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Ogden Utah Temple

Dedicatory Prayer

Dedicated 18–20 January 1972
by Joseph Fielding Smith
Our Father who art in heaven, even the God of our fathers, who keepeth covenants and showest mercy; thou Almighty Elohim who liveth and reigneth, from everlasting to everlasting; thou Man of Holiness and Man of Counsel who hast created us in thine own image and likeness and commanded us to worship thee in spirit and in truth; thou who knoweth all things and hast all power, all might, and all dominion—hallowed be thy great and holy name!
We come before thee in the name of thine Only Begotten Son, even him through whom salvation cometh; him whom thou hast appointed to be our Advocate with thee; and we plead the cleansing power of his atoning blood. Wilt thou, O Lord, listen to him and give heed to his words, as he speaks, saying:
"Father, behold the sufferings and death of him who did no sin, in whom thou wast well pleased; behold the blood of thy Son which was shed, the blood of him whom thou gavest that thyself might be glorified; Wherefore, Father, spare these my brethren that believe on my name, that they may come unto me and have everlasting life."
Father, we have in our hearts the spirit of praise and thanksgiving and worship. We seek thy face, sing praises to thy holy name, and desire to follow in the footsteps of thy Son, to be like him, and to keep thy commandments, that we may dwell everlastingly in thy presence. We thank thee, our Creator, for life and being and for the privilege of receiving our mortal probation in a day when thou hast revealed anew the terms and conditions of thy eternal plan of salvation.
We thank thee for the infinite wisdom and love manifest in the atoning sacrifice of thy Son. We are grateful that thou hast poured out upon us thy Holy Spirit, so that we can come to a perfect knowledge of the truth; so that we may be born again and be alive in Christ; so that we may cleanse and perfect our souls and stand spotless before thee at the last day.
O God, our Heavenly Father, we have no words to express our gratitude to thee for all thou hast done for us and for all mankind. Hallowed be thy name forever! And may we worship thee in spirit and in truth and signify our love for thee and thy work by keeping thy commandments!
Unto thee we raise our voices in thanksgiving for the lives and ministries of the Prophet Joseph Smith, of Hyrum Smith the Patriarch, and of the prophets and apostles and righteous men and women who have built on the foundation they laid. We rejoice in the coming forth of the Book of Mormon; in the revelations that bespeak thy mind and will; in the ministry among us of holy angels sent of thee to confer power and priesthood and keys upon men; in thy personal appearance and that of thy Son to usher in this final, great gospel dispensation; and in the outpouring of thy Holy Spirit, which reveals thy mind and will to us constantly. O Lord our God, unto thee we sing songs of praise and thanksgiving by day and by night!
It pleases us that in this our day thou didst send Elijah the prophet, before the second coming of thy Son, to reveal that priesthood and confer those keys whereby thy children may be sealed up unto eternal life. We thank thee that the hearts of the children are now turning to their fathers, and that the ordinances of salvation and exaltation are now being performed in thy holy temples for both the living and the dead.
Our hearts rejoice, we are exceedingly glad, and the earth breaks forth into singing as we seem to hear "the dead speak forth anthems of eternal praise to the King Immanuel, who hath ordained, before the world was, that which would enable us to redeem them out of their prison; for the prisoners shall go free."
We rejoice, O Lord, in thy infinite mercy whereby thou dost make available thy saving truths to the living and the dead, so that those who die without a knowledge of thee and thy Son, but who would have received his gospel with all their hearts, had they heard it in the flesh, may be heirs of the celestial kingdom.
We thank thee that from time to time thou dost part the veil and let thy servants on earth behold the ministries and labors of their fellow servants in the paradise of God; that thy servant President Joseph F. smith "saw the hosts of the dead, both small and great"; and also "an innumerable company of the spirits of the just, who had been faithful in the testimony of Jesus while they lived in mortality"; and that he saw "the Son of God" appear to them, "declaring liberty to the captives who had been faithful"; and that there the Son "preached to them the everlasting gospel, the doctrine of the resurrection and the redemption of mankind from the fall, and from individual sins on conditions of repentance."
And now our Father, we thank thee for thy direction in building temples wherein the blessings of baptism and of celestial marriage and of eternal life may be made available to the living and the dead. And we thank thee that thou art gathering scattered Israel out of Babylon, into thy Church and kingdom, so they may receive the blessings promised in thy holy temples.
O Father, hasten the day when righteousness shall prevail; when the rulers of nations shall open their borders to the preaching of the gospel; when the door of salvation shall swing wide open for the honest and upright and good among every people.
We pray for the spread of truth; we pray for the missionary cause; we seek strength and numbers and means to proclaim thy everlasting truths to more of thy other children in every nation, among every kindred, and speaking every tongue. Wilt thou preserve those who are and shall take thy message to the world. Keep them free from sin and steadfast in their desires to be living witnesses of thy great latter-day work.
Wilt thou, O Lord, remember thy covenants with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob concerning their seed; and with Lehi and Nephi and thy "other sheep" on the American continent; that their descendants should have the blessings of the gospel, "which are the blessings of salvation, even of life eternal." Cause that the scattered remnants of thine ancient chosen people may open their hearts to the message of those living prophets whom thou dost now send to them.
Let thy servants speak as with thy voice in inviting thy chosen ones to forsake the world and come out of darkness into the marvelous light of thy Son. Let them say: "Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues."
O let success attend thy work in all its parts; and let thy kingdom roll forth, as the stone cut from the mountain without hands, until it breaks in pieces all other kingdoms and fills the whole earth!
And hasten the day, O Lord of Hosts, when the scattered remnants of Judah, after their pain, shall be sanctified in holiness before thee and shall build again the waste places of Jerusalem, that they may once again be numbered with thy people; that the promises may be fulfilled, "for out of Zion shall go forth the law, and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem."
As thou knowest, O our God, we are living in the last days when the signs of the times are being shown forth; when thou art hastening thy work in its time; and when we have already heard the voice of one crying in the wilderness: Prepare ye the way of the Lord and make his paths straight.
We have received thy messenger, even the messenger of the covenant, who has brought again thy everlasting gospel, to be a light to the world and a standard for thy people. And it is our desire to be instruments in thy hands to prepare a people for the coming of thy Son; for the day when every valley shall be exalted, and every mountain and hill shall be made low; for the day when the glory of the Lord shall be revealed and he shall stand again on earth; for the day when thy saints shall be redeemed, and "shall mention the loving kindness of their Lord, and all that he has bestowed upon them according to his goodness, and according to his loving kindness, forever and ever."
O, our Father, we long for the day when the Prince of Peace shall come, when the earth shall rest and righteousness be found again upon her face; and it is our prayer, spoken out of humble and contrite hearts, that we shall abide the day and be found worthy to live with him whom thou hast appointed to stand as King of kings and Lord of lords, to whom be glory and honor and power and might both now and forever.
Wilt thou strengthen us in our desires to keep thy commandments and overcome the world, to be living witnesses of the truth and divinity of thy work, and to stand valiantly in bearing testimony of those things which we have received. We desire to bridle our passions, to control our appetites, and to rise above the lusts of the flesh and the evil and carnality that is everywhere to be found. We desire righteousness. We are thy people; pour out thy Spirit upon us.
O Lord, wilt thou bless us and keep us, and make thy face to shine upon us, and give us peace. These are our desires, and thou hast said that thou wilt grant unto the children of men according to their desires, and we now call upon thee in faith and unity to fulfill thy promises and grant us the desires of our hearts in righteousness.
We desire, above all things, to be saved in thy kingdom, for we know "there is no gift greater than the gift of salvation," and that salvation consists in becoming perfect as thou and thy Son are perfect and in the continuation of the family unit in eternity.
And so, O God our Heavenly and Eternal Father, we pray that we may perfect our families. Wilt thou cause that husbands and wives in Israel shall love each other and cleave unto their eternal companions and none else. Wilt thou guide parents in Zion in bringing up their children in light and in truth, that our children, who are also thy children, shall stand firm in the faith forever. Wilt thou pour out upon the young and rising generation the spirit of obedience and conformity that they may be led to honor their fathers and their mothers as thou didst command by the mouths of Moses and others of thy servants.
Let not the choice spirits whom thou hast sent to earth in the lineage of thy friend, Abraham our father, be led in paths where they transgress thy laws "and fight and quarrel one with another, and serve the devil, who is the master of sin." O may the spirit of love and of unity, of service and of righteousness be in the homes of all Israel, that thy chosen people may truly be as a city set on an hill whose light cannot be hid.
We are grateful beyond any measure of expression for thy goodness and grace and for all thou hast done for us. We acknowledge thy hand in all things. We have no desires but to serve thee and keep thy commandments, to worship thee in spirit and in truth, so that we may enjoy the companionship of thy Holy Spirit in this life and dwell with thee in thy kingdom when our labors here are completed.
"How glorious is the voice we hear from heaven, proclaiming in our ears, glory, and salvation, and honor, and immortality, and eternal life; kingdoms, principalities, and powers!"
O "That our garments may be pure, that we may be clothed upon with robes of righteousness, with palms in our hands, and crowns of glory upon our heads, and reap eternal joy for all our sufferings.
"O Lord God Almighty, hear us in these our petitions, and answer us from heaven, thy holy habitation, where thou sittest enthroned, with glory, honor, power, majesty, might, dominion, truth, justice, judgment, mercy, and an infinity of fulness, from everlasting to everlasting."
And now, O God, the Eternal Father, accept from our mouths these words of praise and thanksgiving and petition. Hear our cries; read the thoughts and intents of our hearts; and be pleased to grant us all that we need without our multiplying words before thee. Thou knowest that we acknowledge thy hand in all things, and desire to serve thee and keep thy commandments, that we may have place with thee in thy kingdom.
We dedicate the grounds on which it stands and which surround it. We dedicate the font and ordinance rooms, and especially the sealing rooms, that they may be kept holy and that thy protecting care may be over them, and that thy Spirit may ever be present to inspire those who attend.
We dedicate the foundations, the walls, the floors, the ceilings, the tower, and all parts of the building. Protect it, we pray thee, from any devastating influence, holocausts, hurricanes, storms, or destruction of any kind. Protect all the mechanical parts, the lighting conduits and fixtures, the ventilating system and elevators, and all things pertaining to this building.
We dedicate the walks, the ornamental landscaping—the trees, plants, flowers, and shrubbery. May they add beauty and fragrance to the surroundings. May all that is done herein be done with an eye single to thy glory and the building of thy kingdom here upon the earth.
It has been our privilege, as guided by the whisperings of thy Spirit, to build unto thee this temple, which we now present unto thee as another of thy holy houses.
Wherefore, according to the pattern thou hast given, and in harmony with the course pursued by thy servants who have been before, and acting in the authority of that priesthood which is after the order of thy Son, and in his holy name, we dedicate this, the Ogden Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ, to thee, the Lord.
We humbly pray that thou wilt accept this edifice and pour out thy blessings upon it as a house to which thou wilt come and in which thy Spirit will direct all that is done, that it may be acceptable unto thee. Let thy spirit and blessings attend and guide the temple president and matron and all who officiate herein, that a feeling of holiness will prevail in every room of this, thy holy house. May all who enter have clean hands and pure hearts, and may they be built up in their faith and depart with a feeling of peace and praising thy holy name.
O Lord God of our fathers, who sitteth upon thy throne, and who liveth, and reigneth over all things—blessed be thy holy name both now and forever!
In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, thine only Son. Even so, amen and amen.


This date has always been problematic for Israel (modern or ancient, it is the same).

This in from the comments of a faithful reader and commenter.  I am not saying anything will happen on this date, just that I would "be on vacation" if I lived in Ogden on Aug 4th and Aug 17th.  I do not trust Russia.  We have been warned by so many in non-official channels of the Church that they will re-surge again.  They will have to take us out in order for that to happen.  Isaiah and so much more is very clear about what will happen to modern Babylon.  We have oppressed Israel of late - and, for having done so, will receive of her plagues and tribulations.

Here is the comment:

I think it will be interesting to watch what happens in August. August 4th because of how the Hebrew calendar works will partially on the 9th of Av. This is very bad date for Israel and God covenant people. Your date is very close to the 9th of Av. Also on an interesting note Barak Obama's (the black pharaoh) birthday this year falls on the 9th of Av.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Puke!! By the way...I hope you're not right about Ogden, but I would not be surprised if you are right. God's hand of protection has been withdrawn, because we have broken the covenant (as a nation) we made with him, that our founders made on April 30th, 1789. right after the inauguration of George Washington. God has sent us chances to return to Him. But we have failed to repent and return to him.

From the dream that I had, I was led to feel that it had not been dedicated yet when the blast occurred.  Here is the dedication information for Sept 21, 2014; which is the last possible date that the blast will occur.  I never saw the damage in the dream to the building, just that I was thrown back from the pressure wave of the blast and then I woke up.  This is my best estimate of a window for people in the area:
The Ogden Utah Temple is currently closed for an extended renovation.
The public open house will begin on Friday, 1 August 2014, and run through Saturday, 6 September 2014, except for Sundays.
The temple will be formally rededicated in three sessions on Sunday, 21 September 2014, at 10:00 a.m., 1:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m.
Appointments for living ordinances will be taken beginning Wednesday, August 20, 2014 at 8:00 a.m.  The phone number will be released at a later date.


They are coming back within the next year or two.  This event will cause the Matthew 24 EQ that will rock our world to the core.

Here is what Parley had to say on the matter:


I hate her, right now.  She is a despicable whore.  More correct, she has become a despicable, disease-ridden whore, with an abomination as her dictatorial leader and a fallen, lazy, disgusting populace as the one who has upheld such a person (cannot call it a man of any shape or form).

If you were to ask why I am a Canadian citizen, this is why.  I can no longer stomach what we have become.  I will take my chances in Canada until this nation is broken to pieces like a potter's vessel for her collective crimes.  I dearly LOVE the Constitution and revere it like scripture - but despise where virtually all of this nation has descended to.  I am in a constant state of mourning over this.

All nations will rejoice when we are hit this year - and will not be able to get back up.  We are hated by most straight-thinking, good people.  Our policies are out of control and put the "police" in "policy".  We need to be brought to our knees and flushed down the toilet.  What will rise out of the ashes will be good, but you cannot put new wine into old bottles.

Here is what got me spun up:

Old technology in NSA age: Typewriter sales surge in Germany

Published time: July 23, 2014 03:57
Edited time: July 23, 2014 07:32
AFP Photo / Torsten Silz
AFP Photo / Torsten Silz
​An increasing number of businesses are opting out of staying virtually connected and are reverting back to old technologies to avoid being spied on. The move has led to a surge in typewriter sales in Germany.
German typewriter makers such as Bandermann and Olympia have cited climbing sales amid NSA spying revelations.
"We sell about 10,000 [typewriters] every year," Bandermann manager Rolf Bonnen told The Local. "We’ve seen an increase because Brother left the market [in 2012],” he added. The company's sales jumped by one-third over last year since 2012.
Triumph Adler, which is part of Bandermann, began advertising its typewriters as 'Bug proof. NSA proof” in 2013 in order to attract more consumers.
Meanwhile, Olympia spokesperson Andreas Fostiropoulis told Wirtschaftswoche magazine that the company expects typewriter sales to hit a 20-year high in 2014. "We will certainly cross the 10,000 threshold," Fostiropoulis said. He added that he has had some orders from Russian partners.
German defense contractor Diehl switched from computers to typewriters last year.
"The Diehl Group relies on traditional typewriters for sensitive affairs," spokesman Michael Prymelski said.
Earlier in July, German politicians said they were considering going back to old-fashioned manual typewriters for confidential documents, in order to protect national secrets from American NSA spooks.
Patrick Sensburg, chair of the German parliament’s inquiry into alleged NSA spying, said committee members are considering new security measures and are seriously thinking about abandoning email and returning to old school typewriters.
“As a matter of fact, we already have [a typewriter], and it’s even a non-electronic typewriter,” he told ARD Morning Show on Monday.


They are starting to see which side their bread is buttered on......


Even the koombiaher-types (most likely paid schills) that visit this blog are beginning to see that it is getting serious.  You have weeks!
U.S. ally cuts off communications with Obama and seeks new trade outside dollar

On July 21, Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan spoke in an interview with Turkey's ATV television, and confirmed that his office had cut off direct communications with President Obama, and in fact, were no longer even answering calls received from the White House. In addition to this startling announcement regarding a long standing U.S. ally, the Russian Ministry of Economic Development followed this up with a press release that stated that Turkey was quickly moving away from their reliance on the dollar as the global reserve currency, and is seeking increased trade with Russia in a mutually beneficial exchange of self-contained sovereign currencies.

Turkey's cold shoulder against President Obama and the U.S. began shortly after the Syrian crisis failure by the United States back in September of 2013. And since that time, Turkey has begun to move away from its U.S. alliance and has started seeking increased trade agreements with America's primary adversary Russia. Already the eighth ranked trading partner for Russia, Turkey is proposing an even greater share of this pie, and is willing to accede to Russia and China's agenda for a de-dollarized trade system that cuts out the reserve currency from most or all transactions.

[link to]


How many diverse and unique witnesses do we need to thing singular event that will happen?  Avraham Gileadi and others have recently said the same thing.  Truly our prez is the worst thing EVER to happen to our country.  It will not survive his arrogance, stupidity and pride that ascends to heaven.

Here is the article that got me spun up:

Obama Bringing Fire to America

The following is a transcript of a prophetic dream received by Dr. Erik Castleberg. Dr. Castleberg shared the details of his dream in an interview with Rick Wiles on his radio program, which is broadcast on This program was aired on Tuesday, October 9, 2012. You can listen to this broadcast here. Erik also explains things God showed him after the dream.
In the dream there was a stage and Obama was standing there and he had his left hand up, and he was smiling and waving. Behind him there were some low flames, kind of yellow flames. It seemed like they were part of the ambiance of his presentation. Initially people just kind of looked on and they were kind of awed at the flames. They marveled and thought they were pretty. The flames continued to grow. They went from light yellow to bright red. The flames just kept spreading. They began to consume everything around Obama. Red flames surrounded Obama and the flames began to fill cars and buses and buildings. The people who were watching began to get very nervous and began to flee. They were frightened and very scared. They were panicking over this consuming fire that was spreading across America with Obama in the midst of the fire.
Obama remained calm and continued smiling. He did not appear to be panicking at all. He was just in the middle of it as the flames spread around him. He seemed to be content with all of it. That was the end of my dream.
I want to say at the beginning I am not a prophet. I am very careful about giving out things that God gives me because I do not want to misrepresent God. I prayed to God and asked if this is from you then please give me a confirmation, a scripture that shows this sort of judgment. Then I went back to my room and I got out a physical Bible. As I often do, I just kind of opened it and made sure there were no bookmarks or anything. Whenever I did that, my Bible fell open to Ezekiel chapter 32.
As I read through the Scripture confirmation I was struck by the parallel between my dream and the scripture as it relates to Egypt and Pharaoh. In and of itself I did not feel like my dream was a new revelation that people had not already heard, but what struck me was the confirmation he gave me cross-linked with so many other dreams that I have heard.
The next thing that came to my mind something I heard on your program (in October, 2009). Somebody had a dream about a dark ubiquitous membrane, a dark cloud that came over, and people could not see or move. It struck me that this confirmation that I had was a direct confirmation of that dream in multiple ways.
I felt that there were several other confirmations. First, the scripture in Ezekiel 32 directly parallels my dream with the exception that it speaks of Pharaoh and Egypt rather than Obama and America. The second confirmation was the dream about this dark cloud, this black ubiquitous membrane that would come over America. The third confirmation was another guest from a true news program, a gentleman named Daniel Bohler. I looked into YouTube videos from him and found another confirmation of that.
In the Scripture confirmation I found several verses that I felt directly confirmed this dark ubiquitous membrane or dark cloud. The first one was fairly obvious, which I found in reading Ezekial 32:7-8.
“And when I extinguish you, I will cover the heavens and darken their stars; I will cover the sun with a cloud and the moon will not give its light. All the shining lights in the heavens I will darken over you and will set darkness on your land,” declares the Lord GOD. (Ezekiel 32:7, 8 NASB)
Initially, I had that sense of confirmation that this all links up, but I just sort of shelved that. Then the next day God started really speaking to me about the beginning of Ezekiel 32 where it says “in the 12th year, in the 12th month, on the first day of the month.”
I wasn’t really sure what to do with that. I don’t know much about the Hebrew calendar. I didn’t know if that date corresponded with something. So finally with God dealing with me, I set out to do some research. The very first thing that I came upon was a reference to that date. The 12th month is the month of Adar in the Hebrew calendar, so the first of the 12 month would be the first of Adar. So it was interesting that the first thing that came up was also connected to Pharaoh and Egypt, which this whole scripture is about. Ezekial 32:1 talks about the plague of darkness coming on the first of Adar. This was the ninth plague to come upon the Egyptians for their refusal to release the Israelites from slavery. There was a thick darkness cast across the entire land. No man saw his fellow, and no man could move from his place (Exodus 10:23). This started on the first of Adar. In that context, it was six weeks before the exodus.
I don’t know what significance is there. I hesitate to set a significance that isn’t there and I don’t want to set any dates. But I found it interesting that that date, the first of Adar, corresponds to February 11th, 2013. Or obviously there is also the more direct correlation of December 1, 2012. I hesitate to infer specific dates because God did not tell me that. But there is an interesting correlation.
When I initially read the confirmation that I had, obviously in my dream there was Obama, the leader of America, and America both facing judgment. In the scripture I was given, Ezekial 32, it speaks of judgment coming on Pharaoh and Egypt. Obviously, there is a direct correlation with my dream about Obama and America. In the Scripture confirmation you have Pharaoh and Egypt being judged. So what God was telling me is that Pharaoh is Obama and Obama is Pharaoh, and Egypt is America and America is Egypt.
It is also interesting that this brings in the other confirmation that I spoke about. I remembered the word from Daniel Bohler so I searched through multiple YouTube videos and I finally tracked down the quote I had in my mind. I am going to go ahead and quote Daniel Bohler here. In one of his videos he said, “God took me to Ezekiel 32 and told me to put in the leader of this nation where it said pharaoh and to put in the United States where it said Egypt. This chapter explains what is coming to the United States.”
So that is the word that came to Daniel Bohler. God directly gave him Ezekial 32 and specifically said to switch the names. Not realizing that, just opening my Bible I opened it to Ezekial 32 and was given that chapter to confirm my dream of Obama and America. So the entire context was given as those being analogous.
The following text provides all Ezekial 32 with the names of Pharaoh and Egypt switched to Barack Obama and America:
In the twelfth year, in the twelfth month, on the first of the month, the word of the LORD came to me saying, “Son of man, take up a lamentation over Barack Obama, President of United States, and say to him, ‘You compared yourself to a young lion of the nations, yet you are like the monster in the seas; and you burst forth in your rivers and muddied the waters with your feet and fouled their rivers.’”
Thus says the Lord GOD, “Now I will spread My net over you with a company of many peoples, and they shall lift you up in My net. I will leave you on the land; I will cast you on the open field. And I will cause all the birds of the heavens to dwell on you, and I will satisfy the beasts of the whole earth with you. I will lay your flesh on the mountains and fill the valleys with your refuse. I will also make the land drink the discharge of your blood as far as the mountains, and the ravines will be full of you. And when I extinguish you, I will cover the heavens and darken their stars; I will cover the sun with a cloud and the moon will not give its light. All the shining lights in the heavens I will darken over you and will set darkness on your land,” declares the Lord GOD.
“I will also trouble the hearts of many peoples when I bring your destruction among the nations, into lands which you have not known. I will make many peoples appalled at you, and their kings will be horribly afraid of you when I brandish My sword before them; and they will tremble every moment, every man for his own life, on the day of your fall.”
For thus says the Lord GOD, “The sword of the king of Babylon will come upon you. By the swords of the mighty ones I will cause your hordes to fall; all of them are tyrants of the nations, and they will devastate the pride of America, and all its hordes will be destroyed. I will also destroy all its cattle from beside many waters; and the foot of man will not muddy them anymore and the hoofs of beasts will not muddy them. Then I will make their waters settle and will cause their rivers to run like oil,” declares the Lord GOD.
“When I make the land of America a desolation, and the land is destitute of that which filled it, when I smite all those who live in it, then they shall know that I am the LORD. This is a lamentation and they shall chant it. The daughters of the nations shall chant it. Over Egypt and over all her hordes they shall chant it,” declares the Lord GOD.
In the twelfth year, on the fifteenth of the month, the word of the LORD came to me saying, “Son of man, wail for the hordes of America and bring it down, her and the daughters of the powerful nations, to the nether world, with those who go down to the pit; ‘Whom do you surpass in beauty?
Go down and make your bed with the uncircumcised.’ They shall fall in the midst of those who are slain by the sword. She is given over to the sword; they have drawn her and all her hordes away. The strong among the mighty ones shall speak of him and his helpers from the midst of Sheol, ‘They have gone down, they lie still, the uncircumcised, slain by the sword.’
Assyria is there and all her company; her graves are round about her. All of them are slain, fallen by the sword, whose graves are set in the remotest parts of the pit and her company is round about her grave. All of them are slain, fallen by the sword, who spread terror in the land of the living.
“Elam is there and all her hordes around her grave; all of them slain, fallen by the sword, who went down uncircumcised to the lower parts of the earth, who instilled their terror in the land of the living and bore their disgrace with those who went down to the pit. They have made a bed for her among the slain with all her hordes. Her graves are around it, they are all uncircumcised, slain by the sword (although their terror was instilled in the land of the living), and they bore their disgrace with those who go down to the pit; they were put in the midst of the slain.
“Meshech, Tubal and all their hordes are there; their graves surround them. All of them were slain by the sword uncircumcised, though they instilled their terror in the land of the living. Nor do they lie beside the fallen heroes of the uncircumcised, who went down to Sheol with their weapons of war and whose swords were laid under their heads; but the punishment for their iniquity rested on their bones, though the terror of these heroes was once in the land of the living. But in the midst of the uncircumcised you will be broken and lie with those slain by the sword.
“There also is Edom, its kings and all its princes, who for all their might are laid with those slain by the sword; they will lie with the uncircumcised and with those who go down to the pit. “There also are the chiefs of the north, all of them, and all the Sidonians, who in spite of the terror resulting from their might, in shame went down with the slain. So they lay down uncircumcised with those slain by the sword and bore their disgrace with those who go down to the pit.
“These President Obama will see, and he will be comforted for all his hordes slain by the sword, even President Obama and all his army,” declares the Lord GOD. “Though I instilled a terror of him in the land of the living, yet he will be made to lie down among the uncircumcised along with those slain by the sword, even President Obama and all his hordes,” declares the Lord GOD. (Ezekiel 32:1-32 NASB)
Over the last several days, God has continued to deal with me about this. I have received some additional insights. Just before I came on the program today, God gave me a scripture verse. As I continued studying this under the direction of the Holy Spirit, I started to see a lot of connections with the coming beast system in Babylon. God led me to this scripture to give it context. He gave me Isaiah 26:20 through Isaiah 27:5.
Come, my people, enter into your rooms and close your doors behind you; hide for a little while until indignation runs its course. For behold, the LORD is about to come out from His place to punish the inhabitants of the earth for their iniquity; and the earth will reveal her bloodshed and will no longer cover her slain. In that day the LORD will punish Leviathan the fleeing serpent, with His fierce and great and mighty sword, even Leviathan the twisted serpent; and He will kill the dragon who lives in the sea. In that day, A vineyard of wine, sing of it! I, the LORD, am its keeper; I water it every moment. So that no one will damage it, I guard it night and day. I have no wrath. Should someone give Me briars and thorns in battle, then I would step on them, I would burn them completely. Or let him rely on My protection, let him make peace with Me, let him make peace with Me.” (Isaiah 26:20 – Isaiah 27:5, NASB)
God was just showing me along with everything else he showed me that he is calling us into his secret place to dwell with him and to abide with the Almighty. It references the beast in the sea here too, and the Lord will deal with him. The Lord will protect those who take shelter in Him throughout all of this.
First, with the presidential election just two days away, the dream received by Dr. Erik Castleberg appears to be another confirmation that Obama will somehow remain in power. Either that or the fire that Erik saw would have to occur during the short time that Obama remains in office as a lame duck defeated candidate waiting for Romney to be inaugurated. Since that would only be a very short time, less than three months, it sounds more likely that Obama will have another term.
Second, Erik is the second person that I know of to receive a word from the Lord regarding Ezekial 32 with instructions to substitute Obama for Pharaoh and America for Egypt. This is a very disturbing word for America. It is also very disturbing to hear the fate of Obama. As I have watched him destroy the foundations of our country, I have had to remind myself that he is not the problem. He is a symptom of the bigger problem, which is the fact that millions of Americans were deceived enough to vote for this evil man. After hearing Erik’s dream, I actually felt sad for Obama because of the wrath of God that is coming on him. I am praying that God will have mercy on him if it is not already too late for that. I also feel sad for America.
Third, the whole thing about the first day of Adar is also very interesting. Since it falls on the first day of the twelfth month in the twelfth year, it is hard to not think about the possibility of something happening on December 1, 2012. Erik pointed out that the actual first day of Adar falls on February 11, 2013. Either of those dates are coming very soon. However, Erik pointed out that the Lord did not tell him anything regarding the specific timing so we can only guess about whether or not it applies to the twelfth year on our calendar. So it might be very soon or it might not.
Finally, I was encouraged by the word from Isaiah 26-27. The wrath of God is not aimed at people who walk close with Him. However, I believe God will shake up many of His people who are mired in complacency with one foot in the world and one foot in His kingdom. For them, the coming troubles could be very disturbing. The safest place for anyone to be during the coming days is as close to the Lord as possible.
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Author: James Bailey

James Bailey writes blog articles about current events and how they relate to the truth of the scriptures. His vision is to broadcast the good news of Jesus Christ through blog sites and other media.


This is a foreboding of what is coming. We are under a yoke of bondage, both spiritual and physical, and NYC represents much of that.

New York is modern Babylon - and she will yet fall completely in one day.  Sept 11th was just a foreshadowing of what is coming according to Revelations 18.

She will burn in one day.  The nations and merchants of the earth will observe from far off and wonder after the glory of the fall.  There is little that is good in that city.  We should not mourn it's demise, nor be smug about it.  Even the angels of heaven mourned when satan and his angels were cast out.  But I am sure that this did not mean that there was a collective sigh of relief as the dysfunction and drama of heaven ended with that act.  Sometimes, you have to cast the drama and dysfunction out of your whatever form that may come.

Here is the article that got me spun up:

Apparently, these flags were bleached US flags...... I have never like the Chinese brand, Faded Glory in WalMart for its implications......

I had a dream again last night that I was in the Ogden Temple.  We were observing the finishing of the trim/caulk/paint and I looked outside and noticed a scaffold up to finish up something and a blue Genie lift.  I heard the date, August 17th.  I have no idea if there was anything to it, but I do know that you could not induce me with any amount of money or other incentive to live in Ogden, nor in NYC, nor Chicago for that matter, at this time.  Along with Boston and Albany and Frisco and Portland and Seattle, these are all marked areas.  The hammer will fall shortly.




Russia instructs citizens near Ukraine border to PREPARE TO EVACUATE
The document pictured at the link below is instructing Russian citizens INSIDE RUSSIA, who reside near the Ukraine Border, to begin plans for EVACUATION. [link to]

"This document was provided by witnesses who have already received instructions from local authorities" writes

The witnesses, a resident of the village October, which is located about 24 km from the border with Ukraine, told radio show "Moscow speaking" about receiving the notice of the beginning of the evacuation of people, and calling on citizens to collect clothes, bedding and toiletries, personal protective equipment, medical supplies, personal documents and money, and a two-day supply of food that does not spoil. The notice is signed by the heads of local administration.

"On each suitcase, backpack or bag, attach a tag indicating the name, address of permanent residence and place of evacuation. When everything is cooked, turn off the electric, gas, light, flat and close to the set time with things appear to the assembly Evacuation post "- written in the instructions.

This follows comments by Vladimir Putin which warned "If NATO approaches the Russian border, Russia will move its border to more than the five NATO countries it now adjoins.

This is a direct threat to invade not just Ukraine, but other western European nations.

The fact this document does tell people to plan to evacuate the Ukraine/Russia border, we could are now seeing the actual preparations for what absolutely will be Word War 3.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Folks, this does not clash with anything I have read or understand about our future.  The only people who will not be at war in the world will be the Saints (this after we are purged as a people):

My Dream Of A Future Event (Traveling from Texas to Utah)


I have a college degree in Criminal Justice from Trinity University in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. I also attended Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah and Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas. After serving a two-year LDS Church mission in Northern California, I served in the military intelligence branch the U.S. Army in Vietnam from 1967 to 1968. Then I joined the County Sheriff's Department in Texas where I live and retired in 1989. I am married and have nine children.

On Tuesday, April 5, 2005 while traveling home from the Houston, Texas temple with my wife, my sister and her husband we were discussing events from the book There Is No Death, by Sarah Menet. (Prior to this time I had never heard of Sarah Menet or Roger K. Young.) When my brother-in-law mentioned about a convoy of large semi trucks traveling westward at the time we are called to the safety of the mountains, my dream returned clearly to me and I then related the dream to them. Up to this time I had not told anyone about the dream.

I have believed for some time the many stories told by members and our church leaders who have warned us that the time would come that we as members of the church would be asked to live the United Order and be called by our church leaders to flee to the safety of the mountains in the west. I have believed this to be Utah and the surrounding inter mountains for protection against outlaw elements and a breakdown of our civil government prior to the second coming of our Savior Jesus Christ. The dream came as no real surprise to me, but I just decided to keep the dream to myself... until now.

My dream of a future event occurred in the summer of 1988 at my home. For three nights in a row, the dream continued and each night I would pick up where the dream left off the night before. At the time I was serving in the Bishopric of the Vidor Ward, Orange, Texas Stake.

My dream is as follows:

I, along with several others, were called to attend a special meeting with the Stake President and the High Council of our stake. Upon arrival at the Stake Center, I noticed those called to attend included Bishops, their councilors, doctors in our stake and those like me who had prior military experience and/or police experience or both, as was my case.

I do not recall the names of the Stake President or the various Bishops, doctors or others that I care to name at this time, but the meeting was about the current breakdown of law and order and the coming troubles facing our nation. Things were bad for our nation at this time both inside and outside with war raging throughout the world, but war had yet to come to our shores.

The feeling I had in this dream was it was just a matter of time. The Stake President said that orders had come from Salt Lake City that it was now time for us in our stake to take in members from Louisiana who had been gathering in and around Lake Charles. He said we were to open our homes to the members and help them. As soon as we gathered all we could from Louisiana to safety in Vidor, we would travel as a group to a gathering place near Woodville, Texas and meet with the Beaumont, Texas Stake.

We were going to organize into units as in the old days; families of ten, then one hundred, then one thousand. The Bishops would be organizing the tens and hundreds, but the larger numbers would be by Stake Presidents. This order was not only for us in Southeast Texas and Southwest Louisiana.

I understood that Houston, Texas was organizing and Saints from the eastern parts of the country was fleeing west in large groups, mainly for protection in numbers. My part in all this was to be part of the security force that was being organized. We were to organize units as a military security force to protect our movements.

The dream continued. I saw a large tent city at my brother's ranch south of Evadale, Texas at Wiess Bluff. I saw a smaller one at my old home place where my sister lives and one at my other sister's land. I also saw other groups camping in and around North Vidor. I saw later that we were ordered to move from these camps to the Woodville, Texas area.

Much distrust came from outsiders. I remember clearly that Orange, Texas was rather hostile to the Mormons and we did not attempt to set up any camps there. Vidor was more tolerant, Evadale was somewhat hostile toward us, but our strength in numbers prevented them from attacking us.

I helped negotiate a peace treaty with the leaders of the people of Evadale to allow us to cross the Neches River Bridge without interference. I saw thousands of campfires surrounding Lake Tejas near Woodville, as this was one of our camps where we met up with the Beaumont, Texas Stake.

There was not yet a total breakdown of law and order so we received some help from law enforcement in our movements and campsites. Shortly thereafter, we moved as a group by trucks, cars, buses and some semi trucks northwest. Near Gatesville, Texas at the site of a military fort called North Fort Hood, we met some regular army people or National Guardsmen who were stationed there.

They asked us to accept several army tanks as they feared these tanks would eventually fall into the wrong hands or be taken by force by several outlaw gangs. They were about to abandon the fort and therefore wanted the tanks to go to Utah where there was still law and order and some official acting government of the United States who would be restoring order to the nation.

Several of the soldiers joined our group because they had nowhere else to go. The army provided us with large semi-tractor trailer vehicles to load and move the tanks. Many other vehicles were provided, including large gasoline tankers along with fuel, weapons and food. Before this time, we had to scrounge around for gas and supplies and sometimes negotiate with money for needed items.

It seemed the whole world was falling apart, especially Europe except for England. Wars were everywhere and the United States had committed troops everywhere, but since the federal government had declared national martial law, had federalized most of state and local law enforcement and suspended the courts, many people began resisting. Our armies overseas were being recalled to help restore order, but many upon return had just simply refused orders or deserted.

I recall now that my dream showed several large cities in a state of rebellion with mob rule and large gangs, private armies or volunteer armies all fighting for control with the federal government unable to do much to restore law and order. The cities I remember were Los Angeles, St. Louis, Washington D. C. and New York City. San Francisco, Seattle and Denver at the time of our travel were just about in the hands of the outlaw mobs.

All civil rules had vanished. Troops had withdrawn from the cities. There were other cities, but I don't remember if they were in total disarray at this time or if that happened after we all got to Utah. I do recall that things got so bad in Washington D.C. that the government along with the President had flee to safety.

By this time it was no big secret that the Mormons and their friends were fleeing to the Rocky Mountains for safety. From Fort Hood we headed northwest, but we were not to go by way of Denver, Colorado, as that city was already too dangerous for anyone to travel through. Those fleeing to Utah were advised to go around Colorado. We traveled slowly through New Mexico being careful to negotiate our way through the towns and cities.

I do not remember much about Albuquerque, but Gallup, New Mexico, Ship Rock, New Mexico, Southwestern Colorado and Southeastern Utah were trouble zones. Somewhere in one of the trouble zones we had a major battle against a large hostile force that attempted to ambush us. We off-loaded several tanks and easily defeated this force. Also in the trouble zone, armed groups stopped them to get food and also wanted their women. Our response was, "We'll give you bullets (shoot you), but not our women!"

Along the long route, many others joined us, mostly non-members. Traveling near us, but not directly with us were two other large groups of members, one from East Texas and the other either from Houston or Austin, Texas. We were in contact with them. Near Green River, Utah we met large church security units from within Utah who were there defending the way west into Utah and Price Canyon.

I was surprised to meet my son in the Price area where he commanded a company-sized unit, all well-armed. He had been very worried about us and especially his mother and sisters. He said we could come to his place and be with him and my wife's two sisters.

(At this time of my dream, my son was still in high school and living at home. Later he served a full-time mission for the church in Italy, then spent four years at BYU. Later he married a girl from Utah and currently lives there.)

We were then escorted through Price Canyon. Along the way I saw many defensive positions. At Soldier's Summit I saw a huge military camp with tanks, artillery, helicopters and anti-aircraft guns. Here we turned over our tanks and some of the single men and soldiers in our group for re- assignment. It seemed to me that nobody passed Green River without permission.

Once into Spanish Fork, Utah, most of the people were sent to camps already prepared. Some were out near Nephi, Delta and west of Utah Lake. I was to understand that many camps were located through Utah and many were already full of Saints from overseas. My family went directly to my son's home. Then I remember with much pain that one or more of my children had not yet arrived to the safety of the Rocky Mountains. My dear wife suffered much until they eventually arrived safely.

After most of the church had gathered into the safety of the Rockies, the rest of the world began to really fall apart. Many who had not traveled to the Rockies the first time attempted to come, but found the way blocked by outlaw gangs or of thugs who preyed heavily upon them. There were few who made it. The whole world including the United States was at war to the like the world had never seen. There was no true safety or law and order in America.

I remember later a large hostile army that came from California by way of Reno, Nevada to fight us, but after a year of hard fighting, they retreated back to California. At about this same time another larger army came from Denver, Colorado, but after a short time and with very heavy loses on their side, trying to force their way into Price Canyon, they retreated back to Denver. My dream finally ended with a general sense of peace and safety as the rest of the world continued to war.

Question & Answers:

Since recording my dream and having several people read it, a few simple questions or concerns have been expressed. I believe this is a good place to answer them.

First is the question of time. The year of the event is not known, but it was sometime in the near future. The gathering had already begun before our trip west. It had started prior to the world war and members began coming quietly from overseas to Utah. Many from the west coast were already in camps in Utah. The borders of America were open because it seemed to me the Border Patrol was less effective at this time and later was called upon to help with riot control in the major cities.

The gathering in Southwest Louisiana had been quietly going on for several months. The move from Lake Charles, Louisiana, took only a week. The collected Saints came not only from Louisiana, but some had already come from places such as Mississippi, Florida and Georgia. In Vidor, Texas, they remained about two months or less before the general move to the Woodville, Texas area.

We remained in that area for about a month or less. The trip from Woodville to Utah lasted about two or three weeks. Vehicles broke down on the way. Some that could not be quickly repaired were abandoned on the side of the roads. The Captains of ten and one hundreds were responsible to see that the families and or supplies were transferred to other vehicles in their group. A lot of baggage was left behind. Many had over packed and found themselves arriving in the mountains with just the clothes on their backs.

The attacks on Utah from California and Colorado came some time after our arrival, maybe a year or less. The war with California lasted more than a year, but the attack from Colorado lasted less than six months. Both attacks came at about the same time, but were not coordinated by our enemies.

Second question is about the number of people. I was never really sure on the numbers, but it seemed to me there were about two thousand from the Lake Charles area and less than a thousand from our stake. Sadly, less than half of our Ward would go. Many had too many other worries and said it wasn't bad enough yet and they'd come later... maybe. These are the ones who tried to come later and who suffered the cruelty inflected upon them by gangs and mob law. This was happening throughout the country with the gathering. As one looks now at numbers less than 40% of Wards today are considered active. Less than half that number hold temple recommends or pay their tithing and offerings. I fear only the faithful will answer the call to move west.

The third question was about the breakdown of the civil government and law and order. I did not see a total breakdown of the government for the entire nation. We flew the current American flag, as did other groups outside the Church and who still believed in freedom and America, but they were disorganized and many misguided in their various causes. Many cities and States fell apart as rebellion and riots with mob rule, continued to grow. Simply put, I saw the cities and State police, now under federal control, could not stand up to so much crime and disorder. Even with the help of the Army and National Guard, many cites were lost to the mobs.

It seemed to me that when the government suspended rights and the courts, imposed martial law throughout the land, then forced food and gasoline rations and imposed other oppressive means, some unlawful, the people got fed up with it, and the riots and rebellion started.

Local taxes and the Federal Income taxes were not paid and with the failure of banks, the stock market unable to operate, along with very high oil prices and limited food, it was a general breakdown of control.

Banks and stores were robed with local officials and judges murdered. Even with the military recalled home, many soldiers wouldn't fire upon fellow Americans. The Church warned the Saints to obey the law, but a few hot heads didn't listen. I saw even Salt Lake City faced with unrest. But I did see that by the time we arrived in Utah Valley, Salt Lake City and the rest of the State had effective law and order.

A fourth question arose from the third question. What about the banks and our money? At the time of our move to Utah, most banks had failed. The stock market was unable to operate in New York City. Money was still around, but a lot of people didn't trust it. We used money to bribe some of the people to allow us to pass safely through their towns. Since we were under the United Order, most of our cash money went to the Bishop to use as he saw fit. Still many gangs and mobs lusted for money and gain. They would kill even for money that was soon to be worthless.

The fifth question was about the wars. I'm not sure how the world war started, but it had to do with oil in the Middle East and Israel. European nations, facing no oil, got involved. About this same time Russia was on a course to regain their past glory and clashed with just about everyone. Meanwhile, war had begun between India and Pakistan. Iran had stirred up trouble in the Middle East and had something to do with starting the war with Israel, but I'm not sure how. All I remember is that war was everywhere in the world.

A sixth question had to do with the missionaries. I did not recall any full time missionaries serving in the United States or anywhere else in the world at the time of our movement. I believe missionaries had already been to Israel, but had been recalled because of the war. This I'm not sure of. I think there was some missionary work still going on in Mexico and in South America. They were not from the United States, but were local Elders from the various countries. There was no missionary work going on in North America.

Then the question about Mexico, Central America and South America. What was happening there? I'm not sure, except there was no mad rush for them to go to Utah, but there was some, mainly from Northern Mexico, Arizona, Texas and California. I just didn't see what happened there. War came to them I know. I saw Spanish American people fighting for the Church in the California war, so apparently some came to Utah.

A final question about the North American Indians. What did they do? I saw that at first they were very suspicious of everyone and especially the federal government, but I did see that they came in mass to the aid of the Church because many were already members and they saw the Saints treat them fairly. This happened at the time of the attacks on Utah.

Today a lot of my dream makes more sense to me, but at the time it was confusing, though as I said before, I already accepted the general facts of what may be or more likely will happen unless this nation repents... which isn't likely to happen as we continue to sink deeper into the coming events spoken by our leaders about the very last days.

I have always hoped to have passed on before all this comes about, but I now see my lovely children and grandchildren who will have to face all of this... I think I'd rather be with them through all this and try to help and save them.

Dreams are like warnings to us or a way to give information. The dream was about me and my family. I take it as such. I do not speak for the Church, but for myself and to some degree, my family. Sometimes we can change things or make it a little better.

I believe it's a warning to prepare, stock up the year's supply, stay temple worthy and teach your family the truth. We can't change a lot of things that will happen to this world, but we can make a difference upon ourselves and our families. We can be prepared. I say to all who read my dream to be prepared like the five wise virgins were when the bridegroom came. Hope to see you in the Rockies when the time comes. I'll be there... will you?

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Folks, Tel Aviv will be nuked within the year.  So will Las Vegas (the AFB there).  Both are sin-filled cities - whose sins will no longer ascend up to the ears of God.  Just the lamentations of those who are left to sort out the ruins.

This is a foreboding of what is coming for Tel Aviv - the nuke will come out of Libya, launched by Hamas and will start a limited exchange on this earth.  Not sure if this will be the same one that happens when the US is up to her elbows in Chicago.  Times are going to get real interesting real fast: