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She has an excellent strategy to defend herself against the trolls:

Ok. As many of you know, for the most part I have stayed off of the internet as far as facebook and other social media so as not to subject myself to the awful things people have and are saying about me. I am not going to attempt to chase down every lie "

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Time to Clarify!

Ok. As many of you know, for the most part I have stayed off of the internet as far as facebook and other social media so as not to subject myself to the awful things people have and are saying about me.
I am not going to attempt to chase down every lie and false accusation that has or will be made, however I want to clarify a few things.
1) I have never made a single penny off of any tent or other emergency supply item.
2) I have never talked to anyone in any of the emergency supply stores or elsewhere regarding any of this.
3) I have never made any predictions on dates.
4) I have never said anything publicly about the meaning or significance of the Shemitah, the Lunar Eclipse, or several other things which I have been accused of such as personal finances, specifics on how and when to spend ones money, cashing in 401K's or other investments, and several other aspects as they relate to events which have, are or will unfold in the coming days.
5) I have never ever even once talked about the world coming to an end.
6) I have never said that everyone needs to go out and buy specific things - including a tent.
7) The few energy healing calls I helped with were not sponsored by me, they were not set up by me, they were not conducted by me. I am friends with Spencer Watson and I have been contacted by so many people asking for help that I wanted to help provide an opportunity for people to experience a basic session for much less than it would have cost them to have a private session. I have never even seen the sign up list, any of the paperwork and have never had anything to do with seeing any of the participant names, let alone anything else about them.
8) I have never had any talks with any church leaders regarding my books, story, speaking engagements or any other work I have been involved in or with which in any way have led to any action on their part in asking, suggesting or otherwise "demanding" that I cease to participate or engage in any activities of which I have been a part. Each and every action I have taken has been of my own accord based on what I have been told, shown and have felt that I needed to do.
9) I have been in constant communication with each of my church leaders every step of the way and have had open and honest communication. I have never been "reprimanded" privately or publicly by them. I have had communication from those who have stewardship over me and they have been very kind and very loving. At times I have had conversations with a few who have been unaware of me and my message and have learned about me through false reports etc. I have greatly appreciated the opportunities I have had to visit with these individuals and personally give them a copy of at least the first book, if not both books.
10) I have a great desire to love and serve and to help as I can. This is my motive. No other.
11) I have not and am not making tons of money like so many have claimed, and while I do not need to explain or report or in any way answer to anyone else about what I have or have not made or what I have or have not done with the money I have earned from writing the books - I also have absolutely nothing to hide.
12) I will tell you exactly what I have and am and will do with the money from book sales. I have bought food. I have bought gloves. I have bought water filtration and purification items. I have bought coats. I have bought survival gear. I have bought shoes. I have bought backpacks. I have bought sleeping bags. I have purchased items for me and my family for time of need - but most of the money has been spent on traveling to speak and to serve and to buy these emergency and survival items for a future time when I know I am going to need to be able to give them to others. In fact, I have bought food and other items that will one day feed some of the very people who are and have been so critical and angry about this message.
13) I have never made a single penny off of traveling to speak.
14) I have never charged for a speaking engagement.
15) I have not and do not and will not charge people to sign up for my emails so I can charge them money and "tell them the future"
16) I do not practice priest craft
17) I actually have had hundreds of people ask me to help them and work on them in a healing capacity and I have referred them to other practitioners - for free - gaining nothing monetarily myself for those referrals - in an effort to help them. Although there is nothing wrong with a practitioner earning money for this work, I have been given a different mission and with the exception of a sessions, have actually never made any money off of any work I have done in that area. I am to help spread the word to help people heal and the work I have done and will do is in a service capacity.
18) I have been asked and invited to speak all over the world for over a year and half now. I have chosen to travel only to those places I felt prompted to go to in order to fulfill the purposes of a greater vision. The Greater Tomorrow Relief Fund is a non-profit organization we have started here in the United States in behalf of the less fortunate and those who have or will be displaced in times of turmoil, upheaval and disaster.
19) The third book is scheduled for release in February 2016. It will be a compilation of the first two books and is going to have audio as well as a Spanish version. This book is a basic message to go abroad nationally and internationally to the general population without an LDS focus. The Lord loves all of His children and this is a message which has been intended for a broader audience.
20) The Greater Tomorrow Relief Fund has been created and designed to help individuals, families and children all over the United States. The places I traveled were and are will be significant in their scope and location and as the Lord directs us we will be distributing items at various locations across the country.
Since there are so many that seem to be so interested in spreading lies about me and this message, it would be great if the media decided they actually wanted to take what I have actually written and said from a true source - like my own website - rather than deciding to write dishonest and misleading articles etc with made up information and articles and news stories written by those who have never ever read my books, listened to my radio interviews, or attended an event themselves.
I have finished traveling and speaking publicly in the event venue setting. I am standing by that. I have never said I was done traveling for good - anywhere - ever. That is a misunderstanding - false statement construed by someone else. I have said I was done traveling and speaking as of July 2015 with Rexburg being my last event. In front of a live crowd. I have a message to share and I am going to share it. I have a message to share and I am ready and able and willing to shout it from the rooftops when I need to. I have a message to share and I am ready and able and willing to share it no matter what - because I know what I know and I have a mission to accomplish. Nothing - no one - will get in the way of that because I have the Lord on my side. I know who I work for and because of that, I am and have been and will continue to be willing to put myself out there in the public eye for people to laugh at, judge, name call, accuse, hate, spew, threaten, demean, and fear because I have absolute knowledge and certainty and understanding that I have accepted this.
I am writing this third book and working on The Greater Tomorrow Relief Fund because I have a desire to help and serve. I really thought I was only writing two books. That is what I thought. The Lord doesn't give us more than we can handle, when we can handle it. There is no way I could have or would have accepted an invitation to write a third book were it not for my absolute knowledge and understanding that I am to do so. No amount of money is worth going through what I have gone through, what I will go through, what my family has gone through, what we will yet go through. Everything from the privacy and safety concerns to the persecution that has and will come.
The reason I am writing a third book is because I was shown very clearly over the course of the past several weeks that there was more that has to happen and ways I can help. As we get clarity and then have absolute knowledge and undeniable understanding that the spirit has spoken to us, I have learned that there is only one direction to go. Forward. So I have accepted.


  1. Julie says she never gave dates in any of her talks.

    I have seen reports from people who saw her in Rexburg, who claim she said the first earthquake would happen in November of this year.

    I don't know who to believe. I wish somebody recorded her Rexburg talk and would publish it to provide proof of what was spoken.

    1. I know people who were there. She gave a date.

    2. The Julie Rowe phenomenon has been fascinating to observe. I was at Cameron, MO where she emphatically stated that dates are never given. But a few minutes later she just as emphatically stated that big changes are coming very, very soon. You have crazies that follow her every word and do insane things to prepare, and then you have crazies that make every accusation possible about her. This has been fun, and I will for sure buy her 3rd book.

      What I'd most love to read, though, is the record Julie Rowe gave to the Kansas City Missouri Temple President before all of this started. Does anybody know if you can just request to read something like that at the temple? I would love to request it if I ever make it out east.

  2. Mills Crenshaw 4th interview at the 1 hour and .45 minutes (that Q&A lasted a total of 4 minutes) she said a man made stock market collapse and minor earthquake in the Wasatch would occur this FALL. That gives us until December 22nd (last day of fall)...

  3. It’s the 4th audio recording at 1 hour and 45 minutes she discusses the signs for the “fall season which is from Sept 23 – Dec 22 along the Wasatch front including some hints about the stock market. Although it’s subtle you have to listen for 4 minutes all the way through it.

  4. We have two choices concerning Julie Rowe. Either believe her or don't. It's come down to a time in the history of this world when we have to have the Holy Ghost to lead us aright. Joseph Smith after his death visited Brigham Young and admonished him to teach this to the Saints.

    Julie seems to be convincing and sincere in a lot of ways and then some things don't seem to jive.

    She hasn't been called out as an apostate so that counts for her. Her vision/calling may be true but it seems she may have been taken advantage of by others secret agendas and put in a bad light. Especially the energy healing issue. That one really bothers me.

    The ONE voice that we should hear is that of the Holy Ghost. Give everything you've got to discern it and obey it at all costs.

    My concern is if we are paying heed to the message of Julie Rowe, are we turning away from the Lord's chosen servants, namely the Prophet and Apostles? Or does she complement their work and is her work duly authorized by the Lord to be a voice unto members of the Church and now the world as a whole?

    Anyone else see this as very confusing and can you shed any further light on it?

    I note that in Joel 2:28, a verse we're all familiar with about dreams/visions being poured in the last days, it says "and it shall come to pass AFTERWARD, I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh, your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, and your young men shall see visions...."

    After WHAT? We have to turn to the verses before it to discover the context.

    Speaking for myself, it seems to me that the preceding verses HAVE NOT happened yet and it doesn't sound good when they do in some parts.

    So then, what role does Julie Rowe and others like her play in the world stage at this time if Joel 2:28 doesn't apply as of yet.

    Is this a fair and correct analysis? I'm trying to gain a better understanding because it's all very confusing. Thanks.

  5. Other NDE people tell the story of their experience. They may be invited to speak about it in public settings and do. It's one thing to SHARE and quite ANOTHER to state you've been commanded to warn people by God Himself.

    Julie tells us she has a "message" to deliver that comes from the Lord through her by command because of a deal she made with Him during her NDE that if she was shown things, 9 years later she would have to go public with it. She says she has been given a mission to do so. She is spreading that message by book, airwaves, public speaking.

    Has she been set apart for this calling as is the proper channel of Priesthood authority? Or is she a member of the Church outside of it "doing her own thing" so to speak on an errand from the Lord because current leaders aren't effective enough or obedient?

    Are we expected of the Lord to pay heed to her message? Has He given that directive to us as a Church and children of God in a way that is unmistakable so that we will not be found at fault for not paying heed to her message because He has given us command to follow His prophet? Is she an independent spokesperson for the Lord as to warning us of Last Days upheaval/events?

    And though you say are aren't trying to cause panic and fear with what you've been shown, you are to a certain extent.

    How do we not freak out when you tell us on Mils Crenshaw to think of the WORST horror film we've ever seen and that the Last Days don't come close to that. Or that the movie 2012 is a close depiction of what the earthquake will be like in California and elsewhere?

    Are the NDE people meant to call the world to repentance and warn them of the coming calamities?

    These are all serious questions? Not accusatory in the least.

    I want answers. Am I going to be in trouble if I don't listen to or follow NDE people who say they've been sent by God to warn us when I have a prophet of God and the scriptures in front of me?

    I just want to know where she and others like her who say they've got God's backing to do what they do fit in with the Lord's plan for my life.

    And you IRAQ, seem to be fence riding on this issue while some of us actually question EVERYTHING boldly! Perhaps you need to read her first two books being as you haven't done so that you can be as vocal on this as you are on everything else brother. How can you say she has an "excellent strategy for handling trolls" when you haven't READ HER BOOKS to begin with?

    All I want is the TRUTH! Were we as a Church given a sneak preview and more time to prepare because of Julie and now the rest of the world gets to play catch-up before the final inning?

    I'm frustrated with NDE folks who "piece meal" out information on future events they've been shown and we're supposed to suck it up that it's due to trust issues with God and for our own good like we're in a day care.

    True messengers of God deliver the ENTIRE message He gave them to deliver and their part is over before He verifies their words. Show me in the scriptures where messengers of God do Q & A leaving you scratching your head trying to fit the pieces of missing information together.

    I know the General Authorities must see the stir this is causing within the membership and I wish they'd make some statement regarding her claims. If Julie's mission is directly from God and His Son, then WHY aren't they backing it up vocally to the membership because this is coming from ONE OF OUR OWN? And surely what she's been called to do would be REVELATION to them of all people

    So confusing! I need a Tylenol the size of a twinkie!

    1. Responding to: "True messengers of God deliver the ENTIRE message He gave them to deliver and their part is over before He verifies their words. Show me in the scriptures where messengers of God do Q & A leaving you scratching your head trying to fit the pieces of missing information together."

      Do you know what church Joseph Smith founded in 1830? It wasn't the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints; it was the Church of Christ. Not until eight years later and the revelation known as D&C 115 was the church name changed for the fourth time to the current name. Things were revealed line upon line, precept upon precept, and it was only after a lot of piecemeal revelations that a more complete picture was provided.

      We can easily look back and find many examples of people making odd decisions trying to fit the pieces together. In the early days after the church membership migrated to Utah, church members not born in the covenant would have themselves sealed to a prophet. Because baptismal records were often lost, people could be rebaptzed - and some recorded being baptized annually in their journals. Eventually revelations were given to stop these mistaken practices, and many others. We are directed to have ourselves sealed to our own parents, and one baptism per person is the limit - except for the few who are excommunicated and work to qualify for rebaptism.

      I will do my part praying for the revelation I need to know if other people claiming revelation are telling the truth and to know if there is anything relevant to me that I need to learn. But even in this I am concerning myself not with what I must know, but with what I must do. Accept the incomplete picture, pray for guidance, and do what you need to do!

  6. I feel it is important to be a believing soul. Christ tells us to be believing. With Julie Rowe, Spencer, and others like them I have decided to be believing of their experiences while realizing that they are human and are interpreting their experiences as best they can. That does not mean I accept everything that comes along, but that I BELIEVE and trust that the Lord will direct me to His messengers as well as warn me away from false messengers. Prayer and the Holy Ghost are the key as well as being believing.

    I feel that I was led to Spencer's VOG and it was one of my stepping stones to prepare for the future. Julie's books came out a few years later and gave me another dose of motivation to prepare as well as another possible scenario to prepare for. So, I am grateful for this journey I have been taken on, and I don't feel like I need to be paranoid about details...and even timing. Be believing, prepare as we have been commanded to prepare, live the Gospel, follow the Prophet, and avoid the "All Is Well In Zion" is important as well :)

  7. I have three different sets of notes from Julie Rowe's talk in Rexburg, and here are the quotes from those.

    "Sept- Oct. Economic stuff and there will be earth shattering on the Wasatch front."

    "Yes - something is going to happen in September. Something will happen shortly after General Conference (October 2015) Wasatch Front will be greatly affected"

    "Q: Do you see anything that happens in Sept. and October? What specifically?
    A: I do. Yes. Then asked the audience, “what do you think? How many of you think something will happen this fall?” Many, many hands raised. We're all each others witnesses. There will be a financial crisis in September and something will happen soon after General Conference along the Wasatch Front."

    Julie often accuses people of taking things out of context, or writing what they "feel", not what she said. These three different people seem to have gotten the same message.

  8. "Spurious Materials in Circulation" - LDS Seminaries & Institutes of Religion

    Publication Caution: A Greater Tomorrow: My Journey Beyond the Veil
    Additional Information: [August 31, 2015] In 2014, Spring Creek Book Company published A Greater Tomorrow: My Journey Beyond the Veil by Julie Rowe (see shaded box for Amazon’s description of the book). Although Sister Rowe is an active member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, her
    book is not endorsed by the Church and should not be recommended to students or used as a resource in teaching them. The experiences she shares are her own personal experiences and do not necessarily reflect Church doctrine or they may distort Church doctrine

    1. THANK YOU SO MUCH teni.

      Julie says the Lord has her back to testify and warn and His prophet, who leads the Church under the direction of Jesus Christ whose Church it is, doesn't have her back too? Aren't they both working for the same Master? Hello?

      Instead, the Church issues a directive saying "these are her own PERSONAL experiences and do not reflect Church doctrine or they may DISTORT Church doctrine."

      I'm not confused anymore. SHARING personal experiences is one thing and the listener can take it or leave it.

      Saying you're sharing/testifying/witnessing/warning under the direction of Jesus Christ to His Church membership and then to the world and you don't have the prophet of God verifying your mission, haven't been called/set apart to do so by Priesthood authority, is a major RED FLAG to me.

      That "distort" word in the Church's statement is cause for concern.

      Her books should then be gladly welcomed into discussion anywhere in the Church because it would be offensive to the Lord to oppose His chosen servant from testifying anywhere, any time.

      People keep seeming to sweep this point under the rug.

      And guess what? We already have the play book called the scriptures. And the time has always been NOW/today for men to prepare to meet God. We have the Church restored with its Priesthood authority, new covenant, a prophet and apostles to lead it, temples, and missionaries in droves proclaiming the Truth.

      Yes, she's getting paid for the books. Doesn't matter how small the amount is. She's using the proceeds for personal gain and however she sees fit. Then cries foul to those who point that out. And all of it because she died, claims to have made an "agreement" with the Lord under commandment to write the books and share SOME of what she was shown to the world.

      Has anyone reading this blog truly received a confirmation from the Holy Ghost that Julie Rowe is acting under the direction and command of Jesus Christ to be a messenger, write books, speak in public venues, and encourage energy healing sessions and host ticket sales events with other speakers/singers/energy healers etc?

      Please be willing come forward and share your experience. Thank you.

  9. She's for real ! I for one believe her.

    For those of you who think that the prophet is
    the only one who can or should receive revelation
    and can prophecy please read the scriptures below.

    The Acts of the Apostles
    Chapter 2

    17 And it shall come to pass in the last days,
    saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh:
    and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy,
    and your young men shall see visions,
    and your old men shall dream dreams:

    18 And on my servants and on my handmaidens
    I will pour out in those days of my Spirit;
    and they shall prophesy:

  10. Last night I dreamt a dream. I dreamt that I and my family were working in the daily activities of the mid morning, for the hour was not yet noon, and a great blackness arose and covered the face of the sun, and it became dark like unto night. And in the dream, I spoke to my family and said that this was a witness that I was right and that the end of the earth is nigh at hand for the Lord has testified of these things, and the lord should soon show his face.

    And while yet in the dream, the Lord’s spirit spoke to me saying that he wanted the collective writings of his people to testify to the events of the world as a witness that it might be spoken by his people that all his prophecies are and were fulfilled. I was commanded to write these things, while in the present, so that a true witness and record is kept of the events of our day. That record of the wicked should not be the only record available, but a record of his people testifying of the things of the past, present and future. Our records will be kept, combined, and become scripture like unto the Book Of Mormon when God commanded Nephi to write.

    I awoke and lay sleepless for several minutes. I was impressed again that the Lord wanted the record kept “while in the present”, meaning as the events happened. I arose and I write anew in my journal of these things, being obedient to his command.

    Keep a journal of your and the world's doings.