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This was what I got from it (just kidding, of course - the kitty was too cute and I had to post):


These are actual notes, taken by another attendee, Becky L.:

I went to Julie Rowe’s talk in Seattle on January 10, 2015.  The chapel was overflowing into the cultural hall.  I didn’t record everything she said by any means.  I was looking for information beyond what is in her books (admittedly I have only read the first one at this point), so I tried not to duplicate that too much. The first hour she basically told her experience, which can be read in her books.  She stated many basics of the gospel, most of which I did not record, such as the council in heaven and that the fight with evil/Satan is very real, in a spiritual AND physical sense, and that it is literally all day every day, all around us, and because of the veil we cannot see it, however it is very real.  She said the veil is thin for her at this point.  She bore her testimony often, and stated that she’s been shown many of the scenes from her experience so many times since her NDE that she stopped counting after 100 times, and that she has more clarity now than she did then.   She stated that she has received emails from HUNDREDS of people who have had similar visions and dreams, and all are witnesses.  She states that she is a witness or messenger, and please do not shoot the messenger. The second hour she took questions from the audience.  They were hand written and were screened by people there helping her, as people ask many inappropriate questions at these talks.  So, probably the latter half of my notes are based on questions that people asked, though I didn’t necessarily record the specific questions.  One thing that she repeated throughout was to get food storage.  That may have been the theme, if there was one. Some of the questions were specific to the Seattle area, or this part of the country.  She said repeatedly that this is all for her benefit as well, that she is not nearly as prepared as she needs to be, and she is afraid that people who see/know her in the camps will be like “so you knew this was coming and this is all you have prepared?”.  I was not perfect in note taking; I did my best, but there could be minor errors.  

It is time to wake up our spiritual gifts; we each have at least one.  We will need them.

The time is now to prepare for a greater tomorrow.  She is another witness of this.

Spread love, kindness and joy.  Watch your thoughts, words, and deeds - they are all recorded, and they have a ripple effect to those around us, and we will answer for them.  

Perfect love casts out all fear.  

Fear and anxiety do not come from the Father (meaning they come from the adversary).  

Take note of where we (individually) need to increase faith.  

We should be motivated out of love and joy, not fear.  

Wake up and pay attention to our world and especially to what is going on in our country.  

Learn to discern.  

There's a way to know what is truth, which is through personal revelation.  

There can be a disconnect between the heart, brain, and spirit, which can be from spiritual, physical, and emotional trauma.  

7 years of tribulations are coming soon. Satan will be unleashed from his pit.  Never has the fullness (of the gospel) been here like it is now, since the days of Adam.  Satan is not winning, even if it seems like he is, and he won't.
God is way ahead of Satan and will wipe out Satan at just the right time, which may seem like at the last possible moment, as in the scriptures, in part through our help.  

Polarization is happening now where we will have to choose which side we are on; we have to choose all or none.  We will have no protection unless we choose clearly.  

She has had visions of dragons being released.  There are layers of meanings in scripture.  Things are figurative as well as literal in the scriptures, such as the dragons.  

Everything created here was first created spiritually, such as arrows.  The “fiery darts of the evil one”, are literal.  Daggers to the heart can be removed by the atonement.  We don't always give due credit to our personal ministering and guarding Angels, who are our ancestors.   

The freedoms we enjoy are going to be taken from us.  Life as we know it now will be gone.  We will live in 3rd world conditions.  

Seattle will be a hot spot for natural and man-made disasters.  (Other cities mentioned that will have massive destruction are NYC, Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.)  People, conspiring men, have been plotting for a long time for control, domination, power.  

Satan wants to blind us with distraction.  

We need to be ready as Noah.  

We need to prepare for third world conditions.  

Conspiracy theories are thrown out there en masse to fool us about the real conspiracies.  The idea is that we don’t listen to any of them.  Many conspiracy theories are real, some are not.  

Safety and protection are promised through obedience to His word.  

Her message is to ask us to hearken to the Lord's counsel.  We need to come in faith and ask.  If He is not telling us the answers we seek, don't give up, and be right with the Lord.  

Repentance is constant, not just daily, weekly...  We should get to the point where we go beyond repenting throughout the day, to stopping before we do the things that we need to repent of.  Clean out our closets, cleanse ourselves through the atonement.  

Trust that God will do more for our lives than we can.  

Store food.

She had a severe adversarial attack after returning home from the hospital where she had her NDE.  John (her relative who was her guide in the spirit world) helped her back from it and told her to go to the light.  She experienced the darkest of the dark (It sounded like she was pulled into hell to some degree, from what she said).  

Foreign troops:  Russians, Chinese, North Koreans, mass fleets of Russians will come through Alaska, Canada, and the Pacific Northwest. MANY Seattle area people will die, if they have not fled already.  Many Washington State people will flee to Idaho with nothing but the clothes on the bodies.  Those who did not heed the invitation to leave in the first place will end up walking to Idaho and will eventually arrive, in rags.

She said there will be many missiles launched at us, and that many of them will be divinely redirected, which we will not even realize has happened.  A literal force field will redirect many missiles, but not all.  Some of these will be nuclear, and some will hit, but the places they hit won’t be huge (in this area).

The masses of people will be confused, there will be mass hysteria, and awful things that happen.  The big cities she mentioned will be hit very hard.  Suffering will be everywhere.  The elders of Israel will win because God’s army will be unleashed from the other side.  She gave an example of a few young men defeating a much larger army, and congratulating each other, not realizing that they had help from across the veil, in the form of a giant from the city of Enoch.  Miracles will abound.  We need to trust and not be afraid.  

There will be tent cities, places of refuge, and cities of light ( the latter being more like Zion).  Church-owned and dedicated properties will have a degree of protection.  People who didn’t heed the invitation to leave (and who do survive) will gather at church buildings and temples. Church-owned properties such as girls’ camps will be likely places where tent cities, etc. will be.  If we are willing to go when invited, we will be assigned where to go.  We are to go where we are assigned.  

Cities of light - earth will be in complete darkness, both literally and figuratively, except for the specks (as would be seen from space) that are cities of light
The call out won't miss us if we are paying attention; go to your church meetings.  If there is an extra meeting, go to it.  

People have seen (and reported to Julie) thousands of white tents stored by the church.  The church has truck drivers lined up as of a year and a half ago to drive trucks to the camps, routes are currently being planned on off roads, to be less visible.  

Shields are around us, churches, temples, homes, camps or tent cities, places of refuge, cities of light.  We will have invisibility for protection, and be shielded.  The trucks will take lesser-known roads, and will have invisibility.  The places of refuge will have invisibility, including to church members who did not heed the first invitation to go.  

Through agency, we will choose whether or not we listen to or accept the invitation.  

Nephi is the first book in the Book of Mormon for a reason.  It is the most-read book in the Book of Mormon, so that we are familiar with the story of Lehi’s family fleeing Jerusalem - 7 years before Jerusalem was destroyed.  Lehi knew well ahead of when he left that the time would come when they would go, and they left quickly.

Some people will be asked (called) to stay behind and complete other assignments rather than go to the tent cities.  Trust the Lord.  

Some might eventually return to their homes as part of their assignments.

Have food storage and follow the Spirit for what else to have prepared.  It will be different for everyone.  Need food storage to go to places of refuge.  Ask the Lord what we need for us.
We will run out of everything and will have to rely on God, but if we don't prepare we will bring on needless suffering.  If we are spiritually prepared we will know physical the preparations needed.  

Without faith and charity we are nothing.  What can we do to help our fellow man?

We do have blood moons as signs of the times and they are significant, as are comets and other signs in the heavens.  Whether these are man made or divine, they can be a witness  and sign of the times.  

She has been told in numerous blessings that she will be 100% healed in the flesh.  She said her ailment that she didn't mention in the book was that she had a stroke and had to relearn everything in recovery.  Read of it (being healed completely in the flesh, before resurrection) in the scriptures.  Read the parables.   

The Time Is Now book cover was shown to her before she ever saw what the publisher came up with.  It shows winter, and the sun setting, and that the harvest is coming. She said this is a clue about the timing.  The sun is setting on our time to prepare, and it is wintry (be prepared for winter). Same goes for the other book cover - she was shown it before in vision - and since it is about the greater tomorrow, it is of Spring, during the day, with flowers...  

She has been told that 30,000 tents have been delivered to a church property.  

She mentioned $42k worth of tents having recently been sent to SLC.  New Mexico state was mentioned as a place that will have places of refuge. Dedicated church lands will be places of refuge.  

Read the articles of faith carefully.  

Regular people have dreams and visions.  If we've been baptized (LDS) we witness of the FULNESS of the gospel.  Other Christians, or people who have accepted Christ, have a degree of accountability, and are also witnesses of Christ.

She mentioned the constitution, that it is and will continue to be ignored.  The elders of Israel will rise up to save the constitution in the final battle (after the 7 years of tribulations).  The cleansing and harvest and reaping are coming.  She talked about a transition regarding the constitution.  

Gadiantons use people then throw them aside and repeat the cycle.  

They (the Lord’s people) will be taken care of by angelic beings.

LDS Military people:  It is no coincidence that our military is being diminished and sent overseas.  Members of the military will have to take a stand against the commander in chief.  

After people flee to places of refuge, will people be able to go back to their homes?  She said some people might be called back to their homes to establish cities of light or other assignments.

144000 will be called, set apart, sent out, and will go forth to gather in from around world.  We see these patterns in scriptures. They will be translated, resurrected, and mortal beings.  

Moroni saw what she was shown, and wrote the scriptures for us... the pride cycles and patterns are in the scriptures. The Lord takes people out before destruction.

A question about what skills we would need: All skills will be in demand - we all have talents and gifts.  The Lord also teaches through the Spirit.  

Are things we repent of gone from the book of life?  Yes, if fully repented of.  We need to forgive ourselves and not look back,

How do we warn family and friends when they think we are crazy?  She is to witness and testify, not to convince.  The Holy Ghost convinces.  In due time when it is right for them, they will know.  Let go, let God. She stated that she is from a large family of 10 children, and that a lot of them don’t believe her at all and they ask her “what will you do if this doesn’t happen?”  Her answer is that it will happen.  So she is not even able to convince some of her own family members and friends.

A question about repentance after death, the power of atonement for those who have passed on: now is the time to repent and prepare, but there is an eternity to repent and people can advance within their assigned kingdoms.  There is much that goes on that we do not see.  

Satan is organized with priesthoods and has a left hand man.  Satan had much knowledge, he was very loved (in the premortal life).  At times throughout her talk (I was way in the back of the chapel on a folding chair), she seemed to pause and reflect, almost as though she was having a vision at the moment, or deciding what to share, or listening to the Spirit.   When talking about satan, she said that he really didn’t like her talking about what she had said about him.  She clearly felt his dislike at that moment.
Be careful about discerning, and judging.

The atonement is infinite. It is real and for everyone.  Love God, love neighbors and ourselves.  The gift of the atonement has already been given.  

God knows us by name, better than we know ourselves.

She mentioned that the leaders of the church have seen what she has seen.

She told the story that her husband currently works with a 29yo man who has had a recurring dream since he was 20.  He is not a member of the church, so it made no sense to him.  In the dream he sees many white tents surrounding castle-like buildings.  Julie’s husband showed him pictures of temples...


  1. thank you for posting this

    1. the 144,000 are High Priests. This is per Joseph Smith our Prophet. Be careful about those who dream. Listen to your Prophet, and Leaders of the Church.

  2. Desmotti: "144000 will be called, set apart, sent out, and will go forth to gather in from around world. We see these patterns in scriptures. They will be translated, resurrected, and mortal beings". I do not see that this statement contradicts that the 144,000 are high priests. Joseph Smith also said that these 144,000 would "bring as many as will come to the church of the Firstborn". What is the Church of the Firstborn and how do I become a member? That should be the question.

    1. To become a member of the Church of the Firstborn, get your endowments.

  3. Is seems like she is speaking at an LDS church. Has this happened before? Apparently the church isn't shutting her down.

    1. yes, she has spoken at the Logan tabernacle, at a stake center ,and a regular lds chapel.

  4. Ugh....aren't the Mormons tired yet of always being wrong?

    1. You have no idea my anonymous internet friend.

    2. Well she doesn't speak for the LDS church and a very small percentage of the church has even heard about her.

  5. False prophets...

    1. For those of you who think that the prophet is
      the only one who can or should receive revelation
      and can prophecy please read the scriptures below.

      The Acts of the Apostles
      Chapter 2

      17 And it shall come to pass in the last days,
      saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh:
      and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy,
      and your young men shall see visions,
      and your old men shall dream dreams:

      18 And on my servants and on my handmaidens
      I will pour out in those days of my Spirit;
      and they shall prophesy:

  6. Why did you not finish posting the entire article, instead leaving a cliff hanger. Yes we know that the "castles" are temples, and as "visions of glory" has also mentioned there will be something like an outer ring of tents, and an inner ring of people preparing to be converted and the center being the pure city of temple workers and more glorious lifestyle. Please don't be mainstream. Complete the article. Think of the "children".

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  7. This is hilarious!

  8. Julie Rowe seems very sincere, as do all who really believe in their own cause. But, one of many concerns I have about the eschatological rhetoric of Julie Rowe has been her radio interviews, notably with Mills Crenshaw somewhere in the Salt Lake area. Rowe's answers to Crenshaw's questions - on matters spanning the entire topical spectrum - are so detailed that they simply escape the realm of plausibility. Rowe's visions of the future, of the past, of dinosaurs, of literal scriptural history, of Bigfoot, of planetary science and the origins of the Earth, of the nature of the Spirit World and beyond, of imminent happenings, etc. and etc., are so detailed and so precise that they should give one pause.

    Further, when Rowe is asked a question that perhaps she can't think fast enough to answer (or to which she perhaps doesn't know the answer), she will frequently say something like, "I'm not supposed to speak about that." With precious few exceptions, I have not heard Rowe respond to a question with a simple, "I don't know." She either knows and can rattle off remarkable amounts of detail, or God has told her not to answer.

    Julie Rowe's offerings simply don't pass the "smell test". Bless her heart...

  9. She has no authority to tell people what we should be doing when trials get tough. Only the leaders of the church do. She is truly deceiving more people that you realize, and her books are banned in church bookstores.

  10. lol--coo coo for Coco Puffs is right David Hubble! I believe in the prophet not in this crazy lady!

  11. I am a relative of Julie's. I do not believe her. I worry that she will deceive others instead of remembering that we should follow the prophet. She continues to state over and over the some things…but over the years she has added details that weren't in the original stories. I worry about her and her standing in the LDS church. "We live in a world where people are confused…follow the prophet…don't go astray."

    1. What of Jesus Christ, our Savior? Is God's work finished, as he has given his power to men? I think not. . .

    2. Her so called visions are so spurious and out of harmony with Church doctrine so as to not deserve a detailed answer. However, may I ask? Where did she get her authority? Has she been called and sustained to preach? (D&C 11:15) "Behold, I command you that you need not suppose that you are called to preach until you are called." (D&C 42:11"" shall not be given to anyone to go forth to preach my Gospel.., except he be ordained by someone who has authority, and it is known to the church (by being sustained) that he has authority and has been regularly ordained by the heads of the church." These stories ring of the Pontius materials that have been touted to tell us of things to happen based on his "Visions of Glory". Others of like manner include Avraham Gileadi and Bettie Ettie.. If these folks have had such experiences as they so flamboyantly write about , in my view (and by the way the view of several of our senior brethren) they are far too sacred to publish.

  12. I am not Mormon anymore as there are many bigoted ideas and teachings ( I was Mormon for 44 years.) I did however have a dream years back of people who were very sick and grey faced (starvation maybe?) coming over the top of a mountain where I lived- I was scrambling to find food for them to eat...whether it happens or not, who knows? But I'll try my best to prepare, just in case. I do believe that Mormons are a little too "the world is either out to get me" or the world is going to end" the only thing I know (and I had a near death experience myself at 16) is that God is Love, and that is all that matters to me.

  13. So if her predictions come true, so what? She said that the "other side" is the most beautiful place she has ever seen and that God wants us to come back to him. If the other side is as awesome as she says, why all the hysteria? If everything here goes to hell, so to speak, aren't we better off simply going to the other side as quickly as possible?

  14. She is doing real harm by spreading fear. Folks are cashing out 401ks, going into debt in trying to prepare, and most tragically filling their children with fear. I hope she understands what she is doing. She is making money off the backs of very vulnerable people.

    1. I have a relative who QUICKLY sold there house a week ago because of this nonsense!

    2. Julie Rowe is no different from Harold Camping, who convinced many the Rapture would happen in 2011. His followers sold a lot of their possessions. Even though he was wrong about Jesus return in 1994, people still listened to him after that. I bet Julie read some things on the internet about blood moons, and read Jonathan Cahn's book The Harbinger in 2012, then decided to get in the action and write some books of her own. You wanna make money, write a doomsday book.

  15. "... shall grievous wolves enter in among you, not sparing the flock. Also of your own selves shall men[and women] arise, speaking perverse things to draw away disciples after them." Acts 20:29-30

    "From such, turn away..." 2 Timothy 3:5

  16. When someone gets up to bear their testimony in Church, we don't ask where they get their authority. They are just a Church member sharing a story, a belief, or an experience and then testifying. Do you believe every word of every testimony or sacrament talk you have ever heard or do you use your judgement, wisdom, learning, and the spirit to help you decide what to do with what you hear?

    If you don't want to listen to Julie, then don't. If you do want to hear, then just hear, make your judgment about how you will incorporate it into your life, or not, and let her be. Just let her be one of those people who shared a story with you like so many others who have shared something with you.

    1. The very BIG difference is that when we bear our testimonies, we are not trying to sell books or book speaking arrangements, and we are not (I hope) spreading fear and encouraging people to resort to drastic measures to prepare for something that the scriptures clearly state that we will not know about in advance.

  17. Julie is telling the truth. But her understanding is still not up to standards.

  18. strange
    Even if what she says is true - what does it matter? Her experience was for her.

    If it was meant to be published to the world it would be done so in concert with the proper authority and delivered in an appropriate way. Keep on dreamin... and I guess I will too

  19. I'm still here in Houston, TX. The moon is now behind the earth's shadow and we are all still here. Julie is a scam artist.

  20. I was a Born-Again Christian until I was 22 and have been an atheist for the last 11 years. Bottom line is this; If anyone, Mormon or Christian want to be taken seriously at this point in history by a non-believer, Jesus needs to come back. No more, "You'll see.", "You'll be sorry.", or "He's coming soon.", "He'll be here any day." The world is a place of suffering, cruelty and strife; for Jesus to STILL not come back after 2,000 years, and while the entire population of this planet gets replaced every 100 years (so who exactly is he planning on returning for?, people who don't even exist yet?!, while 60+ generations of believers, over 20 centuries, are WRONG? It's absurd. The world is a mess; if Jesus exists, he needs to return. To wait any longer is cruel (and just further evidence such a "loving" God doesn't exist). It's 2015. Produce an ACTUAL Jesus or just stop talking. It's ridiculous.

  21. Having studied the scriptures all my life, I find her teachings consistent with all of the prophets in the Old and New testaments and in the Book of Mormon and Doctrine and Covenants. Mainly the Book of Revelation, but so many of the Old Testament prophets from Isaiah on warn us of the coming calamities. The fact that is not understood here is that many, very many have personally experienced Christ's love and forgiveness as Julie has; and many have also seen him and know that he lives [aka Second Comforter and Calling and Election made sure]. These are commonly known among those who know and believe the scriptures but not known to the world and not known to the general LDS population who refuse to study the scriptures as the prophets have asked us to do for decades. It's all there and it's all doctrinal, even the fact that women can be inspired and receive prophetic information and share it out of concern for others [Acts 21, especially verses 10-12, Judges 4]. As the Second Coming draws nearer, more and more spiritual gifts and spiritual experiences are being poured out on the human family; these will continue to steadily increase. I want to be one of those recipients and I pray that we all may have that earnest desire. From Ezra Taft Benson on, the prophets have talked until they're blue in the face about reading and pondering the scriptures. Let's all step up to the plate and stand with the modern day and ancient prophets and mostly with out Savior and Redeemer, Jesus Christ.

  22. I love and respect Julie Rowe. It is very apparent to me that many of the people making comments have not read her books. There is such a good spirit in her words and if there is a basic theme it is to "follow the prophet and pray for our own inspiration". Our church was founded on visions and inspiration and God has always used witnesses, Your complaints about Julie put her in good standing with people like Samuel the Lamanite ( who also was not a prophet, just a guy doing an unpleasant job for our Lord and Savior) I'm pretty sure most of you wouldn't have liked him either and on the whole she is scaring people and fear mongering I'm pretty sure Noah was accused of that by many. About her making money I'm pretty sure there isn't alot of profit in a 10.00 book but I know you all think she should get a job and pay for you to get a free book. If the Lord and our Prophet had a problem with the message Julie has given there are steps they would be taking as they have with other people. It has taken courage for her to do what she has for us. If God didn't want people to come back and talk about their experiences he could stop giving them to us. There are so many having them and having visions that I believe there is real purpose to them because God does not make mistakes.


      You can make a lot from books, being a distributor of various things, and some people love the power of attention and quasi-worship. I am surprised she is not selling protandem, amway, and doterra.

  23. Why all the Julie Rowe bashing?Do you know how many Prophets,and Apostles(see well as rank and file members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints(like Hector Sosa,Sarah,Menet, Bishop John Koyle) and many others,and other faithful souls not L.D.S. as well,have seen these events Julie describes.Read their descriptions,you may come away with a real understanding that they are strikingly similar,and that these souls have seen what they claim to have seen,about very near future events that will happen.May God be with us to see us safely thru.

  24. The events of 2015 and beyond never happened as she "saw in her visions. She's 100% fraud.

    Now Julie is back in the news, inserting herself into the Lori Vallow/Chad Daybell missing children events. In Dec 2019, she says she was shown by the other side beings that Chad was 100% innocent. Said she was "told" by these beings that Lori Daybell would die (soon) but she never told Chad or anyone convenient. (I predicted the Chiefs would win the Superbowl but didn't bet any money. LOL) One month later she threw Chad under the bus as someone who changed, now saying she saw changes in him in early 2019 etc. Almost a 180 degree change in position.

    As to the missing children, she said she can "see the children" are alive and safe and playing, but she doesn't know where they are at. IF they end up dead, I predict she says that what she saw was the kids in heaven.

    She is 100% Fraud. People, stop believing personal revelation stories concocted in such a way as to be difficult to disprove. They want your money and attention.