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I believe this guy saw what is coming:


A must-see video.  Very nice encapsulation of everything I have been talking about.


This treatise on our faith is WAY TOO GOOD not to share.   I can thank a person from FB that is a real gem and a patriot, for this:

Every true Latter-day Saint is a "conspiracy theorist." You cannot claim to believe in The Book of Mormon and in modern prophets if you discount conspiracy. The term "secret combination" is a synonym of "conspiracy." People don't understand the Church's doctrine if they don't believe in the existence of widespread, Satan-inspired conspiracy. An individual has to reject entire chapters in Alma, Helaman, Ether, and the Doctrine and Covenants, in order to comfortably deny conspiracy. So open your heart and receive some doctrine and admonition.
The prophet Moroni plainly told us that secret combinations are the "most abominable and wicked above all, in the sight of God" (Ether 8:18). Furthermore, he explained that "whatsoever nation shall uphold such secret combinations, to get power and gain, until they shall spread over the nation, behold, they shall be destroyed" (Ether 8:22). Our God does not fool around when it comes to conspiracies. "For the Lord worketh not in secret combinations," wrote Moroni (Ether 8:19).
The Lord is so serious that He has actually given us a commandment regarding our conduct towards secret combinations. Moroni recorded, "Wherefore, the Lord commandeth you, when ye shall see these things come among you that ye shall awake to a sense of your awful situation, because of this secret combination which shall be among you" (Ether 8:24). How well are you obeying this plain commandment? Have you awoke?
Moroni prophesied that "whoso buildeth it [secret combinations] up seeketh to overthrow the freedom of all lands, nations, and countries; and it bringeth to pass the destruction of all people, for it is built up by the devil, who is the father of all lies; even that same liar who beguiled our first parents, yea, even that same liar who hath caused man to commit murder from the beginning; who hath hardened the hearts of men that they have murdered the prophets, and stoned them, and cast them out from the beginning" (Ether 8:25). Might I suggest that those who build up secret combinations include those who unwittingly support corrupt people, policies, programs, and political parties.
In the days of wicked King Noah, "the people did labor exceedingly to support inquity" (Mosiah 11:6). The majority of Americans - including Latter-day Saints who ought to know better - labor exceedingly to support this great complex of secret combinations and conspiracies that rules over us. However, we are strictly commanded to awake and resist these combinations. We are told that we will be destroyed if we don't eradicate these conspiracies from among us. Freedom will be extinguished and the entire world will ultimately perish if we allow secret combinations to remain in our midst. Should not this motivate you to fervent action?
It truly does matter who we vote for and what we support. One of the great myths is that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is politically neutral. It is not. It never has been and never will be. In fact, the official doctrine of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints defines what a faithful Latter-day Saint ought to believe politically. "How so?" you might ask. Let me explain.
The revelations in The Doctrine and Covenants constitute part of our Church's official doctrine. Therein the Lord has some strict words for His people regarding their political affiliations, practices, and beliefs. For instance, He declared the following:
"And that law of the land which is constitutional, supporting that principle of freedom in maintaing rights and privileges, belongs to all mankind, and is justifiable before me. Therefore, I, the Lord, justify you, and your brethren of my church, in befriending that law of the land which is the constitutional law of the land; And as pertaining to the law of man, whatsoever is more or less than this, cometh of evil. I, the Lord God, make you free, therefore ye are free indeed; and the law also maketh you free. Nevertheless, when the wicked rule the people mourn. Wherefore, honest men and wise men should be sought for diligently, and good men and wise men ye should observe to uphold; otherwise whatsoever is less than these cometh of evil" (D&C 98:5-10).
Let's analyze that passage. The first thing that should jump out at us is that our Savior refers to the "constitutional" law, not just to law in general. What is this constitutional law? Constitutional law is law that is in conformity with the "principle of freedom" which supports our rights. Specifically, these principles are contained in the U.S. Constitution. The Lord has said, "I established the Constitution of this land, by the hands of wise men whom I raised up unto this very purpose" (D&C 101:80). Furthermore, the U.S. Constitution, as established by our Lord, protects the rights of "all flesh" and preserves mankind's "moral agency" by the rule of law (D&C 101:77-78). And further still, the U.S. Constitution, contrary to popular belief, was created to free mankind from slavery (D&C 101:79). Thus it is to the Constitution that we must look when discerning which laws deserve our support. Only those which preserve our rights and Freedom and accountability, and are found in the Constitution, are we justified in supporting.
How many Latter-day Saints have been guilty of supporting unconstitutional laws and the people who propose and uphold them? To name just a few, you are guilty if you support the Patriot Act, No Child Left Behind, the Affordable Care Act, the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Amendments, etc. I might remind Latter-day Saints that the Lord has plainly said that "whatsoever is more or less" than the U.S. Constitution's plain principles of Liberty, "cometh of evil." Note that God did not say that contrary opinions are simply wrong or different or that they are of equal value. No, He said they were evil. That is a profound statement! God has told mankind to support His Constitution or be found guilty of supporting evil. There is only one political document in the world which has the stamp of approval of God Almighty - and that is the U.S. Constitution. Are we guilty of supporting evil? If we don't understand the Constitution, odds are that we have been guilty many times of supporting evil via our votes and voices.
Next, I want to highlight the last portion of the above passage. The Lord tells us to seek after wise men and good men and to vote for them and them alone. I believe we will have to account in the next life for how we voted in this one. Ezra Taft Benson, among others, has voiced similar opinions. Consider the last several elections you participated in. Did you support truly good and wise candidates for office, or did you settle for the "lesser of two evils"? Did you choose not to support the best candidate simply because he did not seem "viable" or belonged to a lesser known party? I ask you to take a personal accounting of your conduct.
The Church does not openly endorse specific candidates or parties (though on occasions they have), but they do, by virtue of their doctrine, tell you who NOT to vote for and which programs NOT to support. And let me tell you, there has not been a mainstream Republican or Democratic candidate for national office in modern history that has been worthy of a vote from a Latter-day Saint. No, not one (I'm excluding individuals such as Ron Paul who did not ultimately get their party's nomination). That's a bold statement, but I stand by it. I believe that Latter-day Saints need to repent for their political choices and strive to obey the Lord's command to support only good and wise men for office.
Now, let me say an additional word on this last point. I believe most Latter-day Saints are still fairly good people who are sincere, even if largely inattentive, when it comes to politics. However, the majority are nonetheless politically naive and ignorant, and are uneducated in the principles of Freedom and constitutionalism. I dare say that most, upon close examination of the ideas and policies they support, would be found to be socialists or communists. Latter-day Saints have overwhelmingly discounted and ignored the counsel given by numerous prophets such as Ezra Taft Benson, David O. McKay, Heber J. Grant, George Albert Smith, and J. Reuben Clark, Jr. That's the ugly truth. I do believe the sincere intents of our heart will be rewarded. However, I believe there is great cause for admonishment. We are naive as a people and erroneously believe that politicians are generally well-intentioned individuals. We don't dare think that they are part of a modern band of Gadianton Robbers. Yet, a good many of the people Latter-day Saints are found supporting are conspirators in this devilish conspiracy.
On the good, better, best scale, Latter-day Saints are barely hitting the "good" level with their political choices. Most of the time they compromise their values, disregard the Lord's admonitions in Doctrine and Covenants section 98, and settle for the lesser of two evils. I do find it heartening, however, that when Chuck Baldwin ran for president in 2008, the largest number of votes he received came from Utah. This shows that there are at least a handful of Latter-day Saints who are obedient to the Lord's command to diligently seek out only the best candidates - the ones who stand by the Constitution and who are good people. And the growth of this Awaken page is further evidence that many are finally waking up. I pray that this movement spreads. I encourage you to actively assist in this noble effort.
Next, I want to identify which people form secret combinations and then discuss their modus operandi. Most Latter-day Saints, when asked to identify a secret combination, will answer, "the mafia." While some mobs can be identified as secret combinations, they are not what we are warned about in the scriptures. Historically, the chief conspirators were generally those in law, in government, and the elite. Today the same types join the various conspiracies. We should also add bankers, Wall Street bigwigs, military leaders, and higher ups in entertainment and education to the list.
In Book of Mormon times, secret combinations sought to capture the Nephite and Jaredite governments. With one prominent exception in the days of Lachoneus, secret combinations always desired political control via secret infiltration rather than through blunt and overt force. Their tactics included political assassination, murder, controlling judges, falsely accusing detractors, lying, secrecy, blood oaths, extralegal courts and tribunals, launching wars, manipulating public opinion, etc. Their goals were power, gain, glory, and the destruction of true religion and all that was good. It should not be surprising, then, that modern secret combinations have identical goals and operate the same way. Past and present secret combinations are Satanic not only because they do evil, but because Lucifer is their founder. I believe that the highest ranking members of these conspiracies knowingly worship Lucifer, believe he is the true God, and seek to do his bidding.
In Nephi's day, secret combinations "did obtain the sole management of the government" (Helaman 6:39). Today, sadly, this conspiracy also has sole management of our own government and the governments of Europe. Similarly evil combinations control the governments of the rest of the world. These conspiratorial blocs do not work together, though their goals are the same and they are led by the same dark master. The conspiracy's hold became so strong in ancient times that we read that "the more part of the Nephites . . . did unite with those bands of robbers, and did enter into their covenants and their oaths" (Helaman 6:21). Circumstances today are slightly different, and there are a good many more people, therefore the majority have not knowingly entered into these dark oaths and covenants. However, I do believe the majority of Americans support today's Gadianton Robbers by their votes, by their lifestyle and entertainment choices, by their ignorance of this conspiracy's existence, by their taxes (i.e. labor), and by their lack of resistance. We are "in an awful state, and ripening for an everlasting destruction" (Helaman 6:40).
Ezra Taft Benson famously declared, "There is no conspiracy theory in the Book of Mormon - it is a conspiracy fact" (General Conference, April 1972:…/civic-standards-for-the-faithful-sain…). And, if you recall, Moroni told us that these combinations "shall" be among us. There was no hesitancy - they SHALL be here. And they are. It is a fact. I ask again, have we awoke to a sense of our awful situation?
What is to be done now that we know secret combinations, or conspiracies, exist among us and infest our society and government? Ultimately, it boils down to two things - awareness and repentance. We must become thoroughly informed. For this purpose, Ezra Taft Benson asked Latter-day Saints gathered in General Conference to read two books: "None Dare Call It Conspiracy" by Gary Allen and "Prophets, Principles, and National Survival" by Jerrald L. Newquist. I add the following books to that list:
"None Dare Call It Conspiracy" by Gary Allen
"Hiding in Plain Sight: Unmasking the Secret Combinations of the Last Days" by Ken Bowers
"Hope of the Wicked: The Master Plan to Rule the World" by Ted Flynn
"Awakening to Our Awful Situation" by Jack Monnett
"Secret Combinations Today" by Robert E. Hales
"Trilaterals Over Washington" by Antony C. Sutton
"The Shadows of Power: The Council on Foreign Relations and the American Decline" by James Perloff
"The Naked Capitalist" by W. Cleon Skousen
"Crossfire: The Plot That Killed Kennedy" by Jim Marrs
"Proofs of a Conspiracy" by John Robison
"The Terror Conspiracy: Deception, 9/11 and the Loss of Liberty" by Jim Marrs
"Memoirs Illustrating the History of Jacobinism, volumes 1-3" by Abbe Barruel
"Brotherhood of Darkness" by Stan Monteith
"The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations: Shaping the Moral, spiritual, Cultural, Political, and Economic Decline of the United States of America" by John Coleman
"America's Secret Establishment: An Introduction to the Order of Skull and Bones" by Antony C. Sutton
"Fourth Reich of the Rich" by Des Griffin
"Descent into Slavery?" by Des Griffin
"Tragedy and Hope: A History of the World in Our Time" by Carroll Quigley
"The Anglo-American Establishment" by Carroll Quigley
"Lines of Credit: Ropes of Bondage: The Story of the Financiers, Their Fellow Conspirators, and the Plot to Destroy Western Christian Civilization" by Robert Henry Goldsborough
"The Creature from Jekyll Island" by G. Edward Griffin
"Foundations: Their Power and Influence" by Rene A. Wormser
"The Cruel Hoax: Feminism and the New World Order" by Henry Makow
"The Sex Industrial Complex: America's Secret Combination, Pornographic Culture, Addiction and the Human Brain" by John L. Harmer
"Day of Deceit: The Truth About FDR and Pearl Harbor" by Robert B. Stinnett
"The Franklin Cover-up: Child Abuse, Satanism, and Murder in Nebraska" by John W. DeCamp
"The Franklin Scandal: A Story of Powerbrokers, Child Abuse & Betrayal" by Nick Bryant
Once we realize how entrenched these secret combinations are, and how threatened our Liberty is, we will want to inform other people. The number of good people who have been hoodwinked by this band of deceivers is far larger than the conspiracy itself. If we were able to wake them up, we could turn the tide of tyranny. Evil people scurry for cover like cockroaches when you shine the light on them and expose their dark deeds. Unfortunately, many judges, lawyers, and law enforcement personnel belong to this secret band and conspire to let the guilty go free. With the People on our side, awake and alert, we could take these people - including the judges, lawyers, and police officers invovled - and try them according to just laws. The People are the source of power and they can rightly exercise it for their protection and in fulfillment of divine commandments.
Integral in this process is repentance. Immediately after realizing that we have been deceived, we should humble ourselves and repent, calling upon the Lord for strength in combating those who seek to control us, pervert constitutional laws, protect the guilty from punishment, and destroy our rights. Unless we repent, we will not be able to overcome the deeply entrenched conspiracy which controls our government, our military, our schools, the media, the entertainment industry, the economy, big business, the banks, law enforcement, the "justice" system, and many churches. It is our duty to "waste and wear out our lives in bringing to light all the hidden things of darkness" (D&C 123:13-14). And we don't have a moment to spare.
I know that I've made some blunt statements, and I'm sure to incur the wrath of LDS Republicans who feel that I have censured them, which I have, but the truth needs a willing friend. The truth is that Moroni's prediction is accurate - secret combinations have come among us and threaten us with utter destruction. According to the words of our Lord, we are in an "awful situation." The scriptures testify that our government will be controlled by Luciferian conspiracies - and it is. We are told to support the Constitution and that anything more or less than its pure principles is evil. We are told to support only good and wise men, and, that to do anything else, is evil. How well are you doing? How well are you obeying these counsels? I hope you've been taking personal assessment as you've read this.
The Lord needs you on His side. He needs you to awake and to awaken others. He needs you to educate and protect your family. He needs willing warriors who will rise in defense of truth and Freedom, His Constitution, and all sound principles. If I sound particularly strict on this subject, it's because I am. I love my Freedom and the Freedom of my land with the same abiding love that Captain Moroni demonstrated when he raised his title of Liberty in defense of his God, his religion, his Freedom, his peace, and his wife and children. And so I end with Captain Moroni's ever-pertinent rallying cry:
"Whosoever will maintain this title upon the land, let them come forth in the strength of the Lord, and enter into a covenant that they will maintain their rights, and their religion, that the Lord God may bless them (Alma 46:20).
In the strength of the Lord, we will ultimately triumph over Lucifer and his minions who seek to drag us carefully down to an everlasting destruction. Of this I testify.


They are here to make slavs out of you!

Nice play on words, eh?

I have watched this develop and now we are getting reports of the veracity of this by boots on the ground:

150,000 RUSSIAN TROOPS ARE ALREADY HERE: "Because the administration has been caught bringing in the Russians, these traitors were forced to invent a cover story. Subsequently, the administration announced the creation of a series of extra-constitutional “agreements” (that means illegal agreements) which justified the presence of Russian soldiers on American soil. These agreements were inked in June of 2013 in Washington, D.C., at the fourth annual meeting which led to the illegally created “U.S.-Russia Bilateral Presidential Commission Working Group on Emergency Situations.” The agreement calls for at least 15,000 Russian troops to engage in policing activities at American public events on American soil. In actuality, there are at least 150,000 Russian troops on American soil. This bilateral agreement is designed to conceal the fact of what the Russians are up to and they have been on American soil for some time."
"Some of you will remember the survey which asked the American military respondents to answer the following question: “Would you fire upon U.S. citizens who refuse or resist confiscation of firearms banned by the United States government?” This late 1990′s survey was a litmus test to determine if the globalists could depend upon the American military. One would presume that the raw data did not produce the results that the globalists were looking for and they concluded that major elements of the American military cannot be counted on to support the imposition of a holocaust on American soil."
CLICK THE PIC & LINK:…/26/what-time-is-the-invasion/
Illuminati Exposed (This is the resistance) with Ryan Kincaid and Denis ÇiliBREAKING NEWS (Make This Go Viral): The phrase "BEWARE OF OCTOBER 1ST" MUST GO VIRAL - Our very lives could depend on it - Especially if you live in the North East. HEADLINE: "Foreign Troops Preparing" - Please read the following and draw your own conclusions. All this is scheduled to happen by October 1st, so if you have ANY info on this, let us know below. BTW: For any other Admins, please do additional research on this, and post as repeatedly as possible.
15,000 Russians in Baltimore by October 1st.
82% of our combat forces and their supply elements out of CONUS by October 1st.
FEMA purchase orders for over $14.2 million for MREs and heater meals to be delivered to Region III by October 1st.
FEMA purchase orders for 22 million pouches of emergency water to be delivered to region III by October 1st.
FEMA purchase orders for $13.6 million for MREs and heater meals to be delivered to Austin by October 1st.
Nine-week training course for UN Peacekeepers in CONUS to learn Urban Warfare, English, and US weapons systems beginning 4th week of July for 386,000 troops to be completed by October 1st.
$11 million in antibiotics to be delivered to FEMA region III by October 1st ordered by CDC.
World Health Organization held second emergency meeting in its history to discuss MERs coronavirus. Determined a vaccine MUST be in place by October 1st.
2800 MRAPs must be delivered to DHS by October 1st.
No leave will be allowed for US military from September 28th thru November 5th.
NORCOMM yearly training for civil unrest suspended until September 27th. To be performed in northeast coastal areas.
Date for release of QE3 report moved to October 16th.
All DHS agents MUST qualify with sidearm, shotgun and AR 15 by September 28th. No mention of yearly less lethal qualification.
Sporadic testing of GPS and Communications satellites is coordinated for the first time with a testing date of September 29th.
POTUS mandates to FEMA and DHS concerning support for metropolitan communities dealing with the extreme climate change MUST be complete by October 1st. These mandates were issued during the last three weeks.
Over 300 school systems in the US have determined they need three-day kits for each school AND three-day kits for each student to take with them. All deliveries are scheduled for the month of September.
All National Guard units will complete riot control and disaster assistance training during this years annual two week training. All units MUST have their training complete by September 30th.
Daily testing of the Emergency Broadcast System to begin on September 25th and run thru October 2nd.
Eastern-based Coast Guard units to perform massive group training, usually performed in the Gulf, in the Virginia and Delaware areas. This is a 10-day training mission to begin September 26th.
A sidenote to ponder: For the first time in the history of the United Nations, the Secretary General addresses the Assembly, a speech that was broadcast live to over 60 nations, to inform the assembly that while we are dealing with what appears to be two global crises -- extreme climate change and financial downturns -- the governments of the world are working together to resolve the issues before they reach catastrophic proportions. In other words, he addresses the Assembly and the world just to say everything is going to be okay........................ (Right...............)
ONE OF MANY ARTICLES:…/5584-mysterious-fema-region-ll…
Posted by ______________.
Join us:
Radio Show 8PM EST/5pm PST:


Looking at this calendar, it appears that the two witnesses would die on Yom Kippur.  They would lie dead in the streets for 3.5 days, or 84 hours and then Christ would come and resurrect them as He puts His feet on the Mount of Olives and it splits in twain on the existing fault line there:

He would come on the first day of the wedding feast (Sukkoth, or Festival of Booths - or tents):

Here is a typical wedding booth or sukka:

They are wooden structures with a roof made of boughs - not necessarily to shed water, but to shield the wedding guests from the sun, etc.

Here is the tabernacle built in Utah after the Saints had wandered in the promised land:

This coming is 1260 +30 days after the mid-point of the reign of the A/C.  I had someone comment on a previous post that it would take 42 months from some point after the US is invaded.  I remind you that the A/C has power to make war on all nations (that is the USA), but he first declares peace for 42 months, 3.5 years or 1260 days.  Then, he causes that war should be poured out upon all nations during the last 42 month period (this A/C basically stirs the pot and causes WWIII, which is a 13 month war, as pointed out in Revelations).  This 1260 + 30 day period started on March 22, 2013 and will end on the Feast of Tabernacles (wedding feast) when He calls all of his brides to the feast. 

How is that oil in your lamps?


Just as millions of my ancestral Irish were driven from Ireland to fell to the promised land by the potato famine and other political crises, this is similarly significant in its meaning.

I would love to see the demographics of this situation.  Are these Syrian Christians?  God is driving them out to potentially save them for a later purpose?

Damascus shall here shortly become a ruinous heap.  They are being removed from ground zero - and for what purpose, I do not know:

Post Update:
And then I find this a few minutes later..... Could  it be this bad?  The same thing has been done to our country with those coming up from El Salvador and Nicaragua.  This and the fires being purposefully set right now in the west?  We are UNDER ATTACK, people.  As paranoid as it sounds - we are in the first stages of takeover:

This is an extract from "Red dawn" a masonic document published by Serge Monast in 1985.

You can find it on page 12:
[link to]

"To ensure us at all costs of the success of such a
company, let us make it so that our Agents already
infiltrated in the Ministries for the Intergovernmental
Businesses and the Immigration of the State-Nations
make [or] amend in-depth the Laws of these Ministries.
These modifications will primarily aim at opening
the doors of the Western countries to an increasingly
massive immigration inside their borders
(immigrations which we will have caused besides
while having taken care to make burst, here and there,
of new local conflicts).
By press campaigns well orchestrated in the public
opinion of the targeted State-Nations, we will cause a
significant surge of refugees which will cause
destabilization of their interior economy, and increase
the racial tensions inside their territory.
We will see to make it so that groups of foreign
extremists form part of these surges of immigrants;
these will facilitate the political destabilization,
economic and social of the Nations concerned."


My problem is the same as one in a coma - being able to think and hear, but not communicate it to those around me.  I am stunted in my writing - I either ramble on to the point that I lose people, or I am not able to use enough brush strokes to paint a clear picture of what I am trying to get at.  Thus you will see me write several redundant posts hitting it from a different angle until I feel like I got something out that makes sense.  Most of it is my problem - the flowery part of my brain does not work too well and the logic side dominates.  This makes for poor writing attempts.  My dad has the same problem - and oddly, when my son who passed and my mother returned to tell him to move on, his writing ability was mentioned.  He married someone who excels at this - but maybe is not so endowed with the other side of the grey matter?

Someone on a FB group had an epiphany and I think I was able to get it out there in a succinct form:

Indeed it is. 3500 years since the Israelites were released from Egypt and their debts were forgiven. That release happened on the 50th, 50th Jubilee since Adam and Eve were tossed from the Garden of Eden. So, 2500 + 3499 = Jubilee Year beginning this Sept 13th. Christ returns on the 6000th year on the Wedding Feast (Sukkoth) in just about 13 months (End of the 1260 + 30 day period). The end of that year marks the end of an era where the captives are once again released (from the armies of Gog that are set about Jerusalem) and their debts forgiven (picture Christ showing them the marks on the hands, feet and side). When Christ smashes all the armies upon coming and splitting the Mount of Olives, the land will be returned to those to whom it was covenanted. The three purposes of the Jubilee and THE PERFECT Jubilee ending!! I have been raving about this for years now - just trying to get it to make sense to people - because it is SO BEAUTIFUL!! Thanks ______ for your personal revelation.

Thirteen months from now will also mark the time when 70 years have passed since the command went forth to make Israel a nation in 1947. It also marks the time when 50 years have passed since the land was returned to the original owners with the War of 1967. 100 years since the Balfour Declaration in 1917 which allowed the return of the Jews later to their land. Also, 100 years since Lord Allenby rolled in to Jerusalem and kicked the Turks out in WWI. God works on a PERFECT cycle. This is PART of the reason, I say it is either here and now, or never. I do not think this earth has another 50 years in her to get it done. We have crossed too many lines already where there is no going back. In another 50 years, every single God-fearing man and woman would be dead. For this reason, the days will be cut short (in order to have something left to do a great work with in building up the NJ and gathering all the elect in).


Folks, you really MUST read the comments if you are not in the habit of doing so.  They are sometimes the best part of the blog.  I just got a few that I have to combine into one so that they can be read by all.  Dewey Bruton alluded to no man knowing the day or the hour in his two hour video, calling it "the hour that no man knew".  It is a form of speech from that day talking of how it will happen at the end of the month when a full moon is finally declared.  Here is the comment (and thanks again, Bro B for your great commentary and your faithful readership;  I feel like I have a true friend even though we have never met):

Part 1: This seems logical

Understanding the expression "No man knows the day or hour" is not possible by simply taking the English translation literally. It is now clear that "no man knows the day or hour" does NOT mean "no man knows the day or hour" as we read it from a modern-day English perspective. From a rabbinical Hebraic perspective it is a figure of speech.

Christians over the centuries have separated themselves from their Hebraic roots causing the misunderstanding of key Jewish biblical idioms. When Jesus uttered His famous words concerning the Messianic Era in Matthew 24:26, "No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in Heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father", He used a common Jewish figure of speech referring to a specific Jewish Festival. What day could the Jewish idiom be referring to?

In Jesus' day he spoke in the language and idioms of the day. Those who heard the Lord speak knew what He was saying and usually what He was alluding to. Of course, today's generation of believers struggles to understand His words and concepts. Failing to think like Jesus and taking phrases out of Jewish context can lead one to misunderstand His words.
Our Lord used and confirmed common Jewish ideas about the Day of the Lord - the millennium - and its relation to the Feast of Sukkot (Tabernacles) .

The annual Jewish Festival of Trumpets or Rosh HaShanah - the first day of the seventh month. A few themes linked to this Jewish festival are resurrection, repentance, kingship, corronation and a marriage feast. Another theme and convincing proof that Rosh HaShanah is not only the start of "The Day of the Lord" (Millennium), but is also the day of the resurrection! It has to do with the moon and its 29-day cycle of renewal. We have lost touch with God's faithful witness in the sky. But Jesus and the people of His day never lost touch with it.

Since the subject of our discussion is the new moon and figures of speech, realize the phrase, "Of that day and hour no man knows" refers to the sanctification or setting apart of the new moon. Without this sanctification, the Jews had no way of determining God's "appointed times".

We look at a calendar to determine the first of the month; the Jews, however, looked at the moon. This system of chronology was given to the Jews to know precisely when the Holy festivals would fall.
Because the moon was so important for Jewish date - setting, the authorities in charge of announcing the new moon took great care to ensure the first day of the month was announced on time. As soon as the new moon was announced, the first day of the month began. Once the beginning of the new month was established, the festivals and weekly Shabbats for the upcoming month were sanctified for observance. In Hebrew, those observances have always been called "appointed times", literally "a sacred and set time".

Part 2:
God's appointed times are actually "holy rehearsals" set apart to reflect events in the Messianic era. God said to the people, "Pay attention! On this day I am going to do something! Wake-up! The Jews were to know and practice all of God's holy convocations.

Twice a year, in the spring and fall, there were several appointed times and specific days of holy convocation dedicated to the Lord. The new moon was the key in being able to fulfill those set times, holy convocations and rehearsals. From the announcement of the new moon to the festival dates which followed, it was only a matter of counting the right number of days.

Once a month the Sanhedrin discussed when to proclaim the new moon. After careful scrutiny to determine the official arrival of the new moon, the Nassi or President of the Sanhedrin proclaimed Rosh Chodesh with the words: "Sanctified", and all the people repeat after him, "Sanctified, sanctified". Once the Sanhedrin set Rosh Chodesh, or the beginning of the new month by sighting the new moon, the rest of the festivals were calculated.
The seventh month, Tishri, was particularly important because it was the only month that had a holy convocation or appointed time on the first day of the month. This posed a unique problem. The first day of Tishri was the appointed time called Rosh HaShanah, the Feast of Trumpets (Leviticus 23:24). Yet no one could begin observing the festival until they heard those famous words from the President of the Sanhedrin, "Sanctified!"

No one in Israel could plan for the first day of the seventh month Tishri, called Yom Teruah or the Feast of Trumpets (also called Rosh HaShanah).


Of course, anyone could look up into the twilight or early morning sky and, if they looked hard enough, see the new moon’s crescent. And certainly an astute observer knew when about 29- days were completed since the previous Rosh Chodesh. But recall, ONLY THE SANHEDRIN NASSI had the authority to proclaim the first of Tishri, which was already established as a technical procedure. Once proclaimed, the Feast of Trumpets (Rosh HaShanah) commenced. Until that public announcement by the Nassi, everyone had to wait before they could begin the observance of the festival. No one could begin the festival beforehand! Thus, we can more clearly see the analogy Jesus made with His words: "But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only" was in regards to this important festival of Rosh HaShanah.

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This prophet is pivotal in our Church history - of the Book of Mormon and was the prophet who took the gospel to the British Isles along with Tamara Tephi.

As I watch it, the parallels to today are striking:


Here is something from a Protestant minister who backs up what Joseph Smith said in a General Conference in 1843:

Like I have said in the past, no man knows the hour when Jesus comes with fire and FINAL judgement, but we will know when he comes to Jerusalem.  Hmmm..... maybe we will have a clue when the armies are swarming about the gates of Jerusalem.  Maybe we will have a clue when the two Prophets are knocked down and are lying dead in the streets of Jerusalem.  Just maybe, we could set the countdown timers on our watches to 84 hours (3.5 days) and know that Christ returns exactly at that moment.  Of course we know the hour of that coming to Jerusalem!  It is basic to the rational thinker.

Just maybe, we could even back it up to the point where there is an army headed by a ruthless dictator that comes out of a place of Magog which is equivalent in today's terms to the Crimean region (this is in the Ukraine for the geographically challenged).  Maybe that same army, over a 13 month period, will try to bust his way south into Turkey and Syria (no connection there with Russia.....) and then south into Jerusalem to support another vassal state of Iran in their objectives.  Hmmmm..... I wonder.  Sorry about the sarcasm - I get so fed up with people who are too dense to see.

Folks - it does not take a rocket scientist to get it and where we are in the final wrapping up scenes.

Here, once again, we have a quote from a Prophet of God who said we CAN know the day and the hour if we simply watch and wait:

Here is a quote from an early General Conference from the mouth of Joseph Smith.  There is no refutation of that source and statement.  Even attempting to do so, would defy logic:

"Christ says no man knoweth the day or the hour when the Son of Man cometh. This is a sweeping argument for sectarianism against Latter day ism. Did Christ speak this as a general principle throughout all generations Oh no he spoke in the present tense no man that was then liveing upon the footstool of God knew the day or the hour But he did not say that there was no man throughout all generations that should not know the day or the hour. No for this would be in flat contradiction with other scripture for the prophet says that God will do nothing but what he will reveal unto his Servants the prophets consequently if it is not made known to the Prophets it will not come to pass; again we find Paul 1st of Thesslonians 5th Chapter expressly points out the characters who shall not know the day nor the hour when the Son of Man cometh for says he it will come upon them as the theif or unawares. Who are they they are the children of darkness or night. But to the Saints he says yea are not of the night nor of darkness of that that day should come upon you unawares. John the revelator says 14 chap 7th verse that the hour of his judgements is come they are precursers or forerunners of the comeing of Christ. read Matthew 24 Chap and all the Prophets. He says then shall they see the Sign of the comeing of the Son of Man in the clouds of Heaven. How are we to see it Ans. As the lighting up of the morning or the dawning of the morning cometh from the east and shineth unto the west—So also is the comeing of the Son of Man. The dawning of the morning makes its appearance in the east and moves along gradualy so also will the comeing of the Son of Man be. it will be small at its first appearance and gradually becomes larger untill every eye shall see it. Shall the Saints understand it Oh yes. Paul says so. Shall the wicked understand Oh no they attribute it to a natural cause. They will probably suppose it is two great comets comeing in contact with each other It will be small at first and will grow larger and larger untill it will be all in a blaze so that every eye shall see it." (Joseph Smith, General Conference, April 6, 1843, emphasis added)