Monday, January 24, 2022


 Wow, this talk popped into my newsfeed and jerked some serious tears!

I was just talking to my daughter (who may have heard this talk in person) about our former acquaintances who feel God is sadistic.  We talked about trials refining us and bringing us to a greater love of God and fellow man.  Even God the Son had to endure terrible things at the hands of evil men:

Please never consider your trials too burdensome to bear.  We instead need to count our blessings and thank God for what we do have.  We are blessed beyond measure and need to focus on the simple things we are able to enjoy.

Sunday, January 23, 2022


Folks, we have been warned to watch out for the wolves operating among the flock, seeking to pull committed members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints away from their moorings.

Trust me when I say that I have PLENTY of misgivings of how things are going in the 501c3 corporate church today; from the whole vaccine BS to having fractional trillions of dollars in the kitty and not using a lion share of it (or at least the interest off of the base amount) to do good in the world.  If the church spent say 10 billion per year on helping underserved people in the world, it would truly be a light on the hill and a beacon of hope.  Watching a ledger increase with more zeroes each year does no one any good, other than to make Uncle McScrooge's eyes to bulge with greed....

Having said that, the keys of the kingdom and the vessel that the Lord has used to complete the genealogical record, take the gospel to the world, etc lay squarely with this organization, as imperfect as it is.  There are those who will take advantage of the imperfections of doctrine or leaders, etc to pick off faithful members of the church.  Here is their modus operandi:

1.  Find fault with the existing leaders (not hard to do these days when it appears they are in a full intimate embrace with babylon....).

2.  Leverage that feeling of discontent to include all of the Brethren back to Joseph Smith, declaring even that Brigham Young, John Taylor, etc were involved in a plot to kill Joseph Smith.  There is a movie put out by this movement alleging that.  How ridiculous.  How salacious..... C'mon man!  Seriously!!

3.  Disavow any involvement by Joseph Smith in any spiritual or physical unions to other women using the words of Jacob 2.  Disregard diaries of those directly involved, who had no agenda one way or the other.

4.  Destroy Brigham Young based on some questionable teachings (blood atonement, MMM, etc) and then call into question the Priesthood authority going forward from him.

5.  Destroy any notion of plural marriage as put forward by Brigham Young and others as a lustful and self-serving practice.  Deny that Jesus was even married, even though it was a requirement for a Rabbi to be 30 years old and married in order to be considered a man of the cloth in the day.

6.  Declare any teachings in the D&C taught after 1844 to be null and void, all the while releasing their own form of modern revelations which appear to be in the same voice as the pre-1844 revelations.

I am sure I am missing something in here - but you get the point.  These are all the points of the Denver Snuffer movement, which I abhor.  The man is a charlatan!  A fake.  A fraudster.  He is a John C. Bennet of our day.  I detected him in the first chapter of his book on the First Comforter.  He had no Spirit about him....  None.

Here is where this is headed in the future:

1.  Something will be found that will seem to cast a bad light on Joseph Smith.  He will then be thrown under the bus by the lead wolves of this movement.

2.  This will then be leveraged to throw doubts as to the authenticity of the Book of Mormon, based on the alleged actions of it's translator.

3.  Once the second witness is deconstructed, this will lead to questions of the authenticity of Christ's movement and testimony.

4.  This will lead to questions about God.

5.  This will lead to atheism.  Once you have had the fullness of the truth, there is nothing that will fill the void left by it's abandonment.  It will gnaw at the person at every turn and typically leads to attacks of the "offending" principle until the person can make it go away (usually by violence).  It is a tale as old as time.  The Lamanites lived it.  The Jaredites lived it.  Wipe out any vestige of remembrance of what pricked the conscience in a blind, illogical rage.

These slippery slopes always have a bottom and they never end well.  It is best to have the wisdom to see that one is heading down the slope - and then to stop the slide at the top, than to ride it to the bottom and find that wreckage has ensued.

My wife and I watched a former Bishop and his excellent (or so we thought) wife make the meteoric plunge when their oldest went full-on lesbo and they decided that the church's teachings were spiteful and harmful to her mental health.  It started with criticism of principles outlined in the Proclamation on the Family and ended up with both of them deciding they are both avowed athiests.  It did not stop with Joseph Smith or the Book of Mormon (because heaven forbid, Alma 42 might offend the promiscuous daughter...), it ended with God being a sadistic being and so much other BS.  Holy heck - and knowing of their history, they had nothing to really complain of when compared to the country song that has been my life (except I have not wrecked my pickup truck and had my dog die on me...).  Of course, the lefties picked up on it and they are now John Dehlin stooges and anti poster children.  SMH....  So predictable.

Are we shat upon by people in the church?  Yes, we are.  Some of the worst things happen within our wards and stakes.  But that should not affect our attitude towards the doctrinal set (institution).  The foibles of men are directly correlatable to wicked or weak people.  We need to be able to separate the two things and get a grip on reality.

If we choose to kick against the pricks, all we will have to blame is ourselves when it is all over.  Our attitude determines our future outcomes.  When we see things as they really are in our life review, all bad outcomes will likely point back to our bad attitudes.  And thus the devil cheats our souls carefully down to hell and leaves us to ourselves when it is all over.  Oh, be wise, ye fair ones!

Saturday, January 22, 2022


 So, I have been hinting at doing this piece for some time now.  First I had to get feeling back in one pinky that was damaged during the two weeks I was in an induced coma, so I could hit the A key instead of the caps lock when typing quickly....

So, about the first week in November, I went with my family to the local shopping center about one hour away from my home.  Everything was normal until we were on our last errand and I could barely drive because nausea hit me like a wall with no warning.  It was so bad that my 16 year old daughter (who had not driven a stick shift on the highway - just around town) was the go-to to get us home.  I helped her shift into 5th gear and then promptly dropped off to sleep.  When we got to a three way intersection near our town, I coached her until we pulled in our driveway.  The rest is a blur.

I have an aversion to hospitals and hate needles, so I refused to go see a doc for about 8 days when things took a turn for the worse.  I was eating almost nothing and refused most of my wife's treatments including hyd peroxide in our nebulizer.  I just wanted to sleep or die.  One of the two.  It was so bad that my daughter says I staggered out of my room and made a puddle on the bathroom floor and then staggered back to my room to sleep some more.  We have an oxymeter and normal for me was in the mid to upper 80's on the machine - but I was dipping into the 50's and 60's.  This is also normal for me if I am shallow breathing, even after Covid.

A good friend that lives 35 mins away felt multiple promptings to call and check up on me.  I had changed phones so he did not have current information on me.  He finally got my info and, on talking to me, decided I was in desperate shape.  My wife, due to her "Covid brain", was also not thinking logically nor clearly and just did not call the ambulance, regardless of how I felt.  I kept saying (at her insistence) I would go in the next morning to the clinic to get checked out, but when my friend finally made it to our house, my oxy levels were at 37% and I was blue in my lips and extremities.  I was pretty much going to be dead by morning without an intervention.  My friend gave me a quick blessing and loaded me in his SUV.  Instead of taking me to the regional hospital one hour away, he took me to the local emergency room for fear of losing me on the way to cardiac arrest.  At least I would have cardiac care and oxygen on the way to the hospital in an ambulance.

I got to the regional hospital with my SpO2 levels in the 50's since I had been sucking down pure oxy for an hour.  I made it very clear I did not want the intubation and was quite belligerent.  I also said no vax.  I do not trust anyone that has to force something on anyone.  I grew up with an older brother that pulled stunts like getting me to pee on the electric fence and knew after the first few tricks, that the more he insisted on something, the worse the outcome was going to be.  I care not if people get the jab, just so long as they do not impinge on my agency in the process.  Some people are REAL control freaks...  I am confident that it will be found that Fauci and his wicked posse are sick, demented and have an agenda behind this of population control and complete world communism.  Yes, this is the pre-cursor to the mark of the beast....  No buying or selling without this thing.  The chip is next.

So, my wife overrode my signed DNR and Do Not Intubate order (with a stern warning not to use "Run death is Near" = Remdesivir on me) and I got to ride the Ronatisserie for two whole weeks.  The whole time being wrestled about like a giant sack of potatoes so that I did not get bed sores and poked like a pin cushion for fear of me going into diabetic shock or something.  Even when my blood sugar tested in the 5-6 range, they were still religiously poking me to check my levels.  Incidentally, when I came out of the induced coma, the nurse asked me if I had any hallucinations of torture.  I said I did.  She asked if an Asian female was involved.  Why yes, this Asian gal was in my delusions and she was doing almost non-stop accupuncture and rolling me over in bed.  I figure I was conscious of the poking and prodding, though I could not move my eyelids or muscles due to the fentanyl paralyzing me.  I could hear what was being said around me, but could not respond.  All I wanted was ice chips to soothe the dry throat and nostrils.  

The lack of mucus membrane hydration was horrifying.  Once I was out of ICU and I had some diaphragm power going on, we managed to hydrate and steam (using hot wash cloths) the left nostril which produced what looked like a black olive (blood clot).  I was sure my wife would never touch an olive again after hearing her dry heave....  Two months later, I am just barely nursing my nasal system back to a normal state.  All I wanted was something to ease the dryness.  In one delusion, my wife had died and they had stored her body in a clear plastic tub.  They had used the last of the ice from the ice machine to preserve her corpse (the power had gone out and there was mass death - so they did what they could do for her) and placed her next to my bed (the power outage actually occurred when we had 200kph winds over the Thanksgiving weekend and I believe the ICU lost power and people were rushing about to get critical people taken care of until the generators came on).  I could not reach the ice chips to satiate my thirst and I was begging someone to come help me.  I did not care whether I lived or died, and knew that having those ice chips that had been contaminated by her corpse would result in my demise.  I did not care and finally, someone relented and I was able to get some relief knowing I would likely die from it.

The hallucinations were so real, it was just intense.  Most people on the fentanyl end up having PTSD from the experience.  Some 70% end up having difficulty maintaining employment.  As far as the PTSD goes, I have been through enough PTSD-inducing events in my life that this was just a little over par for the course....  All I could think about was getting cold water whenever I wanted it and what I called, the "holy ice chips".  I also wanted out.  In the delusional state I was in, I was certain I had been put in a fat farm against my will by my wife.  I had lost 80lbs over those three weeks.  I had no recollection of being put in for low oxy levels and because the x-rays of my lungs looked like a blizzard was going on in there.  When the attending physician told me I had been intubated for two weeks, I just laughed at him.  Finally, after his insistence, I said, "Okay, trust - but verify".  A call to my wife verified that this was the case.  She was the only one I trusted for good information - even though a few days earlier, she was in a plastic tub, preserved on ice....  Go figure.  Several of my friends had come to the hospital to see me (in my delusion) and they had all died.  I was the only one surviving this....  It was intense.

During the intense wind storm when the power went out, I could hear it outside my room and personnel were running everywhere.  I believe my fentanyl drip had quit and I believe I was conscious at that time to see them going everywhere trying to resolve the problems.  I could not move my arms or even talk due to the paralysis, but my eyes were open for a time.  I was able to describe my room accurately to my wife when I came to.  The best part of my delusions was that I prayed until some friends came to the hospital to break me out.  They brought cordite and were going to blow a hole in the wall and bring down the alarms so I could slip out.  Every time I woke up and we were going to attempt another break out, I would yell, "Fire in the hole!" and told everyone to duck to avoid the shrapnel.  That was a great delusion.  Some were fun.  Some were tortuous.  

One of my favorite delusions was dealing with this one doctor that shaved his head and wore reflective aviator glasses like Jeff Bezos.  I had insulted Bezos and he wrote SLC and told the Brethren to rein in his followers that were too direct.  So, they released a memo and I got a copy of the memo.  I was mad at "Bezos" and swore I would never buy another Amazon product in my life....  I also swore I would have every doctor and nurse arrested for corruption (not giving me the ice chips I wanted and for not letting me out from my prison fat farm).  To prove I had some clout and that I would eventually effect these arrests, I called some people I am connected to who knew people and had Elon Musk de-fuel his Mars rocket so that it would show these people that I was a force to be reckoned with and that they must release me at once.  The announcement came across their newsfeeds on the screens they were constantly monitoring.  When I knew they got the message, I demanded some cool looking scrubs and some flip flops so I could walk the 50 miles home (in -20C) weather....  Seriously, it must have been a gong show when I was going in and out of consciousness and relaying my demands to the poor hospital staff.  They were entertained, I am sure.  One nurse later told me that the Bezos moniker stuck and this one fellow is now Bezos....  haha

After they pulled me off the ventilator, my wife was allowed to visit me.  She was allowed to talk to me through the negative pressure enclosure via two cell phones.  One of the first things she asked was if I was mad at her for "what I had done to you (me)".  My voice was gone, but I managed to tell her that I hated her for what she had done to me (putting me in a tortuous fat farm with all these Asian accupuncturists).  It is all quite hilarious in retrospect....

Within a day of being out, my hoarse whisper turned to talking and they could not shut me up.  I just wanted to download all of my delusions to anyone who would listen.  It takes about 4-6 days for the drugs to metabolize out of the body, so the post-ICU trips were a wild mix of reality mixed with wild dream states.  The nights were mostly sleepless due to the steriods.  They attempted to give me sleeping pills, but they did not work.   I would stare at the analog clock for hours into the night and wonder what the jumble of numbers and long pointy things meant.  They humidified the room, so the eerie fog emanating from the vents in the low night lights really tripped me out.  The brain was cooked!  I could make sense of nothing.  When they would ask me where I was, I would answer that I was in BC or anywhere but where I actually was.  In my mind, it was 2023 and I was two years younger than what the records showed.  I am sure the docs thought I had permanent dain brammage.

One night, while skyping with my family, I demanded that my kiddo come pick me up and tried bribing her.  In the process of that convo, I got the idea that my wife did not want me home because she said she could not care for me (this is true, as it took a team of nurses to roll me over).  In two weeks, the limbs had atrophied so much that walking was impossible.  In fact, when the coolest male nurse ever came in to the room with a popsicle, I had to work to get one hand, then the other to my mouth before he would let me have the prize.  I think this was after I had quit eating because I did not think anyone wanted to see me (my wife had been forbidden to come due to her vaccine status).  In addition to the starvation protest, I determined I was going to break out of the hospital and hitchhike home to see my family or run off with one of the local divorcees after I impressed her by putting a fresh coat of gravel on her driveway (yes, that was random).  I planned the breakout for the next morning after hearing that two other patients had successfully made a Code Yellow break for it.  Nurses were running everywhere in a panic since it was sub-zero outside.  I was determined and emboldened by their success!  The next morning around 4am, there was a power outage on the floor above me and all hands were on deck running around with flashlights and I could hear them.  I determined that this was my opportunity.  I could barely move my arms, but I managed to rip the pic lines out of my hand and, with blood thinners coursing through my veins, I had about one pint of thick almost brackish blood on the floor next to the bed where I had managed to drag myself over the bed rail.  The pool of blood was about the size of a dinner platter.  When I came to, I used my stronger right arm to pull myself along the bed until I think I got hung up on my catheter at the end of the bed.  I had probably moved 10'.  It felt like miles.  I collapsed on my back and passed out only to come to as I was shitting myself and peeing all over the place.  There was blood everywhere and I have to say it must have been quite the sight when the night nurse walked in.

There was a doctor who had emigrated from Westfalia, Germany and one of the first things he said in a very strong German accent as he looked on the scene was, "Vell, vee may hav lost z var, but it appearz zat yu have lost z battle."  I along with everyone else burst out in laughter because it was so freaking funny and politically incorrect....  From that time forward, everything was funny.  He changed the trajectory of my bad fentanyl trip.  I got my wife to call my friends that I had thought had died next to me in my room; and the relief that they were alive was overwhelming.  I wept.  I had spent the entire night planning on how I was going to break the news to the children that their parents and grandmother were all gone.  Even though it was not my fault, I felt a great responsibility for them....  Slowly, piece by piece, the delusions were deconstructed in my mind.  That was the hardest part!  It all seemed so real.

A few days later, I was able to eat solid food and they decided to transfer me to the smaller local hospital for convalescence and PT so I could walk again and care for myself.  My oxy levels were coming up nicely and I was consistently in the upper 80's.  Where I was at prior to Covid.  They said I would be out sometime the first or second week in January.  I informed them that this was unacceptable because I had a daughter coming home from school and I was going to spend Christmas with her.  I worked my buns off until I could walk ten days after having to be fed by a nurse due to lack of muscle coordination/control.  I met my daughter as she walked into the house.  Best Christmas present ever.  It truly was a Christmas miracle - from going from less than a 50% chance of survival, to walking out of the hospital under my own power less than four weeks later and with no oxy tank for home use.  

Getting Covid probably saved my life.  My wife had been warning me that she was going to lose me due to stress eating and these nagging health problems that doctors could not get a handle on.  I agreed that I probably only had six months before my heart would fail....  But, slowly my oxy levels have increased on their own to the mid-90's and I have more energy than from the long Covid I got the end of Feb 2020, which sapped my strength until the second bout.  The loss of the all the weight in the hospital was amazing for my health.  Long-standing health conditions including arrythmia disappeared while on the Ronatisserie.  I had explosive diarrhea from a bout with e-coli in Brazil 35 years ago.  All gone.  I can eat protein at will now.  Something (probably due to the Ivermectin my wife smuggled in to me before intubation) wiped that out.  I am humbled and gob-smacked by it all.

My wife hoped I would have an NDE while I was in the induced coma.  Some people do.  I did not.  I wish I could report something - and you know I would.  But I cannot recall even a shred of anything like that.  Just the wild hallucinations!  The takeaway from that is:  stay away from fentanyl and, if you have da covid, remember to get an outside advisor to help you through the decisions you need to make because the brain and logic are useless once you get into the downward spiral and attendant brain fog.  Early treatment with vit D and Zinc and critical and Ivermectin is an early prophylactic that needs to be employed.

Most of all:  the jab is neither safe nor effective; as folks on 95% jabbed cruise ships are finding out.  Use good diet and exercise to get your diabetes and weight under control.  Those two things will kill you!  Otherwise, it is over 99% survivable unless you are going to die anyway from old age.

Wednesday, January 19, 2022


 This is what got Jesus killed.  The prophesying, the healing, the charisma was just a little too much for patriarchy of the day.  Of course, we know he that turned out when they created a martyr.  God is a god of ironies!:

Numbers 11

16 ¶ And the Lord said unto Moses, Gather unto me seventy men of the elders of Israel, whom thou knowest to be the elders of the people, and officers over them; and bring them unto the tabernacle of the congregation, that they may stand there with thee.

17 And I will come down and talk with thee there: and I will take of the spirit which is upon thee, and will put it upon them; and they shall bear the burden of the people with thee, that thou bear it not thyself alone.

25 And the Lord came down in a cloud, and spake unto him, and took of the spirit that was upon him, and gave it unto the seventy elders: and it came to pass, that, when the spirit rested upon them, they prophesied, and did not cease.

26 But there remained two of the men in the camp, the name of the one was Eldad, and the name of the other Medad: and the spirit rested upon them; and they were of them that were written, but went not out unto the tabernacle: and they prophesied in the camp.

27 And there ran a young man, and told Moses, and said, Eldad and Medad do prophesy in the camp.

28 And Joshua the son of Nun, the servant of Moses, one of his young men, answered and said, My lord Moses, forbid them.

29 And Moses said unto him, Enviest thou for my sake? would God that all the Lord’s people were prophets, and that the Lord would put his spirit upon them!

Friday, January 14, 2022


 Well, the IRS is clamping down on interpersonal transactions of $600 or more, as Biden seeks to pay for the illegals' benefits of those he purposefully flooded into the country to skew the vote in 2022/2024 and keep his corrupt machine in power.  

It is obvious to anyone with half a brain that they are getting ready to devalue the dollar through inflationary means (all prophesied) and you will "have nothing and be happy" as part of the Louse Slob (Klaus Schwab) plan for international communism that President Benson warned us about.  

They will come after anyone who refuses to play along with their grand delusion and refuse them entry to shops and eventually food establishments (just as they have done in most Canadian provinces).  This is the pre-cursor to the Mark of the Beast as mentioned in Revelations.

So, what does all this mean for us?  Black market, baby!  Black market.  We simply will have to band together and trade skills and goods amongst ourselves.  Of course, we will be shunned by our tribe for not being "good global citizens" and for supposedly going against the counsel of the Prophet (even though this assumption/assertion is the biggest farce I can think of....).

I usually try and check out people who comment on the blog so I can see if there is some push from the DoC group or other apostate organs to steer the narrative (that kind of stuff really bothers me....).  I did a quick check of the author of a recent comment and she had put up a blog that basically has the tools to start a simple communal society that is similar to what the Saints had in Utah when they set up co-ops and the ZCMI, etc.  Zion Commercial Mercantile, Inc.  Schools were not federally or state controlled and the people were not beholden to the banks and big business like we are today.  We are slaves.  They were not and were relatively free compared to our awful situation.  Trade was a common form of commerce.  Tithing was often paid in kind or with an actual cow or pig, etc.  The Bishop's Storehouse was actually a storehouse.

Instead of egregious taxes for example, the Logan valley railroad was built using assessed labor (one day a week in the off season) with a requirement to go to the hills and cut enough ties for your section of the railroad.  Very ingenious - and transit in the valley is still free to this day.

We need to get back to this mind set if we are to "come out of her" (Babylon):

If we are to disconnect from this system, how can we continue to throw food in the trough of the beast?

If you refuse to get the jab, then start thinking in the alternative universe because time is short until ridiculously draconian measures are implemented.

Wednesday, January 5, 2022


 We really are in trouble.  All of us.  I am not pointing the finger.

We accumulate and accumulate all the while consuming it upon our lusts.  As a group, we have 110 billion in nice little rainy day kitty.  Folks, imagine if you will, an army of skilled service missionaries (retirees) and a few water drilling rigs, coursing around Africa or India, funded with just one of those billions (maybe with proceeds from the sale of the Pfizer and Moderna stocks) providing a fresh source of water for an impoverished or underserved people.  The same thing in the West where we don't even think of dropping a cool billion on a bridge to get across a river, etc. while a road barely exists to service large towns in Africa.

We will hoard that money until the collapse of Babylon and many will weep bitterly because of the loss, but the opportunity to help will have passed; our salvation and collective destiny foiled.  Then there will be weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth as those whose faces we have ground upon by not sharing our substance with them.  They will Lord over us as those who have merited salvation while we have already achieved our telestial reward in terms of temporal things.

As the above video (must watch) states, our sin is as that of Sodom (greater than the actual sin of sodomy, which foils the first commandment given to man), which is withholding the substance given to us liberally from our Maker.

It is quite baffling when I meet someone who is incredibly tight with their money (it seems the more they have, often the more tight they are with it), because they cannot take it with them.  When my father (who was quite generous to those in need) lost our inheritances through a bad business deal, several children just fought over it like so many vultures.  The children I respect, just walked away from the vulturing in disgust.  I do not understand the mentality.....

I had a medical emergency and was out of commission for six weeks over Covid.  Many self-righteous I am sure condemned me (us) for avoiding the shot.  Several did reach out to see if they could help us since I am the primary provider in the household.  I do not care to think of those that did not, but to point out that someone who has been blessed, did reach out to the tune of about 8500 dollars and helped us to get through our tight spot.  This individual is consecrated, and the Lord has blessed him with incredible means.  He is living the Gospel as we read in the instruction manuals.  Not just loose-lipped mouth service, but real help.  Alan Ashton of Word Perfect fame said it best when he said that the more he gave away, the more that came his way.  In the false gospel of prosperity, the mind-set is that the more you have, it means that the Lord loves you more.  The tendency is to consume it upon our lusts and accumulate and accumulate while grinding on the face of the poor and refusing to help.  This is not the spirit of Zion.  We must be willing to give (and actively giving) all in susataining our brethren.

We need to awaken from our awful situation.

Tuesday, January 4, 2022


There is dualism in these words:

We will have these events come about again, but on a more grand scale.

Thursday, December 30, 2021


 A very cool experience found by my friend Connie:

1920: Near Death, The New Birth, Heavenly Manifestation:

The Heavenly Manifestation given to Heber Q. Hale President of the Boise Stake Heber Q. Hale, President of the Boise Stake of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, relates here the details of a “heavenly manifestation” at a genealogy conference held in the auditorium of the Bishop's Building in Salt Lake City, Utah, in October 1920.  He gave this account at the request of the Church's First Presidency at the time. It is with a very humble and grateful spirit that I attempt to relate on this occasion, by request a personal experience, which is very sacred to me.  I must, of necessity, be brief.  Furthermore, there were certain things made known to me which I don't feel at liberty to relate here.  Let me say, by way of preface, that between the hours of twelve and seven-thirty a.m. in the night of January 20, 1920, while alone in a room at the home of W. R. Rawson in Carey, Idaho, this glorious manifestation was vouchsafed to me. I was not conscious of anything that transpired during the hours mentioned, except what I experienced in this manifestation.  I did not turn over in bed, nor was I disturbed by any sound, which, indeed, is unusual for me.  Whether it be called a dream, an apparition, a vision, or a pilgrimage of my spirit into the world of spirits, I know not.  I care not.  I know that I actually saw and experienced the things related in this heavenly manifestation, and they are as real to me as any experience of my life.  For me, at least, this is sufficient. Of all the doctrines and practices of the Church, the principle of vicarious work for the dead has been the most difficult for me to comprehend and wholeheartedly accept.  I consider this vision as the Lord's answer to the prayer of my soul on this and certain other questions. I passed but a short distance from my body through a film into the world of spirits.  This was my first experience after going to sleep.  I seemed to realize that I had passed through the change called “death,” and I so referred to it in my conversation with the immortal beings with whom I immediately came in contact.  I readily observed their displeasure at our use of the word death and the fear which we attach to it.  They use there another word in referring to the transition from mortality to immortality, which word I don't recall, and I can only approach its meaning and the impression which was left upon my mind by calling it “the New Birth.”  My first visual impression was the nearness of the world of spirits to the world of mortality.  The vastness of this heavenly sphere was bewildering to the eyes of the spirit-novice.  Many enjoyed unrestricted vision and unimpeded action, while many others were visibly restricted as to both vision and action.  The vegetation and landscape were beautiful beyond description; not all green as here, but gold with varying shades of pink, orange, and lavender, as the rainbow.  A sweet calmness pervaded everything.  The people I met there I did not think of as spirits, but as men and women, self-thinking and self-acting individuals, going about important business in a most orderly manner.  There was perfect order there and everybody had something to do and seemed to be about their business.

That the inhabitants of the spirit world are classified according to their lives of purity and their subservience to the Father's will, was subsequently made apparent.  Particularly was it observed that the wicked and unrepentant are confined to a certain district by themselves, the confines of which are as definitely determined and impassable as the line marking the division of the physical from the spiritual world.  A mere film, but impassable until the person himself was changed.  The world of spirits is the temporary abode of all spirits pending the resurrection from the dead and the judgment.  There was much activity within the different spheres, and appointed ministers of salvation were seen coming from the higher to the lower spheres in pursuit of their missionary appointments. I had a very pronounced desire to meet certain of my kinfolk and friends, but I was at once impressed with the fact that I had entered a tremendously great and extensive world, even greater than our earth and more numerously inhabited.  I could only be in one place at a time, could do only one thing at a time, could look only in one direction at a time, and accordingly, it would require many, many years to search out and converse with all those I had known and those whom I desired to meet unless they were specially summoned to receive me.  All men and women were appointed to special and regular service under a well organized plan of action directed principally toward preaching the gospel to the unconverted, teaching those who seek for knowledge and establishing family relationships and gathering genealogies for the use and benefit of mortal survivors of their respective families, that the work of baptism and the sealing of ordinances may be vicariously performed for the departed in the temples of God upon the earth.  The authorized representatives of families in the world of spirits have access to our temple records and are kept fully advised of the work done therein, but the vicarious work done here does not become effective automatically. The recipients must first believe, repent, and accept baptism and confirmation; then certain officiating ordinances are performed effectualizing these saving principles in the lives of the regenerated beings.  And so the great work is going on — they doing a work there which we cannot do here, and we a work here which they cannot do there for the salvation of all God's children who will be saved. I was surprised to find that there were no babes in arms there.   I met the infant son of Orson W. Rawling, my first counselor.  I immediately recognized him as the baby who died a few years ago, and yet he seemed to have the intelligence and, in certain respects, the appearance of an adult, and was engaged in matters pertaining to his family and its genealogy.   My mind was quite contented upon the point that mothers will again receive into their arms their children who died in infancy and will be fully satisfied by the fact that entrance into the world of spirits is not an inhibition to growth but the greatest opportunity for development.  Babies are adult spirits in infant bodies.  I beheld a mighty multitude of men, the largest I had ever seen gathered in one place, whom I immediately recognized as soldiers — the millions who had been slaughtered and rushed so savagely into the world of spirits during the great world war.  Among them moved calmly and majestically, a great general in supreme command.  As I drew nearer, I received the kindly smile and generous welcome of a great loving man — General Richard W. Young.  Then came the positive conviction to my soul, that of all the men, living or dead, there is not one who is so perfectly fitted for the great mission unto which he had been called.  He commands immediately the attention and respect of all the soldiers.  He is at once a great general and a great High Priest of God.  No earthly field of labor to which he could have been assigned could compare with it in importance and extent.  I passed from this scene to return later, when I found General Young had this vast army of men completely organized with officers over successive divisions, and all were seated, and he was preaching the Gospel in great earnestness to them. As I passed forward, I soon met my beloved mother.  She greeted me most affectionately and expressed surprise at seeing me there and reminded me that I had not completed my allotted mission on earth.  She seemed to be going somewhere and was in a hurry and accordingly took her leave, saying that she would see me again soon. I moved forward, traversing an appreciable distance and consuming considerable time, viewing the wonderful sights of landscapes, parks, trees, and flowers, and meeting people, some of whom I knew, but many thousands of whom I did not recognize as acquaintances.  I presently approached a small group of men, standing in a path lined with spacious stretches of flowers, grasses, and shrubs, all of golden hue, marking the approach to a beautiful building.  The group was engaged in earnest conversation.  One of their number parted from the rest and came walking down the path.  I at once recognized my esteemed President Joseph F. Smith.  He embraced me as a father would his son and, after a few words of greeting, quickly remarked: “You have not come to stay,” which remark I understood more as a declaration than an interrogation.  For the first time I became fully conscious of my uncompleted mission on earth and, as much as I would have liked to remain, I at once asked President Smith, if I might return to earth.  “You have expressed a righteous desire,” he replied, “and I shall take the matter up with the authorities and let you know later.” We then returned and he led me toward the little group of men from whom he had just separated. I immediately recognized President Brigham Young and the Prophet Joseph Smith.  I was surprised to find the former a shorter and heavier built man than I had pictured him in my mind to be.  On the other hand, I found the latter to be taller than I had expected to find him.  Both they and the President were possessed of a calm and holy majesty, which was at once kind and kingly.  We then retraced our steps and President Smith took his leave saying he would see me again.  From a certain point of vantage I was permitted to view the earth and what was going on there. There was no limitation to my vision and I was astounded at this.  I saw my wife and children at home.  I saw President Heber J. Grant at the head of the great Church and Kingdom of God, and felt the divine power that radiates from God giving it light and truth and guiding its destiny.  I beheld this nation, founded as it is upon correct principles and designed to endure, but beset by evil and sinister forces that seek to lead men to destroy the purposes of God.  I saw towns and cities, the sins and wickedness of men and women.  I saw vessels sailing the oceans and scanned the battle-scarred fields of France and Belgium.

In a word I beheld the whole world, as if it were but a panorama passing before my eyes.  Then there came to be the unmistakable impression that this earth and scenes and persons upon it are open to the vision of the spirits only when special permission is given, or when they are assigned to special service here.  This is particularly true of the righteous, who are busily engaged in two fields of activity at the same time.  The wicked and unrepentant have still, like the rest, their free agency, and, applying themselves to no useful or wholesome undertaking, seek pleasure about their old haunts and exalt in the sin and wickedness of degenerated humanity.  To this extent they are still tools of Satan.  It is these idle, mischievous, and deceptive spirits who appear as miserable counterfeits at spiritualist seances, table dancing, and ouija board operations.  The noble and great ones do not respond to the call of the mediums and to every curious group of meddlesome inquirers.  They would not do it in the world of mortality, certainly they would not do it in their increased state of knowledge in the world of immortality.  These wicked and unrepentant spirits are allies of Satan and his host, operating through willing mediums in the flesh. These three forces [Satan, his host, and the unrepentant spirits] constitute an unholy trinity upon the earth and are responsible for all the sin, wickedness, distress, and misery among men and nations. I moved forward feasting my eyes upon the beauty of everything about me and glorifying in the indescribable peace and happiness that abound in everybody and through everything.  The further I went the more glorious things appeared.  While standing at a certain vantage point, I beheld, a short distance away, a wonderful, beautiful temple capped with golden domes, from which emerged a small group of men dressed in white robes, who paused for a brief conversation.  They were the first I had seen thus clad.  The million that I had previously seen were in uniforms. In this little group of holy men my eyes centered upon one more splendid and holy than the rest. While I thus gasped, President Joseph F. Smith parted from the others and came to my side.  “Do you know him?” he inquired.  I quickly answered, “Yes, I know him.  My eyes behold my Lord and Savior.” “It is true,” said President Smith.  And, oh, how my soul thrilled with rapture and unspeakable joy filled my heart. President Smith informed me that I had been given permission to return and complete the mission upon the earth which the Lord had appointed to me to fulfill.  Then with his hand upon my shoulder he uttered these memorable and significant words, “Brother Heber, you have a great  work to do.  Go forward with a prayerful heart and thou shall be blessed in your ministry.  From this time on never doubt that God lives, that Jesus Christ is the Son, the Savior of the world, that the Holy Ghost is God of Spirit and the messenger of the Father and the Son.  Never doubt the resurrection of the dead, the immortality of the soul.  Know that the destiny of man is eternal progress.  Never doubt that the mission of the Latter-day Saints is to all mankind, both the living and the dead, and that the great work in the holy temples for the living and the dead has only begun.  Know this: that Joseph Smith was sent of God to usher in the gospel dispensation of the Fullness of Times, which is the last unto the mortals upon the earth.  His successors have all been called of and approved of God.  President Heber J. Grant is at this time the recognized and ordained head of the Church of Jesus Christ upon the earth.  Give him your confidence and support.  Much of what you have seen and heard here you will not be permitted to repeat when you return.” Thus saying he bade me goodbye and God bless you. I traveled quite a distance through various scenes and passing innumerable people before I reached the spheres which I had first entered.  On my way I was greeted by many friends and relatives, certain of whom sent words of greeting and counsel to their dear ones here — my mother being one of them.  One other I will mention.  Brother John Adamson, his wife, his son James, and their daughter Isabella, all of whom were killed by the hand of a foul assassin in their home at Carey, Idaho, on the evening of October 29, 1915.  They seemed to discern that I was on my way back to mortality and immediately said (Brother Adamson was speaking), “Tell the children that we are very happy and very busy and they should not mourn our departure, nor worry their minds over the manner by which we were taken.  There is purpose in it, and we have a work to do here which required our collective efforts, and which we could not do individually.” I was at once made to know that the work referred to was that of genealogy on which they are working in England and Scotland. As I was approaching the place where I entered, my attention was attracted towards a number of small groups of women preparing what appeared to be wearing apparel.  Observing my inquiring countenance one of the women remarked, “We are preparing to receive Brother Worthington very soon.” As I gasped his name in repetition I was admonished, “If you knew the joy and the glorious mission that awaits him here, you would not ask to have him longer detained upon the earth.” Then came flooding my consciousness this awful truth that the will of the Lord can be done on earth as it is in Heaven only when we resign completely to His will and let His will be done in and through us. On account of the selfishness of many, persons who might have otherwise been taken in innocence and peace have been permitted to live, and have lived to their own peril — men and the assertion of the personal will as against the will of God.  Phillip Worthington died January 22, 1920, of which I was advised by telegram and returning to Boise I preached his funeral sermon on January 25, 1920. Men, women, and children are often called to missions of great importance on the other side. Some respond gladly while others refuse to go, and their loved ones will not give them up.  Also, many die because they have not the faith to be healed.  Others yet, live among and pass out of the world of mortals without any special manifestation of action of the divine.  When a man is stricken ill, the question of prime importance is not: “Is he going to live or is he going to die?” What matters isn't whether he lives or dies as long as the will of the Father is done!  Surely we can trust him with God.  Herein lies the special duty and privilege of administration by the right and authority of the Holy Priesthood, namely: it is given to the Elders of the Church of Jesus Christ to divine the will of the Father concerning the one upon whose head their hands are laid.  If for any reason they are unable to presage the Father's will, then they should continue to pray in faith for the afflicted one humbly ceding supremacy to do the will of God that His will may be done on earth as it is in Heaven. The righteous person's birth into the world of spirits is a glorious privilege and blessing.  The greatest spirits in the family of the Father have not usually been permitted to tarry longer in the flesh than to perform a certain mission; then they are called to the world of spirits where the field is greater and the workers fewer.  This earthly mission may therefore be long or short as the Father wills. I passed quickly out where I had entered the world of spirits and immediately my body was quickened and I was [left] to ponder over and record the many wonderful things I had seen and heard. Let me here and now declare to the world that irrespective of the opinion of others I do know of my own positive knowledge and from my own personal experience, that God is the Father of the spirits of all men, and that He lives, that Jesus Christ is His Son and the Savior of the world, that the spirit of man does not die but survives the change called death and goes to the world of spirits, that the world of spirits is on or near this earth, that the principles of salvation are now being taught to the spirits and the great work of joining the Father's family among the living and the dead is now in progress, and that but comparatively few will ultimately be lost, that spirits will literally take up their bodies again in the resurrection, and that the gospel of Jesus Christ has been established upon the earth with all of its keys, powers, authority, and blessings through the instrumentality of the Prophet Joseph Smith, that this is the power that will not only save and exalt everyone who yields obedience to its principles, but will ultimately save the world, that the burden of our mission is to save souls unto God, and that the work for the salvation of the dead is of no less importance than the work for the living.

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 So glad to say it this year and to have family close.

Truly a holy night.  Love those around you.  You never know if it will be your last.  Many around me have lost loved ones.

An old high school buddy was intubated and every other patient in her ICU died but her.  A coworker just had to fly to India where he was able to be with his father as he passed over.  I have a tale I will share with you in a few weeks.

Love your loved ones!

A great rendition of my favorite Christmas song sung by a girl that looks just like a girl I dated in high school and was my first kiss.  She joined the Church the next spring!


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