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Well, I cannot link stuff due to a really tight filter here at my new job - but the Drudge Report says that Chicago may be going down in financial flames (actually this weekend, they are at a brink point).

Here is the quote by Edwin Musser from a previous blog posting from YEARS ago.  And now, look at the mess we are in.....  I have an older daughter who thinks I am full of phoohey - and she is now an engineer...... who should be able to objectively look at facts and data.  Hopefully, she is beginning to see that this stuff I was frothing at the mouth about is not just the vain imaginations of a balding, fat guy with a penchant for Second Coming events.... :)

What I was saying then is now front page news - though at the time, it could def be debated as to how relevant it would be over time.  Chicago has over 120 billion in pension liabilities alone and they have been doing what Kalifornication and now Connectthecuts and Dallas and so many other places have done; kick the can down the road to the next generation instead of doing the hard thing that slimey pols cannot seem to bring themselves to do for the sake of re-election.

Read it and weep:

After the collapse and rioting gets started in earnest, then martial law takes over, then large-scale killing, followed by UN "intervention" to "help us out" - then comes the translation of the sealed portion of the Book of Mormon (actually the coming forth of it - I think it has already been translated or that is in progress right now) which contains the instruction set/blueprint for how to live in a truly Consecrated fashion as the Hopewell/Nephites did right after Christ ministered among them in 33AD.

Thursday, June 22, 2017


Howard, a fellow I work with whom I respect immensely, sent this to me.  We have a history that goes back at least 6 years at work.  I told him when I first met him and we were doing the social exchange that engineers do (what do you know that I do not, and what makes you and your experience unique), I told him we would be in a civil war at some point in our near future.  He was reserved on my assessment.  Now, he is the one clamoring and saying this will be the case.  I remind him of my comments.  He says it may be this year or next after they make a putsch to take our Prez down.

He is of the opinion that we will have to purge the liberals from the country.  A blood bath.  I happen to agree.

Neither of us are blood-thirsty - but the only logical conclusion is that.  Wipe them out and spare only the women and children who agree to make a covenant to uphold the Constitution.  If not - make it total and complete.  And I do not say this lightly.  It will be just as in the times of the Book of Mormon.  It will take real men to see the need and carry it out.  Or, the world will plunge into darkness.  Well, here is the problem; leave it alone and do nothing and we will lose the Republic and it will be plunged into darkness.  Do what has to be done, and the UN will come in to "save the day" and we will still lose our freedom.  Basically, we are between a rock and a hard spot.  Damned if we do; damned if we don't.

At this point, it sounds as if Chicago will have to declare bankruptcy at some point.  They have 251 billion in un-funded liabilities in their public pension program.  This is untenable....  It will collapse.  Dallas is about to collapse.  The entire California system is about to collapse.  Nationally, we are on the verge of economic collapse because of unbridled spending.  Their only solution is to tax harder.  These people are a special kind of retarded.....  Just wow....

Here is the article:

The Architecture of Regime Change
June 20, 2017 11:58 am
by Victor Davis Hanson
National Review

The ‘Resistance’ is using any and all means — lies, leaks, lawbreaking, and violence — to overturn the results of the 2016 election.

The problem with the election of President Donald J. Trump was not just that he presented a roadblock to an ongoing progressive revolution. Instead, unlike recent Republican presidential nominees, he was indifferent to the cultural and political restraints on conservative pushback — ironic given how checkered Trump’s own prior conservative credentials are. Trump brawled in a way McCain or Romney did not. He certainly did not prefer losing nobly to winning ugly.

Even more ominously, Trump found a seam in the supposedly invincible new progressive electoral paradigm of Barack Obama. He then blew it apart — by showing the nation that Obama’s identity-politics voting bloc was not transferrable to most other Democratic candidates, while the downside of his polarization of the now proverbial clingers most assuredly was. To her regret, Hillary Clinton learned that paradox when the deplorables and irredeemables of the formerly blue-wall states rose up to cost her the presidency.

And now?

We are witnessing a desperate putsch to remove Trump before he can do any more damage to the Obama project. Political, journalistic, and cultural elites of a progressive coastal culture aim at destroying the Trump presidency before it can finish its full four-year term.

The branches of this insidious coup d’├ętat are quite unlike anything our generation has ever witnessed

I. Political and Judicial

a. Warping the Electoral College. As soon as Trump was elected, progressives mobilized to overturn the very architecture of the Electoral College. They organized efforts to persuade delegated electors not to vote according to their own state results — as they were legally or informally pledged to do so. Had the effort succeeded, it would have destroyed the entire constitutional notion of an Electoral College.

b. Challenging the 2016 Vote. Simultaneously, we saw another failed insurrectionary effort, through the stalking horse of failed leftist candidate Jill Stein, to sue on false grounds of voting-machine fraud that would have required recounts in three swing states that Trump won.

c. Delaying, Stalling, and Accusing. Then Democrats in the Senate systematically delayed customary approval of dozens of key appointments of the newly inaugurated president. Obama holdovers such as Acting Attorney General Sally Yates sought to oppose Trump initiatives while political appointees such as Obama federal attorney Preet Bharara complained of inordinate pressures to step down. The normal assumption is that a new president appoints key federal officials of his own party; liberals abandoned this custom and depicted Trump’s staffing efforts as some sort of insurrectionary subversion of the federal government.

d. Recusal. Meanwhile, Democrats in Congress orchestrated false charges of “Russian collusion” against Trump himself, based on leaks of false information and fake-news stories, some of them originally orchestrated by Never Trump primary opponents and the Clinton campaign.

No evidence emerged of Trump’s culpability. But investigations were aimed at diverting attention from, and thereby stalling, the Trump legislative agenda. Again, the goal was driving his popularity ratings down to levels that would advance the cause of future impeachment should the Democrats ride the anti-Trump collusion hoaxes to midterm victory in the House.

An effective way to emasculate Trump was to demand recusals, supposedly due to some sort of hyper-partisanship on the part of Attorney General Jeff Sessions and House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes. No sooner had each agreed to step aside from some limited aspects of their investigations than Democrats insisted that their magnanimous recusals were both proof of guilt and yet too narrow — as they pressed on to seek recusals from ever more Trump White house officials.

e. The 25th Amendment. A few of the more desperate in the progressive resistance were calling for Trump to be removed due to supposed physical or mental incapacity — a trial balloon sent up that quickly imploded when only a few op-ed writers and fringe talking heads seconded the idea.

f. Justice-Shopping. To stop Trump’s plan to temporarily suspend immigration from war-torn Middle Eastern nations unable to establish proper vetting procedures, attorneys and activists sought out liberal justices on the federal bench. Such judges in some cases extra-judiciously sought to cite Trump’s campaign statements as proof that his orders were unconstitutional, when the law did not provide them with the necessary progressive ammunition.

g. “The Resistance.” Democratic politicians and media figures announced that they had formed a “Resistance” to thwart all initiatives by Donald Trump. The nadir of this movement came when failed candidate Hillary Clinton announced that she too was officially enlisting — as if Trump were some sort of Hilterian or Vichy figure that required Hillary, as a freedom fighter of the Maquis, to metaphorically go up into the scrub with beret and Sten to ambush and harass.

h. “Special Investigator.” The crown jewel in the Democratic efforts to overthrow the Trump administration was to replay, endlessly, the golden moment of Watergate. Here the playbook was to shout out so many purported transgressions — collusions, obstructions of justice, profiteering, etc. — that their sheer number would demand a special prosecutor, who through months of endless and always expanding inquiries could effectively enervate the Trump administration. By first demanding a special prosecutor, Democrats were able to negotiate downward to a special investigator. Former FBI head Robert Mueller — long a close friend to Trump nemesis James Comey — almost immediately staffed his team with a number of Democratic kingpins. And on cue, “unnamed sources” almost immediately leaked news of renewed and expanded investigations to the appropriate progressive papers.

i. Nullification. Following the model of 1860s South Carolina, a number of states declared that Trump’s efforts to enforce federal immigration law were null and void within many of their own counties and cities. California went so far as to pass a bill in its senate that blacklists any employer contracting with the federal government to complete the border wall. Governor Jerry Brown announced that he would be forging special climate-change agreements with foreign government — as if his state was a sovereign nation. Nullification was based on the premise that liberal progressivism trumped existing federal law — and that no conservative state or local jurisdiction would ever dare to employ the same extra-legal strategies to nullify federal progressive statutes.

j. Emoluments. A final rearguard effort brought lawsuits by various Democrats under the so-called emoluments clause found under Article 1 of the Constitution. Forbidding federal officials from receiving foreign titles, perks, and profits, the clause was originally intended to prevent the creation of an entrenched nobility. Democrats are suing Trump on charges that some overseas holdings of his business, now put in a trust, are unconstitutional and grounds for impeachment — although not in the sense that Bill and Hillary Clinton profited enormously, via honoraria and cash payments to their foundation, while Hillary was secretary of state.

II. Media and Popular Culture

a. Fake News. At the same time of the political putsch, the mainstream media outlets, in particular the Washington Post, the New York Times, CNN, MSNBC, and the major networks, via broadcasts and social media, began an orchestrated campaign of defamation and delegitimization.

The crazier and more diverse the media mythologies, the better. Melania Trump was a former call girl and illegal alien. Ivanka Trump was peddling her business wares from the West Wing. Jared Kushner was a profiteering collusionist. Steve Bannon was a racist, Sebastian Gorka an unrepentant Nazi. Baron Trump was a spoiled, autistic child. The late elder Trump had run a racist campaign for mayor. And on and on.
Simultaneously, there were the daily Trump false buffoonery stories: Trump had screamed at the Australian prime minister. He had leaked Israeli intelligence. He had removed Martin Luther King’s bust from the White House. He greedily ate two ice-creams scoops while selfishly offering his guests only one.

Other fake chaos narratives added to the sense of presidential malpractice: Jeff Sessions was about to resign. So was his assistant, Rod Rosenstein. James Comey soon would announce to the Congress that Trump was under current FBI investigation. Steven Bannon was out. General Mattis was liable to quit. Trump threatened the Mexican president with an invasion. Trump was lying about sending carriers to the Korean coast. All false stories, but all useful to the regime-change narrative.

The media’s opinion journalists grew unhinged. Even the past scandals of JournoList and the 2016 WikiLeaks troves — which exposed collusion between the media, the DNC, and the Clinton campaign — did not prepare us for what followed after the election. Journalists Jim Rutenberg, Christiane Amanpour, and Jorge Ramos, among others, insisted that the president did not deserve unbiased news coverage but rather [ un- ] orthodox hostility from journalists who were impatient with the slow progress of the Democrats’ Resistance efforts.

The daily fare of major media columnists and anchors exclaimed that Trump was either inept, criminal, or traitorous, and therefore he should summarily resign, face trial, or be impeached.

b. Scatology and Obscenity. Democratic politicians as well as celebrities felt that by customarily employing crude language and scatology, they could mobilize the base, blame the new uncouth environment on Trump (who deserved such an obscene counterpunch), and lower the bar even further for more attacks.

So Democratic grandees such as DNC chairman Tom Perez, would-be Obama 2.0 candidate Senator Kamala Harris, or New York’s Senator Kirsten Gellibrand routinely began using “f***” and “s***” in efforts to arouse and coarsen. The implication was that Trump’s ascendance had ruined political discourse by forcing formerly sober and judicious politicians like themselves to lower themselves in kind. A New Republic author cheered the politicians on and demanded even more scatology.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper insulted a Trump supporter by saying he’d slavishly defend Trump even if Trump deposited feces on his desk. Politico’s Julia Joffe suggested that Trump had committed incest with his daughter. Bill Maher went graphic by envisioning father and daughter engaged in oral sex. Stephen Colbert thundered that Trump was a routine fellator of Vladimir Putin. The cruder the allusion, the higher the standing of the slanderer in the Resistance — again creating a landscape in which a president guilty of the worst sorts of crimes against nature should logically deserve . . . what next, exactly?

c. Assassination Chic. So far, we have heard that Snoop Dogg wants to shoot an effigy of Trump in the head. Comedian Kathy Griffin dreams of beheading him. A New York Shakespearean troupe night after night stabs an iconic Trump into a bloody pulp, Caesarian style, cheered on by the thrilled audience. Madonna dreams of blowing Trump up, along with everyone else in the White House. Actor Robert de Niro will settle for battering his face. Mickey Rourke prefers a club. Martha Stewart is content with flipping him off, while flashing the V-sign to heroic assassination cultist Snoop Dogg. A writer for the Huffington Post demands Trump’s trial and execution. Even near my home at the CSU Fresno campus, a history professor has openly called for Trump to be hanged while a colleague at the Hoover Institution mused that Trump could be removed by a murder in the White House.

Yet where does one go after rhetorical killing becomes commonplace and the vocabulary of death is exhausted? We almost had our answer last week, with the planned targeted assassinations of Republican members of Congress.

d. Burn, Storm, and Disrupt. Campuses, from Middlebury to UC Santa Cruz, from Berkeley to Claremont, are on fire. Taking their street cue from the Resistance, they now have all but abolished the right of free speech on campus, lawful assembly, and nonviolent protest. At first, careerist campus presidents sought to channel the violence profitably into the larger Trump Resistance. Now their Frankenstein monster threatens to swallow its academic parent. All the while, the subtext of the campus meltdown is $1 trillion in student debt, millions of students unable to do basic college work, and no job guarantees for indebted graduates with worthless therapeutic degrees.

III. Will These Efforts to Remove Trump Work?

Not if he can mobilize the Congress to pass health care and tax reform and give the nation a sense of political momentum, to add to his already substantial executive orders. A 3 percent annual economic growth rate would silence a lot of shrill voices, as would the restoration of U.S. deterrence abroad without the step of invading a Middle East country.

To create a sense of political deterrence, the Congress should call in former Obama attorney general Loretta Lynch to explain to the nation why she sought to massage and impede an ongoing FBI investigation, and why she met — secretly — with the husband of Hillary Clinton, who was then under investigation.

Why is James Comey to be exempt from violating FBI protocols and perhaps federal statutes by leaking a privileged government document to the press, and why did he allow his agency to be manipulated by the former attorney general? No one has adequately explained how Bill Clinton freely and with exemption warped his wife’s office of secretary of state to rake in donations to the family foundation and honoraria for himself.

The House investigations of the improper surveillance, unmasking, and leaking by the Obama administration should accelerate.

Anyone, celebrities included, who talks of maiming or killing the president of the United States should be put on a terrorist no-fly list for six months.

There is an easy standard of acceptable public discourse: If the same violent rhetoric were directed at Barack Obama, would it have been acceptable? (Recall that Obama jailed a YouTube video maker for an inconvenient film, and had political opponent Dinesh D’Souza sent to prison on an inflated campaign-donation violation.)
For now, the Democrats and the progressive movement cannot find ways to oppose Donald Trump through traditional political means either in the Congress or through the ballot box. They have resorted to an any-means-necessary effort to dehumanize Trump and politically emasculate him before the 2020 election.

Unfortunately, the logical succession to such progressive political hate speech, and assassination-wishing, is still more political violence of the sort we saw last week.

And this is only the beginning.


This is my kind of stuff.  Very solid doctrinally and nails stuff down.  I have punched my way through a few articles on the eve of my last day at work and it is hard to concentrate, I am so giddy!!!:



December, 2007
These dreams began about a year and a half ago. They were sporadic at first, then began to occur more frequently as time passed. For most of the last year, they have occurred two to three nights per week, and sometimes repeat more than once within a single night. Some are very detailed; others only broad sketches of events. Most are vivid, in that sounds, and sometimes even odors, make themselves known.

I have rearranged these events into what amounts to a very rough chronology. Where appropriate, I've made notes as to when they occurred.

A number of these dreams have involved planning for what I've come to see as an exodus of the prepared Saints from their homes, to places of relative safety. The first dreams that described plans and preparations did not occur until well into the sequence of dreams I've experienced. They did not occur at first. One of the most puzzling things about the dreams as a group is that they did not come to me in a logical sequence, beginning to end. It's been left to me to make sense out of them, even when they appear to be far out of order.

From what my dreams have told me, I gather that the prepared Saints are leaving their homes to escape the end of the world as we've known it. The planning for this exodus has been under way at high levels in the church for years. Vast amounts of preparation have gone into the effort before it is ever made known at the stake or ward levels. Resources are already in place before the events shown in the dreams begin to take place.

The first dreams in the chronology take place in what is obviously my own stake center in xxx, Utah. There are a series of meetings which take place in the High Council Room (which I recognize) of this building, between brethren that I do not recognize, and members of my own stake presidency and High Council. These meetings are attended only by invited brethren, and the strictest confidence is maintained.

Other similar meetings are being held throughout the Church. Each area's responsible leaders report to headquarters at Salt lake City by various means, including telephone, electronic mail, and even satellite link when necessary.

At these meetings, a plan is revealed for getting the prepared Saints from their homes to prearranged places of relative safety. Over the course of a number of these meetings, the effort is organized in a manner strikingly similar to that used when the Saints were preparing to leave the eastern United States for the valleys of the Great Basin.

There are to be overall leaders in charge of large numbers of people. Under these brethren, others serve as captains of 100, and as captains of 20. Logistics are managed using the basic underpinnings of emergency preparedness that the Church has been teaching since the 1930's. Arrangements for trucks to haul food storage items and other necessities are made. Telephone calling trees are arranged as necessary, as are other means of communication, including specific people assigned as runners, couriers, and go-betweens when necessary.

Finally, on one critical Sabbath day, as the normal meeting block nears its end, the bishop of my ward (and presumably bishops throughout the church on the same day) stands at the pulpit, and gives a rather strange announcement. He asks that those who have their year's supply of food and other necessities ready at home stay behind at the end of meeting block. All others (including curiosity seekers) are pointedly asked NOT to attend. This is strictly enforced.

Once the furor has died down, and the chapel doors have again been closed (being guarded by trusted brethren pre-assigned to the task), the Bishop lays out a plan which requires a great deal of faith from the attendees. He says that very early on the following morning, trucks manned by able-bodied brethren will move around the ward, and these men will upload the food storage supplies, carefully marked as to who they belong to, from the homes of each of the prepared families into the trucks for transport.

Family members will be asked to prepare themselves and their immediate families for a long journey, as they will be away from home for an extended period. These people will be loaded onto buses for a journey to a place of safety. They are warned that conditions will often be quite harsh, and that creature comforts, as such, will be few.

A few families will be allowed to bring RV's, house trailers and the like, with the understanding that these will be used for special purposes after arrival at the destination. Some of these RV's will have been equipped by their owners for special purposes such as generating power or heat, providing makeshift command posts, improvised medical infirmaries and the like. Strict attention will be paid to practicality, and few resources expended on luxuries. Allowances will be made for pregnant women, those currently ill, and for newborn infants to be housed in such "hardened" quarters as the RVs may provide. Most ward members will be quartered in tents. or whatever other shelter may be available at the various destination points.

Most ward members will be asked to leave with only what they are wearing, and a few small bags containing personal items, prescription medications, and other similar necessities. They are to lock their homes securely, and bring with them only essential items, important papers, and so on.

The whole process is to be done quietly, with an effort being made to maintain as much secrecy as possible. It is stressed repeatedly that there is no reason to fear, but that there are real reasons for haste.
One of the most vivid of the dreams (and among the first I experienced) has repeated itself quite a number of times, each time from a slightly different point of view, and with different feelings and impressions noted each time.
  The scene is the west parking lot of my stake center. It's evident that similar events are occurring throughout the church.

It's very early on what appears to be a morning in late winter. The moon has set in the west not long before, and the constella
tion Orion isn't far above the western horizon. As I stand in the parking lot of the building, looking toward the east, I see the constellations that will, in a few weeks, be part of the springtime evening sky rising at this pre-dawn hour.

The position of the constellations, coupled with the fact that participants are dressed in winter clothing, and that there are still patches of unmelted snow on the ground confirms that the time of year is indeed, late winter.

People are milling about, speaking in hushed tones. Only a few lights are burning in the stake center. Most light comes from flashlights carried by brethren helping families onto buses which wait grouped around the building. The whole effort is well organized and orderly, as sleepy-eyed children and their somewhat bewildered parents are helped aboard buses, while a careful accounting is kept of which families are aboard which buses. No one must be left behind, and family members must not be allowed to get separated.

The supply trucks and RV's have already moved out when the last of the buses is loaded, and the journey to prepared places of refuge begins. The buses move out in caravan well before the first rays of sunlight touch the mountains to the west.

As this dream ends each time, I hear the squeak of snow underfoot, and the crunching of small cinders under my boot soles as I walk down the steep hills toward home. The air is almost painfully cold in the pre-dawn darkness. The stake center sits now fully darkened, its parking lot empty behind me, and I feel alone almost to the point of fear.

For reasons that have never been made clear, I have been asked (along with a few others in my area) to remain behind. The reasons for this haven't been made clear, except that they have something to do with the xxx temple. One of the greatest mysteries in this whole series of dreams is why I've been asked to stay behind when there are so many better-qualified brethren among us. I just don't know.

As time has gone on, I have had many dreams which speak of economic collapse not just in our country, but around the world. America's great power, both economic and military, has been eroded to the point where America is just one poor nation among many. Oil and related energy prices will have risen to the level where just getting by takes every dollar most families can generate. Gasoline, what little there is of it, is simply too expensive to use for most of us. Personal cars lie abandoned in driveways, or wherever in the streets they ran out of fuel.
  Natural gas for heating homes no longer flows through the pipelines much of the time. Most of us live in cold, rather dark homes. Candles are at a premium, since electrical power is only available a few hours a day, when it's available at all. People have been forced to hunker down. Times are harder than we've experienced since pioneer days.

Food is in similarly short supply, since the energy costs in producing it have outstripped the resources of the producers. Civilian air travel has virtually ceased, since energy costs have made running a profitable
airline almost impossible. Only military aircraft pass overhead, albeit infrequently. Railroads still operate at skeleton levels, moving what little freight remains to be transported.

Internationally, much of Western Europe is all but dark, since oil flowing to the west from the former Soviet Union has been all but cut off by those running the Kremlin. Old alliances are being firmed up again between mainland China and the Russian bear. Naval fleets are being readied, as are the largest standing armies in the world.

The Middle East is a fire, with Israel hanging on by its fingernails, struggling just to exist in a world bent on its destruction. AI-Qaida and similar organizations have turned much of the world into a killing ground, from the Middle East, through Indonesia and the Far East. Radical Islam holds sway in an ever growing portion of the world. Terrorism is rampant.

Through all of this, the United States military is entirely unable to cope. Its resources have been consumed, and its personnel driven beyond exhaustion in wars of attrition in the Middle East, and on the Korean peninsula. Government leadership has ordered them to fight on, even when it has become obvious that victory is impossible. Aircraft, vehicles, and fighting gear from tanks to rifles are all worn out, and there is no funding to replace them. The once-proud military of the Cold War has been replaced by a force of willing, brave men and women, with nothing to fight with. Determination can only carry these people so far; and they've exceeded that limit.

Australia's position in the world has become untenable. Since Virtually all of its fuel, metal, oil, and other raw material needs must be met via import from overseas, this huge island is effectively just that; a large and helpless island. Starvation has become commonplace, as has disease, and the lawlessness that comes with despair. Airline travel has all but stopped, and ships leaving the country are few. Piracy on the high seas has become commonplace in the waters around both Australia and New Zealand. Murder of crews and passengers is commonplace, and beyond the reach of law enforcement to control. To travel away by sea is not a good alternative.
  The media have been taken over by propaganda-generating organizations. People are being lied to on the grandest scale in human history. The United States is slowly being invaded by outside forces, military and paramilitary. There are only limited moves to stop the invasion, since most people are unaware that it is happening.

Those Saints who have joined the caravans to relative safety have arrived at their destinations in a number of other dreams. Most are housed in what are effectively tent cities. Again, much of the organization of these tent cities resembles the settlements of pioneer times.

There are local governments in each camp, run strictly along church lines. Communication between camps is mostly by courier, with only occasional communications from church headquarters in Salt Lake City.

Those people who are unable to work (the elderly, the infirm, young children, etc.) are cared for as well as circumstances permit. Those who are physically and mentally fit to work are expected to do so. Those who refuse to work, or who do not adhere to the rules of the camps are dealt with severely. Banishment without supplies or tools is used as punishment in most cases. In extreme instances, these individuals are eliminated.

Those with special training (medical doctors and nurses, engineers with experience in areas such as structural engineering, water purification, agricultural production, and so on) put their talents and training to work at building needed structures, providing drinkable safe water to the encampments, and building and working in greenhouses to help grow food for barter, and to augment the stored food supply for each camp.

My dreams haven't told me precisely where these encampments are located, except to make it clear that at least some of them are in places where they are "hiding in plain sight" from the bands of roving troublemakers (whom I think of as two-legged predators) which fan out from the cities in search of food or whatever else they can find.

I can only make some guesses as to where some of these camps are located. At least one is in the xxx valley of northern Utah. Several more are in various places in the rugged mountains of southern Idaho. I know this because I'm familiar with the terrain in these areas, and it strongly resembles that seen in my dreams. At least one of the Idaho encampments is in a heavily wooded area, where even at midday, only a little sunlight penetrates.

I believe that at least one camp is located not far from xxx, Nevada. Yet another lies in or near the xxx mountains of New Mexico.

Another encampment, largely housed underground in a complex built in the 1950's for protection from atomic attack, lies somewhere in Maryland. There is a second encampment somewhere in the xxx mountains of Maryland, and a third elsewhere in northern Virginia. How I know these things I am not certain, because I've never visited either Maryland or Virginia; but I'm convinced the encampments are there.

There are enclaves in the red rock country of southern Utah, and in northern Arizona.
Many of the world's great cities either lie in ruin, or have largely been abandoned to roving bands of two-legged predators. london is a battleground, as is Tel Aviv. Paris has again been taken over by invaders of various stripes. Berlin is barely habitable.

In the United States, los Angeles and San Francisco are jammed with desperate people trying to ride out the storm. Much of Boston's low-lying areas are in ruin, having been destroyed by water in cataclysmic tidal waves. Only the Boston Temple and its outbuildings are untouched by the waters.
Chicago is another urban battleground, with battle lines being drawn between ethnic groups. In that regard, it resembles London, Tel Aviv, Paris, and Berlin.

The only city I've been shown that may have endured atomic attack is Denver, Colorado. Much of the city is flattened, though this might have been done by conventional explosives if enough of them were used in a coordinated fashion. Survivors along the Front Range have fled to the surrounding mountains. Those trapped in Denver itself are in desperate straits indeed.
In Salt Lake City, life in daytime is rugged. Roving bands of street toughs rob, steal, loot, and take over whole city blocks. Those who remain in the city trying to live, hide almost constantly from these thugs. For those trapped here, it must be like living in Iraq was during the second Gulf War. At night, the streets are deserted. One must never venture out at night.
  The understory of the area around Temple Square is gridded with an extensive network of well-secured underground tunnels. Temple Square itself is almost pristine. Church government continues to function here, though entry to the square is strictly controlled. Entry to the tunnel network is heavily defended, and the whole system is virtually impregnable to any but those authorized to be here.

Many of my dreams (which recur many times, sometimes separated from each other by weeks) concern my own activities as a "stay-behinder" in this story. It's never really made clear to me why only a few of us have stayed behind at the request of our leaders. Again, the only thing I can say with certainty is that it has something to do with the xxx Temple.

Whether we serve there as caretakers, overseers, workers performing special ordinances, or for whatever reason I cannot tell. I do know that we still dress always in white, maintain the customary reverent silence by talking in whispers, and behave much as we do during today's routine ordinance work.

Since there is little or no electrical power available on the city's grid, and diesel fuel for the temple's generators is extremely expensive and hard to obtain, I can only assume that the halls of the temple are largely dark and quiet. This building was designed in times when electrical power was always readily available so that light coming in from outside wasn't critical. I have no idea how we manage in this tomblike building in the daytime, never mind during the hours of the night when even light from the outside is at a minimum. Somehow, whatever the work is that we're expected to do, we manage.
The temple has become a place dreaded, and often feared by outsiders.

I can't help remembering reading a fable as a child, where Grendel's cave was the terrible place to avoid.
In this case, the xxx Temple is such a place. Most people avoid it as if it were haunted. Many who go there with the idea of breaking into it either to destroy it, or to take whatever treasures they may find within, never return to report their adventures. The temple has a reputation among the desperate of the
area, as a place to watch carefully, and to stay away from.
  One scenario that has recurred many times in my dreams (interestingly enough, seen through the eyes of more than one participant during multiple repeats) is one where a group of armed men, some on horseback, approach the front door of the temple on the main-floor level. These men are not in military uniform, but are heavily armed with sporting rifles, and the sorts of other improvised weapons that two legged predators are wont to carry in this time.

We inside hear them coming, and for whatever reason, I'm elected to go out and talk to them. Perhaps I'm just taking my turn, since there are other brethren inside at least as able as I am to deal with the situation. As I said, for whatever reason, this time is my time.
We manage to slide open one of the large doors in the glassed-in alcove that fronts the temple, and I step outside onto a patch of snow-encrusted concrete on the easternmost side of the alcove. I'm dressed in the usual white suit, carrying my cane, and limping a bit. The door is slid shut behind me, and the brethren inside quickly disappear (as we always do) behind the screen backing the recommend desk.

The men outside quickly point their weapons at me, until I remind them that they're pointing loaded guns at an unarmed man who limps, and walks with a cane. Even among thugs, there must be at least a particle of honor, since most lower their weapons while glancing at each other through the corners of their eyes.

The leader of the group (one of the men on horseback) tells me that they are at the temple to search it for weapons, food, or things of value, and then to destroy it by fire. I reply that they, the "unclean" (not a word I'd normally use in daily conversation) are not allowed to enter. I tell them that there are no weapons or worldly treasures inside, no soldiers, and only a little food.

I beg them repeatedly to leave the temple, and those of us inside, in peace. They refuse.
There's a disconnect here that is consistent. I've never seen what happens next.
The next thing I DO see is that the horses have dumped their human cargo and are fleeing at top speed, looking over their shoulders as if the very hounds of hell were after them. Most of the humans are making tracks through the heavy snow too, moving as fast as they can in snow almost to their knees. A few men remain face-down in the snow; whether simply unconscious, or dead, I do not know.

Whatever has happened to them, I'm absolutely certain I didn't do it. Someone, or something, else has turned this group of well-armed would-be invaders into fleeing rabble.
The good brethren inside reappear to open the door, and they welcome me inside. We resume our duties as before. The incident is closed. The first time I saw this incident, I realized that the temple itself is essentially pristine. There's not so much as a broken window, or a scratch on the white limestone on the exterior.

It's obvious though, that this isn't the first attempt to enter the temple by outsiders. The fence surrounding the temple is in ruin, having been pushed down from the outside by heavy vehicles of some sort. The snow outside is badly churned up, with the grass underneath having been torn up by what appear by the tracks, to have been heavy equipment of some sort.

Whatever did this, it never touched the temple itself. Whoever wanted in didn't get in. The temple itself is as it has always been.
  Those of us intentionally left behind evidently do not spend all of our time at the temple. We return to our homes and ward buildings at least occasionally. We appear to move always (or almost always) on foot. Occasionally, I see these visits taking place in the warmer months of the year, but most seen so far occur at times of the year when snow is still evident in some amount.
I often see myself either approaching the temple from the south (the direction of my home), or leaving it heading to the south toward home. The still-spectacular view to the west from the street to my home is impossible to misidentify. This is where It's happening.

As I walk down my street, I see the homes of neighbors, many of whom I've known for decades, lying abandoned. The homes look as if their owners simply walked out the front door, closed and locked it behind them, and walked away.

The signs of vandalism are obvious as many houses and other buildings have broken windows and smashed-in doors. From a few windows, curtains flap in the wind through broken-out windows. My own home seems relatively secure, though it's obvious that vandals have at least attempted to approach it. I can see their tracks in the snow. I have no idea why my home has been spared this destruction, but I'm gratefuI for it.

By now there is a terrible disease evident in the land. People are dying by the thousands, though the shortwave radio stations still broadcasting try to convince the people that the death toll is much smaller than it actually is. People are being reassured that the disease, whatever it is, will soon by controlled by
scientists working in some undisclosed location.

My own training in medical biology makes the fact that these broadcasts are lies obvious.
The disease kills quickly, and is no respecter of age, gender, or ethnic extraction. Infected persons fall ill with influenza-like symptoms, quickly sicken, and die within as little as a few hours, or as much as a few days. Antibiotics are of no help against this malady. The disease bears all the sinister earmarks of a virus, though it behaves in ways that no virus I'm familiar with does.

For whatever reason, those of us left behind seem unaffected by the disease, though we encounter infected corpses on a daily basis, and occasionally encounter people barricaded into their homes, who are suffering and dying from it. Food, it appears, can stave off death for a time; but eventually all who are infected die.
The disease, I learn, is occasionally seen in the encampments of the Saints, though it kills only a few, sparing even those who are in close contact with patients as they care for the sick.

By now it is dangerous to move about outdoors at any time and deadly to move about between sunset and sunrise. People trying to hang on in their homes or places of business have learned the hard way not to be caught outside after dark. Roving predators, most of them human, are hunting at night for the unwary.
One must never show a light at night.
 Those of us who do move about on our assigned errands encounter wildlife more and more frequently as time passes. Wild things are moving out of the surrounding hills, and returning to their old haunts, though those haunts are now filled with abandoned homes and other buildings. We see deer daily, foraging wherever they can find a bit of green to eat. Raccoons, birds of many kinds, skunks, coyotes, and even an occasional cougar are seen. We can approach them very closely without fear of being attacked, and without their fleeing at the sight of us. I do not know why.

Sadly, we encounter many domestic dogs, abandoned to their fate by those who have gone. Many are obviously skeletal with hunger, and desperate for food and human contact. Those of us left behind are somehow able to approach them without their running in fear from us, and without being attacked ourselves. It seems that if we lead them back to the temple, somehow they can melt into the surrounding hills and regain their strength. As we work in the temple at night, we can sometimes hear them howling, or see them as we watch from the windows or the rooftop, seemingly "patrolling" the area. They alert us to approaching humans by barking, and we're grateful. They are awake when we are

Perhaps this is why the pioneer families often kept their dogs with them. They serve as living alarm systems for intruders.

On many occasions, I find myself having to move around at night on foot. Usually, I am alone; but occasionally one or two other brethren accompany me. We are usually either heading home, or heading out to forage for ourselves. Why we choose to move at night on these errands when moving outside at night is so dangerous, is unclear. We each carry a backpack with a day or two worth of food and water, a sleeping bag and other basic gear, and some sort of optical aid such as a pair of binoculars. We each have with us a source of light, though I'm not certain if this is a flashlight. We never seem to lack for light when we need it, though I never remember seeing any of us using a flashlight or lantern.

Even a trip home, a distance of just over three miles, warrants carrying full gear. In winter, I find myself using a shoulder-height walking stick to struggle along through the snow on the unplowed roads and paths. The stick was given to me many years ago by an old friend, now long on other side of the veil. It brings back fond memories of a fine man, now safely among the "dead" on the other side.

We who are left behind are somehow cared for, though I've seen a number of errands where I/we are foraging for food in abandoned homes. One incident that comes strongly to mind is my finding a large, unopened bottle of peanut butter. I stow it in my pack with regret that I cannot pay for it somehow, or thank its former owner. It goes back with me to the temple, where I presume we consume it together overtime. We must have enough, but just barely enough to keep us going.

On quite a number of occasions on my errands (whether in daylight or in darkness) I encounter two legged predators, armed to the teeth and very dangerous indeed.

Again, there is a disconnect here. As a broken man, I would be an easy target for any of these ruffians. They should rob or kill me at every encounter, but don't seem to get the chance.
For whatever reason, I see them fleeing from me. I have no idea who or what is protecting me. Evidently my would-be attackers do see something. They run as if being pursued by something or someone very dangerous. I never see who or what my protector or protectors are.

Life in the camps becomes routine, and the invaders, some of whom are in gray uniforms, others in khaki or camo gear, don't seem to be able to see the encampments, even when they pass close by. Their air support, mostly helicopters, seems equally unable to detect the righteousness.
The camps and their thousands of righteous occupants hide literally in plain sight. My dreams have yet to show me the resolution of these situations. The story is ongoing. I will amend this document as more information becomes available. For now, on the evening of December 31, 2007, I'II close this account.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017


Any of you who know this blog well, know that Iohani Wolfgramm is one of my heroes.  I want to live a life like his.  He was simple and humble - but he lived his life with great power and was loved by so many.  When the press shows up to cover your funeral, you know you did something right....

When you are reading this - pay attention to how he prepared to raise his daughter from the dead including the prayer, the pleading of his cause and the recollection of how the Lord has operated in the past.  Just this last Sunday, I sought out our home teachers in Cardston for a blessing over a cyst or tumor or something on my waistline about the size of a slug.  A real squishy bugger.  I simply asked my HT to command it to depart and for my body to be whole in the name of Jesus Christ.  I know that now is not my time to go - and that I am being directed very specifically to complete a work that I have been saved for (though I am still ferreting out exactly what it is going to be).  I have been saved no less than ten times when I was faced with certain death - and miraculous things happened to save my bacon....  When it is my time, and my errand is done, I will not interfere in the Lord taking me.  To me, it is that simple. 

I had first noticed the largish growth about a month and a half ago - and am never too concerned about stuff because stuff happens all the time to me (always getting bruises and scratches, etc that I don't recall taking damage on while working a project, etc).  So, I did not stress.  But it stayed with me and finally got on my concern radar after about four weeks and I showed my wife.  I told her I probably would do something about it at some point.  So, we had the blessing and I told my wife it would probably be gone after a few days.  The Elder was not direct and forceful in his language to command me to be whole in that instant.  Well, I drove back to Seattle and woke up this morning and checked for it and could not find it.  Nothing - just as had been asked for.

Here is a link to the story of Iohani raising his daughter from the dead, and it contains a link to the Ensign article wherein I read about him and then did a deep dive wherein I found and contacted his daughter and was able to get a copy of his book.  One of my treasures:

Enjoy!  And I plan on taking a closer look at this blog.  It looks like it may have some choice stuff in it.


This is an amazing experience that is corroborated by many others' experiences out there, though I am not aware of whose dream this is:

During the last 2-1/2 months from the first week of May until July 2011, the Lord has blessed me with a plethora of many, many dreams. I feel the number of dreams received has been on the order of 50-60 in number. Virtually every night I’ve had dreams and several times I had the same dream over and over as the Lord tried to drive home a point he wanted to make to me. These dreams have run the gamut from the callout and tent cities to the return of the Ten Tribes, and Zion’s Camp triumphant return to Jackson County. I also have had dreams regarding the events leading up to the 2nd Coming, the Resurrection, what life will be like during the Millennium and also some facts relating to a Celestial existence.

If I were to write down everything that I’ve seen in detail I would have a pretty decent sized novel. Therefore, I will only share the info which to me is of a more interesting nature and just give a synopsis of all of my dreams. Unfortunately, the dreams came so fast and furious that I really don’t think I will even remember all of them.

How long will the Call Out Be?

I was shown that the duration of the call out will be at least two full winters. I was not told precisely which month the call out would begin with. We would have to make it through both the first long bitter winter during which the invasion of America would occur, and then on through the following second winter. The Saints will then leave their tent cities during the early spring time (late March to mid-April). So the total time in the camps will be somewhat less than two full years.

How Will The Sealed Tent Cities Be Protected?

I had two very vivid dreams regarding this matter and to tell the truth it really was NOT what I had envisioned the sealing process would be. In my dreams I was shown that when the Lord says the tent cities will be sealed they will indeed be completely sealed from any outside danger. The Saints in these tent cities will be placed on another plane of existence outside the range of senses available to the temporal world. It is not unlike how we mortals live side by side with the spirits in the spirit world. We coexist with them, the spirits can see us but we can’t see them.

In both of my dreams I saw clear examples of how evil men who were looking for the Saints and their tent communities actually came into the camps. We could see them and hear them although they appeared to us as wispy ghostly entities that we could actually see through, but they could not see us. They could pass through us and our tents and we could pass through them, but they could not see, hear, discern, or harm us in any way shape or form. In my dream it was amusing to see them come into camp looking for the Saints, but they could not find us, and after looking around for a while they would leave and go away.

What Happens After We Leave the Tent Cities?

At the end of our tent city experience, a number of Saints will be chosen to begin the journey back towards Jackson County. The majority of those chosen will be those who were faithful in the beginning and went to the sealed tent cities when the Lord called for them to go. In fact, the purpose for spending time in the sealed tent cities is for the Saints to prepare themselves to eventually meet with and to dwell in the presence of their God. In my dream it seems that this group consisted of about 100,000 individuals. Upon leaving Utah though, our travels take a rather circuitous route; we first travel south into northern central Arizona and then travel eastward towards Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The purpose for this diversion in travel is that the Lord desires to fulfill his promises to the Lamanites of North and Central America to include them in the construction of the New Jerusalem. As we travel through Arizona and New Mexico, we pick up allies from the Navajo, Hopi, Zuni, Apache, and Pueblo Indian nations. In addition, other Indian tribes from throughout the country and from Mexico and Central America have been led by the Lord to meet up with the Saints in New Mexico. Plus, there are many Hispanic people who will also join the group. At this point our forces have now grown in size to over a million people.

After leaving New Mexico we will then head north through eastern Colorado, it is at this point that my dreams get really interesting. We are traveling along the foothills of the Front Range of the eastern Rocky Mountains, I can see Pike’s Peak off to the west and from my position I would judge that we are just east of and between the cities of Colorado Springs and Denver. It is at this point that we then meet up with an enormous group of people who are traveling down from the north.

It is the Ten Tribes. It’s difficult to estimate the size of their group but it is definitely in the millions. Their forces consist of vehicles that can float in the air and travel some10-15 feet above the ground. I was not told what the motive force for these vehicles is; but I assume that it is some kind of anti-gravity technology. I’m not informed either as to where the Ten Tribes have been hidden these past few thousand years, but in my dream the meeting between our group and theirs is joyous beyond description. At this point we join forces and turn east to head across Kansas and on to Jackson County, Missouri.

After relating this particular dream to a relative of mine he later pointed out an interesting correlation in the scriptures that I had not noticed before. In D&C 133:31 it says “And the boundaries of the everlasting hills shall tremble at their presence.” We know from modern revelation that the everlasting hills are the Rocky Mountains. I would guess that the foothills bordering the eastern Front Range would qualify as the boundary of the everlasting hills. So once again I see a confirmation in scripture of the things I have witnessed in my dreams.

There is one other point I would like to make regarding the coming of the Ten Tribes that was revealed to me in these dreams. In D&C 133:30 it says “And they shall bring forth their rich treasures unto the children of Ephraim, my servants.” These rich treasures consist of two things, first it is their genealogy records, history, and scriptures; and secondly, it is the knowledge of their science, advanced technology and industrial might. The Ten Tribes are ahead of us in technology by several hundred years. After reaching Jackson County and we begin the process of rebuilding our society we will be doing it with the tools and technology of the Ten Tribes. Everything that we presently own of a technological nature will become obsolete overnight.

In my dream I saw that they can produce vast amounts of virtually free electrical power. That energy is transmitted wirelessly through the air to power everything from ground vehicles (they will also float in the air above the ground, so you can say goodbye to wheeled transportation) to all electrical appliances, and the lights in our buildings, etc. They have also developed the ability to trans-mutate matter into any other element or combination of elements. No longer will we have to mine or drill deep into the earth to obtain our raw materials. Copper, Iron, Aluminum and all other metals can be created at will just from the common rocks that cover the earth. Also, virtually all of our non-metallic goods are formed from just four basic elements (hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, and nitrogen) with a smattering of other elements thrown in. So all of our raw materials to create plastics, clothing, and building materials: can also be trans-mutated out of common rock.
  What Happens During Our Journey to Jackson County?

Our journey to Jackson County is not without danger and some hardship. As our group grows with the addition of the Lamanite/Hispanic people, and especially after we join forces with the Ten Tribes we attract the attention of the foreign armies who have previously invaded America. During our travels across Colorado and Kansas I saw several encounters with the Russian military that are deployed out of a base located near Saint Louis, Missouri. In my dreams I was shown that when the US is initially attacked that the Chinese and their North Korean allies will set up bases of operations on the west coast in Seattle, San Francisco, and Long Beach Harbor. The Russians will set up bases in New York Harbor, Chesapeake Bay, and in the mid-west city of Saint Louis; in addition, their Cuban allies will set up a base of operations in Miami and take over most of southern Florida.

From these strongpoints the invaders will “attempt” to move inland across the western US but they are met with strong opposition on all fronts. One long running battle that I saw was an attempted intrusion into Utah by way of Reno and Elko, Nevada. This was undoubtedly the same battle that the Texas Dreamer also saw in his dream. The foreign armies are indeed able to drop in troops by parachute anywhere they want to in the country and to resupply them by air. Their ability to do so does indeed create many problems for the people of the intermountain west who will suffer from these incursions. But whenever the foreigners attempt to open up supply lines by road or rail in order to move in heavy equipment into the Rocky Mountain area; they are stopped on every front. Eventually, they stop trying to take over the intermountain west and concentrate on consolidating their currently held territory on both coasts and in the mid-west.

However, when the Saints and their allies begin to mass together and move across the Great Plains towards Missouri, both China and Russia and their allies decide it is time to put an end to this “Mormon Problem”. I see plans made to attack the massed Saints /Lamanites/ Ten Tribes and the populations of the intermountain west with nerve gas agents, biological agents, and nuclear weapons. But before the foreign armies can put their plans into action the Lord bares his arm and wipes out virtually all of the invaders from off the land of the United States in just a matter of hours.

Prior to this massive act of destruction the US has been hit hard with many natural disasters, there have been many, many major earthquakes that level most of the cities in the country. There have been violent storms, tsunamis, and volcanoes going off. But up until this point in time the destruction has only destroyed existing physical structures in addition to killing many people. In His final act of vengeance against the wicked and ungodly, the Lord roils the North American continent from one end to the other with a series of the most massive earthquakes ever seen by man.

Within the space of just a few hours these earthquakes completely reshape the United States, resulting in the entire west coast from Seattle to Tijuana collapsing into the Pacific basin, the entire east coast from Maine to South Carolina dropping below the surface of the Atlantic, and all of southern Florida up to about the Orlando area sinking beneath the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. And finally, the New Madrid fault from New Orleans to the Great Lakes rips open the Mississippi River Valley and the states of Louisiana, Mississippi, Eastern Texas, Arkansas, most of Missouri, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, and Western Ohio/Kentucky/Tennessee, all plummet into the earth with a new gulf or sea flooding in over this ground. In just one day America loses about a third of its land mass which also happens to include the location of all of the foreign invaders major bases. Both Russia and China lose millions of men from their military and tens of billions of dollars’ worth of war supplies have been destroyed that were brought over to support their conquest of the American continent. With their bases gone, their military forces destroyed and a fortune in war supplies lost, plus, worst of all the very land and resources that they had coveted are now lying at the bottom of the sea: all of the foreign invaders pick up and leave the USA as quickly as they possibly can never to return.
Life in the New Jerusalem

When the Saints and their allies arrive in Jackson County they begin the task of building the city of our God. Upon their arrival they will find the topography of the land vastly different from what it is now. Just east of where the temple will be built and where the city of New Jerusalem will be raised, the entire plain will now sit atop a high bluff of perhaps a thousand feet above sea level. You can see out across the newly formed gulf upon this bluff to a distance of many miles. Just north of the temple complex the mighty Missouri River will flow into this new Gulf after making a final plunge from the bluff above in a spectacular waterfall to the ocean a thousand feet below. The mist rising from this waterfall will create a spectacular effect of covering the city in a myriad of rainbows as one approaches it from the sea.

The blessing and responsibility for building this city will fall upon the Lamanites. Their ancestors built cities that have stood for thousands of years and they will know how to build this city to stand throughout the Millennium. The Ten Tribes for many years will form the backbone of our new industrial society until our children and grandchildren can be taught the sciences upon which these technologies are built. We cannot be taught or understand these things overnight, it will take some time. However, it is the blessing, birthright, and responsibility of the tribe of Ephraim to administer all things pertaining to the government of the Kingdom and to hold the keys of the Priesthood and the saving ordinances of the temples. Our duties will be to build and administer the temples, to form the backbone of the government and to act as agents of the Lord in governing all of the earth during the Millennium.

New Dream

On the night of July 7, 2012, I dreamed that my wife and I were part of a Church Council where we were informed that America was now completely awash in wickedness, evil, and sin; and that the seal of “spiritual protection” that had been placed upon her since the country’s founding had now been revoked. And that the judgments of God had already begun to roll forth (i.e. the heat wave that has been roasting the country for the last 3 weeks): and that from this time forth they would multiply and intensify in severity.

We were then assigned to visit the sites where the tent cities were being prepared to check on the final preparations. We checked the communications equipment, checked on medical supplies, and inventoried the stockpiles of tools.

The next thing that happened in my dream was that I was shown an image of a man who appeared to have fallen from a great height and his body was twisted and completely broken by the impact. Immediately, this image was replaced by a map of the USA and I then heard the words that America’s economic backbone would soon be broken. The impression that was felt more than seen was that a widespread catastrophic natural disaster would strike the nation and it would result in horrific economic damage to the entire region.

Next in my dream I was shown many people lying dead or dying in a field and once again I heard a voice say that shortly after the natural disaster seen earlier (once again in my dream it was felt more than seen or heard that it would be only a few weeks after the disaster) death would begin to stalk the land. The people in the field appeared to be suffering from disease and plague (could this be the result of a bio-terror attack?).


NOT a random homicide...:

No duh.....
A surprise?  Not in the least.  Would I be surprised if the murderess in chief  was NOT involved??
Heck yeah!
Folks - we need to not give up until that old hag is exposed for what she is....  If my demise were in this manner, I would "Patrick Swayze ghost it" until loose ends were cleared up on the earth and justice were served.   I have a solid testimony that there is perfect and final justice in the end - but it would be so much better for all parties to take care of bizness while in the mortal estate.
Knowing the power and authority that Joseph Smith possessed - I have to wonder if he were pulling strings from the other side in the Fate of the Persecutors.....  There are some awesome stories there.
Also, we all know the story of the temple tower that was struck by lightning and burned to the exact clapboard after Brigham Young passed over before he could effect that change in the flesh.

Monday, June 19, 2017


As I always say; "It's getting more and more Syrias by the minute....".

I have to ask myself, "How can this NOT end badly??".

Four more days and I am off the West Coast - and not sure when I will ever return.  Though it is possible for business or other reasons.  But SO glad to put this permanently in the rear view mirror. 

I left last Thursday to catch a flight to Calgary to pick up my monster truck to tow back the last load and I walked from the U-Haul place to the regional transit center to catch the direct to SeaTac.  I really felt like I was taking my life in my own hands with all the druggies and low-lifes I had to pass by.  Not sure how someone of a diminutive stature could get up the guts to walk the gauntlet.  At a very minimum, if I were a woman of slight build, I would have a sweet little piece with at least six shots and a bra holster, or something.  If you have to smoke one, you have to smoke one.....

I know, I know.  Compassion and charity - but these toughs looked like they would knife you for their next heroin hit.  And can we please change the name of that drug already; there is no hero in it.....  And the only heroine is the mother who does not overly indulge her children, so that they end up going there.  Or the gateway which is alcohol, or pot and so much else.

The children of the sixties really screwed up those they have spawned from their permissive upbringings.....

God help us all.


This interpretation of the parable of the talents is a correct one:

On the 1st day of April A.D. 1843, [Benjamin testified,] President Joseph Smith, Orson Hyde, and William Clayton and others came from Nauvoo to my residence in Macedonia or Ramus in Hancock Co. Illinois, and we[re] joyfully welcomed by myself and family as our guests.On the following morning, Sunday April, 2nd, President Smith took me by the arm for a walk, leading the way to a secluded spot within the adjacent grove, where to my great surprise, he commenced to offer to me th...e principle of plural or celestial marriage, but I was more astonished by his asking me for my sister Almera to be his wife.I sincerely believed him to be a prophet of God, and I loved him as such, and also for the many evidences of his kindness to me, yet such was the force of my education, and the scorn that I felt unvirtuous that under the first impulse of my feelings I looked him calmly, but firmly in the face and told him that, "I had always believed (you) to be a good man, and wished to believe it still, and would try to;" and that, "I would take for him a message to my sister, and if the doctrine was true, all would be well, but if I should afterwards learn that it was offered to insult or prostitute my sister I would take his life." With a smile he replied "Benjamin, you will never see that day, but you shall live to know that it is true, and rejoice in it.. . .He also told me that he would preach a sermon that day for me, which I would understand, while the rest of the congregation would not comprehend his meaning. His subject was the ten talents spoken of by the Savior, "unto him that hath shall be given, and he shall have abundantly, but from that hath not (or will not receive) shall be taken away that which he hath, (or might have had.)" Plainly giving me to understand that the talents represented wives and children as the principle of enlargement throughout the great future, to those who were heirs of Salvation (Joseph F. Smith, "40 Affidavits on Celestial Marriage," book 2, pp. 3-5, Church Archives).

Hopefully, people will wake up from their deep slumber and will live it willingly instead of by force of circumstance.  And NO, I am NOT a polygamist - but we as a people will have to return to the principle of it generally speaking prior to obtaining Celestial glory.  The Law of Consecration is the key into the Terrestrial Kingdom, the highest form of it (plural marriage), is the refiner's fire to qualify one for the highest degree within the highest kingdom.

Where there is a blessing that is promised, there is always a law associated with it - as we learn it in the Temple.

This is simply what it is and how it will be.  If you have hang-ups, the problem lies with you.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017


I have it on good authority that things like our sun are lit and sustain themselves by energy that is streamed through the universe from a central location or source.  This writing seems to back that up:

I endorse all three points of the article.


This is why I rarely pull punches:

If the time was that the Elders of Israel could not be chastened and corrected for their wrongs, and be set right, you may know that they have proved recreant to the faith. And if those who are appointed to lead this people dare not rise up and tell them of their iniquity and chastise them therefore, and teach them the way of life and salvation, you may know that your leaders have fallen from their station. The Lord has bestowed the everlasting Priesthood upon the children of men for their salvation. It is not believed for a moment, by any person who believes in the Bible, that a man or woman can be saved in their sins. They have to be separated from their sins and iniquity; they have to put off the old man, with all his deeds, and put on the new man Christ Jesus. If ever we see the time that we dare not tell men of their evils, and correct them when in fault, you may despair of salvation in this kingdom.
--Brigham Young, August 9, 1857, JD 5:124.

When a plane crashed because I did not raise the warning voice, I learned my lesson.  Now, I raise hell to a whole new level.  Go Brigham.


This is really cool stuff!

I have a guy here at work who is a raging anti-God dude - but he is good at astronomy and a few other things, so I tolerate and humor him as one of the people who is too stupid to figure out that God is not real......

He showed me this at lunch:

Here’s a tool that allows you to put in your address (or where you want to be) and see how much of the sun will be in eclipse this August.


I wish him well along with the rest of the Godless here on the West Coast who will perish in their smugness.....  It is nice knowing I am finally cutting my ties completely and getting out.


Seriously.  For people to stumble and trip over stuff like this is so astounding to me.  Toughen up your skin, snowflakes!!", is what I want to say to those who are offended that Joseph Smith was a practicer of polygamy....

Seriously, grow up.....:

I am so glad there is a purge going on in the Church.  It will be nice to have REAL people that are capable of REAL things once again instead of catering to the diminished capacity of the lowest common denominator all the time.

Maybe GD class will become meat-filled once again.

This has been part of the mission of the Wood Zone.....  Throw as much meat out there as is possible.  Those that choke, choke.  Those special snowflakes just didn't have the incisors to handle life.

For those that could digest stuff, welcome to the deep end of the pool....  You are able to swim without become a Darwinist special....

What is coming will further toughen up those who are just simply anemic.  We are pathetic as a people - collectively speaking.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017


I am glad several people indicated they liked that vid.  So did my wife - the information is quite astounding.  I initially found it and have very little time, so I was just going to preview and put it on the blog.  I could not turn it off.  It is too amazing.  I watched it well past the midnight hour.

One thing I felt as I pondered on the contents of what I saw over the last couple of days - is that this is a watershed moment for the Chinese.  After they come here and witness true Christian behavior as we are subjugated by them, their hearts will be softened and, just as the times of the Gentiles are fulfilled, and the gospel goes to the Jews once again, the "heathen Chinese" will have their shot prior to the burning of the world by fire.  God has not forgotten them.  God bless that pastor in motivating those youth to understand their heritage!

Fact is this:  every nation that has had the gospel taken to it (including Japan and Indonesia, etc), has some of the Blood of Israel within them.  I talked about the Samurai class in Japan and how they were some of the scattered people from Jerusalem - likely who fled when my Indian friend, my Irish descendants (Tamara Tephi) and so many in the Americas did (besides the several groups that we know of like the Nephites and Mulekites).

All of that documentation is in the blog.  You can search for it in the upper left corner search window using key words. 

I know that Joseph talked of Japheth in TTotPJS.  I will have do some searching to find the statement about Noah being the grand Patriarch of China.

I love exposing the true history - not the watered down misinformation we are taught in our public screwel system.  So glad my kids' teachers and principals, etc are LDS in Cardston.  Any other scenario is horrifying to me.  Kind of like taking them camping in tents in a forest filled with voracious, man-eating beasts.....  My older two were not quite so blessed and had a liberal English teacher that I WILL have a conversation with one day.  And I can tell you right now, that this conversation will not go so well - for it will condemn her (probably to hell, unless there has been a mighty change).

There is - and there will be - perfect justice when it comes to my charges.  Period.  I will not rest until there is.  Period.

The principal of Cardston High was just released as our Bishop and put into the Stake Presidency.  When he was made a Bishop, I told my wife that he is the best form of leadership I have ever witnessed in this life.  I told her that he would at least rise to the level of Stake Presidency the day he was put in, if not higher.  We all mourned (my family and I) when he was taken from us - because his primary focus has always been the youth.  Those are some big shoes to fill for the new Bishop.  I do not envy him.

Some people just have the ability to lead - and to draw others after them.  I do not have that gift in any appreciable manner.  Jesus was probably the greatest.  Joseph Smith was another amazing anomaly.  I am sure Adam and Joseph of Egypt were others.  I cannot wait to meet some of these amazing personalities.

Sunday, June 4, 2017


The Chinese were not godless, like many of us assume:

I know that Joseph Smith taught that Noah was the first leader of the first dynasty in China where he eventually settled with his one son and family, Japheth - after he left the area of Turkey.

I am in the middle of a massively awesome phase in my life, so the blog will be spotty for the next four weeks, or so as I transition.