.  When questioned, a U.S. Border Patrol agent materialized and warned the observer to move out of the area or face arrest.
EUREKA, MONTANA.  Two observers reported seeing a large column of 2 1/2 ton/Deuce-and-a-half type vehicles, Desert Camouflage colored with U.S. Army Personnel on board but with the normal bumper marker identifiers taped over with “100 mph” tape, and on some vehicles blacked out completely with spray paint.  The observers (while following) noted the column was permitted to cross the border into Canada unimpeded and not inspected by Canadian or U.S. Border patrol officers.  Movement occurred Sat., 6/13.
There has also been considerable activity in the areas of transport, supply, and logistics both in and around Glacier International Airport just north of Kalispell, Montana.  Numerous flights of C-130’s were observed landing from the direction of East-West, suggestive of Malmstrom AFB in Montana.  The 130’s off-loaded numerous pallets and crated supplies.  There were several pallets that were placed in hangars and later a half dozen rental trucks (U-Haul) visited the terminal, specifically the building where the supplies were taken from the aircraft.
The author notes that the sorties in his area are up to 5-6 per day and holding at 3 per night, but now with increased numbers of choppers (6-8 minimum), all Blackhawks with an occasional UH-1 flying not in formation, but paralleling it.
Other observers who wished their exact locations withheld (but generally all within the Flathead valley) have been reporting small groups of foreigners (Russians, Canadians, and others not able to be positively identified, but definitely from Europe) in partial uniforms, such as BDU bottoms with black or tan tops and sans markings or unit insignia.  Again, these individuals were accompanied by U.S. servicemen in sterile uniforms (American BDU’s).
Once again, any information that you can provide will be analyzed and presented in a fashion as to provide some timely reporting on things observed while maintaining anonymity.  Photos and short film clips are also greatly welcomed.  It is imperative that focus be maintained on the whereabouts and activities of these military units and any foreign troops, agents, or contractors they have in their employ.  Keep up the good work and keep the information flowing.  We need it while we can still get it.  More information to be followed as we post it here.  Stay in the fight and God Bless you.

Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at
This article may be republished or excerpted with proper attribution to the author and a link to


Wow - we really are on the cusp of it....:


This guy is really tripping out - I do not think it is all hype.  He, of all people, has his pulse on America and world events.  A secular prophet, of sorts - and I have to wonder how long it will be until he gets "Breitbarted" for speaking out.  His analysis has always been nearly perfectly on.  I would love to see what he would do with the prophecies that talked of all this so long ago....

This is a MUST-SEE video.  Not exactly Sabbath material.  But, he is tied in to so many people in the know - and he has REALLY been stressed lately.  He can sense it - and so can I.  We are on the cliff.....:

Saturday, June 20, 2015



An executive with one of the world's largest Bond Funds is warning people to "put money under your mattress." Ian Spreadbury, who invests more than £4bn of investors’ money across a handful of bond funds for Fidelity, including the flagship Moneybuilder Income fund, is concerned that a “systemic event” could rock markets, possibly similar in magnitude to the financial crisis of 2008, which began in Britain with a run on Northern Rock.

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Being prepared, really is about being responsible.  This in from a blog reader - and Ward Emerg Prep Specialist who spoke (this talk) in church:

If you will be responsible
Elder Jorge F. Zeballos of the Seventy spoke in the April 2015 General Conference titled “If You will be Responsible”.   He says – Let us press forward by LEARNING our duty, making correct decisions, acting according to those decisions and accepting the will of our Father.

What responsibility do we have as members of the Church of Jesus Christ? President Joseph Fielding Smith expressed it as follows: “We have these two great responsibilities. … First, to seek our own salvation; and, second, our duty to our fellow men.”2

Salvation means reaching the highest degree of glory that our Father has provided for His obedient children.3 These responsibilities that have been entrusted to us—and which we have freely accepted—must define our priorities, our desires, our decisions, and our daily conduct.

President Thomas S. Monson has taught us that “men cannot really long rest content with mediocrity once they see excellence is within their reach.”4 How, then, could we be content with anything short of exaltation if we know that exaltation is possible?

Allow me to share four key principles that will help us fulfill our desire to be responsible to our Father in Heaven as well as respond to His expectation that we become as He is.
1.    Learning Our Duty
2.    Making the Decision
3.    Acting Accordingly
4.    Willingly Accepting the Father’s Will
Learning our Duty: Today I would like to talk about learning our duty associated with Food, Water, Clothing and Fuel Storage.  Being prepared in an Emergency.  Being able and willing to help others and possibly ourselves in times of need. 

Here is what Spencer W. Kimball has to say about it - “How Often do Church members arise early in the morning to do the will of the Lord?...How often do we say, ‘Yes, I will obey the COMMANDMENTS to store food and to help others, but just now I have neither the time nor the money to spare; I will obey later’?... While we procrastinate, the harvest will be over and we will not be saved.  Now is the time to follow Abraham’s example; now is the time to repent; now is the time for prompt obedience to God’s will.” (The Teachings of Spencer W. Kimball, p.174)

Our beloved Prophet President Monson in the September 2014 Ensign titled Are We Prepared said it this way: Are we prepared for the emergencies in our lives? Are our skills perfected? Do we live providently? Do we have our reserve supply on hand? Are we obedient to the COMMANDMENTS of God? Are we responsive to the teachings of prophets? Are we prepared to give of our substance to the poor, the needy? Are we square with the Lord?

And many of you may remember the First Presidency Letter dated June 24, 1988 which was read in Sacrament:
"We continue to encourage members to store sufficient food, clothing and where possible, fuel for at least one year. We have not laid down an exact formula for what should be stored. However, we suggest that members concentrate on essential foods that sustain life, such as grains, legumes, cooking oil, powdered milk, salt, sugar or honey, and water. Most families can achieve and maintain this basic level of preparedness. The decision to do more than this rests with the individual.

"We encourage you to follow this counsel with the assurance that a people prepared through obedience to the commandments of God need not fear."  (First Presidency letter read in Sacrament Meetings, June 24, 1988, Ezra Taft Benson, Gordon B. Hinckley, Thomas S. Monson)

Learning our duty means understanding that Food, Water, Clothing and Fuel storage is a commandment from God. We are asked to obey all of God’s commandments.  By following this counsel we have been assured that we will not fear.

Making the Decision: Today is the day that we choose to put food, water, fuel and clothing storage on our list of accomplishments. 

Each morning alternate this phrase:  I choose to make time for food storage today.  I choose to make time for water storage today, I choose to make time for fuel storage today and I choose to make time for clothing storage today.  Remember these phrases in your prayers.  Ask Heavenly Father for further light and knowledge as to what and how you can store.

Here are some quotes that might help steer you in the right direction as to why you want to make this decision today:
In April 1986 President Ezra Taft Benson said, “Pride is characterized by “What do I want out of life?” rather than by “What would God have me do with my life?” It is self-will as opposed to God’s will. It is the fear of man over the fear of God.” (Cleansing the Inner Vessel )

The next year in October 1987 General Conference President Benson said: I ask you earnestly, have you provided for your family a year’s supply of food, clothing, and where possible, fuel?  

Dallin H Oaks said, “As the Book of Mormon teaches, “this life is the time for men to prepare to meet God; … the day of this life is the day for men to perform their labors” (Alma 34:32). Are we preparing?”  (Preparation for the Second Coming April 2004)

And in that same talk he also said:

“How oft have I called upon you by the mouth of my servants, and by the ministering of angels, and by mine own voice, and by the voice of thunderings, and by the voice of lightnings, and by the voice of tempests, and by the voice of earthquakes, and great hailstorms, and by the voice of famines and pestilences of every kind, … and would have saved you with an everlasting salvation, but ye would not!” (D&C 43:23, 25).

Ezra Taft Benson said, “When will all these calamities strike? We do not know the exact time, but it appears it may be in the not-too-distant future. Those who are prepared now have the continuing blessings of early obedience, and they are ready. Noah built his ark before the flood came, and he and his family survived. Those who waited to act until after the flood began were too late. (October 1973 Prepare Ye)

Dallin H Oaks said, “While we are powerless to alter the fact of the Second Coming and unable to know its exact time, we can accelerate our own preparation and try to influence the preparation of those around us.” (Preparation for the Second Coming April 2004)

And Ezra Benson also said “Too often we bask in our comfortable complacency and rationalize that the ravages of war, economic disaster, famine and earthquake cannot happen here. Those who believe this are either not acquainted with the revelations of the Lord, or they do not believe them. Those who smugly think these calamities will not happen, that they somehow will be set aside because of the righteousness of the Saints, are deceived and will rue the day they harbored such a delusion. The Lord has warned and forewarned us against a day of great tribulation and given us counsel, through His Servants, on how we can be prepared for these difficult times. Have we heeded His counsel?...” Ezra Taft Benson (Ensign, Nov 1980)

Make the decision today to obey God’s commandment and get your house in order

Acting Accordingly
L Tom Perry said in General Conference October 1995  “I believe it is time, and perhaps with some urgency, to review the counsel we have received in dealing with our personal and family preparedness…We have been instructed to follow at least four requirements in preparing for that which is to come. Gain an adequate education, Live within your income, Avoid unnecessary debt, Store a reserve of food supplies…As long as I can remember, we have been taught to prepare for the future and to obtain a year supply of necessities. I would guess that the years of plenty have almost universally caused us to set aside this counsel. I believe the time to disregard this counsel is over. With events in the world today, it must be considered with all seriousness.”
Gordon B. Hinckley said “I am suggesting that the time has come to get our houses in order… I urge you, brethren, to look to the condition of your finances. I urge you to be modest in your expenditures; discipline yourselves in your purchases to avoid debt to the extent possible. Pay off debt as quickly as you can, and free yourselves from bondage. (October 1998 To the Boys and to the Men)  

Prepare for the Days of Tribulation Ezra Taft Benson said of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles In a spirit of love, members of the Church have been counseled to be thrifty and self-reliant; to avoid debt; pay tithes and a generous fast offering; be industrious; and have sufficient food, clothing, and fuel on hand to last at least one year.

April 1976 Vaughn J. Featherstone said about food storage: Most of us can afford such basics. Buy them from your monthly food budget allowance. The Church discourages going into debt to buy for storage…find someone who sells large bulk of grains.  Make arrangements to buy a ton or so of grain.  Find someone who sells honey in large containers and make arrangements to buy what you can afford.  Buy a little additional sugar each time you go to the store.  Purchase dry milk on a systematic basis.  Buy a case of salt the next time you go to the store. Store enough water for each member of your family to last at least two weeks. 

Keep working on this each day until you have 1 year in your house.  So how much is a ton of grain going to cost you?  If you were to go to the LDS cannery and purchase a ton or 2000 lbs of hard red wheat it would cost you $480.00.  This would meet the grain criteria for 5 people for 1 year.  For those gluten intolerant please remember to add wheat to your food storage as it will be necessary to sprout for vitamins.  Those who are gluten intolerant can add more beans, lentils, quinoa and other grains which do cost more but it is still very affordable when purchased in bulk.

Willingly Accepting the Father’s Will
Discipleship requires us not only to learn our duty, make correct decisions, and act in accordance with them, but also essential is our developing the willingness and the ability to accept God’s will, even if it does not match our righteous desires or preferences.

Elder Dallin H Oak’s said:  To borrow a metaphor from the familiar world of athletic competitions, we do not know when this game will end, and we do not know the final score, but we do know that when the game finally ends, our team wins.  (Preparation for the Second Coming April 2004)

Let us press forward by learning our duty, making correct decisions, acting according to those decisions, and accepting the will of our Father.

Brothers and Sisters please trust me when I say I have so much more to say about this topic.  Heavenly Father wants us to rally the troops.  He wants to inspire you to get your storage in order.  He wants you to get your house in order.  He loves you, he trusts you, he wants you independent above all other beings.  Let’s do our part and show him that we love him.  Let’s obey this commandment as our prophets have instructed us to do.

If I could sum it all up I would say this:
We are to watch and be ready,
We are to live obediently and be ready to meet him
We are to be prepared for the calamities that will come upon the earth
We are to be prepared for famines and pestilences
We are to be prepared for wars and rumors of wars
We are to be prepared for personal and family crises
We are to be prepared for local and national emergencies
We are to be prepared for world calamities
We are to be prepared for the turbulent times which are to precede his coming
We are to be prepared for the day of His return.
Again, we are to “Watch” and “Be ready!”