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Oh boy, when they say "politics is dirty business" - they mean it!

Holy smokes!  This guy is going down.  Then, hitlery will most likely try to take down trump on way more salacious stuff.  Man, this is juicy!!

Nothing so juicy the sleazy Wood Zone cannot handle it!  lol

Hey, I want these slimeballs to marinate in their own disgusting juices.  I am SO sick of our political landscape - and thus my call for a smoking hole where DC used to be.....  And please, let it be while the whole lot is in session (except for maybe two of them).

I have to say here, it might be good to throttle back on the rhetoric a little.  I noticed a Mulder and Scully-type couple taking pictures of me the other day when I stopped to put a combo in an entry gate.  Both wearing sunglasses and in an SUV that did not appear to be government issue - but yeah.  Bring it - pukes.  We still have a modicum of free speech in this formerly-blessed country.  I would do nothing of myself - just sit back and watch it all crumble into the smoking pit that we have digged for the world.  What goes around (what this country has dished out on the world) will all come back to roost; the Law of the Harvest demands it.   I demand it.

The devil and his lackeys ALWAYS lose in the end.  It just gets interesting when push finally comes to shove.  GOD is above all - but we need to remember that.  I have no interest in having any part of it any more.  Kind of like Ether, I would like to just slink off to my cave and watch it from a distance.  I wash my hands - this turkey is done; put a fork in it already and give thanksgiving that we are about to get a REAL ruler and king to be our leader.  Man, I cannot wait for that.

So, Mr. S cruz - see you in the dust-bin of dirty politicians.  The only way they get to that level is if they know they have dirt on them - so they can be controlled by TPTB.  That is the way it works in secret combinations.  I suspect they will try hunting down the people who released this info and brought their man down.  They hate it when their "appointments" of the "anointed ones" are foiled.  And can I tell you how much I love Anonymous and Edward Snowden for raining on their parade.  It just gets better by the day.


Wow - interesting that an all seeing eye comes from the New World:

It appears that Kolob exists in the Orion area.  This corresponds with so much else out there.


I have been watching this while working.


All this stuff has probably been squirreled away - never to be seen again.


This is interesting.

Temple dreamer saw this all happening in the time of the Summer Olympics (from AVOW newsletter):

I revisited some things the TEMPLE DREAMER said. Based on his dreams, things happened around an upcoming Summer Olympics (at first he thought it might be the 2008 Bejing Olympics that would "be a wash.") He also stated that he saw there were two triggers: (1) a missile launched at Tel Aviv, Israel, and (2) North Korea attacking South Korea. After these triggers, hyperinflation, devaluation of the dollar, causing prices, including gasoline prices to be so expensive that people stopped driving ca

Fits my timeline for this summer.  There will be no world commerce - aerospace jobs evaporated.


Do not laugh at this stuff.  I would not be surprised by too much of it.  It has all been prophesied in the past:


Folks, this is actually a real problem for those of us who have thrown the MSM propaganda to the trash bin where it belongs (and embraced the National

Our own crappy gubmint using our hard-earned tax dollars to keep the kids on the plantation.

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ALL of these sacks are just nasty people.  The sooner we get that and quit throwing our favorite "god-fearing" candidate up on pedestals, the better.

Mr. S.cruz is most likely on this list (BTW - this DC Madam operated in DC where Trump and many others have not had a base of operations.  Maybe the list will include some of billery's favorite females, as well.  Running for the boric acid shower now.....):


A lawyer who represented the so-called “D.C. madam” says he has phone records that could influence the outcome of the presidential election, and he’s threatening to release one or more names on the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court if he’s denied a hearing on his right to distribute them.

Montgomery Blair Sibley, the late madam Deborah Palfrey’s colorful attorney, has been subject to a restraining order since 2007 barring him from releasing the information, which he says includes 815 names, addresses and Social Security numbers of Verizon Wireless customers.

“Time is of the essence because people are casting votes in primaries and caucuses,” he says. “I believe this information is relevant to that political discourse.”

Sibley first said the records could be relevant to the presidential race in January, when there were 15 high-profile candidates. Now, just three Republicans and two Democrats remain – though Sibley won’t say if any are implicated, citing fear of being jailed for contempt.

He would not say if he was surprised by a National Enquirer report last week that alleged Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, had engaged in five extramarital affairs. Cruz, currently in second place in the GOP contest, vigorously denied the report on Friday, and in doing so uncapped mainstream media coverage.

Cruz was first elected to the Senate in 2012 but represented Texas several times during Supreme Court arguments while Palfrey’s escort business operated.

Most of the other presidential candidates also lived in or visited the nation’s capital while Palfrey’s business operated, including former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont and Ohio Gov. John Kasich – a former congressman. Billionaire GOP front-runner Donald Trump likely visited the region during the decade-long time period.


Many have already come to a knowledge of the truth.  This nation will have this very sermon preached in great power this fall:

Sorry for the non-fakelookers out there.  I am not sure how to find it on youtube.


Wow - check this out.  Nothing can restore a father/husband who was gunned down in cold blood to those he loved and who loved him.  BUT, a martyr sure can do a lot to get the ball rolling on reform where corruption exists.  This is just the BEGINNING!:

New bill introduced to Congress strips policing powers away from BLM and Forest Service, shifts them to SheriffsA new bill introduced to Congress on Mar. 16, by Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz, will strip authoritative policing powers from the Bureau of Land Management along with the U.S. Forest Service and hand the powers over to local Sheriffs as was originally intended.

The bill, titled “H.R.4751 – Local Enforcement for Local Lands Act of 2016,” was introduced following numerous reports of gross negligence on the part of the BLM and other agencies, leading up to the occupation of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge, which ended with the death of rancher LaVoy Finicum and the arrest of other ‘conspirators.’

Join or Die



Drawing fire away from the Ted S.cruz debate going on with that previous thread (man, lots of passion this election/fraud cycle), here is something that is of REAL substance and quite applicable for our times.  Jade Helm is rearing its ugly head again in 2016 and seems to have a sinister end:

Folks - we have an ugly future ahead of us.  They know it is coming and ARE preparing for it - as we are distracted with the circus troupes they have provided for us in the shape of political shenanigans and freaks.  Please do not fall for it.

Also, I think Mr. S.cruz is a buffoon (who is desperate enough to spend time in an intimate manner with that guy??  Desperation in the extreme is all I can say).  I also say Trump is a buffoon and a circus side show - but at least I can see how three women have thrown themselves at him.  That all-powerful aphrodisiac of the fallen woman - money and power.......  And most men are too stupid to not be able to repel it.  Moths to flames.

So - as all this garbage goes on - Rome is burning......  Rosin for the fiddle, Mr. Obama and sleepy populace?


Wow - so the two world's financial centers....... New York - and now London.

Just amazing.  Can you say world economic destruction?  This is being done on purpose and I am not sure by who or why - but it has dark overtones and symbology - just like Jekyll Island and the conference in 1913 that created the Fed and the current bankster system that has wreaked havoc on the world and led to many wars and much bloodshed.

Here is the latest info:

My guess is that just like with the temple at Pergamon being re-constructed in Berlin for hitler's great rallies and then the west portico of our nation's crapitol building and bummer's crowning as dictator in the dumbascrap convention, this is one more shout out to the secret combinations of old.  Most Mericuns too wrapped up in some reality tv series to even pay attention, or care for its implications.  Eat, drink and be merry!!  Why care?  You are too uptight!!  Take a chill pill and call me tomorrow.....  And thus, we lose our Republic.  One degree and shade at a time.  Well over 5,000 shades of grey - as our leaders and leaders to be engage in every form of faggery (Nixonism here) and debauchery known to man.  I actually would not be shocked if they raised a marble altar to el diablo himself on the crapitol grounds.

This nation has gone down the crapper.  It is a complete joke.  Needs a reset here and soon.

common sense

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Wow - people are starting to squirm.  Glenn Beck has some skin in this game - since he endorsed Ted before Utah caucuses:

I have gotten a number of nasty-grams over the whole adultery thing.  People do not like "their man" Cruzified without more facts and data.  I smell a rat on this one - and I just feel like I have to take a shower after listening to him.  Mind you, a shower with H2O, not the shower with full strength boric acid that I feel like I need to take after listening to hitlery or bummer speak......  Yucksters!!

If it does turn out to be incorrect, I will apologize and bow and scrape profusely.  In the meantime, I am going with my gut on this one.  I love the slimeballs squirming and trying to hold back the dam - and then watching it finally burst.  John Edwards' circus show was my favorite.  And these guys are going to be "running" our country.  More like "ruining" our country.  They are thinking with the wrong appendage - the one above the shoulders works so much better when it comes to solving real problems.

When it comes down to it, who wants a guy who will step out and go gaga over the first thing that batts her eyes at him - and then there are photos and plenty of material to blackmail if they do not "do the 'right' thing"....  How much of the tech the Chinese got in the 1990's was due to blackmail as opposed to good old-fashioned espionage and tried and true stealing?  Seriously......  The W-88 warhead tech theft still frosts me.  Even in Cardston, I will have to suck in a few of those lovely nucleides when the Chinese light a few off in the Seattle area and that dusty cloud drifts points eastward.....

Thanks Bill, billary and Monica for that whole mess.  You started a fine tradition of open murder, corruption and scandal that we are still wallowing in to this day.

Lyin Ted's campaign song.  Presidents get the chicks!   Woohoo!!!!  He is going to drop Ted and just go with the middle initial and last name.  Go Ted!!

Ted prolly ought to invite Rod Stewart to the Inaugural party.  God Rod - inspire Teddy!  LOL 

AND, last of all Uncle Ted (Nugent) jumps in for his swipe at the Establishment pukes:

At this time I do not endorse Donald Trump anymore than I endorse Ted Cruz as I admire both gentlemen. But these points are SO damn special!

Obama is against Trump
The Media is against Trump
The establishment Democrats are against Trump
The establishment Republicans are against Trump
The Pope is against Trump
The UN is against Trump
The EU is against Trump
China is against Trump
Mexico is against Trump
Soros is against Trump
Black Lives Matter is against Trump
MoveOn.Org is against Trump
Koch Bro's are against Trump
Hateful, racist, violent Liberals are against Trump

Bonus points

Cher says she will leave the country
Mylie Cyrus says she will leave the country
Whoopi says she will leave the country
Rosie says she will leave the country
Al Sharpton says he will leave the country
Gov. Brown says California will build a wall

Sounds like the kinda president the US needs!



This is interesting:


I would have to agree with that assessment.

One of my buddies in QA in a large NW aerospace corp just accepted his VLO (Voluntary Lay Off) package.  It is a sweet severance deal.  They have not hit my paycode yet - but I am hoping for such a sweet deal.  It will be timed properly - it is in the Lord's hands at this point.  This and other corporations are under a hiring freeze and are using bait/carrot deals to quietly drop numbers.  They are trying not to raise the alarm bells in an election year.  It is bad for the party of the one in power.  I remember them doing this EXACT thing with oil prices and VLO's in 2008 in a bid to help the Repub nominee that year.....  Did not work.  Seven year cycles.....

Here is the assessment of someone out of Dallas:

Dallas Fed Respondent Sums It Up: "Anyone Saying We're Not In Recession Is Peddling Fiction"

Tyler Durden's picture

Headlines will crow of the seasonally-adjusted 'beat' of expectations for the Dallas Fed survey (-13.6 vs -25.8 exp) but this is the 15th month in contraction (below 0) - something only seen in recession. Scratching below the surface we see employees, workweek, and capex all in contraction and forward expectations for new orders and employment tumbled. Perhaps that reality is what drove one respondent to rage, "anyone who says the economy is not in recession is peddling fiction."

The Respondents...
The instability of the domestic oil and gas exploration and production activity continues to wreak havoc on demand for our products. 

Uncertainty is the main issue regarding oil pricing and refining cash flows.

The positive March versus February comparison (as well as the six-months-ahead view) is due entirely to an extremely poor February. Volume remains well below monthly volume in the fourth quarter. Headcount was reduced in February, allowing remaining staff to return to a 40-hour workweek.

We are expanding due to longer-term strategy. While we are spread among a plethora of general manufacturing nationwide, we are experiencing a major falloff of inquiries and orders in Texas directly related to the restricted price of oil.

As a long-lead-time capital equipment manufacturer, we are working off backlog. Anyone who says the economy is not in recession is peddling fiction.

It appears the oil and gas business won't be back for 12–18 months. We are actively pursuing other industries, with varying degrees of success depending on the industry. We may very well survive.
We are looking into new markets as the deepwater drilling is pretty slow.

We are generally just bumping along in a weak macro environment.

Again, the dollar is too high affecting several of our customers, therefore creating a significant impact on our business. The uncertainty in business is huge, and everyone is holding cash including ourselves. We are not making investments on growth or capital expenditures at this time. Oil prices are also creating a major problem in the oil and gas industry, with consolidations and layoffs happening very frequently.

We expect the weakening in the energy sector to ripple through to our primary end users in Texas. So far activity statewide has maintained some strength, but we are cautious that it will start to have a broader impact later in the year and into 2017. The degree to which the Texas economy holds up to the trouble in energy will be a testament to the alleged diversification in the state. We are preparing for the worst and hoping for better.

Our export business continues to be our biggest challenge. The strong dollar will be an obstacle to growth for the foreseeable future. We are simply growing less competitive to our European challengers.

One of our customers has changed its terms, which has caused us to lose coolers at the front of the store. The coolers are really the only place in the store where our gross margin exceeds our cost of service. Couple this giant hit with a general 1–3 percent long-term decline in soft drink sales, and the next year looks bleak.

We have been told that companies are cutting their advertising budgets that affect printing. We are getting more phone calls from press and bindery operators looking for work. I am hoping this slowdown is short lived and that the economy improves in the next few months.

Our turnover in the past year has been triple of the previous nine years: competitors poaching employees, retirements, people we put a ton of training into for two or three years moving out of state for family reasons, and other reasons. We're trying to build staff for new customers coming on board but can’t seem to hold our gains. It is very frustrating. I'm more optimistic about the year than I was in January.

We have picked up in March but only because February was so dismal. We were super slow with many 3.5 to four-day workweeks in the plant. Activity is trying to pick up, and it appears we will be busier in the coming months than we have been.


Interesting - and I had to post:

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Come Home !

Guest post by Rachel

I have many dreams that are linked to one another and each has its own headings.  Please take note that these dreams are very explicit and difficult to read. However, I feel a sense of urgency to post them especially for American Jews. The dreams are as follows:

I received a dream several months ago about impending danger coming to New York City. I dreamt that a guy was being interviewed by a news station that wanted him to compare an event that just occurred to that of what took place on 9/11. I remember feeling the ambiance of the place as being very dark. The news room was moved to a very small room and not located in a normal newsroom as we generally see on television. He was sharing on video that “9/11 pales in comparison to what just happened. New York City or central Manhattan was detonated by a nuclear bomb leaving thousands upon thousands dead.” This also resulted in complete chaos and complete civil unrest causing gangs to kill others by the masses. There will be no food coming to New York City; so many people will begin to starve. This will lead the Goyim to go insane and will cause them to blame the Jews for this incident. They will go after the Jews and kill and maim them alive. Hashem told me this will happen in about a year to three years from now (give or take). The Jews of New York should LEAVE before they are suddenly killed by helter skelter gangs. I urge anyone reading this to warn the Jews to make aliya as soon as possible. You are safer in Israel than in America.

I received a dream by Hashem that the United States is in the middle of a war. There are many military tanks on the ground patrolling areas in order to control the civil unrest of the American people. There are many civilians fleeing for safety; however, there are others caught up in the terror attacks. I saw missiles from Russia and China exploding on the ground killing countless civilians. I remember Hashem’s audible voice saying that the war is because there are so many Jews in America who are assimilated, so He maintains that the coming World War III will be the direct result of Jews becoming “Reform” and abandoning G-d’s Torah in favor of assimilating into gentile society. I hope this is a wake-up call for the Jews to fulfill their mission in this world, which is to be a “light unto the nations”. Are you ready to make aliya? Jews will be protected in Israel, but not in the United States. I urge any Jew to make aliya

 I had many dreams in which there were severe food shortages in the stores, which led people to use violence against one another to buy what they could find. This meant the use of knives and weapons to threaten others. I saw that food was exorbitantly overpriced and you were getting substantially smaller portions. I remember getting a small plate of food that was of very poor quality for $150.00. That just represents how expensive it was to buy food at the time. People were looting and stealing from stores and even stealing from food trucks that the government had to put in place guards to prevent such theft.

 I dreamt a very horrible and vivid dream that needs to be shared. Hashem showed me that once America goes bankrupt, everyone will go insane about not having any money. Their blood will boil with pure hatred and rage and will accuse all the Jews for having caused this economic crisis. People will go from house to house and especially to the Jews, because people will believe the Jews have all of the money, which is not true. If they find any valuable possessions, they will torture and maim the Jew alive. Also, I saw mobs of people roaming the streets and going after the rich. The very poor felt they were entitled to the possessions belonging to the rich and ended up burning villages and houses to a crisp. With no money, people will begin to starve and soon they will start killing people in order to stay alive. I saw gruesome scenes, in which Jews were being killed and used as sacrifices for meat offerings. I know it is really hard to take in, but I have to say this is the truth and you need to warn any Jew you come into contact with the great urgency of making aliya to Israel.

 I saw many American policemen taking over the United States. I saw a scenario being played out and it looked as if the policemen were secretly neo-Nazis and portraying Jews as criminals when they really were innocent. I saw that the police was behind the rising anti-Semitism taking place in the United States. They were just brutal against any Jew they came across meaning they would beat them mercilessly, curse them and even rape the women.

I dreamt a very vivid dream, in which I was in my spirit and saw the building of concentration camps throughout the United States. I saw the military building them in order to reduce the population size. The military and government personnel were discussing that the Jews were their prime target and will “repeat history like the Holocaust during World War II only this time it will be a lot worse”. I saw they issued a decree to kill all the Jewish children, so there will definitely be no children survivors. Then my dream ended.

I have had several dreams about riots erupting all over America leading to severe civil unrest. In my dreams, there were multitudes of youth roaming the streets, because there was no electricity. I saw they were imitating what they have seen on television and in their video games by virtue of lighting on fire towns, including buildings and houses. They were also stealing, looting all over town and fighting the police. I saw that this catastrophe (lack of a normal routine with no electricity and commerce) will bring out the worst in people. People we have never imagined committing violent acts or breaking the law will suddenly commit them out of a fear of not surviving.

Comments: I understand that it is hard to read these things but feel very strongly that the Jewish public needs to read it. Even if a very few read this and make the move to Israel then B"H, my job is done. I just hope more Jews heed to these warnings.
For questions/comments, please contact: 


Great stories of history:

Translated from Russian by Chaim Zehavi
First Story

At the beginning of WWII, when the truth about the fate of the Jewish people was discovered, and when there were still ways to save them, a few hundred rich Jews bought a ship in order to get their families on board and escape to America. But they needed visas, so they approached the American Ambassador in London. It was not difficult for him, but he utterly refused. The Jews, in order to save their families, went without the visas.
When the Ambassador found out about it, he contacted Washington, advising them that a ship with illegal immigrants is approaching America. The Jews managed to overcome the horrors of war and reach America, but were not permitted into America. These unlucky people were ordered to turn around and return to burning Europe. and all burnt in the camps.
When the tragedy was revealed, the Rabbi of London came to the American Ambassador and said: "Your deeds do not befit not only your post, but you are not fit to be called 'a human'. And now, since you caused hundreds of people's death, YOU AND ALL YOUR DESCENDANTS generations down from now on will be cursed!"

The name of the American Ambassador was KENNEDY.

Second Story
Again, WWII. Lithuania. The Japanese Ambassador, who was a compassionate and noble person, disagreed with the Nazi crimes, and was concerned with the future of the European Jewry. He used his status and provided them with visas to Japan. From Japan they immigrated to America. Thus he saved the lives of thousands of Jews.
When the Germans found out they demanded that the Ambassador will be removed. The Japanese, allies of the Nazis, followed the request. But he still had 2 weeks until his return, and he used these 2 weeks, and worked around the clock, days and nights, and recruited people to help him issue more visas. The lives of many more Jews were saved this way.
This was a very dangerous act, deserving of admiration.
Prior to his leaving a mission of Jews from the Vilna Synagogue came to thank him.
"What you have done for the Jewish People will never be forgotten, and we will pray to God to bless you and your descendants."
This wonderful person returned to Japan, and miraculously all his punishment was that he was fired and lost his pension.
In order to help his family he started a small workshop.
His name was Mitsubishi.


This according to a sectarian Israeli boy who had an NDE (I support this timeline, BTW).  I featured a video of him last October - and I believe it was him testifying in front of the Sanhedrin in Jerusalem of his experience.  They loved it - and believed it.....:

Chilling Testimony: Redemption

Chilling testimony: A 15 year old boy who experienced clinical death few days ago reveals we are in the course of Gog and Magog and the redemption.
The name of the boy is Nathan whom recently experienced clinical death. Nathan is a regular Israeli 15 year old teenager from a secular background and never learnt in Yeshiva.  He was clueless about the most simple Jewish things such as Tzizit.  Nonetheless he describes from his experience exactly as is written by the prophets and in the holy books regarding the end of days.  After his near death experience, he went to a Rav and told him his frightening experience and asked him for a Kipa and Tzizit.  

The young man was referred to HaRav Rami Levi Shlita and was asked to describe what he experienced.  Nathan told the Rav he saw the entire process of the "Gog and Magog" war and the redemption.  The following are some of the things he said regarding the near redemption (he explained he saw it on a gigantic movie screen in heaven):

  • The beginning of Gog U'Magog began three days before the Rosh HaShana, September 11, 2015 or lunar calender 27 Elul 5775.
  • One of these days, there will be a security breach that will cause riots to erupt leading to severe civil unrest.  This will burst into a war and will be all over the news internationally. Everyone will know and understand it.  **
  • Israel will not yet be involved.  
  • This will cause the world to unite against Israel and come fight us.
  • The war will begin by Gog ... Obama is Gog and he will fight us.
  • After the first 2 days of war in Israel, Israel Defense Force (Tzahal) will be abolished and the nations of the world will enter Israel.  
  • People will be killed as well as kidnapped.  It will be total chaos. 
  • An atom bomb will be aimed at Israel and HKB'H will freeze it in midair.  After a few weeks, it will land in Tel Aviv and Haifa.  
  • They will capture Israel and enter Jerusalem.  
  • The entire war will take 2 weeks and  millions will perish.  
  • To be saved we need to do Teshuva and learn Torah.  Only true servants of HaShem will remain alive.

  • The Moshiach is among us (living in Israel) and many know him, but did not know he is the Moshiach.  When he will be discovered everyone will be surprised.  He's a popular Baal Teshuva that does kiruv work.  

  • After the war, building of the Temple will be built followed by resurrection
  • We will be able to see the patriarchs, Moshe Rabenu, and all the saints only from a distance because of their divine
  • Graves will open and the resurrected will come out of their grave wearing beautiful clothes
  • Mount of Olives will split into two and all who remained alive will see Moshiach.
  • It's a matter of months till the final redemption.
זכריה יד ד: ועמדו רגליו ביום ההוא על הר הזתים אשר על פני ירושלם מקדם ונבקע הר הזיתים
Zechariah 14: On that day his feet will stand on the Mount of Olives, east of Jerusalem, and the Mount of Olives will be split in two
Moshiach will stand in the entrance of the Mount of Olives and thru smell, will decide who will enter the Mount of Olives.  
ישעיהו יא ג: וַהֲרִיחוֹ בְּיִרְאַת יְהוָה וְלֹא לְמַרְאֵה עֵינָיו יִשְׁפּוֹט וְלֹא לְמִשְׁמַע אָזְנָיו יוֹכִיחַ.

Isaiah - Chapter 11:[3] And he shall be filled with the spirit of the fear of the Lord. He shall not judge according to the sight of the eyes, nor reprove according to the hearing of the ears.

Moshiach will fight Obama and will bury him in Eretz Israel.  
Ezekiel - Chapter 39 11And it shall come to pass on that day that I will give Gog a place there as a grave in Israel
יחזקאל לט יאוְהָיָה בַיּוֹם הַהוּא אֶתֵּן לְגוֹג | מְקוֹם שָׁם קֶבֶר בְּיִשְׂרָאֵל

** ישעיהו יט ב: וְסִכְסַכְתִּי מִצְרַיִם בְּמִצְרַיִם וְנִלְחֲמוּ אִישׁ בְּאָחִיו וְאִישׁ בְּרֵעֵהוּ עִיר בְּעִיר מַמְלָכָה בְּמַמְלָכָה.

Isaiah 19 2: “I will stir up Egyptian against Egyptian  brother will fight against brother, neighbor against neighbor,  city against city, kingdom against kingdom.

HKB'H will be revealed dressed in a white robe with blood stains from the blood of the Jews who were prosecuted because of their religion.


I found this interesting.  It would be awesome for an enterprising reader to fact-check this.  Also, to see how long it was from the time hitler did his shenanigans until the next a/C did theirs (that would be bummer....., for those of you who did not know):
 Entry 3

For WIW, I heard someone say something interesting about the a/C that caught my attention.  It was that the devil does not know when the Savior will return - so he always has one groomed, in place and ready to go to do the dirty work.  I have to think right now that there are literally dozens in place and ready to step up.  One mention was the Prime Minister of Canada, Trudeau.  I could conceive of it.  The one who fits the role will be dashing and charismatic - power hungry and a narcissist.  Just as they all have been.


I shared this (told people to go home and look it up) in GD class on Sunday.  I cannot help and think of how this is related to 2 Nephi 30:10 where Nephi (Isaiah) talks about the great sifting.  People have called this guy out saying it is not legit, but I find out he was the Manti Temple Recorder for some time:

(related by himself, as seen by him at Nauvoo, Illinois earlu in the spring of 1844)

I was engaged in working on the Temple and had gone home to dinner. After dinner I started back to work, it being about one o'clock. The day was a beautiful, clear and pleasant one, when suddenly the heavens became overcast and assumed the appearance of a drizzly day, like unto an approach of an equinoctial storm. The saints looked very downcast and overcame with sorrow. The twelve Apostles were counseling the saints to prepare for a great journey to the West. The people were running to and fro on the streets of Nauvoo, preparing wagons, outfits, etc. for this journey. Many hundreds started and their wagons extended to the West as far as the eye could reach. This journey appeared to be a great undertaking. After they arrived at the end of their journey, they began to prosper and were cheerful again. Suddenly a dark cloud appeared in the East and was driven to the West, like a great tornado that seemed as if it would destroy everything before it. It halted when it came to the mountains. One of the brethren remarked, "It is going to break away." As we looked it broke up and began to scatter and go around the mountains. Then the sky began to grow and a hazy mist went over from the four points of the compass, gathering up like the approach of a big storm, which continued until everything was enveloped on extreme darkness; and it continued to grow blacker until it appeared to me that all our enemies were against us, the elements were against us, God and his prophet had forsaken us and there was no ray of hope, or light to give us comfort. It seemed as though we would all be destroyed.

All at once President Brigham Young, unexpectedly came into the midst of the Saints and said, "Brethren, stand still and see the salvation of God." He tried to comfort and cheer the saints but his words had no effect upon the people. He then turned in haste and had the Church in a body, encircled by three strong bands (I saw no women or children in this circle) which he commenced driving with a masonic mallet, followed by the Twelve Apostles.

Each tap of their mallets drew the hoops tighter and tighter. This was the first time I had noticed the absence of Brothers Joseph and Hyrum, and I felt much troubled and weighed down, in consequence of their absence. Brother Brigham and the twelve continued driving the hoops, their countenances being very resolute and determined, showing no signs of mercy. I thought to myself the brethren could not stand it when suddenly, the hoops burst asunder and about two-thirds of the men scattered and ran away. I looked up and saw an opening in the clouds above, and also the heads of four or five heavenly personages above the clouds, looking down through their aperture upon us. I cast my eyes around and saw Brother Brigham smiling and then knew our troubles were over.

Those Heavenly personages came down in the midst of those who remained and blessed them with all that their hearts could desire and life was a pleasure. When the clouds burst asunder, they turned with a tenfold vengeance upon the heads of our enemies, and I noticed that those of our brethren who had run away were of that class of complaining rebellies, and had not lived up to their privileges. I felt in my heart that the Lord ought not to put us to such a severe trial when one of the angels came to me and said it was actually necessary to bring the church through such as close a place as that in order to sift out those who were among us that were unworthy of the blessings we now enjoy. I saw that Brother Brigham had a large table, spread with all the luxuries of life, and as starvation had seemed to stare us in the face, I thought this trial was a good scare-crow as no person was hurt, being only frightened enough to make them run away.

Language cannot describe how happy and contented we all were, being of one heart and one mind; we enjoyed every blessing we desired. Soon Brother Brigham jumped up and cried out, "Now boys, for Jackson County". We were all in the move in a short time.

The next scene I remember, I was within short distance of Jackson County, arm-in-arm with one of the brethren, walking directly South, being in the West side of the street or road. We saw an old mobocrat walking toward us, looking the very picture of despair. When he came opposite us, he raised his head and as our eyes caught naught. The vision closed and I found myself in the street where I was when it commenced.

 For comparison's sake, here is the JoD version:
I will venture here to relate an open vision had by brother Stephen M. Farnsworth, of Pleasant Grove, Utah County, while he was residing in Nauvoo, previous to the death of the Prophets Joseph and Hyrum. Some may possibly think and say, it was manufactured for this occasion. But there are many here under the sound of my voice who heard brother Farnsworth relate the vision years ago. I will tell it as correctly as my memory will allow me.

In the spring of 1844, brother Farnsworth started out after dinner, to go to work on the Temple as usual. The sun shone brightly as he walked down Parley-street towards the place of his labour, when suddenly the sky became overcast, and a dizzling [sic] rain set in. He stood amazed, and saw a tumult and excitement among the people about the Temple, and a great excitement in the lower part of the town. He wondered what it could mean. Presently he was told that the Saints had to leave Nauvoo and take a great journey to the west. So great was the journey that it seemed almost impossible for him to perform it. Now he could see numerous trains of covered waggons and teams crossing the Mississippi river, and bending their course westward as far as the eye could reach. He also hitched up and joined the trains, and the journey did not seem so arduous as he first anticipated. He saw the Twelve Apostles in the crowd; but saw neither Joseph nor Hyrum.

They journeyed westward a great distance, and finally came to a place where they intended to locate. They stopped, and began to make improvements: but distress and starvation stared them in the face, and it really seemed to him that they must perish; but soon there began to be plenty of everything to eat, &c. This lasted quite a time: then there began to be scarcity again, and famine seemed to prevail; yet he saw none die of starvation, yet great distress among the people. Then there began to be plenty again--enough to eat of everything desirable. The people all appeared in one place, with large, strong hoops around them in a body. The Twelve followed brother Brigham with mallets and fierce countenances, and vigorously drove those hoops upon the people until it did seem that they would be pinched or squeezed to death. Still they resolutely continued to drive the hoops. Dark clouds now began to arise, and a general gloom prevailed. The hoops were all the time being driven tighter and tighter.

About this time, an army or force of the enemy came into the neighbourhood and offered protection to all who wished it. The darkness of the clouds, and their awfully-threatening aspect are now past description. The people burst those hoops and sallied out like a flock of sheep, and more than one-half of them went to the enemy for protection. The scene was so awfully frightful that he was just on the eve of flying himself; but a thought occurred to him to hold on a little longer. He did so. Dark, angry, and frightful were the clouds, indeed! Now is your hour and the power of darkness! Presently the cloud over the Saints burst, and light beamed upon them.

This cloud rolled off upon the enemy and those who had fled to them for protection; and oh! the scenes of death, lamentation, and mourning that occurred in the enemies' camp beggar all description. The burning wrath of earth, heaven, and hell, in fiery streams of molten lava seemed to leave not one alive to tell the take. It did not stop here, but rolled throughout the United States, carrying the same desolation in its track. The faithful band of brethren left, then followed brother Brigham up into a large open cave, where there was everything good to eat and drink that heart could desire. The shouts of hosannahs!--the songs of praise and thanksgiving to God for the deliverance wrought for them rent the air and made the mountains echo the praises of our God. From this cave they journeyed, I need not say where; but, suffice it to say, no opposition had any effect upon them. The power of God was with them, and His voice was in their camp.

There is much more to this vision which I deem unnecessary to write. But after it was all over, brother Farnsworth came to himself, standing in Parley-street on a beautiful sunshiny day. No covered waggons or excitement in town or about the temple. When he came to himself, he concluded that his exercises were of the Devil, from the fact that he saw neither Joseph nor Hyrum in all the scenes; but it was Brigham, brother Kimball, and the Twelve. Before these scenes began to really take place, Joseph and Hyrum were killed at Carthage, and consequently were not seen by brother Farnsworth.

I relate this from memory, being some months since I heard brother Farnsworth tell it at his residence in Pleasant Grove; but, in the main, it is as he told me, so far as I have related it. There are those here to whom brother Farnsworth told it more than twelve years ago, and they know whether I tell it as he did.

I have considerable confidence in this vision, for two reasons. First, brother Farnsworth is a correct man: his character is without spot or blemish. Secondly, this vision corresponds with a hundred and one other sacred things written in ancient and modern times. And I may add a third reason,--it has all been fulfilled to the very letter, so far as time would allow.
(Journal of Discourses: Volume 5 Orson Hyde n.d. , 140)

Here is his life history from Family Search.  The price these guys paid to live what they believed in.....  And people believe that we live, or have lived in a "free" nation.  Whatevs......:

Moses Franklin Farnsworth - Manti Temple

Moses Franklin Farnsworth was the first recorder of the Manti temple. You may remember that he became a recorder in the St. George temple in 1877. He wasn't the first recorder there, they had had several, but none really caught the vision of how the recorder should work. He redesigned the forms they used, and implemented other forms, and got things going right. He wasn't there at the time the signers of the Declaration of Independence appeared to Wilford Woodruff, that was before he got there. During the time that he was in St. George, the "crusade" as they called the prosecution of those who practicing polygamy was rampant, and many of the leading brethren, including M F Farnsworth were in hiding to avoid arrest. I quote the following from his history: "In order to have a little more peace it was finally decided to leave St. George, and with a view of my probably going to New Zealand [sic] to assist in putting the manuscript copy of the Book of Mormon in the Maori language through the press. "I was sent for at Pine Valley where I was staying with Father Bracken, and arrived at St. George about 11:00 P.M., May 1, 1885, and went where I had an interview with President Woodruff at the home of President McAllister. We talked the matters over. He told me what I thought was best. I accepted the counsel and at 12 o'clock that night he gave me a blessing and ordained me a High Priest, and certificate of which is as follows: 'This certifies that M.F. Farnsworth was ordained a High Priest and set apart for a mission to New Zealand under the hands of Wilford Woodruff, J.D.T. McAllister, and William Thompson, pronounced by Wilford Woodruff, St. George, Utah, May 1 1885. Signed, Wilford Woodruff' "I should state that previous to this, as my wives Lovina J. and Clara C. [Bartlett's mother, he was born in 1881, so he was 4 at this time] had to go into exile, I took them to the Temple and President Woodruff gave them each a blessing. He was full of the spirit of prophecy and blessing, and he gave them most precious promises which at that time could not be written. He told them to be careful and prayerful, to listen to the promptings of the spirit, and to counsel of their husband, and they should not be brought before the courts. They will tell you that all these promises er fulfilled. "I left St. George that night as soon as I got the appointment and started for Salt Lake City. I went by team to Milford where I took train and arrived in the city on the 7th. The crusade was in full blast then. I had an interview with Apostles Erastus Snow and Franklin D. Richards. They had my message conveyed to President John Taylor. Matters were talked over and President Taylor said, 'Tell Brother Farnsworth that if it is necessary for him to leave Utah, to go somewhere close by, where we can get him when we want him. Let younger men take those hard laboring mission.' " He then departed for Logan, where he had letters of introduction from both Elder Snow & Elder Richards. Mariner W. Merrill, also a member of the twelve, was president of the Logan temple, and Elder Richards suggested that M.F. Farnsworth could help out with the recording the the Logan temple. However, Pres Merrill thought that if he stayed there any length of time their enemies might track him down and raid the temple, which they were trying to avoid at all costs. He went back to SLC and stayed in hiding about 4 months then returned to St. George. One excerpt from his stay in SLC: "...wrote a number of articles for the Evening News, which aroused the wrath of some curt officials and others, but as all the past is buried now, so 'Chronicles and Marcus' 'died'" He returned to St. George and worked in the temple until called to Manti when the temple was dedicated in 1887. J D T McAllister was called to be the new temple president in Manti and M F Farnsworth was called as the chief recorder. They attended the private dedication ceremony which was held May 17, where Wilford Woodruff dedicated it. Then a public dedication was held May 21, 22, & 23, 1887. He remained the chief recorder there until his death on 25 Feb 1906. He is buried in the Manti cemetery, at the foot of the Manti Temple. One of his interesting neighbors is Isaac Morley, known as Father Morley in the Nauvoo period, and is mentioned more than once in the Doctrine & Covenants. He felt his great contribution was his publication of The Farnsworth Memorial, but I think this following paragraph which closes his history demonstrates a better memorial "Pour over the records in St. George and Manti [temples] from 1877 until now [1905] and you can witness my works. Without egotism, I might say, the beating heart and busy brain assisted in arranging, developing, bringing into more perfection those crude records, so that my monument and labors are imperishably written in the minds and hearts of thousands who have been assisted in this great labor of love through my untiring efforts. I ask not for name and fame among men, men's works live and close, and though I have weaknesses and faults, yet let the mantle of charity cover them while you look on the brighter side, and never let the clouds of error or folly overshadow the bright sunshine of truth, and then your pathway will grow brighter and brighter until the perfect day."

I have to think that the two are related - and that there may have been partial fulfillment in 1857 with Johnson's Army - but that the actual event, where the Feds will send 100,000 troops to Utah is still in the future and that, when that persecution is over, and the yellow-bellied of the Saints who chose to not stand on the side of truth and good principle, will be consumed by fire.  Then this nation, as well.  The Spirit has witnessed this several times to me.  The only question remains exactly WHEN and then exactly HOW it will go down.