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A Vision of President John Taylor
As related by Edward Lunt
Cedar City, Utah, Jan 1951
A prophetic incident occurred at my father’s home at Cedar City, Utah, at the time a conference was being held there, at which Pres. John Taylor and George A. Smith were present. Elder George A. Smith was asked to conduct the morning session of the conference, as Pres. Taylor wished to rest, as he had held meetings with the different wards and stakes between Salt Lake City and Cedar City. Pres.
Taylor did not attend the morning session of the conference, but remained at our home to rest in order that he might attend the afternoon session. He, with all of the authorities, stayed at my father’s home during this conference.
Pres. Taylor wished to go to his room and lie down and rest, and asked my mother to tell him if he should oversleep by the time the morning session was over. My mother was busy preparing dinner for the visitors and was surprised when Pres. Taylor came walking into the kitchen. She asked him if he was not able to rest, as he hadn’t been gone long; whereupon he related a vision that he had in his room. He saw Salt Lake City become a great and beautiful city with cement streets and roads and the people had become wealthy. Great beautiful homes covered the city, and he said that the city was extended almost to the point of the mountain (south of the now, 1951, state prison. The people had become indifferent to the counsel and advice of the authorities of the Church, and were more interested in the accumulating of wealth than they were in living their religion and …at this time there began to be war and bloodshed.
He saw blood running down the gutters of Salt Lake City as though it were water. People were fighting among themselves until it became so serious that the entire Church records were all taken across the Colorado River.
President Taylor said to her: “If you are alive at that time, be sure that you are not far behind the records, because after the Church records leave and are secure, the very powers of hell will be turned loose, and there will be such destruction that but very little life will remain. Not only Salt Lake but other adjoining cities will be destroyed, and in the east, in Missouri, in Jackson County, civilization will become entirely extinct. All means of transportation, such as railroads and highways, will be destroyed; the only means of travel will be on foot, and all manufacturing of all kinds will be entirely destroyed. Be sure when you see these things come, see that you have buttons, needles and things to work with in order to make yourself clothing, thread and cloth as far as possible because all tools and every kind of machinery will be destroyed.
It will become such a destructive war that the sufferings and driving of the people from Nauvoo will only be as a drop in the bucket as compared with the suffering that will take place at this time, until one-half of the people will not follow the leaders and one-half of the others will die and turn because of the sufferings they will have to go through; but the Lord will bless those who stay with the authorities, and they shall not all be destroyed.
They will travel south and will finally form a circle something like a horseshoe before they return to Jackson County, Missouri. Those who will be privileged to help build Jackson County will be those who are willing and glad to obey the counsel and advice of the authorities placed over them, and they will not only be willing to listen to their counsel and advice, but will ask that they might receive it in order to be guided and protected out of this great time of want and distress. The Saints will be taxed so heavily that they will cry to the Lord day and night for deliverance. He said also that we would be few in numbers and would assist the Lamanites in building the New Jerusalem in Jackson County.
The vision was so terrible that he asked the Lord to close it, but he saw that those who would keep the commandments and adhere to the authorities of the Church would survive and He would protect them as He did the children of Israel.
After telling of this vision, he said to my mother, “Sister Lunt, see that you always listen and obey the counsel of the authorities and stay with them.”
The above experience my mother told me many, many times and she held this experience sacred.
In witness that the above is true, I hereunto sign my name this 9th day
of January, 1951, at Mesa, Arizona.O/S Edward Lunt
(From the Lundwall Rare Manuscript File, Microfilm Roll 2)
Note: The above account of John Taylor’s vision was first obtained from Edward Lunt by N. B. Lundwall.


  1. Any more, an emp would "destroy" all transportation and equipment and tools. Not only would it destroy the power grid, but all the components themselves would be ruined.

  2. When the Israelites adhered to Moshe' (Moses)and the counsel he gave them speaking for God, they had the pillar by day and a fire by night. The "Shekina" (glory of the Lord). It rested upon the "meeshkan" (temple)in the wilderness and it will be so again in the latter days if we remain faithful and true to the current prophet's counsel and guidance.

    King (Daveed) David was promised that his posterity would remain. I testify to you that Joseph Smith was the last mortal King of Israel through King David his father to set in motion and accomplish the final restoration and gathering of Israel by covenant into a mighty nation.

    I testify that we shall have the Shekinah again and what a day that shall be to witness the physical presence of the Almighty God in His meeshkan in the wilderness come to save His people from their enemies that His purposes fail not and His Word undefeatable. The Spirit whispers the day fast approaches. Jesus the Christ will reign in kavod (glory) and oz (strength) forever, Satan will be bound and then one day, after the great battle of our God,not even a memory of him shall remain. But we shall go on! WE who have remained steadfast and true will go on!

    Spencer saw it and his testimony is true.

    Heed the counsel..........


    Can you feel it brothers and sisters? That glorious DAY of our Savior's return is coming! Keep the vision of it in your heart and mind always. All of our suffering will be accounted for righteousness if we endure it well.


  3. I'm not sure, but I think I possibly saw the man who will become the AC on t.v. It was last night's episode 11-15-16 of "The Kelly File" on the FOX NEWS channel. He looked just like who others have described him as and I felt shaky inside.

    There was a segment on the ongoing investigation of HRC. Pictures were shown of her with various people. The last one was of her shaking hands with a very tall, lean but well built, what I could surmise was a VERY wealthy middle eastern man but lighter skinned. His hair mid length, dark brown, and was all one length and combed back behind his ears to the base of his neck. But it was his eyes! Oh my goodness! They looked almost icy greenish in the picture unless it was a glare. And that suit he was wearing! A muted copper metallic that must have cost more than most make in a year. AND they lingered on the picture and let it slowly fade away.

    This segment was about 40 minutes into the program when she began interviewing Mike Huckabee about it and then another gentleman. Then the pictures were shown.

    If anyone who knows what he looks like and can get a look at this picture, please tell us who this man is. He was not identified during the segment.

    I've never felt a shock like that seeing someone's picture. He really did look "different" and it his eyes were that I think about it.....serpent like! It was almost impossible to look away and that was just a picture.

    All I could think is what we're all in for and how strong we have to be to resist when the AC becomes possessed by Satan whether this is him or not.

    1. I found it! The episode of The Kelly File! It's on You Tube! "The Kelly File 11/15/16"

      You can see the photo at 33:12 The photo is not as clear as it was on television but, nonetheless, perhaps someone who has seen the AC in vision and says they will NEVER forget his face, PLEASE tell us, is this him? If so, who is he? The guy gives me the creeps and I need confirmation.

      I'm just glad I found the episode so someone else can see what I was talking about.

    2. Okay, another clue. There is a green flag on his left and I can't see any other colors. Does anyone recognize the country this flag belongs to?

    3. That man is Mutassim Gaddafi, Muammar's son.

    4. I just looked up that name and it said he died in 2011

    5. Thanks for your help and research on the man in The Kelly File video everyone! Most appreciated big time! God bless!!

  4. Listen to the Hallelujah Chorus on You Tube by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir with your eyes closed. Go back in time to when WE were THERE in pre-earth life when Jesus Christ returned to our Father in Glory! WE WERE THERE to witness His triumphant victory over Satan and Death and Hell!

    Imagine yourself seeing Him walk through the midst of all of us singing this song to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ in triumphant celebration! Gives me chills!

    We better be good so we can do it again with even more gusto because the battle isn't over but the outcome is SURE! Be a part of the Victory Team! Settle for nothing less without delay! Repent and rededicate your whole heart and soul to the God of Israel blessed be His name forever and ever!

  5. Time stamp 33:10 is where the copper suited young man appears.

  6. We are all in some serious shit folks.
    Julie Rowe's radio interview TODAY.
    She broke down and was crying. click on podcast

    "The first domino is falling"
    "we have lightning bolts tonight"
    "and the cards are stacked against the Trump tower."
    "we haven't seen the end of Trump, or Hillary or Obama
    or the puppet masters that guides them
    and even controls them "
    "the calm before the storm for what's coming in the next day or two"
    EBT cards may not work on Black Friday being very dark
    Obsidian Monday is coming very soon

    "I understand that Trump is going to get shot on the left side by the heart
    the last attempt was fake, this next one might be too."


    A lot of chaos in very short order wide spread through the US.

    She "understands, feel, and believe Chicago and Houston will have riots, murders will be rampant.
    "Because Martial Law is now in order according to the Clinton's and the Trump's."
    "As Trump Towers and bombs and other things go off "
    "Nuclear explosions next year around this time"

    1. Thank you for posting this. I just listened to the podcast. She just confirmed some of the very things I had been feeling recently about what's going on in America and the world. I also know that justice will be served soon, too. And it will be very difficult and trying beyond belief. I keep pondering about what the pioneers went through;the persecution of the early saints will seem minor compared to what we may be called to endure. Are we ready? She mentioned about caring for each other;helping, serving, giving of ourselves this holiday season instead of going into debt for Christmas. I am very concerned about our future and how things will transpire. I know that for many people death will be a blessing; rather than going through the trials ahead. Julie mentioned that we should try not to judge one another; but be forgiving. I believe we must be forgiving, even when it is the hardest. We are counselled to have charity, in these the last days, through the scriptures, and it will be well with us. I believe that without charity, it will become near impossible or extremely difficult to keep from being sucked in by the adversary and his followers to accomplishing horrible deeds, that we would never have considered doing before. It will be the worst of times and it will be the best of times. May we look forward, for the best that is to come soon, even our Savior, Jesus Christ. And remember him. Thanks again for posting this. Even though I feel inadequately prepared, (I have prepared, as best as I could. And I know that God will help me where I lack, in some way. And not necessarily by getting for me what I think I need to acquire, lol) I don't feel fear right now, just resolve. What will be will be. I have prayed for justice to be served and I know it will be soon.

    2. Thank you for all the wonderful things you've said.
      Speaking about Christmas - I will post a comment here on something I wrote years ago called -
      "This Christmas"
      I am Isaiah the one who posted this about
      Julie Rowe's radio interview.
      Whether the things she has said will
      happen or not doesn't really matter.
      We can all see the signs of the times and our scriptures foretell the future showing what will
      happen to a "choice land" that has forsaken God,
      and for a people that has lost its savor.
      “But if the salt shall loose its savor, wherewith shall the earth be salted? The salt shall be thenceforth good for nothing, but to be cast out and to be trodden under the foot of men.”
      (3 Nephi 12:13)
      "WE" the church are Ephraim
      “The crown of pride, the drunkards of Ephraim, shall be trodden under foot.” (Isa. 28:3)

    3. This was such a wonderful comment. Thank you.

      I, too, feel inadequate. I've done all I know to do with the resources/knowledge/skills I have which are sorely lacking on so many levels.

      Your comment gave me hope to try to be more brave about all of it. God bless you.

  7. YES, we are in some serious stuff. I have been concerned about statues and paintings of Jesus Christ in the temples, visitor centers, and our homes. I got rid of ALL of mine! I took so much flack for my stand that God flat out told us NOT to make ANY graven images or ANY likeness of HIM or anything that is on the earth. Yet, we, the LDS think ourselves elite and spiritual and that it doesn't apply to us! HA! This kept bothering me so bad for so long and finally on a post on here, some reader mentioned the book, 'The Last Days Unsealed' by Robert Smith. He studied under Avraham Gileadi. In his book he points a finger at the Church's idolatry through statues and paintings and even T-Shirts! And we give the Catholics heck for their Mary statues? AND there's a quote from one of Avraham Gileadi's books, 'The Last Days' pg. 29 where he talks about it being a NO-NO! in the Church as well and for everybody!

    If you're guilty of this brothers and sisters, stop now, you may have spent lots of $$ like I did, but I'm telling you it will be worth it. Throw the stuff out and get to know the REAL GOD IN PERSON! Perhaps your calling and election will be made sure sooner.

    1. Amen brother - it's sooo true what you have said.
      I am the one who mentioned Robert Smith and his book
      "The Last Days Unsealed"
      For those who have seen my posts over the past few
      years on FB, LDSFF, etc. I use the name Isaiah.
      I read these books over 20 years ago and have been
      studying them ever since, and trying to get others
      to read them so they could know the truth, and the
      warnings for us Gentiles(the church and it's members).
      This is the other book to read by Avraham Gileadi
      "The Last Days - Types and Shadows from the Bible
      and the Book of Mormon"
      I believe Gileadi fulfills the prophecy in the
      B of M that in the latter days the words of Isaiah would be made plain unto the understanding of men.
      "for great are the words of Isaiah" and
      gave us a commandment that we search them diligently.
      Because they are for us today.
      3 Nephi 23:1- 4
      1 "And now, behold, I say unto you,
      that ye ought to search these things.
      Yea, a commandment I give unto
      you that ye search these things diligently;
      for great are the words of Isaiah."

      2 "For surely he spake as touching all things
      concerning my people which are of the house of Israel;
      therefore it must needs be that he must speak
      also to the Gentiles."
      ( Gentiles are us, members, and all of us here today in the U.S. )
      Isaiah has now been unsealed and brought
      to light by the Lord for our understanding in these last days.

      Isaiah 44:7
      7 "Who predicts what happens as do I, and is the equal of me in
      appointing a people from of old as types, foretelling things to come?

      Isaiah uses what are called types from the past
      to show the future.
      What has happened before, will happen again.

      All prophecies in Isaiah are prophecies of the last days.

      Referring to our church and the sad condition we are in,
      Isaiah begins his book speaking to us,
      Ephraim, or the church today.

      Isaiah 1:2-5
      Description of modern Ephraim
      (addressing our church he calls Israel)

      2 Hear, O heavens! Give heed, O earth!
      Jehovah has spoken:I have reared sons,
      brought them up,but they have revolted against me.
      3 The ox knows its owner,the ass its master’s stall,
      but Israel does not know;my people are insensible.
      4 Alas, a nation astray,a people weighed down by sin,
      the offspring of wrongdoers,perverse children:
      they have forsaken Jehovah,they have spurned
      the Holy One of Israel,they have lapsed into APOSTASY.

      I would like to share some other things with all
      those who are ready for truth where ever it leads them.
      My email -

    2. Nice to hear from you about all of this! Thanks and God bless!!

    3. I believe that when they talk about images etc they are referring to people praying to and worshipping the statue/picture etc. If that were not the case, we would also have to get rid of all of our paintings of flowers and mountains and streams etc. "8 Thou shalt not make thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the waters beneath the earth:

      9 Thou shalt not bow down thyself unto them, nor serve them: Deut 5

    4. Uh....If I'm not mistaken....God's FIRST commandment regarding this was NOT TO MAKE THEM TO BEGIN WITH Presh. And SO WHAT if we don't have paintings of ANY KIND. God never said to make them to begin with by revelation EVER. We have His beautiful creations to witness of His glory.

      Stop splitting hairs to yours and others destruction.

    5. If make images to begin with, there's the temptation to worship the things our own fingers have made like Isaiah says. When we look with adoration and reverence upon these cold, dead, depictions of God and His creations with adoration and admiration, we ARE bowing down. I pity and fear for ANYONE who thinks they have the talent and commission to paint/sculpt to look like THE Most High and His Son, Jesus Christ.

      I fear more for anyone who, with a serpent's tongue, reasons and debates away God's commandments luring the weakest of our brothers and sisters to offend the God of Israel.

      Avraham Gileadi, an expert on the manner of the Jews, states the statues/paintings of God are not pleasing to God.

  8. duh Ralph! I copied pasted the link with "click on podcast". I'm okay.....LOL Will go listen now.

  9. This vision is false. It first surfaced with Joseph F Smith's name in place of John Taylor. In General Conference talks and in the Improvement Era President Smith denied any affiliation to said vision and said it was false and fabricated. It resurfaced in 2008 with John Taylor's name in place of President Smith's name. Click the link, it is all well documented.

    We all know we are in the eleventh hour of the last days. Let's keep our eyes on the Prophets. All will come through the proper line of priesthood authority. Do not be led astray!

    1. The other story that this web site abouve says is bogus, is the one where the individual was reading the Revelations in French and fell into a vision, was placed in Cleon Skousens "The Cleansing of America".
      This was attributed to John Taylor because he was familiar with the French language having served a mission in France and did a French translation of the Book of Mormon. I know many elites poo poo Cleon, but he's done the research and felt it pertinent enough to put in it. What can I say.

      Many people have had dreams and visions that the Church establishment choose to ignore. I can only presume They fear people becoming wrapped up in end of world events, prophecies and visions that they become spiritually imbalanced and dwell upon fear. There are people who have and will always become imbalanced. The problem I see is that we are all treated as though we are all at the same lower level of understanding so as not to overwhelm those just beginning their learning. Not sure I agree with that. Oh well, Sae la ve

  10. This Christmas

    As Christmas is coming again this year,
    I have to stop and think; why with the thought of Christmas
    comes the thought of buying things
    and spending money ?
    Buying things we don’t really need
    and spending more money than we have,
    indulging ourselves with luxuries.
    How we can be so spoiled in this country while others,
    even right around us, suffer ?
    Many are alone with no family, going without food,
    clothing or a place to sleep.

    As I thought about this for awhile I thought,
    “is it so bad giving and receiving gifts ? ” No.
    But then it came to me that the true meaning of Christmas
    means much, much more than this.
    For Christmas IS about a gift.
    The most important gift ever given.
    And this gift came to each and every one of us with the birth of our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ.
    Christmas is about receiving Him in our lives;
    and then giving, giving this gift of love,
    this gospel of caring for others as He would,
    as he DID, with His life for us.

    This Christmas lets share our love and our time
    and our money, taking more care of the elderly
    and the poor and needy, the hungry, the sick and afflicted,
    and bringing a smile of hope to those who are sad and lonely.

    Lets teach our children the true meaning of Christmas.

    May Jesus Christ’s light shine from us this Christmas,
    bringing love and peace to everyone.


    1. Joseph Smith said for men to truly and fully come unto God and embrace HIS Gospel, they must give up their false traditions.

      Christmas is NOT about the birth of the Savior Jesus Christ like you say. It's an original pagan holiday Satan uses to distract well meaning Christians who are snared by replacement theology to neglect the Lord's Feasts observances as found in the Torah.

      God's true calendar is 364 days. You'd think Christians wouldn't be stupid enough or arrogant enough to say, "Hey, pagan people, we're going to mingle our Savior's name/birth with your pagan baby Tamuz's birthday on December 25th! We're to stupid to pick another day if we MUST invent our own man made holidays. Same goes for Easter too!"

      Oh and I must say I was so thrilled to find in the old 1979 Revised edition D&C Commentary by Janne Sjodhal, Section 59, page 356, admitting that neither Saturday nor Sunday is the true Sabbath Day because they have no idea what day of the week truly is. Just pick one day out of seven they say and remember the Sabbath.

      However, I did find the answer. And as I've gone back and found even MORE significant days in Church history took place on the TRUE 7th day Sabbath. Right now, I testify that Wednesday is the TRUE Sabbath day on God's calendar until March 16th of 2017, the day of equal night and day in Jerusalem.

      Then it will move to Thursday. The Book of Jubilees and the Book of Enoch testify of this truth.

      You can keep doing your Sunday thing but I promise if you can, and do observe Wednesday from the sun rise until you see three stars in the sky that night as the Sabbath, the Lord will let you know you've found a treasure of Truth.

  11. you said -
    "Christmas is NOT about the birth of the Savior Jesus Christ like you say." OF COURSE IT"S NOT !
    but it could be !
    Depending on how you look at it and what "Christmas
    means to you, and if you want to celebrate Christ's birth.
    ANYONE that knows ANYTHING knows that the birth of our
    Savior was not on December 25th.
    Our church recognizes and generally accepts
    April 6, B.C. 1 - on the same day the church was organized.
    “We believe April 6th to be the birthday of Jesus Christ...
    “Jesus the Christ” : Elder James E. Talmage

    I myself believe that it was not even on this day.
    But it really doesn't matter anyway !

    So what's wrong with celebrating Christs birth in the right way like my "This Christmas" says.
    Thinking about our Savior and the example he gave to us, serving and giving to others.

    "This Christmas lets share our love and our time
    and our money, taking more care of the elderly
    and the poor and needy, the hungry, the sick and afflicted,
    and bringing a smile of hope to those who are sad and lonely."

    Christmas should be everyday of our lives.

    1. That's the point, CHRISTMAS is a pagan holiday being substituted for living the GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST everyday.

      If CHRISTMAS were being lived everyday, then along with it comes the greedy department stores capitalizing on people's belief in Jesus Christ, Black Friday Sales that leave people trampled to death and stores in disarray.

      Needy children waking up to why Santa Claus didn't bring them anything after watching him miraculously deliver presents to everyone but THEM in one night in silly shows that depict him humbling himself near a baby Jesus/manger in some of those shows. And then there's those cheesy Hallmark Christmas movies that push the gay agenda and other vices we should avoid.

      No, don't mingle Christmas with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Just live the Gospel of Jesus Christ everyday. God never said to mix the two and He never will. We did that all on our own without His approval. If nice things happen during Christmas it's because someone is living the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

      If you notice, Christmas is a temporary fix of good will party time. The decorations come down, garbage cans are filled with boxes/crumpled wrapping paper by those who have more than they need to get through another day thereby robbing the poor, they go back to their daily grind forgetting the poor, the fatherless, and the widows until next December when that "season is in the air" again.

      The Gospel of Jesus Christ is a living flame that never goes out in the heart of the faithful long after the Christmas frenzy is over.

      I'm not trying to be confrontational here. God never commanded us to celebrate His birth with a man made named holiday. It came quietly with a star and some angels announcing to the righteous shepherds in the field that in the City of David, this day, a Savior was born.

      Try as we might, we can not and should not mingle the holy with the profane and offend God.

      It is obvious you are a grand soul and love your fellow man and God. I am humbled by your good heart. I truly understand where you're coming from. We need more people like you in this world. If you want to do good at Christmas time, by all means, go right ahead.

      I'm only pointing out that Christians had to choose a documented, historical pagan holiday, to celebrate the birth of the Savior and there's no way the God of Israel can be pleased with that. I stand firm and not moved on that.