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I received this from a friend who is into cool gospel topics: thought this was an interesting article.


No, I am not about to reveal my weight...... 

This is quite an interesting analogy:

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This is quite interesting - and I can only assume is legit.

I bumped into many people in Brazil who attempted to gain power through channels other than the Priesthood of God.

Be sure and watch the short video at the end of the article.

If you are a skeptic, think about Albert Pike, the Georgia Guidestones and so much else.  Think about what goes on in the Bohemian Grove with those in the highest places of power in the nation.  This principle of consent by the masses of enslavement.  This is the organization that the Book of Mormon warns against.

I will spend my life and wear myself out exposing this trash.  And then to be part of taking it to the curb or the incinerator......

COVFEFE.......  In the end, we win!!  God always comes out victorious.


This is interesting:

 there is more than one Heavenly Mother. There are, in fact, 53. (This according to the vision granted to a member of the church, brother Anderson, entitled "The Regeneration of Man"), a very powerful and compelling vision.


So, the Deep State (Gads) seem to have it pretty wrapped up.  You attempt to blow things wide open and you either have to exile yourself for life - or you end up "suicided" by hitlery and her goons.  The only question I have, is how many people are on the take with this evil biotch.....  As people are taken out in every population center, how can a Coroner in every precinct be coerced into a false narrative on the outcome of the investigation??

I was talking with the daughter of Cliven Bundy who basically got wrapped up in the hitlery for Russian uranium land deal in Oregon that took out LaVoy Finicum.

Basically, in a strong tone in front of other ranchers in the cultural hall yesterday, I told Sis. (Bundy) that if I were given a single bullet with no consequences, it would find it's way to a critical organ of hillary's....  Second one, if such a thing existed, would find it's way to George Soros.....  Basically, it would be a waste of lead, because those two hags are about to end up burning in hell here really shortly.  The evil emperor and empress will be gone within a few short years, no matter how many blood rituals and stem cell treatments they attempt to engage in.  They are goners.  Just like the Rothschild that just was welcomed into the fiery realms of eternal torment.

No matter how they attempt to thwart it - they will meet their demise.  Same thing with Reid for attempting to destroy a REAL man in Cliven Bundy.  You do not erase two years of a man's life and generations of livelihood over a few million dollars of corrupt payola without some severe consequences.  Either here or over on the other side.  It will catch up with you!

So, two people are in the news this morning that magically just suicided themselves.  Both set to testify in the Clinton Foundation trial next week:

Haiti Official Getting Ready To Testify Against Clinton Foundation Corruption NEXT WEEK, Found DEAD With “Gunshot to the head”The money taken was donated by the individuals and business directly to the Clinton Foundation, thinking they were going to receive aid. However, the opposite it true. The money never even made it to the poorest of the poor. Now we have one man ready to testify against the corrupt Clinton Foundation in the upcoming week. However, the 50 year old man, a former Haitian government official Klaus Eberwein, was found dead in his Miami home with a “gunshot to the head” that’s been ruled a “suicide” by the Miami-Dade’s medical examiner records supervisor.
Eberwein, who had acknowledged his life was in danger, was a fierce critic of the Clinton Foundation’s activities in the Caribbean island, where he served as director general of the government’s economic development agency, Fonds d’assistance économique et social, for three years.
According to Eberwein, a paltry 0.6% of donations granted by international donors to the Clinton Foundation with the express purpose of directly assisting Haitians actually ended up in the hands of Haitian organizations. A further 9.6% ended up with the Haitian government. The remaining 89.8% – or $5.4 billion – was funneled to non-Haitian organizations.

The other was a doctor on her "foundation" that worked in Haiti.  I think the death toll of that piece of human excrement is pushing 250.  I am glad I am not personally involved with her.  IF I were a Bundy in prison with nothing to do for a few years, I would pray her out of this world so that we could have some relief for her.  And no, charity does not apply here when you are dealing with the devil and his direct spawn on this earth.  They need to be chucked to the curb - as fast as possible.  Even the most vile (Ted Bundy mass murderer-type person) can obtain forgiveness under the atonement.  After you hit a certain number of willful and pre-meditated murders of GOOD people who are aligned to fight the corrupt machine, the only option is to perform a CLEARING move of the trash and get it off the planet as fast as is possible so others do NOT have to suffer.

My wife and I met with some preppers from Cardston on Friday for a meet n greet potluck.  There was faith in that room enough to do so.  A nucleus of people like Spencer talked about who could send the trash to the curb, just as Spencer's group had to in order to meet their objectives.

I pointed out that we are in the "Lord's Vise" in Cardston.  We have the people here to get it done (as Sols pointed out).  But, we have two paths or possible future outcomes based on our faithfulness as Gentiles.  One is victory - the other is purging and then eventual victory.  I am afraid that there are too many who are asleep and the die may be cast already.

Having said that - I was heartened in Priesthood to see that the training video the SP used in our Ward Conference showed the Savior coming to an earthen mound temple with STONE STEPS up the side.  When I find a copy, I will post it.  Ron May, with the N. American model if finally pushing back the bueaurocrats and intellectuals and correcting the course that the Good Ship Zion was drifting on with the "Mayan model".....

Changes come slowly, I guess.  I am concerned that we are about out of time!  The time of mincing words is quickly coming to a close!


Wow - so much talent.  So little time on this earth:

When you have a lot of Irish in you, this music sings to you.  Same with Enya and the Gaelic chants.  Quite haunting, really.

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As a woman of many visions, Abigail Calkins Leonard (1795-1880) had a close relationship to God and conversed with him regularly. In her endeavor to seek for a community of Saints to worship God, she entertained many ministers from various denominations in her home with her husband.
After many meetings in their home, a particular group of Methodist Elders would occasionally stop by to talk of religion while also forming and structuring their local Church. Over time, Abigail would no longer entertain the thought of joining them, as she felt that these particular ministers "cared more for the fleece than the flock." Yet the meetings in her home had caused her to ask a simple question that she took to the divine in prayer and in a forest. The question was simple:
"What is it that separates two Christians?"
She was resolved to not get up from her knees until an answer came. No sooner had she spoken than she records that "a voice called to me saying, 'These are built up for gain.' Then, beyond, I could see a great light, and a voice from above called out: 'I shall raise up a people, whom I shall delight to own and bless'." This answer was sufficient for her to return to her home.
Not many days afterward, Abigail and her husband entertained a large group of people from their community in their home, allowing all those who wished to speak the time to address those in attendance. Abigail records that she took to the stand to declare:
"Today I come out from all names, sects, and parties, and take upon myself the name of Christ, resolved to wear it to the end of my days."
A few days more afterward, Abigail had another vision that demonstrated to her that no local congregation would truly bring her the truth and blessings from God that she desired. Within a week Abigail and her husband heard of a traveling minister discussing the ministry of angels and of a new book -- The Book of Mormon.
As she recorded:
"Not long after this, I heard of the 'Book of Mormon,' and when a few of us were gathered at a neighbors we asked that we might have manifestations in proof of the truth and divine origin of this book, although we had not yet seen it... I requested that I might know the truth of this book, by the gift and power of the Holy Ghost, and I immediately felt its presence. Then, when the Book of Mormon came, we were ready to receive it and its truths. The brethren gathered at our house to read it, and such days of rejoicing and thanksgiving I never saw before nor since. We were now ready for baptism."


Believe it or not, people like to push me around.

Usually, they the BPD or psychotic crowd that I have mostly encountered in the form of women that I have bumped into at work or have heard stories of others being pushed around by this type of woman.  They are usually survivors of some sort of traumatic event and are often man-haters who struggle with any normal form of relationship with men, or endure their own form of bullying at the hands of abusive (verbal and physical) men in their lives.

Occasionally, I push back.  I generally take it, take it, take some more - and then let it go.  I had to do so today on someone who is a triggered, Millennial snowflake who does not like my religion nor my politics.  Of course, I let this individual know how I feel in no uncertain terms.

Here is what it all comes down to:

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I just got off the phone with my wife talking the current events of today.  One of them deals with my wife's friend who is our neighbor, (a hefty stone's throw just down the road), and the daughter of Cliven Bundy.

She has had to deal with having her father in prison for well over a year - pushing two years.  And two of her brothers.  That tears at a person.  I can only imagine the relief in that family's home.

Man, if they do not love Trump and the draining of the swamp on this detail, then who could??

Had hitlery won the election, this would have gone to life sentences for all Bundy folk (while letting their fellow pedos/rapists/child traffickers off with slaps on the hands, if that).

The trial to convict the murderous FBI snipers would have gone nowhere.

With Trump, there is all likelihood that the opposite will be the case; but just say a prayer where ever you are right now, that he and those who protect him and his family, will be safe and that the ways of those who seek to hedge up his way and dig a pit for him, will fall and be buried forever in the very pit that they have digged to entrap him and other good people who are fighting for the truth.

This has been the prayer of my heart for my entire life against those who love and make a lie and who despise the truth.

When leaders of this nation or Church cover for the likes of Reid and do NOT take action, I can promise you in the name of the God of Israel, that they are part of the problem.  In a position of power to do so, I would have Reid (and likely one son of his) thrown to the curb.  I am sure many Stake Presidents (who are not drunk on power), have made moves to do so (based on Reid's stances on abortion or based on outright corruption and other blatantly anti-LDS statements).  I am sure they have been shut down in their attempts to do so by others in power positions because of the effect it would have on the Church (bad publicity, ally in Congress, favorable press for the Church, etc..... all laughable and pitiable excuses to not throw the bum out).

It gets to a point, that if you do not excise that particular cancerous growth, it will end up taking the body out.  As a Church, I have felt for years, we are collectively under condemnation because we do not excise that particular piece of human fecal matter.  I get that the mission of the Church is to spread the message of the Bible in its purest form, the affirming message of the Book of Mormon and all other true and correct doctrines.

At what point, however on that slippery slope of "acceptance by the world", do you quit bending to Babylon?  When there are women Bishops?  What an openly practicing gay man is now your Stake President?  When you decide to throw Brigham Young and Joseph Smith and Abraham and Jesus under the bus because they had more than one wife, as commanded and then seek to perform historical revisionism and make it almost as if Section 132 never existed and that polygamy was almost a fiction within our collective history??

Image may contain: 1 person, eyeglasses and textI am on a tear today - so I will just put it out there.  There will be just a shell of a Church left (...."will there be faith on the earth when I come again?") if we do not stand up as a leadership in the Church and do the right thing from the top down?  If the voices within the Church clamor to "do the right thing" and let gays run the show (can you imagine them officiating in our Temples??), and the leadership caves, just as happened in 1890, will I have to listen to a man with a lisp and who is making eyes at me from across the altar, officiate in the most sacred places on this fallen telestial orb??

Dear God of Heaven and Earth, pray it never be so.  But, if we continue our 130 year slide, it may just be so.  I pray that the crisis spoken of (where we are told to go with the Prophet and a majority of the Brethren) does not come down to some scenario like this.  I trust the old guard - but worry about the new guard.....  I do not trust business men and official administrators (bureaucrats) who call the likes of Iohanni Wolfgramm and other greats (who exercise their gifts perfectly), on the carpet instead of learning about what has made them great warriors of God.  I trust those who are/were ministers, who live pure religion (visiting the fatherless and the widow) and who have made the focus less on programs and rigid top-down messages, who have turned it over to common people who are simply following the Spirit.  Is this not what the Savior taught?  Thankfully, that is what we have come to before we are correlated to death.  This is one of the great course corrections in the Church since the Teach My Gospel concept came out.  Imagine, teaching Investigators by the Spirit - instead of some rigid lesson plan that a monkey could regurgitate?  I would have gone made in the rote teaching the missionaries performed in the 1960's and 70's.  Far worse than orange corduroy bell-bottoms.....

It is sad to see the end of an era in President Monson.  He was not direct like President Benson or Kimball - but he was among the greats when it came to ministering and inspiring with gentle messages of love.

He drove up in an open convertible to dedicate our Chapel in 1966 when it was brand new.  That was a 13 hour drive, when roads were a lot less than they are today.  Truly remarkable life filled with energy and enthusiasm.  Truly it must have been sad, as a great proponent of Scouting as I grew up, to see it degrade into the mess it is today.  Truly despicable sellout.....  His years at the helm were some of the most turbulent since the 1870's-1890's.

I find it ironic that President Nelson is a heart surgeon - at a time when I believe that that hearts of many men will fail them.... 

Just some ramblings and feelings..... but the funeral is at 12noon tomorrow (Mountain Time).  If you go to a Stake Center, they ask that you be in your seats by 11:30am.


I am not a biologist - and I have no background other than a strong interest in this stuff from a doctrinal standpoint.  As usual, this piece will hit a few nerves - and I do not mean to do so (I am sensitive to victims of sexual abuse).  It merely is to point out facts and data - and strongly held personal opinions as I see them.

I was talking with our OA the other day, who is from England.  She is an identical twin and is part of a landmark study by Oxford, that deals with the "nature vs nurture" debate.  The study is tracking ways that environs, which differ between the two siblings, may affect their genetic make-up.  I told her of this story and that the research from Australia may show that she is more affected by DNA than she may realize (she currently has a boyfriend - and that now-a-days usually means she is sexually active when in the mid-20's, unless the person has a value set to govern that kind of thing.....),

She looked shocked when I implied what I was implying and said she could not believe it.  I firmly stated that, aside from what snopes and other politically-motivated outlets would have her believe, it was likely true.  I base part of my belief on what I have gleaned from scripture.

Here is what I know, and in talking to my wife about this subject, she encouraged me to lay it out there with enough information that I did not just give an opinion and sound like a kook out on a limb with some wild hair-brained theory:

I have always known that Mary, the mother of Jesus was sequestered in the equivalent of a convent to serve in the Temple in Jerusalem until she was ready to serve her role as the Mother of God.  In this setting, she would have been sheltered from sexual impurity and/or potential rape that would have rendered her "less than up to her role".  For rape victims, the forced act of something imposed upon them, does NOT make them impure - except for one technical exception here.  There are reasons that willful sexual impurity would not be desirable in the Mother of God (the Son).  I get that - but I have always had whisperings that there was more to the equation than just this fact alone.  Mary provided one half of the impulses (behavioral and physical tendencies that were manifest in the Son of God).  In order to perform His mission, these genetic predispositions needed to be of the highest order.  I believe she fit that bill.  I have no doubt that she was in order with Enoch/Abraham/Melchizedek/Abel/Joseph Smith.  On par with Eve and so many other great women of history.  When you need to make a "critical play", you bring out the best you have held in reserve from the spectrum of women who are available to be used on the stage of life.  Mary, no doubt, was among the best of the best.  Or, more simply put, the best of the best; most "blessed among women".

However the conception actually occurred, I will not get into that (my wife and I heartily disagree as to the specifics) - but an egg from Mary was fertilized by genetic material of The Father to start the physical process of the gestation of the Son, a natural process.  I feel that the entire process was likely natural in it's entirety - my wife, as a sexual abuse survivor, feels that this would be "dirty" and below someone like Mary.  With no proof on either side of that debate, it likely may remain shrouded in mystery and the mists of time, as likely the quite private, sacred and graphic details of the moments of conception of my five children will remain so, along with details of intimate moments at the veil of the Temple and other sublime experiences will, as well.  Some things simply are not meant for public consumption - even on the Wood Zone.....

Here is where the rubber meets the road of details.  In scripture (Matthew 1:24-25), Joseph (Jesus' Stepfather), is asked to not be with Mary (in a sexual manner) during her pregnancy,

20 But while he thought on these things, behold, the angel of the Lord appeared unto him in a dream, saying, Joseph, thou son of David, fear not to take unto thee Mary thy wife: for that which is conceived in her is of the Holy Ghost.
21 And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call his name JESUS: for he shall save his people from their sins.
22 Now all this was done, that it might be fulfilled which was spoken of the Lord by the prophet, saying,
23 Behold, a virgin shall be with child, and shall bring forth a son, and they shall call his name Emmanuel, which being interpreted is, God with us.
24 Then Joseph being raised from sleep did as the angel of the Lord had bidden him, and took unto him his wife:
25 And knew her not till she had brought forth her firstborn son: and he called his name JESUS.
though I believe that Jewish law of the day would have allowed for it.  No physical consummation of that marriage until after the delivery and after her days of purification were over.  First of all - why was that detail even mentioned in scripture.  There is lots that could have been recorded that was much more significant - but this detail was kept in as part of the record.  Without modern prophylactic devices (not phylactery devices - to be sure....), there would have been a transmission of genetic material from the step-father and into the mother - and likely the baby.  Joseph has amazing lineage and was a good man, from every description of him that we have - but this was not good enough.  I believe everything about Jesus had to be SPOT ON.

I want to take a run down a bunny trail on a topic that is causing tens of thousands of people to go astray in the Church right now in our feigned Victorian and PC world (I say feigned - because most people who actually have an issue with this stuff are putting on fronts of indignation, while likely being "whores and jigalos" of Babylon themselves......  IE - they have secret unrepented sin - but are excusing it by pointing the finger at someone else to deflect possible attention away from their own poor behavior.  It is a principle, you know:

Anyway, people are really struggling with Joseph Smith having either more than one wife or can accept that - but struggle with him being married to another married woman.  First of all, if you struggle with that, you have ZERO concept of doctrinal history (Abraham, Jesus and all the other Greats who were commanded in this thing).  Secondly, you have NO concept of Consecration - the idea that we simply are stewards over those we have been given a portion to take care of in this life and even in the eternities.  Thirdly, you need to grow a pair and get a testimony of the Book of Mormon.  After this is all done, you will have no problem whatsoever.....

I will not go into Jesus having a minimum of three wives - which caused him MAJOR grief in this life, just as it did Joseph and others in this dispensation.  Victorianism in the 1800's is a cover and a sham for those who are deeply mired in dual lives and intrigue between the sheets (feigning purity, while being children of hell on the actual topics du jour).  I have read enough journals and accounts to know that stuff was going on back then, that would make people blush today.  Except, now it is openly accepted as normal - and back then, it was swept under the rug.  If you want to know more on Jesus' three wives, read the historical stuff in the blog.

As far as Consecration, I will tell you, that as any guy with normal testosterone levels, I used to be mildly jealous of other males (of interest to her) around her.  I think this is a normal telestial response of the natural man.  We sold our second house to a guy who was ripped.  I know the thing that attracted my wife to me is my brought shoulders and enough muscles to get the job done.  I have no problem with my wife having attraction to other males who are specimens, just as I do not expect her to be psycho jealous of me if I find another female to be beautiful in any way (form, mind, spirit, talents, etc).  However, I did have a twinge of jealousy of this Asian male who was ripped.  At that point, I had the typical desk jockey gut and was not in good shape.  He was.  This tendency to jealousy abruptly ended when we lost our kid and the concept that we simply are here to take care of one another dawned on me.  This further came to point when my wife ended up in the hospital after no sleep after losing our third child and trying to have two other "back-up" copies in quick succession.  Due to a series of cascading events, she was in counseling with a younger Bishop who listened to her on many topics related to these and other issues related to her sexual abuse, and she kind of bonded with him.  I really do not want to go into further details, other than to state that my wife is nearly as pure sexually as Mary herself - so you need not question her nor her motives, just that her state of mind was not what it could have been at the time.

At that point, probably the greatest life lesson I have come away with, was cemented in.  We simply are STEWARDS over those we are assigned to.  All contracts and obligations in this life that we enter into, are dependent upon our performance in keeping the commandments and covenants associated with the contract and obligation.  My child, that I felt (for a time), was wrenched out of my "control" was just a gift for the short 9 months we had him (in that go around).  My wife and remaining "gifts" are simply a fleeting - yet eternal - gift that I am to do my best by while I have that association.  In relation to polygamy or my relationship to my wife or any woman, I am simply to take the talent that I was given (yes, I only have one and may only have one through the eternities) and do the best by that "investment" that I was given.  If I prove a true and loyal servant of her, I may be given another talent at some point.  But NEVER would that gift ever be given to me unless I have done perfectly with the one that I have been blessed with.  To balance that equation, if Jesus, the ripped Asian or any other being could do better than I in my individual circumstances, then she has the option to "trade up", as well.  Marriage is a lot more fluid than we think - it simply is based on contractual obligations - and, as with anything else, we mostly breach contracts and agreements in this life.

So, do your absolute best in the Spirit of the Lord.  But, as Alabama said in one of their songs, do not hold too tightly.  There is no place for jealousy (as we know it in this telestial world), in God's economy.  It is about love and the right thing - not about "possession".  This is the key to terrestrial living - which is a springboard to Celestial living that we all seek in the presence of our Father.

Back to Joseph, I do not believe he ever sexually consummated his marriage to other women who were married (and, in many instances, those who were not).  There is NOTHING to back this up.  If I knew of something, I would put it on the blog.  It is about unrestrained honesty - as this article likely shows.....  I think the greatest harm done is when things are covered up because it might offend some snowflake who can't handle the truth.  When some hidden detail comes out, it appears as if the hider is a liar.  This is where many have had doubts - and then gone off the deep end of apostasy.

To be sealed to another married woman, I have ZERO problem with.  People simply need to get things figured out from the perspective that I have gained over time.

As it stands, if there is a better man to raise my children than I, I would rather see that, than have them raised by second best.  I also know it is hard for another man to love another's children.  It can be done - and is done all the time, but the person who best understands his kids is the one who sired them and gave them part of him.  As far as my wife in the eternities, or on this earth, I want her to be with whom she will be happiest and with whom she will gain her greatest potential.  I believe that happens to be me (we bumped into each other for a reason) - but if it is another, I love her enough that I would want her to be with that man.  To many, that will sound twisted and backward.  Go ahead and think that - and then let wisdom, time and perspective set in and you will see it God's way.

Do not fault Joseph for his actions.  You will find that you are on the wrong side of the fight.  He had/has Godly perspective.  If you struggle with anything - it likely is because you do not.  Pray about it.  Over time, your perspective will correct itself.

If you struggle with other married women being sealed to Joseph Smith during his lifetime, please consider that Mary was espoused to Joseph (considered married by Jewish Law) and it is entirely likely that she conceived Jesus in a normal and natural way - just as that life which was forming inside her, had to grow and then finally leave her body.  So, to boil it down for you, God saw fit to - by whatever form you want to imagine - cause a married woman to become pregnant with His child for His reasons and His reasons alone.  If you struggle with Joseph Smith doing what I believe he was commanded to do, precisely because he understands the true nature of eternal marriage and stewardship and he will have those women through the eternities because he has more fully kept his covenants in this life and achieved amazing and great stature in a short time of mortal probation - and because they NO DOUBT will want to be with him, hitched to his wagon over the other pitiful (compared) mortals.  If you struggle with all that - then you will SURELY struggle with the FACT that Jesus was conceived to an already married woman by one who has power to bring worlds into existence and who has unimaginable power and glory. 

Folks, it is not God, nor Jesus who has the problem - nor Joseph Smith - it is you and your pitiable and shrunken point of view and perspective.  You are likely spiritually anemic and need to hit the cosmic gym.....  In the end, it is survival of the spiritual fittest in this life.  If you fall short, then you will end up a loser to the true things that matter.  If you are angry with me for what I have said above, then you have no place in a terrestrial world.  I have only come to the conclusions I have above precisely because I want to at least have a taste of that diminutive glory that is just around the corner - let alone the indescribable glory of living with the Being who condescended to a mere mortal who was overshadowed by the Spirit to protect her from the glory of the Father of her Spirit, in order to make a Savior who was capable of rescuing the rest of us from our wretched and fall state.  One who had to be mortal - yet divine in nature in order to complete His mission.  Was there any other way?  Apparently not.  This was THE path.  It involved a few details that are hard for telestial mortals to comprehend.  We need to get over it.  Our views on marriage are distorted by the craftiness of men and the devil himself (who will never know any joy that comes from wholesome marriage and the resulting children).  Whether it be the gross distortion that males are not to marry, that it is a higher order to remain celibate (and then largely gay....), or the idea that one should zealously disregard the commands given to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob - and the Savior - and Joseph, and throw the entire lot under the bus because we are likely doing acts in secret, while on the outside were whited sepulchres full of dead mens' bones.  Brigham Young and Jesus both ripped on the establishment of their days for being just that.  Both scourged for their beliefs and practices - until in both instances, those practices were extinguished by popular opinion and public outcry.

Folks, we live far below our privilege.  Those who choose to live in a Millennial Glory will choose the higher road - or at least not be hostile to the principles of Stewardship and Consecration.  There are two options.  We have the choice to go down one path, or the other at least in our thinking.

Read the Book of Mormon - get a testimony of it's truthfulness.  All else will fall into place.  It is so simple that it is almost stunningly painful.