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Okay - so now, JR is putting herself completely on the line.  She says this is just weeks away.  I maintain that if Christ is in Jerusalem in Oct 2016, there will be quite a large shaker when the Mount of Olives is split in two.  My guess is that we may feel it over here, as well.  In some form - and that this may be the EQ that Spencer saw after Conference.  I was thinking it might have been an Oct 2015 EQ with the blood moons and all of that - but nothing happened as I had reasoned it might.    That was my best educated guess.  Now, we are coming up on some very hard dates - that go from guesses to complete necessity if my delusional thinking is to bear sway on reality.  I have told my wife that I will officially get out of the business of prognosticating if nothing goes down on this 50th, 50th Jubilee event that I am expecting (and which has nicely set up so far - if not exactly as I expected). 

I expect the Russians/Chinese/Iranians in Jerusalem by Oct 2016.  Some kind of economic collapse prior to that - and I think it will be by July of 2016.  If it doesn't happen, you have a well-meaning person who is a failure......  This is rolling the dice, baby!  Putting the the cahunas out there for some high-stakes whack-a-mole......  If it is a fail - it is gonna cost.  Big time!

Time will tell.

Here is what JR had to say on her predictions (thanks Jennifer for your input):

Thought you might want to post this on your blog…

We are close.  Sending my love to all those who will be impacted by the upcoming Wasatch Wake Up.
I want to be very clear that The Lord does give dates sometimes when He needs us to know them, but that doesn’t mean that we share them. Yet I have been given permission to be very bold today to let you know that we have some very imminent things coming upon us within a matter of days. It can be a very overwhelming message, not just for me but I think for everyone. It’s a divisive message because it’s a sifting message…
I actually saw numerous earthquakes in the Utah-Idaho area, but particularly what I refer to, because they’ve told me this on the other side, the “Wasatch Wake-Up Earthquake,” which for a long time those on the other side, ministering angels and those that are some of my guardian angels, have been letting me know that that earthquake was “soon,” and about a week and a half, two weeks ago that message changed to “imminent.” So we’ve gone from soon to imminent. Now obviously that’s relative in The Lord’s time, right? Because He doesn’t keep time the same way we do here linearly, but what I see is that is literally imminent as in it could be any day. It’s very surreal to be at this point.
As in, I see the earthquake on the Wasatch Front happening early morning around 4-4:30 am until about 6-6:30 am with aftershocks.
I see a warm sunny day with rain and an unexpected cold front that brings in a quick snow fall to the valley the night before. I see green grass and patches of melting wet snow, wet grass, no ice, no sleet, no shoveling. I see melting snow and wet roads from rain. I see that the Wasatch Wake-up is a literal wake-up call. Several people are awakened as they feel the trembling of the earth beneath them and items fall around them. I see startled faces and excitement. I see scrambling for glasses, flashlights, shoes, and clothes. I see affects at the airports, the campuses, the highways, the airbases, the real estate along I15 etc., crashing glass buildings. I see a wake-up earthquake with reports of aftershocks for several days. I see hospitals,schools, college campuses and housing affected and I see a wake-up that leads to a media whirlwind and a domino effect.
When a major earthquake hits the Wasatch Front, many people will think they have made it through “The Big One.” What they don’t realize is that the really, truly big one is yet to come – the likes of which have never been seen or felt in Utah in modern days. That one is not imminent. It will be after the U.S. presidential election and the upcoming national economic troubles.

Have a great weekend!


  1. I think we need to rethink the actual Jubilee Year. It has everything to do with the conjunction of the stars Sirius A and B. That last one occurred in 1994. And will happen again on the Day of Atonement September 24, 2044 to September 23, 2045. This conjunction represents "Freedom and Liberation". It's been followed since the time of Hezekiah. It occurs every 50 years without fail. It forms a VERY VERY VERY bright star. The kind that would be noticed by wise men. It was discovered here in 1844. 1844.

    The "Great" heliacal rising of the star Sirius is the "SIGN" that the Jubilee Year is about to begin.

    It's all in here if you're interested and ask the Lord to remove your comfort zone of false traditions and show you His perfect 364 day calendar that has been screwed with by popes and evil leaders. And because of that, the saints are tired and weary from speculation about calendar dates.

    There's a reason the Lord made March 16 to be a 24 hour period of EQUAL night and day. He KNEW we'd screw up HIS calendar and lose our timing for things. His way is a PERFECT 364 day calendar. No leap years and junk like that. He doesn't complicate things for His children. THEY are the ones who complicate matters.

    Hope this helps anyone interested. All I know is the Spirit was very strong when I studied the contents. Someone has done their homework and was nice enough to share.

    Here we have Julie Rowe being quite vocal about an imminent earthquake in UT, even giving a timeline, while our prophet remains silent with no "Thus saith the Lord".......doesn't make much sense to me. Why does the Lord supposedly leave it to her to make this warning?

    So much confusion and sounds like, "Lo here is Christ, and lo there is Christ" as predicted in the latter days. Isn't that what some NDE people do? They say "I've seen Christ and this is PARTLY what He allowed me to see and tell you about the future. Sorry to leave you frantic about the rest but I'm sworn to secrecy." Huh?

    True prophets just spill it ALL and walk away. Nothing against Julie or any of the others. I've read their books. Spencer just tells about his experience. He and Julie are not the same in that respect.'

    If she's truly for real then I apologize up front. Guess we'll see. She says her message is a divisive and "sifting" message. So SHE is the great sifter and not the Book of Mormon? Give me a break! And "The Lord does give us dates when He NEEDS US to know them but that doesn't mean we SHARE them." What?!!

    I did see Mexico had a 5 pointer earthquake today. And an article about the San Andreas being wound tighter than a drum by an earthquake expert who says it's ready to spring anytime.

    Chicken Littles of the world.....go away already SHEESH!

    Spencer's book speaks of many years leading up to the Second Coming. We're only 28 years away from the next true Jubilee. That's NOT a lot of time in the grand scheme of things and considering it would be exactly 200 years, or 4 Jubliees since Joseph Smith's testimony was sealed with his own blood.

    Lots to pray about. Remain calm and listen to the Holy Ghost in all things pertaining to you and your household. The Father seeketh those who will worship Him in Spirit and in Truth.

    1. Based on my age, the specific work outlined for me to do in my patriarchal blessings, and the many other things I've been told in priesthood blessings, we do NOT have 28 years before Christ returns. If this were so, I'd be dead and the Lord's promises to me would be left unfulfilled. That's not how the Lord works. I'm on the fence about Julie, but in this we are in agreement- NOW is the time to prepare. Do not delay.

    2. Please read the Book of Mormon and other scriptures. Your statement "True prophets just spill it ALL and walk away" is uninformed.

      There are many instances in the scriptures where the prophet says he is forbidden to reveal everything. Nephi said in 2 Nephi 32:
      7 "And now I, Nephi, cannot say more; the Spirit stoppeth mine utterance, and I am left to mourn because of the unbelief, and the wickedness, and the ignorance, and the stiffneckedness of men; for they will not search knowledge, nor understand great knowledge, when it is given unto them in plainness, even as plain as word can be."

      3 Nephi 27:23 "Write the things which ye have seen and heard, save it be those which are forbidden."

      And Moroni wrote in Ether 13:13 "And I was about to write more, but I am forbidden; but great and marvelous were the prophecies of Ether; but they esteemed him as naught, and cast him out; and he hid himself in the cavity of a rock by day, and by night he went forth viewing the things which should come upon the people."

      When the children and babes had their mouths opened after the Savior's visit, the scriptures state (3 Nephi 26:16) "...these children; yea, even babes did open their mouths and utter marvelous things; and the things which they did utter were forbidden that there should not any man write them."

      And here is a big reason we are not told everything the prophets (or others who may have had visions and dreams) know. 3 Nephi 26:11 "Behold, I was about to write them, all which were engraven upon the plates of Nephi, but the Lord forbade it, saying: I will try the faith of my people."

      Spencer, in Visions of Glory, does not reveal everything he experienced or saw. That was clearly explained at the beginning of the book, and I've only read the book once. I do not remember Spencer saying there would be many years before the times of tribulation, before the earthquakes. He did say that he did not know how many years from the earthquakes and calamities until the Savior's Second Coming, and he implied that a number of years would pass. From what I remember, Spencer described the really big earthquake happening when he was older, my impression was that he was probably around retirement age, 65-70. He also described, although briefly, a prior earthquake happening in Utah and some big earthquakes on the west, before the devastating Utah earthquake.

      The real message is we all need to wake up and prepare ourselves spiritually and physically. If we wait until a "wake-up earthquake," whether it's this year, next, or five years from now, we are demonstrating to the Lord that we do not value the words of his prophets. We have been told to prepare.

      Regarding an earthquake along the Wasatch Front, the previous scientific study put the odds of a 6.5 or greater quake at 13% in the next 50 years. A new study is coming out which increases the odds of a 6.75 or greater quake at 43% within the next 50 years, a 6 or greater at 57%, and a 5.0 or greater at 93%.

      Too many people are complacent in the gospel and their preparedness and they think they have time, not realizing it takes time to become adequately prepared. Physical preparedness is much more than some cans of long-term food storage. It takes time and money to build up supplies.

      Similarly, building our spiritual preparedness also takes time and effort. We cannot go out and buy a relationship with God and be done with it.

      When this first big quake happens, many will be unprepared. Afterwards, when people start talking about another, bigger earthquake coming in the near future, many will then have the attitude of "Another earthquake? We've had a quake, we survived the Big One, and the scientific studies tell us we're not going to have another for a long time." They forget there are many faults, and many segments to the Wasatch Fault. Natural disasters, earthquakes included, do not follow a strict timeline.

    3. I concede the point about prophets not telling everything. You're right and I'm wrong on that one. Thanks for the correction.

      Anyway, I do feel strongly that we are off in our Jubilee year calculations.

      The Lord doesn't name days of the week in ANY scriptures. Yet somehow, someone came up with Sunday being the first day of the week because of the Catholics. And Good FRIDAY.

      We must use His Celestial Calendar. His Word keeps everything in place no matter what. 28 years is not a long time for Him. This could be why we keep thinking something BIG is going to happen and it doesn't and people think we're kooks and ignore us when we know WHAT we're saying is true, just not WHEN.

      Anyone can be translated so they can get their work done. The Lord's schedule will not change but He can change us to fulfill our obligations to Him so don't worry about being old.

      AND He did say to Joseph Smith there is TRUTH to be gleaned in the Apocrypha! That we must discern it by the Holy Ghost. HIS Calendar is there! I am studying the Book of Jubilees, Enoch, Jasher, and others.

      And surely, Jesus Christ, who kept HIS OWN 7th DAY SABBATH since the dawn of His creating it, DID NOT CHANGE IT after He was resurrected!

      Today, Wednesday, according to the Enoch Calendar is the 7th day Sabbath. Yes, it will be hard to digest and keep for some. If you have to work, at least acknowledge to God you know it, and that HE IS GOD THE CREATOR of Heaven and Earth and there is NO OTHER.

      Every Wednesday from now until March 16 of 2017. Then start counting 7 again, 16,23,30,etc.

      Where is the revelation in our Church that Sunday is the Sabbath day? Is this the test that's coming? The mark/oath of the Beast that Sunday is THE Sabbath. Satan seeks to hijack everything holy and cause us to worship Him. If we're not keeping the commandments then his mark must surely be upon us!

    4. Anonymous, I agree with you in that I also feel strongly that the Jubilee year calculations are off. While there are debates about when a Jubilee year is, there is consensus that Jubilee's occur the year after the 49th year (or the year after seven seven-year periods).

      Because the scriptures state that the Jubilee is to be celebrated in the 50th year, some people think Jubilees have a 50-year cycle. If that is the case, then then 51st year would start the next period of seven seven-years (49 years). If the 50th year were to also be the first year of the next seven-year period, then the next 50-year cycle would fall on the second year of a seven-year period, which is 100 years from the start. But this would be against the Lord's instructions in that the Jubilee is celebrated after the 49th year.

      There are really only two options for the Jubilee cycle. The first, the simplest, is that the Jubilee year occurs in the year following the 49th year (or the 50th year), which is also the first year of the next seven-year cycle. Kind of like having a Monday holiday, where the holiday is a celebration but it doesn't change the number of days in the week. The Jubilee in this option actually has a 49-year cycle.

      The more complicated option is the year after the 49th year, the 50th year, is an extra year--maybe something like a leap year--that is added to the count, and the next 49-year period doesn't start until the following (51st) year. In this option, the Jubilee occurs every 50 years.

      The first option is more widely accepted.

      However, we have no records of any actual Jubilee year being celebrated anciently, nor are there records telling us when the Jubilee should be celebrated.

      Based on what the Jubilee is supposed to celebrate, my thoughts are it was instituted (as was all the Law of Moses) to symbolize Christ and his atonement. So, it might be reasonable to say that either the year of Christ's birth or the year of the atonement was a Jubilee year. But, since the Jews were not celebrating Jubilee years we don't know if either was the case.

      What is interesting is if we use the 49-year cycle, and use 33 AD as a Jubilee year, then the next Jubilee year would be around 2041-42, or fairly close to your 2044-5 time. I'm not saying that is or isn't the time of the Second Coming, just an observation.

      However, don't wait until then for the tribulations to begin. The time for preparation is now, and it is quickly passing. Disasters, earthquakes, wars, famine, and other calamities will get worse and become more frequent.

      As for the Sabbath, the early Christians started recognizing the first day of the week as the Lord's Day, because that is the day when the Lord was resurrected. I'm fairly certain if we should have been observing another day as the Sabbath that Joseph Smith would have let the Saints know. After all, he revealed doctrine that was much harder to accept than an incorrect Sabbath day would have been.

  2. Ya know what? I went and read the interview with Julie Rowe. And I want to say to Julie, I'm sorry for any negativity and doubts I have expressed toward her. I could feel the Spirit testify to me STRONGLY that she is for real and that we should do all we can to help her if we're called to do so. Julie, if you're reading this, I believe you and I support you, and I pray for you. All of us who believe her should pray against the common enemy we all share. Satan the UGLY. And yes, the weather she describes has definitely been happening! I can testify to that! VERY heavy wet snow mingled with rain and very strange the way it's been happening. Then sunshine and out of nowhere it starts up again.

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  4. As many misses as JR has had I can't believe anyone still pays attention to anything she has to say.

  5. JR posted in a private forum that the wasatch wakeup EQ would be May 5th at there's that.

    While I have thought that she was coming from a good place in the past (and we know stuff is going to happen) I've thought she was nuts since she rolled around on the floor freaking out at her Weber State University presentation last year. She said people were doing energy work on her without her permission. I'll call it mental issues.

    1. Where is your source that she said the EQ will be on May 5th at 4:06 am?

    2. I am not aware of Julie stating any specific dates, at least not in a public forum. There are claims of such statements in private settings, but usually there isn't proof the statement was actually made by Julie and not by someone who was trying to interpret what she said.

      "Imminent" is not much better than "soon." This could be this year, next, or several years down the road. An early morning quake matches some other dreams/visions of some of the Utah earthquakes.

      The weather/day she describes could easily match a day in May or June, or it could even be a day in September or October. There has even been the rare snow event in early July or late August.

    3. Seriously? Does anyone else know anything about Julie Rowe rolling around on the floor in some kind of fit at Weber State University because energy powers were being used on her without her permission? Did the person who left this comment actually see this in person? She sounds so normal and sincere in her radio interviews. I just can't imagine this.

    4. Nope. Not a single soul witnessed this except for the person who lied about it above.

  6. At the time of the book of mormon, they also had people who came out of nowhere, and gave specific prophecies, such as Samuel the lamanite. God could have used the authority of the church of that time instead

  7. Every thing I had read and heard about Julie is that she has never set dates.
    Many people make their own inferences, maybe misunderstandings, about what Julie has said.
    The term "soon" in reference to Christ's coming has been used since the establishment of the Church of Jesus Christ in the 1830's, as such, how long is the term "imminent" in our time?
    Many others have mentioned the initial earthquake followed by the big belly buster that causes all kind of mayhem.
    I don't know why I keep thinking about Koyle's event timeline. He's the only one who really could accurately identify dates. He appears to have a gift that the leadership of the church must have really envied, which makes sense of their attacks upon him.
    I got no dog in this hunt for or against Julie. She is one more person with warnings and I pay respect all of them, yet none of these people had the type of gift Koyle had.
    What the church is doing, why we hear of no current warnings, I have no clue.
    That is the enigma of the church. I accept that they do have keys and proper authority and all, but do they really have those gifts more than the general revelatory activities of the church, or have they limited their own gifts? Or, as Dave Warwick has stated, the new information may not be given us as we are not ready to accept it. In any case, I am troubled by their support of illegals in the attempt to curry favor with the government. Their glaring lack of support of the principals and ideal of the Constitution - didn't captain Moroni raising the Title of Liberty, representing the fight for religion, freedom, peace, and families? The very thing that the government is trying to destroy and we have a third of BYU students in favor of a party that would overtly destroy these things. Yes even the GOP do very little to halt this movement. Which I say that most the membership of this church have been deceived.

    1. Yes, UTAH, the UTAH President Benson warned of PRIDE years ago is soon to get their come upn's with TWO big earthquakes, plague, civil uprising, foreign invasion, flooding.

      Liberal BYU, hairspray capital of the world. UTAH church members who support the Sodom and Gomorrah crowd. UTAH who taxes their people into despair. UTAH home of graven images who sell idol statues of Jesus, sets up idol statues of Jesus and displays idol paintings of Jesus Christ the son of God when HE has COMMANDED us NOT TO MAKE ANY LIKENESSES OF HIM EVER!

      UTAH, SLC that Heber C. Kimball said would be classed among the WICKEDEST cities in the world.

      UTAH ELDERS down through the years who have FAILED to stand forth and PROTECT UTAH from all of the above corruption mentioned but instead have either done nothing or have become corrupted pornography addicted or politicians or both allowing evil to overtake the dwelling place of the Saints of the Most High.

      UTAH home of the gargantuan federal spy building.

      UTAH home of the worst and RUDEST, law breaking drivers EVER! Speeders who cut you off and "California rollers" through stop signs. Drive in Salt Lake and see what I mean.

      Hope the UTAH sister I know of who just spent $800 for Victoria Secret clothing got something that looks great even when covered up with dirt!

      Whether Julie Rowe or anyone else says UTAH is gettin' their come upn's, the Lord said it FIRST "Upon My house shall it begin and from My house it shall go forth"....

      UTAH foolish virgins I cry nothing but repent before it's to late unto you. And I truly feel sorry for the People of Ammon members who must endure your carved out of cream cheese presence mingled with lukewarm testimonies.

    2. Woo, somebody was on a roll about UTAH. And while you're at it, UTAH who slinks over to WYOMING for the BEST hunting and fishing EVER in the BEST playground STATE in the union!

    3. Anonymous and anyone who is reading this... the Brethren are informed and have the gift of prophesy.... they are just commanded to not tell us certain things. This is the Lords wheat and tare prophesy being fulfilled. Wouldnt you feel duped if you decided to not believe anymore because the prophets werent giving enough warnings about real issues (the issues you know are real and legit) only to find out that this was your test... to follow the prophet none the less. Keep the faith everyone and build your spiritual self reliance and follow the prophet.

  8. Julie Rowe has not given dates. Time frames yes. Dates no. I know who the person is who posted above and said that she gave a May 6th prediction. That is a blatant lie. This person has a personal bone to pick with Julie that stems from jealousy.

  9. I, for one, am looking forward to reading the books of Zenos and Zenock mentioned in the Book of Mormon that we don't have. And who are we to dismiss the Book of Enoch when Jude thought it was worth mentioning?

    Jude, one chapter full of much information.

    And "is it not written in the book of Jasher?" (Joshua 10:13). You tell Joshua he was full of crap about Jasher and I'll stand over here behind this tree and watch.

    It was men who rejected some of these others books from being included in the Bible, not God. And some, like Zenos and Zenock we may not have yet because we aren't supposed to know what's written there.

    The point is these books exist, contain the word of God, and some we have access to and some not yet.

    There are many Christians who dismiss these books of scripture and treat them like a heretic disease not to be touched.

    It is essential to ALWAYS pray to Heavenly Father and ask Him for His Spirit to help us before we ever open any book of scripture to read and study. For it is a fact that Satan or one who serves him will show up to try to distort our thinking regarding the Truth.

    In a time of spiritual peril, we may have to use the weapon from our lips, "For it is written......" God will never fail us when His Law is written upon our hearts and we can speak it.

    The convincing power of the Word of God is a gift we should seek for without delay and ever strive to keep. And it's also true that when we seek the mysteries of God with righteous desires, He gives us more. Satan will be permitted to test us to the degree we have progressed but hang on!

    Eye hath not seen nor entered into the heart of man the things God hath prepared for those who LOVE HIM!

  10. Anyone besides me notice how hateful the supposed members of the church are to Julie Rowe that do not believe her? Maybe, just maybe, her message is not for them. Perhaps her message is to non lds children of God who would not normally listen or follow the Prophet, not knowing that he is in fact the Prophet to the whole world, not just the Mormons. That would explain why God is trying to give all of His children a chance to hear His warning through all types of different faithful people. I don't know about you, but my God loves all of His children, not just the Mormon ones. To think otherwise is disgraceful.

  11. WOW! I think I may be on to something. I'm back with more about the Sabbath/Jubliee Years. I just found this video on You Tube looking up the Book of Jubilee audio to listen to. Anyway, here was this other one!

    Title: Chronological Order of Prophecies in the Jubilees

    It's from the Prophecy Club. It seems they have various speakers.

    I'm only into it 15 minutes or so but had to stop and share.

    I've been pointing out how VITAL it is to know the true Sabbath and keep it.

    This guy looks/sounds like he could easily pass for a Bishop. Very straight forward and uses the scriptures scalding hot.

    I stopped cold when he brought up Deuteronomy 11. The Lord speaking of the Sabbath being a SIGN between Him and us. A sign on our HANDS and on our FOREHEADS BETWEEN OUR EYES.

    WHO ELSE wants to put a sign/mark on our foreheads and hands? Who else wants to counterfeit the SABBATH DAY KEEPING?


    We're really on to something here I think. I don't know what all this guy has to say yet but worth the two hours I'm going to give him to find out.

    Any and all responses/help for understanding welcome. God bless us all to have our God's name written on our foreheads.

  12. Listening to him right now. The guy is from Toronto and definitely sounds like it. Keep expecting him to say "Ay" after every sentence but so far, he's kept it in check. Will be interested to see how he wraps it all up and looks like he has many other of his own teaching videos on You Tube as well.

    I appreciate any and all who spend so much time with research in the scriptures and then share. They do so many hours of the leg work that we can build on with the help of the Holy Ghost.

    They point out facts/truths I passed over and I enjoy those "wow" moments.

  13. Okay, had to take a break and came back to it. About 1 hour 20 minutes into it I'm really freakin' out cuz he's starting to sound JUST LIKE what Spencer described with plague/foreign troops and his timing for it is very eery because this guy gave this talk in 2009. He's talking about what the Lord does to us when we continue to ignore His commandments to us. One after another, the wake-up calls get more intense.

    And you know what? The underlying theme of this guy's talk is that we're frogs in the pot and we don't even realize it. We think we're so righteous and smoothin' right along into the Celestial Kingdom of God no problems.

    I LITERALLY really had to stop and pray. "Please God, don't let me be a frog in the pot! Please help me to wake up and make any course corrections. Please teach me Thy ways and help me to know what it all means that is so hard in the scriptures to understand."

  14. He's putting a timeline on things at 1 hour 37 minutes that make a lot of sense. He's 7 years before our time in this video and these are the years he has listed as the "sword" or war cycle. And looking around the world right now, yes, I'd say the Lord is about to pour out the sword upon us along with the other punishments he uses to stir us up to remembrance.

    The last I'll say is this is worth listening to and I intend to check out his other videos as well. He uses the Lord's words to us which we know cannot be disputed.

    Canadians are kinda cool to me now ay!

  15. Came across this blog.

    I have never given dates. I have posted exactly the same things on my blog that have been personally shared by me on PTZ which is a private forum set up by others that I was originally invited to participate in but that I rarely visit other than to let people there have updated on our Relief Organization and book release etc. I rarely get a chance to get online and I have way too much going on to read all the lies told but have several friends who keep me up to date. I am aware of some of the liars and I am aware of some of the lies and accusations and I am not naive to think that isn't going to happen when sharing a message like this.
    I encourage people to listen to the Prophets, read their scriptures, get right with the Lord, Repent, and prepare. That can hit a few nerves with people who don't want to hear that. So be it. I have a mission to fulfill and I am fulfilling it.
    I hope people have enough integrity and enough common sense to go to the source rather than listen to, read, or otherwise entertain false accusations, rumor, lies and gossip. I am accountable for me. They are accountable for their actions. I am not worried about it. In the end everyone will know the truth.

    I have nothing to hide. I have no regrets. I am confident and capable of discerning and I am grateful.
    I have no regrets.

    Will you?

    This message is for all of the Lord's children. This third book is written specifically for a non-LDS audience (which is most of the world!) and the LDS population who seem to think they are the Lord's favorite or the only ones that matter just don't seem to get it. Pride in any and all of it's forms is still pride and at the end of the day - we see very clearly what happens when we have pride and participate in the pride cycle. Read that Book of Mormon again and watch what happens to the Nephites who think they are more righteous, more worthy, more entitled, and more blessed that the Lamanites and those who had not been given certain gifts and truths. Why in the world do people think that the BofM was written for us and for our day when we can't see in ourselves the very exact patterns that we are being warned about? Ahhh..."Upon my house tops I shall cleanse my church first". And so it begins on the Wasatch Front.

    May God's choicest blessings be upon you and your families wherever you may be. I hope God's grace will guide and protect and shield and heal.

    1. SINCERE QUESTION SISTER ROWE: You say in your third book, page 45, you saw and heard Jesus say to Mary at the tomb after His resurrection, "Touch Me not for I have not yet ascended to My Father".

      Joseph Smith's translation is "hold me not" or to mean "detain me not". Why is your experience/vision different from what the prophet wrote?

      Please explain the difference in your experience and choice of words from that of the Prophet of the Restoration, Joseph Smith, Jr.

      The Lord inspired the prophet to change those words spoken by the Savior from how they were written in the Bible.

      This is not a contentious question but one that absolutely deserves clarification on your part because you say you actually SAW this event and that THIS is what HE said to her when the Prophet of the Restoration says otherwise.

      So those who watch and warn Julie, please tell her this question is here waiting for her to graciously give an explanation for.

      I actually bought all three of her books, and I do read the scriptures. Thank you and God bless.

      Oh and someone on here said you were rolling on the floor at Weber State University at some meeting because someone was using energy on you without your permission. Is that true? Freaked some of us out here. Thanks.

    2. Sister Rowe did answer both of your questions indirectly when she said that many lies have been told about her, nearly everything outside her own blog, and that she isn't going to take the time or trouble to defend herself against every such lie. Besides not being practical, it's lowering oneself to the level of contention that is exactly the desired outcome of the devil who is the author of those lies. Might I offer to say that Sister Rowe in describing her vision of the Savior was confirming what 99.999% of Mormons expected to hear and 100% of non-mormons. How in the world would quoting Joseph Smith's translation help anything? It would have raised far more questions and concerns than anything and it was not the point. She was bearing testimony. If that didn't reach your heart, then nothing will. Someone else already answered the foolish Weber State question which I can confirm as well. I therefore submit that you are in fact being contentious, when what you should be doing is taking your questions to the Lord. She was spot on in identifying an LDS population that are prideful, and thinks they are the Lord's favorites and the only ones that matter and that just don't get it. Any chance that is you, Anonymous? I wonder what would have happened if the vast numbers of prophets in the world and in the scriptures we read about who were not officially called and set apart as such, had never warned or testified or revealed their messages, including Lehi, Nephi, Joseph, Joseph Smith, Samuel the Lamanite, and an endless number of others. The world is far bigger than the LDS Church, God is no respector of persons, he loves all of his children, he doesn't limit what He says to those who already have a prophet and access to the gospel. And if God can do nothing save He reveals it through the mouth of his prophets, then he can do nothing in the majority of the world and in fact the entire world during lengthy periods when the Church did not exist according to smug Mormons who think only the prophet of the church can receive revelation. For the Church yes, but for a religion based on a belief in ongoing revelation, and in gifts of the spirit including prophecy and healing and all the others, it is quite remarkable that the very members of that church are the first to deny that any one other the president of the Church can receive prophetic warning. And having been warned, if we don't warn others, are we not condemned for not warning them? If there is only one true prophet, why are we told we must discern the false prophets? God would have just said, don't worry about it, there's only one prophet, you don't have to discern anything. If you are relying solely upon you powers of reasoning, or pridefully claiming you are inspired when you judge people like Julie Rowe and thousands of others who publish their dreams, visions, and near death experiences because you lack the ability to hear the voice of the Lord or feel the burning in your heart, then you are the one to be pitied. You might recall that President Hinckley in a rare and remarkable moment in October 2001 conference read Joel 2:28-32 and declared that it had been fulfilled! "And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions. And also upon the servants and upon the handmaids in those days will I pour out my spirit..." He was telling us to listen to the many other prophetic voices of warning, and not just his!! It's time the LDS people wake up and get a clue.

    3. QUOTE "Sister Rowe did answer both of your questions indirectly when she said that many lies have been told about her, nearly everything outside her own blog, and that she isn't going to take the time or trouble to defend herself against every such lie. Besides not being practical, it's lowering oneself to the level of contention that is exactly the desired outcome of the devil who is the author of those lies. Might I offer to say that Sister Rowe in describing her vision of the Savior was confirming what 99.999% of Mormons expected to hear and 100% of non-mormons. How in the world would quoting Joseph Smith's translation help anything? It would have raised far more questions and concerns than anything and it was not the point. She was bearing testimony." UNQUOTE

      Thanks for your Charlie Brown's teacher's reply and NO, my questions you said were lies, which is a lie on your part, were NOT answered.

      "We believe the Bible to be the Word of God as far as it is translated correctly."

      The PROPHET Joseph Smith CHANGED THE WORDS OF THE SAVIOR in THE BIBLE TO TRANSLATE IT CORRECTLY! He gave his LIFE for the TRUTH so how would it help anything to quote his translation properly and stand up for the TRUTH OF WHAT HE SAID? Everything.

      He's saying the Savior said, "HOLD ME NOT", she's saying she saw and heard Him say "TOUCH ME NOT". So we say what is false as to not confuse those outside the church because it might raise questions?!!! LOL and appease those inside who don't take the time to notice the letters JST in the footnotes?

      WHY did God authorize and command the translation in the first place? So that we could skirt around it and worry that the TRUTH will run seekers of TRUTH off?

      You're rebuttal is full of holes and drips with venom. You haven't made your case, nor has she.

      I, thereby, submit YOU get back in your box.

      You're the one who's on the attack like some frothing pit bull.

      If she's going to print something contrary to the scriptures as written and spoken by a prophet of God under God's authority to do so then I'm going to ask for and deserve an explanation for it which is all I did.

      "Hold Me not" is what HE said. NOT "Touch Me not."

      to have or keep (something) in your hand, arms, etc. : to put your arms around ( someone) : to embrace or hug (someone).

      How many Christians down through time have considered "Touch Me not" as "you'll get me dirty before I ascend to my Father"? Puhhhlenty.

      The Lord wanted the distinction and change made for ALL TO SEE AND UNDERSTAND and you're trying to minimize His choice of words. SHAME ON YOU!

      Everyone best be looking at your attack quote from the get go and using a bit of discernment themselves. You side stepped the answer in a manner that would make Hillary Clinton envious.

    4. Is it possible that the ones with spiritual gifts who are the most persecuted, have the most lies told about them, and have the most false assumptions made about them--despite none of it matching what they say in their own books and web sites--is a strong indication that Satan does not want their message to get out? Just like with Joseph Smith and the Church generally. I wonder how some will feel when they find they have persecuted one of their own. Sometimes I feel less proud than I used to about being a member of the LDS Church. Maybe it's just the internet that allows foolish people to post their foolish thoughts too easily.

      In contrast to many LDS blogs, some non-mormon but Christian blogs I visit have far fewer skeptics of those posting their dreams and visions. There is less contention and more support of one another. As a result, some of them are given more details in their dreams and visions. The LDS are simply unprepared to receive more.

      Also, there has been a filtering taking place in the Church with LGBT supporters, ordain women supporters, and other members distracted by social issues voluntarily leaving the Church, while the rank and file remain asleep and unprepared for imminent changes. Less than 10% have food storage. Far less than 1% will heed the exodus call to gather. David Warick describes in his visions and dreams (posted elsewhere on this blog) being in an LDS chapel unable to hear the speaker because he can hear the thoughts of the congregation, almost none of whom are in tune with the message, but rather their own mundane interests and concerns. Then he experiences a similar encounter at the Church office building.

      The Church is indeed in need of a wake-up.

  16. The last 7-year shmita (shemitah) cycle started September 25, 2014 (Tishri 1) and ended September 13, 2015 (Elul 29). But the anticipated drop in the stock market as with the previous 2 shmita warnings in 2001 and 2008 did not occur because this was also the end of the 49-year cycle of 7 shmita years, and the start of a 50th Jubilee year, a period of judgement which culminates Sunday, October 2, 2016. Rather than a drop in the market, there will be a collapse of the economy. This is also the start of the seven year Great Tribulation (October 3rd, 2016). The 7-year peace treaty will be signed (by BHO, the AC) but will be broken after 42 months (3-1/2 years) by the war of Armageddon from spring 2020 until fall 2023 (during which the 2 prophets assist Israel, are finally killed and raised after 3 days), as Christ intervenes and appears to the Jews on the Mount of Olives, which splits and buries the enemies.

    Then comes 7 more years, 2023-2030, a period for burying the dead, burning the weapons of war, and the rebuilding of and final gatherings to, the cities of New and Old Jerusalem. The year 2030 will mark 2000 years since Christ began His ministry, and 200 years since His Church was re-organized. Then during a final period of 3 years (corresponding to His mortal ministry), His bride will be purified and translated, ready to be caught up, in 2033, exactly 2000 years from the time of His ascension; "...Ye men of Galilee, why stand ye gazing up into heaven? This same Jesus, which is taken up from you into heaven, shall so come in like manner as ye have seen him go into heaven." Acts 1:11

    God mandated that land was to be returned to original owners during Jubilee years. A hundred years ago, the Jubilee led to the ending of 400 years of Ottoman rule in 1917 by British conquest as Foreign Minister Balfour pledged support for establishment of a Jewish national home in Palestine; Israel was restored as a State in 1947 by UN Resolution. The next Jubilee led to Jerusalem being reclaimed during the Israeli 6-day war in 1967. The current Jubilee will undoubtedly lead to the restoration of the Temple Mount to the Jews and the reconstruction of the Temple.

    The time for warnings and preparations is now past. As the second half of this Jubilee year unfolds, there will be dramatic increases in judgments. The stock market, the dollar, and the economy will begin downward fluctuations with bank closures ultimately leading to collapse. Many prophetic voices indicate a widespread coordinated ISIS/jihad attack on churches, schools, and hospitals most likely on July 4th. The first major disease will be unleashed. An imminent "wakeup" earthquake in Utah may precede a warning/invitation issued by the Church to gather to places of safety.

    There will be attacks from across the southern border of the U.S. initially in Texas and Arizona. Vigilante activity will increase due to perceived inaction from the government. Civil war will be said to have started in Chicago. Obama will declare martial law and cancel the elections keeping him in office. Natural disasters will also take their toll and U.N. peace keeping forces will come with relief supplies and attempt to establish the NWO/beast system, followed by invaders from Russia and China. Obama will eventually transition to head of the United Nations, leading them against Israel as the Antichrist, supported by Pope Francis as the False Prophet.

    For those awake and prepared, it will be a time to enjoy the protection and provision of God and to look forward with eager anticipation to better times as we assist without fear in the great harvest of many who will experience the tribulations and turn back to God.

    1. Would you please present your evidence and documentation of conclusive Jubilee cycle years from the very first year in time they were mentioned in the Old Testament to be observed. Because I believe you're incorrect. 1844-45 was a Jubilee year. Start counting. 2016 is a Sabbath year, not a Jubilee.

      "The time for warnings and preparations is now past."unquote

      According to who? YOU?

      The Prophets, Seers, and Revelators, scriptures, and Church manuals are in front of us right NOW, this very second, with all their warnings for preparation both spiritually and temporally. And tomorrow I bet I can repent and go buy another can of soup for my storage.

      Obama the AC? Nope. Others besides Julie Rowe have seen him in vision and he definitely isn't Obama. He's a man with dark brown hair and not of the black race.

      Good synopsis of Rabbi Cahn and Rowe's third book though. Gotta hand that to ya.

  17. I wouldn't expect Christ to set foot on the Mt of Olive this October. This happens at the end, after the 7 years of tribulation and the armies from the north come against Israel, kill the two prophets, and those two prophets are resurrected after three days (Revelations 11).

    After analyzing Spencer's account from Visions of Glory, there are at least 10.5 years between the autumn of the economic collapse/Salt Lake earthquake and the time that Christ appears in the clouds (over America). Go through the book carefully and you will see that spencer keeps track of the years and seasons pretty well. Ten years +. (Note: There is another source leads me to suspect that Christ will appear in the clouds in TWO events: first over AMERICA, then over ISRAEL. But I cannot back this up here.)

    Now, Let us not neglect the Old Testament and Revelations scriptures:

    Zechariah 14:4 (Christ sets foot on Mt of Olives, cleaves. See also D&C 45:48)

    The book of Daniel contains many prophesies of the Antichrist/man of sin/The Beast that he must fulfill. (Also, Revelations 13)

    Ezekiel 38 & 39 describes the Gog and Magog War that must happen prior to Christ Setting foot on the Mt of Olives. (Also Revelations 16.)

    Isaiah describes the judgment/destruction of Israel in ancient times which was similar to the DESTRUCTION of AMERICA prior to the years of tribulation. The two parallel each other in similarity.

    Finally, read D&C section 45 (The Lord sets foot on Mt of Olives, it cleaves, the Jews see his wounds; The first wave of resurrection BEFORE the armies are destroyed in the Battle of Armageddon...)

    In short, I truly believe the calamities are about to BEGIN this year. But the Judgment of America will be first. AND it will begin and go forth from THE LORD'S HOUSE:

    "Behold, vengeance cometh speedily upon the inhabitants of the earth, a day of wrath, a day of burning, a day of desolation, of weeping, of mourning, and of lamentation; and as a whirlwind it shall come upon all the face of the earth, saith the Lord. And upon my house shall it begin, and from my house shall it go forth, saith the Lord; First among those among you, saith the Lord, who have professed to know my name and have not known me, and have blasphemed against me in the midst of my house, saith the Lord--D&C 112:24-26

    Folks, D&C 112 24-26 is speaking to us LDS saints... So, it would be very fitting for the clamities to begin with the destruction of Salt Lake City...

    Then America's judgment and destruction, followed by its redemption and re-establishment of the CONSTITUTION IN ITS ORIGINAL FORM. For America must be cleansed and Zion established if this land is going to be a refuge from the Satanic Beast system of the world during the tribulations BEFORE the battle of Armageddon and when Christ descends on the Mt of Olives.

    So, study these scriptures and go through Spencer's account again. You will see that there are at least 10 years ahead of us...

  18. I have been reading this with interest. I find it particularly interesting that as of today-November 29, 2016, the election has taken place,and the stockmarket is soaring. We definitely see the country losing ground and becoming more violent, but not as described by Brother Olsen. I absolutely believe we must be prepared, but the scriptures tell us that NO MAN knoweth when the Son will appear. It is all interesting to try to predict, but the predictions need to come to pass to be credible. I try to use the warnings as just that--warnings, not prophecy. It shouldn't matter WHEN as long as we are prepared NOW.