Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Here is a little history of the problem going on in the courts right now:

If you have not used vid-angel, you are missing out!

The family got a cheap $200 big screen for an early Consumermas present and watched a run of Top Gun last Saturday night and most of it was "bleeped" out or skipped over.  Took my breath away, really - how much badness I put up with as a teenager when I watched it for the first time.  Now, as a parent, it would be horrifying to watch..... with my kids anywhere near, but VidAngel saved the day.

We only saw half the movie - but it was worth showing them another 80's classic and splainin' to my daughter that she needs to avoid the guys who like fast motorbikes, fast planes and fast ladies.....


  1. Sorry, if we don't learn to not turn our eyes to Hollywood, bleeps and all, we will not be counted worthy to escape the day of wrath that is surely at our doors.

    Your daughter will probably now have a crush on Tom Cruise. Known high ranking member of Church of Scientology God Hating Non-Prophet Organization.

    For two hours God was basically cast aside and forgotten. Don't think you weren't idol worshipping? Yes, you were and, as head of the household,you invited your family to partake of something displeasing to God. You brought evil into your home. It's not an innocent FHE activity.

    So no, I won't help save an instrument of destruction. Those who get translated and become Zion in a day don't keep one foot in Babylon.

    Think I'm being harsh now? Wait 'til God shows us what HE thinks of such things and does with the folks who mingle with Hollywood Babylon.

    Now is the time for all men to prepare to meet God. If we do not turn away from such things, sorrow will surely come. We will not be counted worthy to escape the Tribulation Period. We will have heaped judgment upon ourselves when we were warned not to seek after such entertainment.

    Would you leave that movie turned on or invite them to watch if the Savior, Avraham Gileadi knocked on your door, or President Monson? Probably not.

    Do you think angels or the Holy Ghost stuck around while you viewed Top Gun? Probably not. Why would or should they? You wouldn't hear either one while your mind was riveted on being entertained.

    Examine yourself and repent.

    Love, Fuddy Duddy Preacher

    1. That was a self righteous reply.

      I love VidAngel. The best thing to happen to movies ever. My kids and I have gone back and watched many classics. Even if I own a movie I will pay the buck just to edit the garbage. The service was inspired even if Satan wins this battle and we lose the service.

    2. Temple Presidents and Matrons don't get called because they stopped watching Top Gun and other satanic distractions YESTERDAY. Hollywood movies are something that distracts from and exalts itself above God. And oh what a marvelous tool it's been for Satan against the Saints of God.

      Go ahead and keep watching the movies. Spend that dollar to edit garbage out of garbage instead of donating it to Shriner's Hospital or St. Jude's Cancer research for children. Your children or grandchildren may have need of such facilities one day.

      Satan's already won the battle getting you and your children to spend hours watching movies with you leading the charge.

      No wonder the Church is going to get it first. So much blindness from the mists of darkness.

      Another example is how the likes of Steve Young and other LDS pro sports figures get hero worshipped and special treatment/publicity from the Church.

      They serve missions representing Jesus Christ. Teaching others and putting them under covenant to obey ALL of God's commandments. "Now remember to keep the Sabbath day holy!" while I sign a multi million dollar contract, serve Mammon, and play on Sunday making a willful conscious decision to tell God to shove it, there's money to be made here and LOTS of it!" "Oh and I'll see your young men and women at my next speaking event encouraging them to keep ALL of God's commandments and serve missions."

      And did you know Utah is the #1 online purchaser of pornographic material?

      D&C 88

      67 And if your eye be single to my glory, your whole bodies shall be filled with light, and there shall be no darkness in you; and that body which is filled with light comprehendeth all things.

      68 Therefore, sanctify yourselves that your minds become single to God, and the days will come that you shall see him; for he will unveil his face unto you, and it shall be in his own time, and in his own way, and according to his own will.

      69 Remember the great and last promise which I have made unto you; cast away your idle thoughts and your excess of laughter far from you.

      D&C 133: 48, 50-51

      And the Lord shall be red in his apparel, and his garments like him that treaded in the wine-vat. And his voice shall be heard: I have trodden the wine-press alone, and have brought judgement upon all people; and none were with me; And I have trampled them IN MY FURY, and I did TREAD UPON THEM IN MINE ANGER, and their blood have I sprinkled upon my garments, and stained all my raiment; for this was the day of vengeance WHICH WAS IN MY HEART.

      You call me self-righteous when all I'm trying to do is save anyone from being a grape in the above verse. It's okay. I'm not offended. I used to be the biggest movie buff there was until I woke up and realized I was gambling precious minutes of my mortal probation away that did NOTHING for the growth of my spirituality. I examined myself and repented.

      I only called IRAQ out because he's a good man and a smart man and as I am my brother's keeper, I am tending to his eternal welfare. NOT judging him. I want him to rise to the stature of Zion because he's one of the good guys and I'm depending on him to do the right thing and help save us.

      In fact, I wish I was an angel so I could've showed up when he was alone in the kitchen fetching more chips and dip, give him a biff in the back of the head, and ask him "WHAT in the heck are ya doin' bro'?" "Uh watchin' Top Gun with the family" another biff, "No! Get in there, shut that off, and start planning your Secret Santa route with them. Fruit bowls and snow shoveling for the elderly, candy bags and mittens for the children. That $200 for the t.v. would've covered it nicely. Now, I've made the t.v. disappear,and put the money back in your account. This is your George Bailey moment to see how much God needs you."

    3. Wow! Critical much? I have never read such a self righteous post in my life. You remind me of the older couple in my ward that criticize parents if their child has strayed. They actually have the audacity to say that their children have strayed because they are bad parents and then go on to say what amazing parents they are. One of these days I am going to get brave and raise my hand and say this: "So I guess Lehi and Sariah were crappy parents, as well as Adam and Eve... having had the first murderer Cain and all. And then if course there is Heavenly Father who is a PERFECT parent and a third of his children strayed to the other path. Not to mention a great portion of the 2/3rds that came to earth only to rebel and live evil lives." Yep, someday I'm going to say it.

    4. ha,ha,ha - super funny. Yes, we are so uptight and critical of each other we can no longer go out and have fun in fear of living a Babylonian life - we can blame it on Iraq who goes from one extreme to another... or blame it on us who read it every day

    5. Isaiah says when the fun really starts, we'll be throwing our idols to the moles and the bats toot sweet.

      Heavenly Father has His priorities and I want mine to fall in line with His. And that would be living by every Word that comes from His mouth.

      And the "crappy parents" commenter, please grow some kahunas, raise your hand in Sunday School, and say what you wrote out loud to everyone's faces.

      The "parents" you refer to are all RIGHTEOUS examples of parents who didn't do anything to lead their children astray. They weren't of their own free will exposing their children to things that would displease God.

      We are surrounded by an enemy who wants to destroy us and deprive us of eternal life with our Father in Heaven. We don't know when our last breath will be. We are at spiritual war CONTNUALLY!

      Nothing in this world is more important than having certain knowledge we are approved of God and a candidate for eternal life in His kingdom.

      If you don't have that certain knowledge or your Calling and Election made sure, then you're having to much fun in this world and how can you be leading your children to desire the same?

      I applaud you if you're certain you're SURE you've made it and won't be swept off in the Telestial Dustpan. Keep having all the fun you can stand.

      I don't imagine Alma when he was directed to turn around and return to Ammonihah told God, "Yeah, I'll get to that after I go home, make a roast beef sandwich, and watch the latest episode of Studio C."

      I will continue to keep in mind that the more intelligence of God's Word we gain in this life will rise with us in the resurrection. It's worth it to me to not watch a 2 hour movie and spend that 2 hours being taught by the Holy Ghost who is a GOD.

      If that makes me self righteous then so be it. The wicked taketh the truth to be hard when it encroaches on their comfort zone level of obedience.

      God will grant all of us according to our desires whether they be good or evil.


    Hector Sosa, Jr posted on November 28, 2016 11:04

    I am constantly worried about people paying too much attention to my words and the words of other "dreamers". We are only voices of warning, nothing more than that. We have stewardship over our families and nothing else. Other stewardships come through priesthood callings. That's the limit of our words.

    In case there's any doubt... Thomas S. Monson IS the chosen and anointed person (by Jesus Christ himself) to lead the Church as whole on this Earth. Just as in the case of Moses, he is mortal and has been given help in the shape of The First Presidency and The Quorum of The Twelve. We are blessed to have these men guiding and directing the vast resources of the church. These resources are finite. That is why it is important to follow their directives to prepare for the trials that life puts in our way.

    Now that it has been established that we have guidance as a whole, how do we determine guidance on a personal level? The scriptures point to personal inspiration and revelation. That was how the Restoration came about. There are two types of revelations, CONCERNING and DIRECTING.

    Directing dreams, revelations, and inspirations are for stewardship to direct the actions of those under our stewardships. They give directions on specific subjects. The First Presidency and The Quorum of the Twelve have the sole stewardship of the church and its members as a whole.

    Concerning dreams, revelations, and inspirations are concerning specific events, people, situations BUT no guidance on what to do is given. This is where Joel's prophecy of dreams and visions comes into play:

    Joel 2:28-29
    28 And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions:

    29 And also upon the servants and upon the handmaids in those days will I pour out my spirit.

    CONCERNING and DIRECTING dreams, visions, and inspirations are complementary. However we should be aware of their places and how they function. We can not receive DIRECTING dreams, visions, and inspirations for others not under our stewardship. Anybody can receive CONCERNING dreams, visions, and inspirations.

    1. Well then, keep your dreams to yourselves. You're causing a lot of panic and anxiety.

      If your dreams are for your own family/stewardship then why are you publishing them as warnings for others at a cost?

      Totally doesn't make any sense. Julie Rowe said she was given her experience as a mission from God. Before Black Friday and when Black Friday came and went with no major events she had us all ready to pee our pants.

      And here's the Bluffdale mini earthquake and two days has past after that and no major shaker. Not saying the major shaker won't occur but I told others who live in the area about the "two day warning". Once again, I come off the kook.

      These books/shared experiences, one failed prediction after another, are making people complacent.

      I'm sticking with the written Word of God and the Holy Ghost.

      According to Julie Rowe, she IS receiving dreams/visions/inspirations from God because HE has commissioned her to do this. That is a big deal and her defenders keep down playing it. The others like Sosa, Spencer, Menet, Durham, Eadie, just share their experiences and go back to their lives.

      Doesn't anyone get this huge difference between Rowe and the others? I'm only stating the obvious.

      Nothing major occurred on or two weeks before Black Friday that had the nation watching the news non-stop. We all have toilet paper and water. EBT cards are working.

      So, I guess we'll see if Obsidian Monday which she never mentioned by name before Sosa is around the corner, if the big shaker occurs before Christmas, and I guess we can give her that that EBT cards might still not work at some point during the Christmas shopping season even though she predicted they wouldn't work during the Black Friday shopping event.

      The scriptures already foretell this stuff and MORE. Some people are just to lazy to read the scriptures, pray, learn from the Spirit about the content/meaning, and would rather gravitate toward the NDE books/people who seem to have all the answers.

      And I present to you Avraham Gileadi. The man who's come forth in the latter days to unseal the Book of Isaiah for us to understand.

      How many have clamored to listen to his FREE lectures on it at with the same frenzied salivation they afford the NDE people. Not very many. He's not an ordinary man by any stretch. We should all be thrilled beyond comprehension for his work given the Savior commanded us to search the words of Isaiah diligently. Again, it involves to much effort, prayer, deep study which is to much to ask of the Gentiles.

    2. Take a breath - so if you really have read your stuff you will realize that things will happen but that life isn't over at all... in fact, tribulations will endure for 7 years and many people will not even think it has anything to do with God but only natural disasters that just are happening at a more escalated timeline...

      So, be patient, be pliable and calm down a bit. I have come to understand that I need to be prepared every day and not wait upon Julie Rowe or Hector Sosa. It's good to know what they think or have seen but they are just as clueless as we are when it comes to the actual timeline. So, if you hear a date even by Iraq (who has been wrong many, many times) just sit back and watch it come and go - it's most likely NOT God's time. I have learned many times he does not give dates except when the Savior was born - that one alludes to them knowing the exact date (man I wish we had more details of all of the signs for that event).

      Anyway - relax, it's going to happen, but have a little fun before it comes our way. And even after the eq happens life goes back to normal for some time. For me it's martial law that I am waiting for...

    3. I've read the Book of Revelation many times, as well as Daniel. I've read the Doctrine and Covenants multiple times. I've completely read all of the Old Testament once, and several of the books more than once. I've read full New Testament several times, as well as the Pearl of Great Price.

      I cannot find any reference stating there will be 7 years of tribulation.

      This seems to be an interpretation of different events from Daniel, the Book of Revelation, and some other references. Mostly it seems to be adding two periods of time which are each about 3.5 years.

      I've read references of "days" of tribulation, and I know a prophetic "day" is often equivalent to a year of our time. But I haven't found a scriptural or prophetic reference regarding seven "days" or years of tribulation.

      The only specified period of seven years I've found is the reference to it taking seven years to clean up (burn the weapons of war) after the battle of Armageddon (Ezekiel 39:9).

      So, to all those more knowledgeable and familiar with the word of God than I am, please provide references.

      In the meantime...

      Here's my two-cents. I believe those time periods will happen. However, the events prophesied may happen concurrently, consecutively, or there may be some overlap, or perhaps there may be a gap of time between them (kind of like the brief periods of time between the last big labor pains before birth).

      My concern is if people are only looking for seven years of tribulation, they might get disappointed, become disheartened, or lose their faith if things take longer (should there be a space of time between events).

      Just like people looking for a specific time for an earthquake to happen in Utah, I think too many are caught up in looking for a specific timeline.

      And, maybe there will be seven years of tribulation, culminating with the battle of Armageddon, and then seven years of cleaning up afterwards and preparing for the second coming (for those who are looking for the Second Coming). If that's the case, there would be 14 years.

      Just an alternative thought.

    4. What battle of Armageddon? There won't be enough Jews left to fight such a battle. The ones left are holed up in Jerusalem. Jesus Christ is just going to show up with his armies and destroy the enemy to save them. People imagine some great laborious battle taking place on some huge field. That's the valley Jesus Christ lures all of Israel's enemies to in one big happy group for the world's biggest BBQ ever.

      And you could be right about the 7 year carved out time span of Tribulation. Jesus said we would have Tribulation for sure. Will have to do some further research now to either prove or disprove your assumption. It's good to have other avenues of thought and direction to find the TRUTH. Thanks for the comment.


    ....I have a deep concern that many do not want to do anything until we are explicitly told what to do by the General Authorities. This is a very dangerous precept and it is driven by many factors, too numerous to number here. Thomas S. Monson is undoubtedly the head of the Church here on the Earth. We are blessed with the group of priesthood holders comprising The First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve. They alone can guide the Church as a whole. Now, that being said, they can't individually guide each one of us. That's where the beauty of the Gospel and the organization of the Church comes in.

    We have been given guidelines to follow. We are promised that if we follow these guidelines, we will be on the right path. Let me be more explicit. We have been asked to pray always (personal, couple, family, continually in our minds), attend our meetings, have food storage and any other needful thing.

    We show our faith by exercising initiative in doing these things that have been placed before us. When we do, our faith grows stronger.

    Please, go on with your lives and do good deeds.


    Hector Sosa, Jr posted on November 25, 2016 10:17

    I created a forum post about the shake in Bluffdale this morning:

    The post is over here (need to register to see it):

  5. First, recreation is good, if it is a wholesome activity. Recreation can be a physical activity, reading fiction, watching a movie, or any number of other activities.

    Of course, spending an excess amount of time in recreational activities isn't so good, especially if those activities are keeping us from improving ourselves spiritually and physically.

    For anyone to come out and say all movies are bad and we shouldn't waste our time watching anything can be considered self-righteous. Likewise, to say everything from Hollywood is evil is very judgmental. I happen to agree that MOST of the stuff is garbage and should not be ingested in any manner. But, there is the rare gem, and one must be very discerning.

    Certainly there is a lot of trash. Personally, anymore I do not care to watch something if it has to be edited. I'd rather not support the creation of that kind of material in any way.

    But, if I know something is "virtuous, lovely, or of good report or praiseworthy" I'd like to watch it. And, of course this "praiseworthy" is not necessarily what will win an Oscar, or get critical acclaim. This is more what our Savior would approve of us watching and teaching our children.

    Years ago, before having children, I might watch a movie or two each week. Sometimes I'd watch TV as well, or play video games on the computer.

    As children came, and are still young, time for this type of recreation is rare. My wife and I might watch a movie once very month or two. TV is basically PBS cartoons, and that is limited to probably a hour or less per day because we want the kids to be playing. I used to play the occasional game on my phone (I can't remember the last computer game I played, or when it was), but I decided I'd rather spend the time on other things.

    My wife and I have been looking at the videos we have--which we haven't watched in years--and are deciding that most of them are not worth keeping. Yes, there are some enjoyable parts in many of them, but are they something we really want our children to watch, even when they are older? In most cases the answer is no.

    1. Really? The "rare gem". You mean like in "It's a Wonderful Life" where Uncle Billy is so drunk leaving Harry's welcome home party he can't see straight and falls over a bunch of stuff when he leaves?

      Or like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer that is so biased and cringe worthy discriminatory! Rudolph's father tries to hide his son's red nose and Santa basically says, "No red nosed freaks on my sleigh team son."

      Everyone can try to split hairs all they want. The only recreation I've seen approved of in the scriptures is in Psalm 150.

      Praising the Lord with song, dance, and music. Nothing in there about King David playing games.

    2. If those are the only things you might consider as "gems," then it has been a long time since you watched anything. Personally, while I think "It's a Wonderful Life" is a good story, it is not a favorite. But it can be inspiration to many to look at the good in their lives. I actually don't enjoy the story of Rudolf.

      I've heard some so-called praises in song, dance, and music which are definitely not inspirational to me.

      I believe most will agree that most of the so-called entertainment that much of our society engages in, whether it comes from Hollywood or another source, cannot be considered wholesome, or uplifting, or even truly recreational where the body, mind, and/or spirit can receive rejuvenation and be re-energized.

      For anyone to blatantly say visual media (TV, movies, etc.) is all trash is essentially saying everyone must learn the same way. Some learn better by reading, some by physical activity, others are more visual. Some students learn well by incorporating music or movement into their learning, others need silence.

      If movies, or dramatic representations of stories, was so evil then I doubt the early prophets would have been proponents of wholesome theatre.

      It is certainly best to receive instruction directly from the source of truth, the Holy Spirit and through the reading of God's word. But sometimes a visual representation can have a more profound effect on some people.

      Many of the stories in the scriptures would certainly offend many if they were shown in even the sparse detail described in the scriptures. For others it might inspire the desire to more deeply study the scriptures.

      There is something to be said about opening one's mind to the views of others.

      Too often we become close-minded to additional instruction because we become set in our minds, and we begin to believe our understanding is correct. But, how often do we learn new insights from the scriptures with every new reading of the same verses?

      Everyone, even within the same family, has different life experiences and learns things a little differently. For one person to say there way is the best is a little presumptuous.

      While there are certainly ordinances all must receive to return to the Father, our paths are unique and individualized. If we humble ourselves to the will of the Father, and are willing to be led by the Spirit, our trials and the many events of life will help us return.

      We are all at different places in our lives and we cannot assume that what works for one person will always work for another. Anyone who has more than one child has probably realized those children are very different, and what worked for the first may not work for the second, or third, or any other.

      As parents, a guidebook to raising children would be nice, but the reality is a separate guidebook is needed for each child. Some generalities may work, but the details and specifics are lacking. This is where is becomes critical for us to live close to God, to seek after his guidance and instruction, not just for us but in teaching and helping others as well, especially the children our Father has sent to our families.

  6. Ya know what? Being as I can't join the wonderful people in Spencer's cave vision, which I would do in a heartbeat, I will have to do the best I can on this side of the cave door.

    I have been anointed in the temple of our God to become a nursing Queen to the Remnant of Jacob in the latter days. My extra time should be in the cause of being worthy and learning how to do this so that I am called to participate in this monumental undertaking foretold in the scriptures.

    Right now MANY of us are only anointed only to become such. MANY are called but FEW are chosen.

    MANY of the LDS population are going to be swept off as also foretold as the gospel is taken from us and given back to the House of Jacob. When God says he will make man more rare than Ophir in the latter days, HE means it! That should tell you how many people are going to be eliminated from the earth to make way for His Millennial Reign.

    Back to the cave people. It would be my distinct honor to assist them in the holy temple in Zion to receive their temple blessings. I won't reach that stature watching Top Gun or anything else Hollywood has to offer which is what Satan is banking on. And neither will you.

    The subjective answer defending cheap entertainment is worthless. All that matters is the objective Truth which is God's Word being adhered to and sought after every minute we have to spare. There's so much to study and ponder.

    I wish to be trained in the Word of God, especially His Torah and His holy language, Hebrew. That takes time and prayerful effort and sincere desire. Therefore, I will NOT be assimilated in the likeness of the world. I don't need a break from God because His Word is sweet and rest unto my soul in a world full of darkness. I don't need entertainment and recreation.

    There's a reason the Remnant of Jacob is coming to tear to pieces the Gentiles who are asleep and assimilated like a young lion. "Ein Komocha Elohim" THERE IS NONE LIKE YOU ELOHIM! And anyone who is not clean must be removed permanently so that only a pure people remain to serve Him.

    I'm willing to bet the cave people don't watch movies. There's a reason they left this world and its worldliness behind and I envy them.

    Heber C. Kimball says the Lord is going to choose a people out of THIS people. (referring to the Latter Day Saints)

    I account the persecution I've received for self righteousness to my favor and rejoice in it. To some, I may be strict and boring and dry. To God I hope to be exactly what He's looking for in a servant when His holy eyes search the earth to and fro. And I hope that when Tribulation occurs, my prayers for salvation and deliverance will be met with divine intervention for my diligence to serve and learn of Him day and night.

    "Learn of Me and listen to My words, walk in the meekness of My Spirit and you shall have peace in Me." D&C 19:23.

    I won't respond to any further rebuttals. We all know what we should be doing and not doing. That is the entire purpose of God's teachings in the scriptures.

  7. A Remnant Shall Return. Book by Michael Rush. Free online on his site or order on his site. Talks about all the things everyone has pretty much covered here and the tribes of Israel. Excellent book!