Thursday, September 22, 2016


I believe in the transfer of energy from one being to another through touch.  We know that as we caress our babies, our spouses, scratch the back of a kid and so many other things.  The power of touch is quite remarkable.  The power of a kiss - even more.  Intimate touch - a whole new level when it comes to conveying love, feeling, emotion and energy towards that person it is directed at.  Thus, the reason why that touch/expression is so profoundly damaging outside the bounds the Lord has set.

Energy can even by conveyed telepathically from one being to another - not quite as physical as the energy conveyed by sound waves - but it can be moved about between beings.  Especially in a dream state.  I have experienced it on a profound level on three occasions - and possibly even hundreds of times - when a loved one has communicated with me in the night.

I do not doubt that some women have the gift of healing - in fact I think it would be absurd to make the claim that they could not.  It does NOT take formal Priesthood keys in order to heal those we love and care about.  Especially when you consider the power of fasting and prayer.

I also want to say up front that the absolute cream of women I know, have gotten into this stuff and I neither support them in it, nor condemn them for it - but I do have a word of caution that echoes the official statement that just came out by the Church:

The Church has an official statement on energy healing!
“We urge Church members to be cautious about participating in any group that promises-in exchange for money-miraculous healings or that claims to have special methods for accessing healing power outside of properly ordained priesthood holders,” said church spokesman Eric Hawkins

I pretty much frown completely on anything that requires compensation for it's use.  If it is a gift (that was given freely), then use and give that gift freely.  Charging for anything along those lines, amounts to priestcraft in some form or another (picturing Christ turning the tables in the Temple right now).

As for women using their Priesthood, I encourage the exploration of it under the constant guidance of the Holy Ghost and while counseling with your husband (and other Priesthood leaders).

God WANTS us to develop our gifts FULLY - but there are many lying and deceiving spirits abroad in the land - and it is pretty easy to fall when covering "new ground".  When jumping into anything new, I always move VERY slowly.  It can take me years to move from comfortable ground into new territory - and thus the reason I consider myself the ultimate conservative.  I am close to the scrips, the Constitution and also accepted spiritual leaders including Christ.  The devil makes GREAT copies - and MANY have fallen for their snares.  Knowing this - I move slowly.  I would rather be dead than lead myself or my family astray.


  1. Would this statement apply to the same stuff Julie Rowe and the doctor she promotes are doing? Didn't they have some kind of big energy healing conferences. And he charges major boo-koo bucks for what he does and she says he's inspired and has a calling to do what he's doing. Scary to me.

    I called out this energy healing stuff months ago on this blog and how it was seeming to circumvent priesthood authority and took a lot of criticism for it which seriously I don't give a flying fig about.

    NO TRUE healing is granted unless it is sanctioned by God on HIS TERMS because all flesh is in His hands.

    Eliza R. Snow as an example was given the power to heal from God. Women can pray and ask for help and under certain circumstances when it's urgent and no priesthood holder is available, I believe God sends one whether seen or unseen to officiate.

    And I can testify of this because I awoke one morning with pain so bad in my head and neck I couldn't move. Viral meningitis was going around. I felt VERY VERY SICK! My spouse was gone, no way to get to the phone to call a home teacher. I lay there with hot tears rolling down my face. I attempted to roll out of the bed and fell flat on my face and couldn't get up.

    I prayed and asked Heavenly Father to personally give me a Priesthood blessing. I explained I didn't have the strength to get up off the floor, the pain was to much, I was in trouble. I could feel the illness was serious. I had my own children to tend and a home daycare to run. If I can't ask my ABBA in Heaven for help, who can I ask?

    Here's what happened. I lay there calmly with complete faith He heard me and that He could and WOULD bless me. The Ultimate High Priest! I felt/heard this buzz begin at the top of my head and slowly move through my body. The pain in my head began to lessen and I felt strength coming into my body. I was then told to get up, take some Tylenol, and go about my day. 20 minutes later I was opening the door to receive daycare children and the symptoms were GONE!

    I testify in the name of Jesus Christ my account is true. Praise be to God and His Son forever and ever!

    This energy healing the way others are presenting it is a dangerous movement and reeks of Satan. I want nothing to do with it because he, too, has the power to manipulate energy.

    1. I wasn't aware that Julie's type of energy healing had anything to do with Jesus other than prayers in assistance. What she is talking about is releasing the negative emotional energies that have attached themselves to the individual that need to be released. What ever healing takes place is an unknown. Some report improvement some immediate some after a year or so of treatment.

  2. Yes, Julie Rowe promotes "Christ Centered Energy Healing". There are watchdogs who watch this site for anything said about her. So go ahead, defend what she's promoting against what Church authorities are saying about the term 'Christ Centered Energy Healing'.

  3. Here is the link to one of the conferences she participated in. How could she be deceived and participate in such things if she's so connected with Jesus Christ? Makes no sense to me when HIS prophet says to stay away from such people.

  4. Energy healing is a science. A lost science to our culture that has been around since the ages. Our society is now more open to it, because we realize that current methods of therapy are often incomplete in their treatment of the person as a whole. The gift to practice this therapy is given freely- just as particular gifts to practice other forms of therapy (surgery, PT, behavioral therapy, etc) are given freely. Like those in these professions, most energy practitioners invest in their gifts and attend schooling to develop their gifts/skills. I would never expect my gifted plastic surgeon who reconstructed my breasts after a double mastectomy to do it for free. Neither would I expect an energy healer who practices their particular method of therapy to do it for free. Christ is the healer in all therapies. And the body does the healing, not the practitioner of any kind of modality. The practitioner is just the instrument - whether it's physical or energetic therapy. Advertising Christ centered healing is unnecessary and that's when red flags come up for some people. It's presented in a way that makes it sound like it's an alternative to priesthood administration. I don't see doctors advertising Christ centered treatments - even though He is the master physician behind it all. Look at the fruits. "Anything that inviteth and enticeth to do good." Energy work plain and simple is science. And it works. And it helps people. The End.

    1. Not buying what you're selling. When a prophet of God proclaims to Church members to be WARY of those who do this, especially for money, that trumps any baloney you're peddling. If you're a member of the Church, repent for your comment telling members to disregard what the First Presidency has stated. If they say NO to this, then that means Jesus Christ says NO! to this FIRST!

    2. Acts 8:20 Nuf said.

    3. Julie Rowe said Dr. Brad Nelson was shown to her by God and that she was to seek him out for healing for his energy healing gift which he charges thousands of dollars for by the time you have to keep coming back over and over according to his "program".

      Seriously? Her own husband's priesthood authority isn't good enough? She's so mentally damaged from her "visions" that God Himself can't help her with that and sends her to someone who charges money for healing? How can so many be so gullible?

      Take heed people. Take great heed. Jesus NEVER charged anyone for what He did nor did his apostles........ nor did He tell them to charge money for using His name to heal EVER!!!

      Lazarus's bill would've been a whopper! Oh and that poor widow of Nain, "How much will it cost to get my son back?", and Jairus, "I will empty my bank account to get our daughter back, now where do I transfer the funds?"

      Peter and John to the crippled beggar man at the front of the temple. "LOOK on us! Peter said "Silver and gold have I none but such as I have give I thee, in the name of Jesus Christ, rise up and walk!"

      What a Joel Osteen opportunity for Peter and John to pull out a cash register, gather folks around, and say "Look what we've done for this fellow in the name of Jesus! Imagine what we can do for you! Don't crowd now, there's plenty of daylight left and yes, we do have family rates."

      Brothers and sisters, do not be pulled into this Christ Centered Energy Healing and stay well away from it as the First Presidency has counseled. This farce is Satan's craftiness to lull you away from God's counsel to call the Elders of the Church to lay hands on you.

      Ignore the voices who tell you this is acceptable before God. TEST EVERYTHING by the scriptures and the Lord's ordained Prophet always!

      It's despicable

    4. Thanks you for your concern for my standing with the Lord. We're straight. I sense your emotion, my friend. It seems that my comment triggered some deep feelings in you. Perhaps some energy work will help. ;)

    5. The church didn't say there was anything wrong with energy healing, their statement was "promises-in exchange for money-miraculous healings or that claims to have special methods for accessing healing power outside of properly ordained priesthood holders..." Did you read the words "miraculous healings...and promises." Ligit energy workers don't claim "miraculous healings" or "promise" anything. Also, if those of you who use the "official church statement" to refute energy healing, you'll need to apply the same argument for, say going to the dentist for a toothache. Would that be "going outside of properly ordained priesthood authorities?" Why not just call your Home Teachers over for a healing blessing. Ah, the blasphemy of paying a dentist to fill a cavity! Ah, the sin of paying Desert Book for a CD of the Mo Tab singing hymns. We must by thrust to hell for paying for a piece of art by Greg Olson (obviously a gift from God.) Wow, crazy twisting of their words. The world isn't flat, the earth isn't the center of the universe...

    6. They didn't say there was anything RIGHT with energy healing either.

      The Lord explicitly commands us to CALL FOR THE ELDERS OF THE CHURCH FOR HEALING. He has never revealed anything to the contrary since then.

      Go ahead Presh, tell HIM He's wrong and needs to catch up with the times. He's the one who gave the commandment/counsel, not any of us.

      By the way, the Lord also commanded us not to make ANY likeness of ANYTHING in Heaven or on the earth beneath it. That includes paintings of Him no matter how "reverent" the artists feels. And selling HIS image for money. A big NO NO.

      Your argument holds no water and you're attempting to make it all inclusive. The statement issued by God's chosen servants applies to energy healing...period. So no, we don't need to apply it to anything else and risk being an agent of the adversary by attempting to dilute it as you have just done. And shame on you! It's the Mormon Tabernacle Choir..NOT Mo Tab. Give them their due respect as well as God's WORD and the WORD OF HIS CHOSEN SERVANTS. You are the blasphemer here using a serpent's argument. Good day sir/madam.

    7. "By the way, the Lord also commanded us not to make ANY likeness of ANYTHING in Heaven or on the earth beneath it. That includes paintings of Him no matter how "reverent" the artists feels. And selling HIS image for money. A big NO NO"

      If you think the artists whose artwork hangs in the temples of the Lord, and the artists who paint the beautiful murals in the ordinance rooms were not compensated for their work, you are sadly mistaken.

      "The Lord explicitly commands us to CALL FOR THE ELDERS OF THE CHURCH FOR HEALING. He has never revealed anything to the contrary since then."

      The next time you have a toothache, I wonder what your Bishop would say if you went right over to his house and asked for a priesthood blessing to heal it...he would tell you to go to the dentist!! I'm sure a priesthood blessing could heal a broken bone, or any other matter of injury, but anyone giving a blessing would also expect you to see an appropriate medical professional. There are several great Ensign articles that deal with mental imbalances and priesthood blessings. The council of the Brethren is that working with your Bishop and receiving a priesthood blessing is an important step, BUT priesthood leaders are ecclesiastical leaders and not mental health professionals. Members are encouraged BY THE BRETHREN to seek appropriate professional help. Nowhere in our doctrine are we told that priesthood blessing are the ONLY thing we should look to in healing physical or emotional issues. Quite the opposite. The lord expects his children to use all of the wonderful resources provided in our day.

    8. It's so sad that so many go their own way and do their own thing against the Torah at their own peril and still claim to be righteous and approved of God.

      HIS people, ISRAEL, DO NOT make statues of HIM, nor paintings of HIM because HE commanded them NOT TO DO IT. Such blasphemy for one to think they could begin to capture the glory of God in a statue or painting. Then man looks upon the workmanship of his puny hands and calls it good and reverences with affection that work when he and others look upon it....a cold, dead thing that in no way LOOKS LIKE GOD nor depicts His glory which would consume them in an instant. AND NEVER HAS HE COMMANDED BY REVELATION THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER DAY SAINTS TO ERECT STATUES OF HIM OR ANY OTHER PERSON NOR PAINTINGS OF HIM EITHER. NOR WILL YOU FIND ANY INCIDENCE OF IT RECORDED IN THE STANDARD WORKS.

      You say, "Nowhere in OUR doctrine" wonder the Church is going to get the come upn's FIRST before the rest of the world.

      James 5:14 Is there any sick among you, call for the Elders of the Church.
      D&C 42:43 And whosoever among you are sick, and have not faith to be healed, but believe, shall be nourished with all tenderness, with herbs and mild food, and that not by the hand of an enemy.

      And wow! Look at this, all without calling for an orthopedic surgeon, an ophthalmologist, nor an Otolaryngologist!

      3 Nephi 26:15

      And it came to pass that after he had ascended into heaven—the second time that he showed himself unto them, and had gone unto the Father, after having healed all their sick, and their lame, and opened the eyes of their blind and unstopped the ears of the deaf, and even had done all manner of cures among them, and raised a man from the dead, and had shown forth his power unto them, and had ascended unto the Father—

      I'm not so stupid or naïve as to not KNOW that modern medical technology is a gift. Nor am I so closed minded as to not believe that demonic possession exists and many go uncured or helped and it's blamed on mental illness. God has gifted many of us with discernment for such things.

      It is up to all of us to have the Holy Spirit for direction as to when seek the power of the priesthood for blessings/guidance/direction. Yes, the dentist can fix my tooth but the Lord through my faith can help me find the RIGHT dentist for not all in the medical profession are on the same level of skill.

      You may choose to split hairs on what the Lord says in HIS WORD to do and NOT to do and make excuses for the statues/paintings and LDS artists making money off said statues/paintings, that's your choice. It's GOD you're arguing against, NOT ME!

      God bless you to wake up to the truth as given in the Torah which contains HIS commandments.

    9. I went to a physical therapist 5 years ago, she used energy healing in her practice. She placed her hands on my injury and sent energy and warmth into my injury. I paid her. She also did other therapy.
      I have seen an energy healer, she did the same thing. We also talked, kind of like I might do with a therapist, who I have also seen and paid. I
      I also have a doctor, who prays for all her patients before she sees us. She prays for guidance to help or heal us. I pay her.
      I have also had priesthood blessings,

      In primary we always ask the children "What would Jesus do?"
      Jesus would want all of us to pray for each other always. Even those who charge money for their professions. Jesus would ask the farmer to pray over his fruit to nourish those who partake of it. Jesus would ask the salesclerk to pray for her customers and her interactions with them, that she may bring joy to their lives in some way. Jesus would ask that the money lender pray before he offers a loan to know that it is in the best interest of his customer.

      There are righteous women out there who are helping others beyond that of therapists. They are healing through their training. Christ would also want these women to ask for his guidance in their business.

      We can each receive personal revelation. We must pray everyday to know who we should do business with.

      I have seen members of all professions who have gone astray.

      I think like others here, this statement raises many more questions. We must also remember that our leaders are just Men. I am not being light. Our prophet can receive revelation from God for and on behalf of us all, but that does not mean that every thing a "spokeman" says has come from god. If I were to follow this guidance, I would only use the priesthood and those not charging for their services to heal my body and mind. If I were to follow this paragraph, I would not support big pharma and their miracles either.

  5. I had a female friend in my single days who related a story to me as she lived up near the U of U. She was walking home from school late at night and perceived she was being stalked. I forget the details but she was able to repulse him by the power of the priesthood. She may have used the Saviors name in protection. But as she got home her father called concerned as he felt something drain on him, we suppose his priesthood powers were being utilized.

  6. I watched my sister get caught up in this and leave the church. She started healing in the Saviors name and ended up not having faith in him at all. I caution everyone I run into on this topic.

    This will sift some members - there will be justification and you will see many continue to do this regardless of what the church said. Often we are not held accountable for what we do not know but now there is a statement those who choose to ignore the prophet are making themselves vulnerable just like any other sin can.

    It's best to adjust course quickly while it's still easy.

  7. I recommend reading the statement a little more carefully separate and apart from the news article. News articles are notorious for spinning official statements to support their own story. The statement was one of "caution" not "anyone who does anything like this is evil." The fact that they didn't come out and say "this is totally wrong" speaks volumes in and of itself. Obviously we should all be cautious when anyone promises a miraculous healing in exchange for money. But they also did not say "anyone offering to heal for money is evil." Doctors heal for money and the church supports the use of competent medical professionals. And if you think energy healers are totally different beasts from medical doctors because "science" doesn't support anything they do, you should probably read this article:

    It's always best to tone down the hate and look at things with a clear head. God Bless.

    1. You're right. I should have read your comment before I posted mine above. I get irritated by such blindness but I should have breathed deeply, meditated (a form of energy work) for 2 minutes and read your article before I commented. Sorry for my heated response earlier.

  8. The church statement being passed around as "just" coming out about energy healing is actually a general statement that has been around for a few years, and used in response to other issues as well. The church simply referred to this statement on record in response to the KUTV story on energy healing. And incedentally, as an herbalist and homeopath who also includes energy healing techniques into my work, I absolutely support the church's statement. Members should be cautious, and the red flags mentioned in the statement certainly should be warning signs for anyone looking into forms of natural healing!

  9. I think all memebers rely too much on man's medicine... Instead of God's. What can energy healing do that Priesthood blessings cannot? What can medical doctors, dentists, surgeon s and shrinks do.... That cannot be done through the priesthood. Christ healed all manner of pains and sicknesses... Some out right, some with prerequisites.... All on a case by case basis. I believe that at least 50℅ of "modern" medicine is inspired.... But why does it need to be our first defense against pains and sicknesses.... Instead of the sidekick for real priesthood healing? So many in our church are blind and deaf and dumb as to this matter...

    1. Excellent point Sister! Permit me to add to it by drawing attention to that poor Israelite woman who had an "issue of blood" for 12 years! (Matt 9:20:22, Matt 14:34-36) She'd been to every physician who could do nothing for her, and I can only imagine what they did to her, AND she basically went broke trying to use "modern medical science" for healing. She lived a life without human touch after her "issue" started which I can only guess had to be an extreme case of endometriosis.

      Her last resort? She most assuredly KNEW of Malachi's prophecy from 4:2 AND she'd heard of Jesus/Yeshua the great Rabbi, the HEALER, the "Servant of Righteousness who would arise with healing in His wings".

      wings - "kanaph" in Hebrew. The borders/hem of His garment. The ties that every devout Jewish man wore on his garment.

      Her faith in His priesthood power cured her as her outstretched hand pushed through to touch the hem of His garment. He knew the moment HER hand touched Him from among the reaching masses. He felt healing power go out of Him and into her. "WHO touched ME?" What a question! What a lesson!

      He called her forth. Not to embarrass her but to verify to the witnesses that her healing was legitimate of GOD's PRIESTHOOD AUTHORITY and not of sorcery and an UNVERIFIED SOURCE. He touched her hand to show she was CLEAN and HEALED of her affliction.

      This incident is undeniable proof of WHY GOD COMMANDS the sick and afflicted to CALL FOR THE SET APART ELDERS OF THE CHURCH for healing.

      All healing is done for HIS GLORY and every incidence of it is under His timing and supervision. And all examples in scripture point to HIS AUTHORIZED SERVANTS doing the healing or HIM HIMSELF before and after His resurrection. This is why it's by the Spirit we know when to seek priesthood authority for healing.

      There is no incidence in His written Word to seek anyone other than His servants for requested healing. NONE! In fact, He says to stay away from them! No peeping wizards, sorcerers, or witches. They were put to death under His law.

      So, if anyone else, tries to persuade or argue this energy healing stuff outside of God's Word, you know the truth of what God has to say about it and that is enough. Let them cut the ties that bind them to His servants and sink themselves to Hell.