Thursday, February 19, 2009


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Part of the significance of what happens in Utah is because you live in Utah. Salt Lake City was hit with a nuclear weapon. Utah was also struck with biological warfare.

We had a great, great earthquake 8.5 or bigger.
There was a tidal wave that hit Utah and when I saw this in a vision, I thought how could a tidal wave hit Utah? Did it come all the way from California?

What I did not realize is that this tidal wave comes from the earthquake. It will be so great that it pushes water up from underneath the ground and sweeps over the land with a tsunami effect, with a 30 foot or higher wall of water that sweeps from Salt Lake City clear down to Cedar City.

Now there is going to be massive destruction in Utah.

I am going to give you the reasons why there is going to be massive destruction in Utah. We have the prophet of God who walks and talks with Jesus Christ and he has seen him personally, I know that. I am a witness. I know that he has seen him personally and talks with him personally as you and I would speak to each other. He is right here in Salt Lake City.

We have 12 apostles of God and they have seen Jesus Christ. I know they have. I was at a fireside at the Marriott Center several years ago and one of the apostles spoke and I do not remember who it was. I was so in awe. He was talking about how when he became an apostle they took him up to the Holy of Holies in the Salt Lake Temple and then he stopped and for five minutes, literally he did not say a word and you could drop a pin in the Marriott
Center. Tears came down his eyes and he said, "If you knew what I saw there, you would know that God lives."

We all knew what he was talking about, that he had seen the Lord. These great men, who run this Church of God for the entire world, not just for Utah, live right here.

We have been blessed with this beautiful state. As far as I am concerned, it is beautiful far above many of the others. We have been blessed up until recent years with peace and tranquility here, with very little crime.

It is like living in a small city with Moses right there and yet we take it for granted that we have a prophet of God right here in our city, just a few miles away from us. Do we care? We take it for granted because we see him on TV a couple of times a year and that is great. It is wonderful to see the prophet but do you know that 50% of the Church in the last days will totally apostatize and fall away from the Church. That is half. So if we have 10 million members now, at least 5 million will not be greeting the Savior when he comes and of that percentage that is left, few of those will be left to greet the Savior. (Do not raise your hands.) How many of you consider yourself to be Christ-like people, not good members of the Church- but Christ-like people, righteous people. I am not a righteous person. I am a good person, a really good person but I do not think that I am righteous. We have been given so much and we have a prophet right here in our valley!

We have Saints that go shopping every single Sunday. They run to the store or run to Smith's. Do you know that the reason why the malls, the shops, the markets are open is because the LDS people shop on Sunday? I am going to tell you tonight a secret for saving your life in the latter days from these calamities that are coming. We do not have time for me to tell you all of the things that I saw. It will be in my book.

It is being set up so that the proceeds of my book are going to go to the LDS missionary fund so I am not making one dime on the book, just to let you know. It will be sold for the cost of printing and a little above so that the money can go to the missionary fund. You will get more of the details of the disasters that are coming.

I am going to tell you how to protect yourself against the calamities that are coming. We as members of the Church have been told to pay an honest tithing, now that is not when you can afford to or when you have an abundance, that means if somebody gives you $.50, you pay tithing on it.

Literally every penny that you get, not just because you have more but out of every amount of money that is given to you, give 10% to the Lord. That is going to protect you completely and if you have not done it in the past.

Today is a new day. I am one for saying: "Every day is a fresh clean piece of paper." You can start your life over today. It does not matter what
you did yesterday, last week, or last month. Today is a new day!

Tomorrow they can be up there looking at your crystals and blotting out what you have done. If you have hurt someone, I do not care if you feel like
you were in the right or not, you go to that person. They have to pay for what they have done. Believe me, no one gets out of this life without paying for what they have done. You are responsible only for your salvation, for how you live your life, how you treat your fellow man. I have had people, even recently, do things to me. I think I am in the right. I did not do it but I still will go to that person and say, "If I have done something to you to offend you, I hope you will forgive me, and I am sorry." I will say this even if I just think you are the one.
It does not matter. You do not have to be proven right or anything else. You are in control of your own life, what you choose to do with it. You pay your honest tithing. That protects you. What have we been told?

What do you think is going to be the great burning in the last days? You will not burn in the nuclear war if you pay an honest tithing. If you have not paid an honest tithing in the past - that is past. Today is a new day - Sunday is a new week. Commit to yourself that! You give the Lord your tenth and you will pay an honest tithing. I promise you that you will not burn when a nuclear warhead hits and it is going to hit in many different places in the United States and worldwide.

The next thing is biological warfare, germ warfare. There are over 300 terrorist groups that have biological warfare that are threatening to use it against the United States. It is going to begin in this next year, biological warfare. It is going to happen in Utah. It is going to happen worldwide. I am going to tell you how to protect yourself and your families from biological warfare. Have you ever heard the term, the destroying angel in the latter-days; the destroying angel will pass you by? Do you know what the destroying angel is? It is biological warfare. It is a destroying angel. It is the plagues. It is the biological warfare that is going to be unleashed. The anthrax, the Ebola virus (which I also saw long before doctors of scientific educations found out about), I saw what it did to the body. It is terrible!!!! Within one day you die of the Ebola virus. You bleed from every opening of your body and your skin totally disintegrates. If any of you want to rent the movie, Outbreak (I do not believe it is R rated.), it is worth seeing because it is all about the Ebola virus. You will be protected from the plagues and the biological warfare if you keep the Sabbath day holy. Now I am telling you this is one of the biggest reasons why Utah is going to have the destructions that it is, because of the saints here. I do not care how good they are, they do not keep the Sabbath holy. You know they do not. How many people do you know who keep the Sabbath holy? No it is not just shopping on Sunday. That is a big one to me. I do not care if my child had no milk and was hungry. He would have to wait to eat until the next day. I will not spend a dime on Sunday for anything. I will not go near a store. Part of keeping the Sabbath holy is, of course, attending our meetings. That takes about three hours in a day. The other thing that I advocate for people to do in keeping the Sabbath holy is giving your time to the Lord. That is not watching a great movie. I had a sweet lady who said, "What about Touch by an Angel - that is a good show." Touch by an Angel may be okay, not for me but ok for you. That means restricting yourself from the pleasures of this world on Sunday. That is keeping the Sabbath. In Old Testament times they were executed for breaking the Sabbath. That is how important it was to keep the Sabbath day holy. It is God's day. It is giving that day to the Lord. That is going to the hospital or calling your stake president or bishop and asking if there is anyone sick in the ward or lonely or elderly. Bake cookies, buy a little $4 arrangement, get a $1 card if you cannot afford that, do something, and show up at strangers. I go to the hospital every Sunday and I just say, "Is there anyone in the terminally ill ward that does not have family or would like to have a visitor." I take my little boy with me. It has been a neat experience for him. He remembers the names of these people. We pray for them at night after we have come from the hospital. How many of you say you do not have time to read your scriptures?

You do not have time to keep a journal. You should be writing down every spiritual experience starting tonight with this fireside. Go home, write in your journal. If you do not have one, go to Desert Book or get a $.50 notebook and on Sunday spend an hour and write. We all have spiritual experiences in our lives or things that are life changing that we could pass down to our children that will change their lives and help our children or grandchildren to have a better life because they read something that you wrote 10 or 20 years ago. We do not have that long but whatever is a good experience that you could pass down to your children. Fill your day with things that are of the Lord. It is a little hard at first but I have a nine-year-old boy who does not play outside on Sunday. I do let him watch the Book of Mormon video tapes because that is the same as a spiritual experience for him but there is no regular TV. There is no picnicking. Some people say why can't we just drive up in the canyon and enjoy the beauty of the canyon on Sunday. That is not breaking the Sabbath. I tell them, "You do what you want, but wouldn't it be far better to spending that time in service of our fellow man than entertaining yourselves by even enjoying God's beauty on the Sabbath." That is what Saturday is for and the evenings in the summer. To keep the Lord's Sabbath day holy is to spend it in service of him. How are we in service of our God? When we are in the service of our fellow being we are only in the service of our God”. So you will be protected from the biological warfare and the plagues by keeping the Sabbath day holy, your whole family. No one should enter into your home or be a part of your home that is not keeping the Sabbath holy. It should be a family situation. When I have guests or anyone else come from out of town, I tell them the same thing. If they do not choose to be there, they can stay at a motel or they can do something else but they will not stay in my home and break the Sabbath. That is how adamant I am about keeping the Sabbath holy.

The other greatest thing, of course, is to be as close to the Savior as we can be, to pray day and night that we are becoming a Christ-like people.
The most Christ-like attitude that you can have is to love your fellow man, to love them unconditionally. That is probably the hardest thing that I would ask you to do but to try and have a unconditional love for every being that you come in contact with. After awhile of practicing it you do not even have to try, you do not even have to try, it is second nature, it comes naturally, you become a Christ-like person.

The other thing is food storage. We have been told and told and told to have food storage. There is a great famine that is coming in this world, not just United States, not just Utah. It is coming world wide and it is coming this next year. It is almost too late at this point to gather the food and the reason why I say it is too late is because these disasters are going to start mounting this next year. Once one of the major disasters begin to happen, you may not be able to get food. Crops are being destroyed. There are famines happening all over the world at this point. Natural disasters, hurricanes, floods. We are going to see more and more of that. Our crops are literally being destroyed. I just heard a little thing on the news a couple of weeks ago which I had not heard before. Very few people heard this. They have said nothing more about it. As it becomes more disastrous, we will hear more about it. There are fire ants that they have found back East that they said last year alone destroyed over $1 billion worth of crops. They cannot find any pesticide to stop them. They are talking about bringing flies over. I did not hear whether it was South Africa or South America, some place. They will eat them. That is the only way they think they can get rid of them but then they are in danger of destroying all of our food crops so it is a Catch 22, which is worse. The ants will kill a small child if they come upon a child, cover them, and kill them. They are called fire ants. They cannot destroy them. They are moving west.

This is one of the plagues that is beginning this year. You will hear more about it. There are going to be many more. So if you do not have your food supply, you had better start working on it. I have sold almost everything that I have in my home in order to get more food storage. I have a few pieces of furniture left. I sold my car. Of course I cannot see anymore to drive anyway but I have done whatever I could do and I am still doing whatever I can do. I live on disability. If I can do it, you can do it, even if it is just one little thing a week. I am a great source for getting food. I became connected with the Future Foods Company over a year ago. I became a distributor deliberately so that I could sell food storage at distributor's cost. I do no make money off it. I sell it at distributor's cost. So a year's supply of food, rather than costing $1600 is $995. That is what the distributor's commission is, about $500 or $600. Anyone who is interested in getting the food, in cases, cans, whatever, that is what I do. I have connections for powdered milk.
I have connections for rice. If any of you are interested in it you can connect me through Dave. He has my number and I am happy to help you with whatever I can help you get as quickly as you can get it. Our prophet told us this last conference. He started out in Priesthood by telling the story of Joseph in Egypt, the seven years of famine. Our prophet was prophesying to the people. When he said, "I am not saying a disaster is coming, I hope it is not," he was still prophesying unto you. In the 1929 crash the only people that did not stand in long food lines to get a basket of apples or powdered sugar or whatever were the LDS people who had their food storage. The Church did not come out before the crash of 1929 and say, "There is going to be a crash and you had better have your food storage." How many years have they told us to be prepared? How many years have they told us to be out of debt, to have our food supply, to have our houses in order.

The prophet of God has spoken to us as a people and has told us everything we need to do. Our prophets have told us everything we need to do. He does not need to tell us anything else. We have been warned and we need to follow our prophet and do what he has asked us to do, which also includes abstaining from R rated movies. That is painful for me. I grew up in Hollywood. I have movie star friends. I like to go see movies that they are in. It has been a really tough one for me. I gave away about 200 movies that were R rated movies for that very reason. It was very difficult. Then all PG13 movies are not good either. You may say that is a tough one. Keeping the Word of Wisdom. I will just throw this out. People do not like it but I will just throw it out. As far as I am concerned, drinking a Coca Cola is the same as drinking a cup of coffee. Now this is your own personal choice. You can say, "That is going a little too far or whatever." You have the free agency as we all do to choose in your life however you want but if you really want to do what the Lord wants us to do as a people, we should fast and pray about it and really use wisdom. That is why it is called the Word of Wisdom. Anything that we take into our bodies that is unhealthful is against the Word of Wisdom. Is Coca Cola good for your body? Is tea good for our body? Is overeating or candy good for our body? No. Start thinking!! You are going to need a healthy, strong body for the things that are coming. The Lord will bless you with strength, marrow in your bones, how does it go? You know better than I do. Today is the day to turn your life around, to prepare for the Second Coming of Christ which is not far off. A lot of people say, "How do you know it is not 10 or 20 years away? There are all of these prophecies that are to be fulfilled before the Second Coming of Christ?" I will tell you that they are being fulfilled and we do not even know that they are being fulfilled. The missionaries have gone into countries they are not even supposed to be in. They are sending missionaries into these closed countries. Even in North Korea now and yet we do not even have a mission there. They are in countries that the world is not aware of. I just heard three days ago on the news that the Jews are rebuilding the temple in Jerusalem. That is one of the biggest prophecies that is supposed to be fulfilled before the Second Coming of Christ. He is coming soon. These disasters are coming soon. There is no more time to procrastinate your repentance and become a Christ-like people. I am not doing this for fame or fortune. It is to warn the people. I am not a prophetess. I am not a psychic. I am not any more special than any of you in this room. I had a special experience that changed my life and has had a profound effect on many people's lives. I was told four years ago when I almost died again, I would not leave the hospital alive without a kidney transplant. I had a very special blessing, several actually, from Bishop ___________, in Orem. In his priesthood blessing, he told me that the Lord spared my life so that people would hear my voice and that is why I am talking to you tonight. That is why I am still alive to talk to you. It is not for any other reason other than that. I was told that I would find my words listened to and that the Lord spared my life so that I could talk to the people. There are other voices. I am not telling you anything that our prophets have not already told you. I share this with and my love in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


Q: The born again Christians think that is before the destruction and the war happens that God is going to lift all of the good people off the Earth and they are not going to be here for that.
A: That is a very sad misconception. We are all going to be here for that. The lifting up of the Saints is at the very last, before the Earth receives its paradisiacal glory, before it is totally destroyed and made a new. They will be lifted off before that takes place.

Q: Before the millennium?

A: Yes.

Q: Is that what they refer to as the rapture?

A: Yes. It will be wonderful.

Q: I have always wondered if people who have died, can they look back and see us?

A: Yes they can. In fact, there are many times where they will visit you and your are not aware or you can feel their presence and know that they are there. Another thing that I learned is that every funeral service, they are right there at their own funeral service and can see everyone and are aware of everything that takes place there. So I said when I die, I do not want to see anyone with any tears or anything at my service because I am going to be right there. There is no reason to shed a tear other than you terribly miss the person until you are with them again but they are so happy and thrilled to cross over. They will come back and visit on occasion but it is a short period for them, a short time for them.

Q :So if we talk to somebody that has passed on, do you think that they hear us?

A: They are aware of what you are doing and how you are living your life. It is not like they see every act and everything that you are doing, but they are generally aware. I have heard of people who have passed on and someone else has passed and come back to
mortality and they have said, "Please tell my brother to turn his life around." So they are aware of how we are living our life. It is not like they see every act but they are aware. Since the Spirit World is only a second away, it really is just in a different dimension. It is of this world but in a different dimension. If the veil were lifted, we would see these spirits all around us, very close. It only takes a second to get here.

Q: Are you saying that the plagues and nuclear war and all are going to happen this year?

A: I said the beginning of the plagues and the nuclear wars and earthquakes are starting this next year. People think that the year 2000 is the opening of the seventh seal and the destruction. We are already in the year 2000 because the calendar is off. The seventh seal has already been opened. The plagues have already been released on the earth.

Q: So Y2K is not what we are supposed to be worrying about?

A: No I would be worried about that. There are 17 different things that can bring massive destruction to this world. Y2K is one of them. It could be terribly destructive. If you have studied any of the Hopi prophecies, the Hopis are a very righteous seed of Lamanites. They are going to help rebuild the New Jerusalem. In their prophecies that were given to them by Jesus Christ, at one point over a 100 years ago, they said that the white man would touch the walls of their house and they would light up, meaning electricity. Then they said the time would come when that light would go out and it would bring down the destruction of America. There are 17 different things that will cause our electricity to be shut off. No refrigerators. No washers. No lights. No gas as the gas stations. No food coming in on railways to the cities. This is where the writings and possible war throughout the United States. Y2K can bring that on as early as March or April of this next year it can begin. It can be a missile blowing out one of our satellites. Everything is run by computer. You figure you cannot get gas in your car, you tell me what is going to happen about three days after the city figures out that no food is coming into the city, the shelves have bee wiped clean. You cannot get gas in your car. You have no heat in your home if it is winter. You can imagine without me telling you what is going to happen.

Q: Now you mention that you are on disability. I am too. I am concerned about this, with the computer problems. Do you have any concern about that?

A: I do not because I have a ten-year food storage and I have a two-year supply of insulin and medicine. If you have any life saving medicines, you need to figure out a way of getting that.

Q: How do you though?

A: I have an LDS doctor that is a friend of mine who has given me a larger prescription. The other thing that I am counting on is that when evil is unleashed upon the Earth, gross evil, the priesthood will become more magnified too. I believe that many of us that are ill will be blessed at that time also. I rely whole heartedly on the priesthood more than anything.

It is hard to view them all with a spirit of hope and confidence in the Lord and not a spirit of panic and despair and hopelessness. A lot of people, this is so new to them that they think there is no hope for them so why even try.

I have had people call into the radio station and say, "I just feel like hanging myself now because all these things are coming." Usually what I will do is spend some time saying, "Yes, there is going to be a period of destruction, about three and a half to four years of war, famine, destruction, so the Lord has told us to prepare for that as best we can." Even during that time the New Jerusalem will be being built. The elders will be called back to build that up. They will be doing miracles and signs and wonders, just like they did in the days of Moses. I used to think it would be so neat to live in the time of Moses and see him part the sea and do all of those things. Our priesthood brothers who honor their priesthood will be able to do fabulous things. I met with a Navajo Indian the other day who lives here in Orem. His patriarchal blessing said that through his priesthood he would help raise the Saints from the dead who had been killed by some of the destruction that would happen and that is before the resurrection, before the Second Coming. Through priesthood blessings our lives would actually be restored, miracles beyond belief. The powers that the brothers have with the priesthood are the exact same power that God has. The power Heavenly Father has is the same power these brothers have. It is the same power that Moses had. They have different keys. It is so wonderful to have the priesthood in your home. It is better than Tom Cruise. It is better than a chest of bowls. I say that because I love Tom Cruise. My earthly part loves Tom Cruise. It is better than any possession that you can have, to have a priesthood holder who honors his priesthood. It will be so valuable in the last days. You think of these simple brethren that have this gift. They will seal off the mountains. They will push back plagues. They will push back water. They will do miraculous things. It is so neat. The healings that will take place at this time will be wonderful. The building of the New Jerusalem. These elders will be called back. I can see this great highway and thousands of these elders were walking on this spiritual highway back East to build the New Jerusalem. Now I saw this huge number of, I guess they were gangs or marauders, about 300 of them, that tried to step onto the path to attack them and they were electrocuted. They could not even step onto the path where they were walking back to build the New Jerusalem. The Lord will protect his people. Yes, there is going to be destruction and people will lose their lives but the Lord needs his people to survive. He needs a righteous people to build Zion and to build the New Jerusalem. Believe me, he is going to do everything in his power to protect his people. We just need to do our part and then the protection is there for us. Then we usher into the era, into the millennium, 1000 years of peace where our children can roam the streets and playing and not be molested or murdered, no hate or crime. There will be 1000 years of this beautiful world to live here before the end comes, before we inherit our kingdom. It is a pretty neat time to be alive. So you are really just thinking of a few years of destruction and it is really a lot to look forward to it. I, myself, I hope to live. I want to live through it and see it.

Q: Isn't there supposed to be a place of refuge?

A: Utah is a place of refuge. It was designed from the beginning of time as a place of refuge. The Saints will come from all over the world. The destruction that is going to take place here is to wipe out the wicked and the Saints that are not righteous out of this Valley so that this is a place. Those who are righteous and are already here, we will be protected. The Lord needs his people to survive, to build the kingdom and to usher in the millennium so not everybody is going to be destroyed.

Q: If we go through this for three or four years, how will we even survive? We cannot store food for three or four years.

A: Well the original commandment of the Church was for a seven-year food storage and people are shocked at that, seven years. Look how many years we have had to build up our storage. We really could have that but we have procrastinated basically. Sure there are young married couples that have not had that time but parents, grandparents, we have had time. We have been told for 150 years to be prepared and even if we did not use it. Even if we had not had the 1929 crash or WWII or whatever, we are still blessed for keeping that commandment and our families will not go hungry. We need to do as much as we can now. I know you cannot store seven years now probably or maybe not even a year, I do not know, but you do the very best you can from here on out. You need to start putting away and saving and preparing. You will be blessed for that. You do the best that you can.

Q: I remember reading one of the prophets, from years ago. They said that we needed to not only store for ourselves but if we are wise we will have food to feed all those who come.

A: That is right. I saw Las Angeles. It was completely annihilated and destroyed and the Saints walked from California to here and all they could bring was their children and whatever they could get out of there with. Las Vegas is going to be hit with a nuclear weapon also and the Saints will come. They will come from all over. How sad it is for us to look into their faces and say, "We do not even have enough for our own family, much less you." I think the Lord is really disappointed in his people. That is another reason why there is going to be destruction in this Valley. We have not listened to the words of the prophet.

If you only have six months food supply and you see people out there dying of starvation, do you just go out there and give it to them anyway and help them out and have faith that God will multiple your food and bless you for that?

I think there will be a lot of multiplying like the fishes and the bread. There will be a lot of that.

I do not see any way around it.

I know a lot of people are leaving the city. I am one of those people. It is not because I do not want to share my food or there is not enough. Actually I have more than what I need for my family and I am storing more for other people because I know I will come across people. I have 600 pounds of powdered milk because I know there are going to be babies who will need food. So I am storing for other people. I think that you will have the spirit of discernment. You will know who to share with and who not to share with. Now if gang bangers come up to my house with guns or whatever and they want to take food away, I do not feel like sharing with those kinds of people. We do have a right to defend ourselves, just like the early Saints. Unfortunately, there will be a lot of that going on too and a lot of miraculous savings. The Lord will protect his people through miraculous means. There will be people that will stumble across you who are hungry and yes I would give them everything that I have, to share with those people. What is the point of holding onto our lives? We all die. We are all going to die. Some of us are going to be lucky to usher in the millennium where we are changed in a twinkling. That would be really neat. There are people in this room that I promise you will have that happen to them. They will change with a twinkling of an eye. I have a couple of very close friends. My former boss' sister said that she will be living in mortal and will help build the New Jerusalem in mortality and then her husband is going to be one of the captains that will lead the brothers back to New Jerusalem in mortality. He is 50 and she is 49. It is not that far off believe me. I even tell people, I am not afraid of these things that are coming. The Lord tells us in the scriptures that if we are prepared we have no need to fear. If we are living like we are supposed, even if our lives are taken, what is to be afraid of. I am not afraid of death. None of us need to be afraid of death. We need to do what we are supposed to do. If we have to hold onto our lives so strongly that we cannot share a morsel of food with someone who is starving, we do not deserve to live anyway. Do you know what I am saying? We are here to help each other. You will know who to share with and who not. I think the Lord will make the food go further. Just this last week I paid my tithing. I have been trying to pay an honest tithing for four years, a complete, total, honest tithing, on every $.50 piece that I get, everything. I said to myself, "I have made this food order for TVP, textured vegetable protein, and it is almost $200. I do not know how I am going to get $200." I knew I had to pay my tithing, instead of trying to catch up on it. I am not going to do that. I just got a check in the mail, an anonymous check from someone for $200. I actually need $20 more to cover that order but it is like I am learning not to worry, that the Lord provides for us. He will open the doors if your heart is in the right place and that is what you are trying to do.

Even if we have our food, Chinese Army is going to attack America and they will go from door to door and take away our food. How can we protect it that way?

Let me tell you. I know that I saw the Russians. I saw them parachuting into Utah. I know that the Chinese are going to invade through Las Angeles and probably through different various places in the United States. Those were two particular places of interest for me. I am not worried about that either because the Lord will take care of that. Remember the three boys who were thrown into the fire and the king was so angry because they were not burning up. He ordered them to put more heat onto the fire and the soldiers tried to put more heat on and were burned up instead. The three boys were not burned. What does that tell you? The Lord can do miraculous things. I even go so far as to say, "The Church may even come out at some point and say Brothers and Sisters we are giving you until
Saturday (now I am not saying this is how it is, I am giving you an idea). We are all to meet. We are all going to Montana in this big field. Whoever has tents, sleeping bags, food, bring it and we are all heading up there." There is no crisis or war going on. How many members of the Church do you think are going to go? I am not leaving my business. I am not leaving my home. There is nothing going on. The Church may even warn us and tell us what to do. That is why you have to stay close; you have to follow the prophet. We may even have a warning of what to do. What if they just do something simple like "Go into your basement and everyone hang a pink sheet over your front door." How ridiculous did it sound to the Children of Israel when they said to put the blessed lamb's blood above their door and the Destroying Angel would pass them by? Do you know how many Children of Israel died because that sounded ridiculous to them? They could not believe smearing blood on their front door would have the Destroying Angel pass by. Would we believe it would keep a nuclear bomb out of our house or a plague or the Chinese or anything else? Do you see what I am telling you?

We were watching the news last night of the tornado that hit Tennessee. You could see this town. It was just destroyed, yet among this destruction there were still houses that were still standing.

I have heard of that many times. The Lord will, through his priesthood brothers, warn us of what to do if we are in tune with the spirit, to listen to our leaders, to listen to our own spirit so that we will know what to do. We will be protected. I do not care if you have a ten-year food supply and you are not doing what you are supposed to be doing, you will probably lose what you have. The Lord will protect his people. He needs his people to survive. He is not going to allow their lives to be destroyed.

Q: (was not heard)

I told you when you die you take hates and loves with you. Now people think they pass through the Spirit World and they are suddenly going to become a loving person. That is not true. I was given a second chance to come back to life. The reason I think I was allowed to go to the Spirit World was specifically to see my father and see the pain. I was allowed to have that released. That is not an instant thing. This life is the time to forgive and to let go of the hate. We need to forgive no matter what they have done to you. I know that people have been molested, even in the Church. You still need to forgive. It does not mean forget. It means that you forgive and you let the Lord take care of that because he will. They will pay for that. Nobody gets out Scott free with anything that they have done. They will pay for it and severely. The most important thing is that you forgave and then let the Lord take care of it. He will. He is merciful and he takes care of everything. If there is someone in this life that you hate, that you have these feelings toward, you need to start releasing that, pray for them.

Q: Did you feel that they will be released from Spirit Prison? That they will redeem themselves?

A: Believe me, they feel such pain for whatever they did. It is not like they go over there and say, "I am glad." They are really sorry.

Q: Could you share what you saw with the next war? What things did you actually see here in Utah? The reason that I am asking is that I once received a very strong witness that I would be willing to defend the Constitutional, defend our country and our freedom. I was wondering if you could just share some things that you saw here in Utah and maybe help us to know what we can do to prepare for when that does happen.

A: I will tell you. There is going to be foreign invasion into our country, but our country is not going to be destroyed by foreign invaders. In fact, the Russians will be cleaned out of here fairly quickly. There are a lot of brethren in Utah with the priesthood and a lot of them have weapons. A lot of our military here are LDS brothers too. That is why I would not live anywhere else in this world but Utah. Even though there is going to be destruction here, it will be all over the world but it is still the best place to be on earth. They will be cleaned out very quickly. The biggest destruction is going to come from people within.




  1. Hello,
    I just recently came across Sarah Menet's book as well as some DVDs of her presentations found at on the Roger K. Young site.
    I'm interested in transcripts availabe for some of her past firesides. HOW DID YOU GO ABOUT OBTAINING THIS ONE (personnel notes) AND WHEN WAS THIS ONE GIVEN?
    In a recent DVD called :BEYOND THE BOOK (available for purchase on the Roger K. Young on line store) she makes referecne several times to comments made at her last presentation. Any idea which one this was and if a transcript is available? I was under the impression that she no longer does presentations, no?

    Thank you!

    Stephanie (email:

  2. I would be interested in this as well. I do have a recording of one of the firesides she did. I can't figure out when it was, but Hinckley was the prophet.



  3. Joe from WisconsinJanuary 26, 2010 at 9:25 PM

    I read Sarah's book and even heard Steve Quayle read part of it on his show. He was just blown away, but i don't think he knew at the time she was LDS.
    I always have a good feeling about the things she says and can find nowhere that she varies from what the prophets have been pleading with us all to do for generations.And what does she say? Food storage, medicines, bury the hatchet, pray more, perfect youself ,visit the sick, help the poor...all things we should be doing, and we know it.
    Just in case you read this Sarah,all the best. Joe.

  4. I'm all about preparation and getting ready for when the SHTF. This information about Sarah Menet is quite interesting, but I am not sure if I can give it any serious consideration.

    If I understand this correctly, the predictions about 9/11 and such were documented AFTER the fact.

    I am unable to locate any evidence that suggests the prediction was made PRIOR to 9/11.

    Her book was first published in 2002, at least 3 months AFTER the event. If the 9/11 prediction is published in this book, then I simply cannot give it any credence.

    There are so many psychics and predictions out there, one has to be very skeptical of what is or is not viable.

    While I do believe that things can happen as Ms. Menet describes in terms of bio attack, etc etc, I cannot believe it is a prediction based in psychic powers of any kind, unless I am show evidence that the original 9/11 prediction occurred BEFORE 9/11 happened...

    Just my 2 cents.



  5. Read John Leary, who for many years has been foretelling these things and MANY other. You will also learn about the safe refuges and the great ERA of PEACE which is to follow for those who love God and neighbor!!!

  6. Thanks for all the comments on this article. At times (looking at the Google analytics),this Sarah Menet info drives 70-90% of the traffic to my site. Definitely has a following out there. I am satisfied she is 100% on - having had similar experiences in my own life, her descriptions of God's love rings a strong chord with me. Further than that alone, I have read the testimony of Iohani Wolfgramm and he says the exact same things will happen - item for item - when the crud hits the oscillator.....
    I take the solid testimony of one witness seriously, but I really go for that second solid witness (who had his calling election made sure and who raised people from the dead through his righteous use of Priesthood power and authority). I have to say she is spot on - be watching for the nuke to come out of northern Africa which then afflicts Israel and starts the WWIII holocaust. Got those rad pills ready???
    In doing my personal family preps, I have not had the Spirit formally command me in anything specific, other than to follow common sense and the counsel of the Bretheren, except for that one thing. I prayed and asked for confirmation that the 50 pills I was ordering was sufficient for my loved ones and was clearly given a firm NO. I then asked if 100 would be sufficient. Again a firm NO. I then asked for double and then double again before I was given a confirmation of "It is enough". I marvelled at that - and spent some considerable money (I rather would have spent elsewhere) on those pills. I expect that they will be the means of the physical salvation of many good people gathered in righteousness against the day of judgment of the wicked of this country and world.

  7. I appreciate your comments and video Sarah and hope you are doing well!

  8. Did you end up writing a book too? What is the name of it? What are the rad pills your talking about? I read Sarah's book back in 2001 I believe. It is the only one that I thought wow, this could be right on.

    Thanks, Naomi

  9. I think Sarah NDE experience seems to have no room for a period of time after the cleansing, that allows for the New Jerusalem to become established as well as the Temple in Jerusalem of old to be rebuilt - that takes time. the return of the Ten Tribes so that the 144,000 12K from each tribe can go through the world preaching repentance one last time before the hosts assemble for the final assault upon Jerusalem, ushering in Christ's return. Then another cleansing takes place as Jesus comes in his glory eliminating the wicked and then after the 1000 years of peace, a final conflict and then the earth is turned to glass through great heat could be this red ball planet of flames that encompasses the earth.

  10. What is the latest from David Cohen?

  11. Her spiritual advice is sound, obviously, but when she puts a date on her claims ("things happening this next year"), and three years pass and we see nothing, Sarah loses credibility. I don't doubt she had the NDE, but why in the world would she attach a specific time to her predictions? Nobody knows when calamities will happen.

    1. It was not uncommon for prophets in the bible to be confused on the timing of their visions. Another thing is if you study the bible and other nde experiencers such as Ned Dougherty and Howard Storm, events can be postponed, delayed, and cancelled depending on mans heart turning Back to God.

  12. Another false prophetess. The word of wisdom teaches us the destroying angel will pass over us if we keep our bodies clean. She was wrong about protection coming from keeping the sabbath, it is the word of wisdom. We have enough priesthood members and the Spirit to rely on, so we don't need her bogus timelines and lies to confuse. Too late to buy food storage huh? She should be shunned!!!

    1. Wow. Kind of harsh. Shunned???

    2. shunned? We should have all storage we need yesterday, there is no confusion on that.

  13. Sarah is living the letter of the law, not necessarily the spirit of the law. Her intentions are good and she will be blessed for that, but she tends to come off a bit arrogant and self righteous. Her advice is nothing new. No one can claim a time frame. I think that is truly the one thing that those people with the gift of prophecy need to refrain from. I agree that credibility lacks when one does so. That being said, let us all press on in our journey back to Christ. It is our own personal journey and only you can take it.

  14. So here we are years later with nothing happening. I am too one of those that thinks when you put time-frames on things you lose credibility. I do think much of what she talks about will come to pass but that is due to the many other people who have seen similar visions/dreams. Hopefully they are not being deceived when they say they have had these experiences.


  16. Sarah: What is the name of the friend you have that works at the library in Manti? The one you go with to the Western Days with each year. I have some pictures for her just for fun. Of McCain or Crawford look-a-likes. You can respond to my email at,,,,, I thank you in advance; and wish you a GREAT week!

    P.S. Tell your Great Son & his Awesome wife that I send my best wishes. :)

  17. It's time to repost this article about Sarah Menet

    Q: Could you share what you saw with the next war? What things did you actually see here in Utah? The reason that I am asking is that I once received a very strong witness that I would be willing to defend the Constitutional, defend our country and our freedom. I was wondering if you could just share some things that you saw here in Utah and maybe help us to know what we can do to prepare for when that does happen.

    A: I will tell you. There is going to be foreign invasion into our country, but our country is not going to be destroyed by foreign invaders. In fact, the Russians will be cleaned out of here fairly quickly. There are a lot of brethren in Utah with the priesthood and a lot of them have weapons. A lot of our military here are LDS brothers too. That is why I would not live anywhere else in this world but Utah. Even though there is going to be destruction here, it will be all over the world but it is still the best place to be on earth. They will be cleaned out very quickly. The biggest destruction is going to come from people within.


    I am going to tell you how to protect yourself and your families from biological warfare. Have you ever heard the term, the destroying angel in the latter-days; the destroying angel will pass you by? Do you know what the destroying angel is? It is biological warfare. It is a destroying angel. It is the plagues. It is the biological warfare that is going to be unleashed. The anthrax, the Ebola virus (which I also saw long before doctors of scientific educations found out about), I saw what it did to the body. It is terrible!!!! Within one day you die of the Ebola virus. You bleed from every opening of your body and your skin totally disintegrates. If any of you want to rent the movie, Outbreak (I do not believe it is R rated.), it is worth seeing because it is all about the Ebola virus. You will be protected from the plagues and the biological warfare if you keep the Sabbath day holy. Now I am telling you this is one of the biggest reasons why Utah is going to have the destructions that it is, because of the saints here. I do not care how good they are, they do not keep the Sabbath holy.