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All spelled out right here:

Ohio lawmakers pass controversial 'heartbeat' abortion bill
The core or root problem as explained by:
communist defector, Bella Dodd.
[link to www.ljagilamplighter...]
"Why are we here today?" she asked.
"To make revolution," they answered.
"What kind of revolution?" she replied.
"The Cultural Revolution," they chanted.
“And how do we make Cultural Revolution?" she demanded.
"By destroying the American family!" they answered.
"How do we destroy the family?" she came back.
"By destroying the American Patriarch," they cried exuberantly.
"And how do we destroy the American Patriarch?” she replied.
"By taking away his power!"
"How do we do that?"
"By destroying monogamy!" they shouted.
"How can we destroy monogamy?"
"By promoting promiscuity, eroticism, prostitution and homosexuality!" they resounded.
They proceeded with a long discussion on how to advance these goals by
establishing The National Organization of Women.
Another factor for subversion:
Promoting divorce. A child is far more likely to be molested by a stepparent or boyfriend of their mother than by their birth father. Divorce has increased the number of sexual trauma victims who are most vulnerable to feel-good nonsense and severe anger/mood issues.

Crumbling families has led to a generation of molestation victims eager to fight for social justice-- sublimation for their unresolved sexual trauma. * Easy divorce was one of the first social policies implemented by the Bolsheviks.

Not only no fault divorce....but if a woman accused a man of fathering a child the bolshevicks presumed the womans word was true and took 33% of the mans income for the child via a child support agency.
Sound familiar?
Rules for Revolution 1919

May 1919, in Dusseldorf, Germany, the Allied Forces obtained a copy of the “Communist Rules for Revolution.”

A. Corrupt the young: get them away from religion. Get them interested in sex. Make them superficial; destroy their ruggedness.

B. Get control of all means of publicity thereby:
1. Get peoples’ minds off their government by focusing their attention on athletics, sexy books, plays and other trivialities.

2. Divide people into hostile groups by constantly harping on controversial matters of no importance.

3. Destroy the peoples’ faith in their natural leaders by holding the latter up to contempt, ridicule and obloquy. (speak against, condemnatory utterances)

4. Always preach true democracy; but seize power as fast and as ruthlessly as possible.

5. By encouraging government extravagance, destroy its credit; produce fear of inflation, rising prices and general discontent.

6. Foment unnecessary strikes in vital industries; encourage civil disorders and foster a lenient and soft attitude on the part of government toward these disorders.

7. By special argument cause a breakdown of the old moral virtues; honesty, sobriety, continence, faith in the pledged word, ruggedness.

C. Cause the registration of all firearms on some pretext with a view of confiscation of them and leaving the population helpless.

Communist Ideological subversion, Yuri Alexandrovich Bezmenov .

We rarely use guns to kill people and take their country. The cleanest way is to blackmail, pervert, bribe, lie and intimidate the POLITICIANS and the MEDIA, and they will destabilize and disunify their own country for us. Then all we have left to do is to arm the procommunist or simply criminal factions and we have a coup and another "liberated" country. As neat as that.

Yuri Bezmenov, All warfare is based primarily on the deception of an enemy. Fighting on a battlefield is the most primitive way of making war.

There is no art higher than to destroy your enemy without a fight—by SUBVERTING anything of value in the enemy’s country.
Sun Tzu


This is good info:

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Now this old girl is just about to "kick it".

From her statements on Trump and the right wing, I am sure the only reason she is hanging on is to keep Trump out of their nomination efforts until she can help effect a leftist coup and bring in a replacement that is two times the child of hell that she is (if that is possible.....).

I am sure a stem cell injection (from aborted babies, etc - of course!) will help her physical healing along just fine.  As for the spiritual healing?  No idea if there will be any at this point - this after serving her master her whole lifetime and knowing that deathbed repentance pretty much is a farce and does not work....

Here is the story:

So, if you have some spare ribs, donate them to old Ruther, the non-truther.

She could always call up her favorite RvW body parts supplier and request a few for the cause.

The SJWs that are offering their ribs may be trying to crack a few of their own as they threaten conservative news anchors:

Soon, the mobs will put on the pressure and come after Conservative Christians.  Which ties into the previous post on

This is all past precedent - which will become our future reality.

In the end?  WE WIN.....  COVFEFE.....


Interesting stuff from yesterday's post:

"Bishop Koyle tells of most important things to do to prepare.
You should have your houses filled with a large amount of food, and go insideAfter you get inside your houses, you will be in there for quite some time
THIS is part of the reason we are learning the art of home worship.  Riots/targeting individuals for their religious and political beliefs making it impossible to gather in large groups/plagues to flush the trash to the cesspool where they belong....

If you do not think it is not coming, I feel for you.  It is painfully obvious to me.

Food and water stored locally.  That is the name of the game.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018


I am not devastated with the election results last night - but not pleased....

I talked it over with Mrs. Wood Zone and I think the possibility of him being impeached is off the table with Republican control of the Senate - and that he likely will have an attempt on his life.

The reason I say this is that, according to Ezra's prophecy, there are two short feathers on the Republican wing of the eagle.  No one could have "kind of gotten it right".  The statistical probabilities are off the charts.  Trump will not make it to the end of his full term.  Apparently, his replacement will not, as well.  Then, no more feathers.

This "dove tails" nicely with Bishop John Koyle's statements that; after the first one is taken out and then the second one and the economy is in shambles, there is no one willing to take up the torch and be the leader.  It is my belief, that just as in the Book of Mormon, the USA descends into tribalism and chaos.  It is the likely logical outgrowth of just such a scenario.

Since he will likely not be taken out by legislative means, they will likely take him out the way of Andrew Jackson (attempts), Lincoln, McKinley, Kennedy and Reagan (attempt).  I believe there have already been two attempts on the life of Trump.  This based on oblique statements by him - and I have no proof to back that speculation up.

Anyway - those are my ramblings.  All this will happen in the lifetime of President Nelson - which cannot be forever, no matter how many vitamins or good nights rest one has under their belts.... 

Time is short.


I agree with the opinion of this blogger that Koyle had a gift that was uncanny.

The thing that jumped out at me at this point was that the Apostles would "take to the pulpits" to keep the Church together (when there was great apostasy and division).  I see it going on in spades of the homosexual thing.  Too many people with one foot in Babylon trying to justify why two dudes should be sealed together in our temples....  I would rather be filleted alive than witness such an abomination in my lifetime.  Even if the gubmint forced it at gunpoint to be politically correct....

No greater insult to God - and He will NOT be mocked.  There is a reason that fire is on the docket for this old orb.  We have too many soi-bois that are running rough-shod over common sense.  I work with a few of them.  We literally think 180 degrees out.  It is not just the Millennial thing - it is brain chemistry and wiring and a sense of entitlement, mixed with no anchoring in common sense and good principle....  Sad.

Here is the article:

Just so it does not get lost, I have copied the content below.  The comments are worth reading through, as well.


Bishop Koyle and the close passing of 3 Apostles

I have not as of yet, detailed the visions or prophecies of John Hyrum Koyle Jr. (Bishop Koyle) on this blog. They are still very relevant and important.

Bishop Koyle was a gifted man who lived from 1864-1949 and who prophesied of future events with incredible accuracy.

One of his prophecies that I have always watched for, was regarding the death of three Apostles. Bishop Koyle warned that when we see 3 apostles dying close together; that the time would be short!

With the passing of Elder Richard G Scott, we see that this event HAS just occurred.  A rare occurrence that has not happened since 1906.

His exact quote is...

 “Near the time of the end, many of the General Authorities will become quite old. Troubles will start when three leaders will die in close proximity to one another”

1.       Elder L. Tom Perry
2.       President Boyd K Packer
3.       Elder Richard G Scott

Here is a quote from on the circumstances

Salt Lake City — (KUTV) Elder Richard G. Scott is the third member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles to die in the last few months. Elder L. Tom Perry passed away at the end of May and then just a short time later President Boyd K. Packer- died.

That means there are three vacancies in the Quorum of the Twelve which has not happened since 1906 according to a church spokesman.”

We should pay close attention to the coming events that are in our near future

         Events that Bishop Koyle has foretold that have already occurred
1:   “Banks will commence taking over mortgage defaults until they own many properties, helping to add to depression.
There will be plenty of money in the banks, but none to lend out.”
     2008 Housing crisis and Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008
Bailout of $1.2 trillion - in response to subprime mortgage crisis
Banks receive money to buffer losses but refused to lend the money back to consumers

2:   “Taxes will become oppressive and almost impossible to pay.”
    Between federal and state income taxes we pay between 18-30% towards taxes
But is you consider, sales, taxes, social security, Medicare, property taxes, gasoline taxes and other  miscellaneous fees for regulations; we easily pay over 50% of our income towards taxes.

    In Mosiah we read that the Nephites were in bondage to the Lamanites and were required to pay a tribute (tax) to the king of ½ (50%)
A tax burden that Limhi said was very “grievous to be borne”  

3:   “Utah Copper will close towards the end…
                    Kennecott Copper mine destroyed in massive landslide in 2013

4:   “The Provo Steel Plant will close at the time of the trouble…
                    Provo steel plant closing after settling antitrust dispute with FTC in 2009

Bishop Koyle prophesied that the great financial collapse would happen in the fall of the year.

Bishop Koyle said that the Dream Mine would come in just prior to the financial collapse.

                 He said that the mine would come after:

5:   ‘He also saw the Mine would come in after a hard winter…
 NOAA: Winter 2013-2014 among Coldest on Record in Midwest
 One of the Coldest Winters in 20 Years Shatters Snow Records 2013-2014

6:   “Followed by a water-logged spring…
May 2015 Was the Wettest Month on Record in the Lower 48 U.S. States
Texas and Oklahoma Set All-Time Record Wet Month; May Rain Records Shattered in Ark, Neb 2015

7:   “Then a dry hot summer…
(CNN) The summer of 2015 is Earth's hottest on record. 
The meteorological summer of June-July-  August saw its highest globally averaged temperature since records began in 1880
                     Our most recent event that has been fulfilled

8:   “Near the time of the end, many of the General Authorities will become quite old. Troubles will start when          threeleaders will die in close proximity to one another”

Salt Lake City — (KUTV) Elder Richard G. Scott is the third member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles to die in the last few months. Elder L. Tom Perry passed away at the end of May and then just a short time later President Boyd K. Packer- died.
That means there are three vacancies in the Quorum of the Twelve which has not happened since 1906 according to a church spokesman.”
1.       Elder L. Tom Perry
2.       President Boyd K Packer
3.       Elder Richard G Scott


                    Events that Bishop Koyle said would happen next...


“The overnight crash would occur on a holiday weekend where the holiday falls on a monday.”

The U.S. Government will keep propping up the economy as if it were on stilts, until finally it would suddenly collapse overnight
“The mine would pay it's first dividends or relief from the mine in November or December.”

"Bishop Koyle tells of most important things to do to prepare.
You should have your houses filled with a large amount of food, and go inside
After you get inside your houses, you will be in there for quite some time


  1. Chairman Dean Cloward (Relief Mine) taught me a handful of very interesting other items not mentioned on your blog yet. In 2006 President Bush was prosecuting the Iraq War with some success when I heard it. He said watch for the election year when several important events would trigger chaos including the loss of our US president during that year who would be mourned more throughout the world than here at home. As I compared what the world then thought about GW Bush I knew such a statement would not apply to the 2008 election. However, would the loss of our current president be mourned more here or abroad in 2016? Another thing Cloward said was to watch for a Republican Party last stand on a very important issue. According to Cloward, Bsp Koyle said in 1947 regarding the Democratic Party that it would reign in Congress for many years to come when suddenly the Republicans would sweep to power and dominate Congress for a shorter period. We saw that happen in 1992, but also that something would make the "elephant" stumble never to rise again. The last piece I like to keep in mind is the wheat drought that would start in the southwest and spread eastward. The drought was tied to our need to gather wheat and other food into our stores and our houses because there will come a great devaluation of our money (80%) and the cutting off of our electricity for a long period of time.


    1. The republicans are holding it now
  2. I have had somewhat a prophetic vision that Obama would off himself in the Oval Office like Hitler did due to political pressure and the pressure coming from the Senate via Trey Gowdy. I stated this a couple of years ago, I'm not sure it will come to pass but I saw it in vision and it was powerful, like a dream given from on high.


    1. Hmmm....unless he offs himself pretty quick, appears you may have eaten something bad before retiring that night.

    July 25 2008 I blogged that Barack Obama would be our next president and that he is the Antichrist spoken of in the book of Revelation


    1. There are lots of anti Christ's..that is someone against Christ
  4. Koyle is reported to have also said, after the 3 leaders die in close succession, their successors and the surviving leaders will "take to the pulpits" to keep order. I wonder if their recent "push-back" against Julie Rowe and Hector Sosa is nearly the same as "taking to the pulpits."

    I look forward to conference to learn more,


    1. They have certainly taken to the pulpits to keep order in regards to the movement created by the preaching of Denver Snuffer.
    2. They have taken to the pulpits on doctrinal matters. They are preaching against the perversions of the world and they are protecting marriage, family, and the order of the priesthood. They do not waste their time on individual matters... Snuffer was excommunicated by his stake leaders, as these things are handled, I've never heard of Sosa (or any of these people from the "pulpit") and the only statement about Julie Rowe is to not teach her words in church or CES. That is hardly a lash out against her but rather a guide to keep the doctrine sound and from the scriptures. She has not been disciplined by the church and her vision is pretty much the same accounts as others that are on this blog. In fact, Bishop Koyle was disciplined by the church and ex-communicated before he died because he wouldn't deny his visions or gift of prophecy. I've read ogden's books of Bishop Koyle and I believe he did have a gift of prophecy and I also believe he sustained the prophets and leaders, even the ones that ordered his ex-communication. We must follow the Spirit. We have far greater problems that the leaders "preach from the pulpit" regarding the evils of this world than a few dissenters or visionaries within our church. As the brethren urged at GC in April, we must invest our time in understanding how the Spirit communicates with us and prepare to receive personal revelation. Our leaders are men of God, but we do not need to revere them as God. We listen and obey their words when they speak with the mantle of God, but they too will error at times. We MUST follow the Spirit!
    3. Too many people regurgitating other people's dreams...for profit. I've a feeling the Lord is watching with a big smile on his face as the members of His church (followers of these people) are running around crying..THE SKY IS FALLING! Too many of the said dreams and visions have not come true. Perfect example are the ones by Roger Young. Phi..and then there is the earthquake in Utah that was supposed to happen Oct this year (2015) and the economic crash immediately following.
      Sure, all this will happen but..the dreamers and visionaries really should stop already.
    4. Actually I am very grateful for the dreamers and visionaries. I happen to be one, but I do not share what the LORD gives me - except to friends and family - because of the horrible hell these warning voices go through as a result of sharing.
      I've seen worse things than what anyone has shared and no one is prepared for the bitterness prepared to fall upon mankind.
      The Lord is not smiling at any of this, but is hopeful that enough people will be ready - just like in the days of Noah. For 40 years Jeremiah warned that Jerusalem would be destroyed. Noah warned for 200 years. We will reap what we have sewn, so let us not mock others but be wise and prepare as the prophets have warned us to. Please watch a YouTube video: "Ezra Taft Benson Talks About The Last Days." Listen to and heed the promptings you receive from GOD. God Bless.
  5. Can you provide credible sources that Bishop Koyle actually said and predicted these things? Too much false revelation and heresay going around in the dreams and visions circles, we need credible accounts with sources, thanks


    1. Much of the visions of Bishop Koyle were written down by people who knew him or were witnesses to his prophetic statements or his prophecies being fulfilled.

      There are two published books by Ogden Kraut, who worked with Bishop Koyle at the Relief Mine. The books are "Relief Mine" and "Relief Mine II". These can be found on and are free books that can be read on the site.

      Much of the other visions are compilations from family members or close friends who wrote down the things that Bishop Koyle had mentioned.

      Again, since Bishop Koyle did not publish any of his own writings, we are limited to the writings of others and trusting that this information is correct. I do my best to not put things on here that I feel are questionable; and I would always caution others to follow the spirit for themselves when reading these things.
    2. There is one prophecy that led to a prediction a friend of his gave to a sport's writer about WW2.
    3. Thank you Nate! A thinker you are.
  6. You left out an important part of the quote about 3 general authorities dying in close proximity. Here is the full quote:

    "Near the time of the end, many of the General Authorities will become quite old. Troubles will start when three leaders will die in close proximity to one another. The new replacements will not be able to hold the Church together." --John Jordan's list # 48

    So, according to prophecy, the church leaders are now going to struggle to keep the church together. More of Bishop Koyle's prophecies can be found online at


    1. I don't know how it was in Koyle's time, but today three newly called apostles would not be able to keep the church together if it were falling apart because they lack seniority. They have no authority to go against anything the senior apostles say or do.
  7. What is going to happen OCTOBER 13??? Why I believe the Day of the Lord is at hand
  8. I had a dream, I lived in Cardston I was in a hamlet called Aetna just south of Cardston where I grew up.. In the dream it was completely dark but you could Feel a storm coming. I stood on our lawn and wind was coming I could finally see the massive tornado it came from a north westerly direction. If any one knows that blood reserve (native land ) in the dream there was two pieces of farm equipment, were not farmers so I had to look up what this equipment was . it was seeding equipment this seed carrier had two containers durn this tornado it lifted only one of the two containers out the storm then proceeded towards the American border which I am only ten minutes away from . Where there is another storm just to the east but in the American / US side it is massive lava boiling rolling huge storm .. Then I woke up. I had this dream 2015 July . Going to Waterton national park there is a highway Cardston on one side blood reserve on the the other .. My farm equipment was sitting on the ground at the angle and direction I saw the storm come from .. That sept/oct I saw my equipment on the field . I was curious if they did this in early spring too.. I knew the container in my dream represented one season of seeding.. Sure enough all spring of 2016 it was in the field.. There will not be another season.. Hence the farm equipment will not be on the field again.. Farming is a very big business and lively hood around here.. The Lord is being very informative. There are only a few things that would stop an entire livelihood something you can't even see coming and yet you can sure feel it.. I'm getting my food , water etc are you?!!


    1. Rayanne, Thanks for sharing your dream. Pretty profound information there with the symbolism! Thanks
  9. Really i am impressed from this post....the person who created this post is a generous and knows how to keep the readers connected..thanks for sharing this with us found it informative and interesting. Looking forward for more updates..California payroll services
  10. It is my testimony, borne of the Spirit, that John H. Koyle had the gift of prophecy and of revelation, as faithful members of the LDS Church should have also but most do not. This lack of the gifts of the Spirit is an evidence of unbelief (per the Book of Mormon)and is resulting in the great apostasy prophesied to come just before the Second Coming. - Vindex
  11. We need to be careful following Ogden Kraut too closely. What he says about the mine can be trusted because it matches what others have said. Ogden Kraut was a man of tremendous spiritual gifts and insight who finally gave in to his pride, thinking he no longer needed to keep his hand on the iron rod because he WAS the iron rod. Kraut became an apostate fundamentalist around 1970 when he decided the Church was no longer true, its leadership had gone astray, and subsequently decided to become a polygamist. Google his "95 Theses" to see how far off track he had gotten. Rather than admit his error and repent, he doubled-down on it and lost his membership. Beginning in the early 1970s when he departed from the way, his writings became less and less reliable. Sadly, his living relatives still support and defend his legacy.
  12. The original post did not mention this, nor have any of the replies. Koyle spoke at length about a "popular Republican president" who would sweep into office at about the same time as his drought. This, in my opinion, may be Donald Trump. Furthermore, parallels between Nephite and American histories indicate a major drought in our time as well. Another parallel would be the story of governor Lachoneus, who defeated terrorism in Nephite times, something Trump has sworn to do and has already begun to do. Further, the latest news tells of major wheat and cattle losses (25% - significant) in the Midwest due to a late winter snow. So, all this taken together may indicate that we are on the cusp of Koyle's drought. Time will tell.
  13. Since some of the visions contradict one another, clearly ALL of these cannot be right and find myself empathizing with Joseph Smith as a young boy confused by so many conflicting so called truths...Which leads me to believe that either (some) are bearing false witnesses, it wasn't 'from the Lord' but rather another source or (some) are having a hard time distinguishing between a 'dream' and a 'vision'...a vision would have to be prophetic (I would think) while a dream on the other hand, is just that - a dream. Thoughts?
  14. It's my understanding that dreams are different from visions in one great characteristic. Visions are accompanied by a "host", like an angel or guide. Dreams don't have that added addition. To date, I have had over 20 dreams in recent years. Like many who have suggested here, I know our ability to receive revelation while be required for us to be able to thrive during tribulations, which have already started. I also believe that we are in the "about half hour of silence". The period of time wherein the heavens are silent and judgment isn't yet poured out. This time is nearing it's end....God speed to all Christians in the world striving to live righteous lives. Hang on. The Lord will not leave us comfortless. Keep praying and immerse yourselves in all of scripture, especially the Book of Mormon. I testify that it is the most correct book on earth and will teach you how to live worthy of revelation.
  15. Lory - I agree with everything you said except the definition of a vision. Only because I have had an open vision while awake (has only happened once) and unfortunately there was no angel or messenger with me (I wish there was!) however, I do believe it's quite possible that those that are accompanied by messengers and those that don't might have a distinguishing purpose, I'm not certain but it does cause you to wonder why some do and don't...perhaps some are prophetic in nature in that they are meant to be share with others (i.e.,Tree of Life) and the ones that don't might be for the purpose of personal revelation. Just a thought/guess.
  16. More specific information about John Koyle's visions and prophecies can be found in "The winding up scene", a three volume work by Lynn L. Bishop. Much of it is about the Relief Mine. I really don't know if it's all trustworthy, but it is very interesting material. I must say though that much of Bishop Kyole prophecies about the tribulations in the last days corroborate with prophecies from Joseph Smith and John Taylor.