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 So, my wife and I are delving into our shared Swiss ancestry (and her father's Swiss missionary experience) as we talk about a future visit to Switzerland - now that we can finally travel again and the dollar is worth something against the international currencies.  We have both been finding amazing conversion stories among our Swiss ancestors that involve miraculous healing and also a non-healing story where this faithful ancestor of mine was given the gift of NOT having a miracle.  In this gift, he was allowed to see the future of going to Zion.  Yes, that Zion that included the "debauchery" of polygamy (1850's Utah).

He literally was shown in vision the missionary that would come to teach them and eventually lead them to Utah - wherein Hans, as a polygamist (he married a second woman in Utah who had been twice-widowed, and then proceeded to have 10 additional children with her) was able to live out a remarkable life and accomplish amazing things that had me weeping over his faithfulness.

So, for my post-1834 throw-it-all-under-the-bus, Brigham Young NoPolyMos friends who may be reading this rag, I would like to present exhibit X to the nth power....  Here is the problem.  When you throw Brigham under the bus, you throw Eliza R. Snow and even this Hans Ulrich Bryner ancestor of mine (that I had forgotten about until I was talking to my wife and I managed to remember his name that my Mother had taught me about over 40 years ago).  Which quick internet search led me to this:

Folks - how can this testimony be denied?!?

As I say, it takes some form of mental illness (even if it is just extreme or blind rage over this shit shot debacle) in order to chuck it all away.

My response and conclusion to it all?

Repent.  Shube. 


So, I have laid out the case in this blog that Jesus was killed on April 3rd, 33AD in the very timeline given in the Bible (for all those who naysay the authenticity of the scriptural record - read the facts and data and weep (and gnash, if you must)).  It is bullet-proof that that date falls on the exact date of Passover (via and that this can be corroborated by the lunar eclipse tracker over Jerusalem during the exact time that the Bible states that it happened (via and probably a whole schlew of other sites that process that kind of data).

Well I was watching something random this morning and this gal was going off on how the date of Jesus' death was April 3rd, 33AD based on EQ data.  Originally, when I had been led by the Spirit (through a series of questions that came into my mind as I was pondering on a question), I discounted that you could get within more than a decade or so of the time of an EQ without an extensive contemporary historical record.  We only have a few good records from that time period (other than the Bible) - and I do not recall reading exact dates of an earthquake in those records (Josephus, etc).  So, for me, the lunar eclipse option was spot on and what I needed to answer my question (how close to the age and day/time of Jesus dying to the timing of my son's death to SIDS).  There is a reason we named him "Jesus baby" after his passing.  So many uncanny weird "coincidences" related to the death of Jesus (and His birth, for that matter).  There truly are no such things as coincidences.  I really have come to that conclusion.

So, here are some links to this notion that an EQ date CAN be pinned down, based on some mainstream news articles (and not some hair-brained claim on a guy's blog):

Here are some more:

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 This is the only eye-witness account of this type of event that I am aware of and is shared by one of my friends from Mesa, whose story it is in her Johnson line:

Resurrection of a Nephite Girl

From a post on a newsgroup: [The following narrative is reproduced as I received it--except that I have corrected spelling and grammatical errors as indicated by brackets. It appears to be a transcript of a talk. Note that San Juan County is in eastern Utah. --DCA, 3/9/1998]


I have been requested to relate an experience I had in 1908 [or] 1909 in San Juan County. I was just making a home in Blanding and the whole county there was covered with trees and sagebrush. I was working hard to clear the ground to plant a few acres of corn. We had five acres cleared and [we] started to plant the corn. My little boy Roy, [seven] or [eight] years old[,] was there to help me plant the corn. I'd plow around the piece and then he'd plant the furrow with the corn. Then I'd cover it and plow again. While I was plowing on that piece of ground, I discovered there were ancient houses there, that is[,] the remnant[s] of them.

As I was plowing around I noticed that my plow had turned out the skeleton of a small child[--]the skull and the backbone[. M]ost of the the bones[,] of course[,] were decayed and gone. Part of the skeleton was there, so I stopped immediately as my plow had passed it a little. I turned and looked back against the bar of the plow between the handles. As I was looking at that little skeleton that I had plowed out[,] and wondering, all of a sudden to my surprise[,] I saw the bones begin to wiggle[. T]hey began to change position and to take on [a] different color[. W]ithin a minute there lay a beautiful little skeleton. It was a perfect little skeleton.

Then I saw the inner parts of the natural body coming in--the entrails, etc. I saw the flesh coming on and I saw the skin come on the body [after] the inner parts of the body [were] complete. A beautiful head of hair adorned the top of the head[. I]n about a half a minute after the hair was on the head, it had a beautiful crystal decoration in the hair. It was combed beautifully and parted on one side. In about a half a minute after the hair was on the head, the child raised up on her feet. She was lying a little on her left side with her back toward me. Because of this I wasn't able to discern the sex of the child, but as she raised up, a beautiful robe came down over her left shoulder and I saw it must be a girl.

She looked at me and I looked at her, and for a quarter of a minute we just looked at each other smiling. Then [in] my ambition to get a hold of her, I [said,] "oh, you beautiful child," and I reached out as if I would embrace her and she disappeared.

That was all I saw, and I stood there and I wondered and I thought for a few minutes. My little boy was wondering why I was there because he was down at the other end of the row[,] anxious to come and plant the corn. Now, I couldn't tell that story to anyone because it was so mysterious to me and such. Why should I have such a miraculous experience[?] I couldn't feature a human being in such a condition as to accidentally plow that little body out and see it come alive. A body of a child about five to seven years old, I'd say.

I couldn't tell that story to anyone until finally one day I met a dear friend of mine, Stake Patriarch Wayne H. Redd of Blanding. He stopped me on the street and [said], "Zeke, you have had an experience on this mesa you won't tell[.] I want you to tell it to me." Well, I told it to him. Then he had me tell it to other friends and since then I have told it in four temples in the United States and many meeting houses and many socials, fast meeting, and a conference times.

I wondered, and it worried me for years[,] as to why [...] was I, just a common [uneducated] man, allowed to see such a marvelous manifestation of God's power.

One day as I was walking alone with my hoe on my shoulder going to hoe some corn, something said, "Stop under the shade of that tree for a few minutes and rest." This just came to me and I thought I would, so I stopped there and [the following] was given to me.

It was in answer to my prayer. I prayed incessantly for an answer as to why I was privileged to see that resurrection. I was told why. When the child was buried there, it was either in time of war with the different tribes or it was winter time when the ground was frozen and they had no tools to dig deep graves. If it were during time of war they couldn't possibly take time to dig a deep grave. They just planted that little body as deep as they could under the circumstances. When it was done the sorrowing mother knew that it was such a shallow grave, that in her sorrow she cried out to the little group that was present, "That little shallow grave, the first beast that comes along will smell her body and will dig her up and scatter her to the four winds. Her bones will be scattered all over these flats.["] There just happened to be a man present holding the priesthood (a Nephite or a Jaredite, I don't know which because they had both been in this country. I've been in their houses and know it.) The man said, "Sister, calm your sorrows. Whenever that little body is disturbed or uncovered, the Lord will call her up and she will live. Since that time, I have taken great comfort, great cheer and consolation and satisfaction, with praise in my heart and soul, until I haven't the words to express it, that it was I that uncovered that little body.

Thank you for listening to me. I just can't tell this without crying.

Zeke Johnson
son of Joel Hills Johnson

Saturday, September 24, 2022


 He nails it with his statement that "(if the snakes had not stolen the election from him and he were still in power) we would not be going to war over Taiwan nor in Ukraine".

He furthermore nailed down that the mess we are in is due to "stupid people" in DC that probably are not capable of finding themselves out of a paper bag, let alone a sticky world situation.  What complete and total POS....  In my humble opinion.  Could never have agreed more with the Don than with that statement.  Oh those tewwibbul meeeeaan tuweets!  Bad orange man speak da mean things.... waaaahhh!!

I would much rather have a few mean tweets and some respect on the world stage than a demented pedophile in office that has to be prompted when it's time to change his diaper so his rash does not get worse..... and whom no one respects so they just roll over decades of US superiority in various regions.  


Oh well.  I am just preparing to get the hell out and let everyone mire in the mess they created.  You wanted Biden?  You can have him.  You wanted the green agenda?  You can have $6 per gallon gas in Californication.  You wanted a king in Canada?  You can have it.  It is all yours.  Not mine....

Read it and weep.  Putin has been literally begging the USA to back off for our own good.  He does not want to have to do a reverse "Cuban Missile Crisis" on us.  But, it has all been prophesied.  Yet, when it happens just as written, will you still pig-headedly deny it?  Some people are just too stooopid for their own good....

Thursday, September 22, 2022


 This is from my mentor who shared it on my FB group on dreams:

Last night I had two dreams:

The first dream I saw the adversary’s forces unleash a war upon male priesthood holders unlike any before it.

The men would go in and attempt to cast the evil spirits out trying to protect others… 

(granted it was like urban warfare with the priesthood holders being like platoons bursting into homes and places to ferret out terrorists. That was the manner of the battle. The priesthood holders were kind of going in after them.)

…but instead of winning and casting out the evil spirits whom I saw were dressed for war…

 the evil spirits would rush through the priesthood holders with firey knives/swords slicing through their hearts and kill the men while on their feet. Almost as though the men had instant heart attacks. 

The men could not enter a place nor a home without dying instantly. A few survived but most were dying unable to stand against these fiery darts/swords/weapons.

I watched it in horror. When I tried to say anything, my mouth was closed and I couldn’t speak. I desired to help the men but instead was left to witness them fall one right after another. And somehow I knew that women… good women were being spared. The laws that governed the faith of women spared them in this battle and they were for the most part passed by.

But…These men were good priesthood holders whom believed that they lived all the laws, and they truly were good members in good standing… but I saw that they didn’t seek further light and knowledge except to attend church and live the Word of Wisdom and do their church callings and temple attendance. (Apparently there needed to be more for men that they needed… more armor of God type, more faith, more power in the priesthood where it needed to be sealed by the Holy Spirit of Promise upon them.)

So apparently the Men did well in “practicing” the priesthood but the priesthood had not been yet sealed upon them… they were not sanctified before the Lord. I don’t know. That’s all I was told and I had no ability to ask further because I just didn’t know the questions to ask.

But I knew in the dream that they were not the 144,000, nor were they especially “valiant” members of the church. But they were good people, in good standing, and had given blessings despite having less power in the priesthood than they had thought. Just good people.

Or rather…They were just members of the church whom were those that didn’t seek further light and truth yet believed that they had the priesthood enough to cast out devils. They did not have the spiritual strength that they believed or were told in church that they had. (This is not my words on this one. This was how they were described to me as in the dream when I asked. Because I was asking why in the world would good priesthood holders ever fall?)

Instead these men dropped dead in an instant being overcome by evil spirits. The gates of hell were truly opened. Women were spared. Then I woke.

Second dream… after I went back to bed trying to ponder The first dream which occupied my mind so severely that in the second dream I was in a hospital/medical setting.

  Working as a doctor among other doctors (I am a physician), I was handling charts and typical clinic duties, but my mind was still pondering the previous dream… because that dream troubled me a lot. Such that I wasn’t paying attention to my work… all I could think about was good male priesthood holders failing and dying against evil spirits. (Sorry for the repetition but that’s what it was like for me… I just couldn’t get it out of my head.)

I turned to another doctor, a woman and chose to tell her the dream or rather a different dream from

2019 that i had had which I was given to know was related to the above dream, which was testifying of what was to occur:

  I told her that I bore witness in the 2019 dream that there was to be a small plague, one which everyone would believe was a large/big/world shattering plague.

But instead that plague was mild in comparison to what was to come…

 then shortly thereafter in the 2019 dream, I relayed to the other doctor in this dream, there came upon the world an even bigger plague nothing like it before… one that was so devastating that men would die upon their feet suffering. We knew in this dream that the first plague (from the 2019 dream) had been the Covid, which in its scale was minor in comparison to the second plague that the dreams were saying was going to come.

   And I saw the male doctors dying in that plague, which I told the small group of doctors that had by this time surrounded me. I told them that the men would die in this plague quicker and in more numbers than the women.

    And an Isaiah scripture clearly came to mind from the Spirit while in the dream.

  The woman doctor believed me despite herself, but the man doctors that stood beside her mocked me and scoffed. The men would not believe but a few of the women did and they were filled with horror and awe. Then I woke.

This was the Isaiah reference (Isaiah 3) in Nephi:

2 Nephi 13:

For behold, the Lord, the Lord of Hosts, doth take away from Jerusalem, and from Judah, the stay and the staff, the whole staff of bread, and the whole stay of water—

2 The mighty man, and the man of war, the judge, and the prophet, and the prudent, and the ancient;

3 The captain of fifty, and the honorable man, and the counselor, and the cunning artificer, and the eloquent orator.

4 And I will give children unto them to be their princes, and babes shall rule over them.

5 And the people shall be oppressed, every one by another, and every one by his neighbor; the child shall behave himself proudly against the ancient, and the base against the honorable.

6 When a man shall take hold of his brother of the house of his father, and shall say: Thou hast clothing, be thou our ruler, and let not this ruin come under thy hand—

7 In that day shall he swear, saying: I will not be a healer; for in my house there is neither bread nor clothing; make me not a ruler of the people.

8 For Jerusalem is ruined, and Judah is fallen, because their tongues and their doings have been against the Lord, to provoke the eyes of his glory….

(Basically the whole chapter, but that’s scriptural reference I was given in the dream.)

(No references to time were made in the dreams not even a reference to a season. And I have given no interpretation of these dreams except the information given to me while in the dreams.)

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 I have a really nice fellow on FB who is a big believer in the Gifts of the Spirit.  He is really outspoken on things like the Gift of Tongues, etc and also on the Baptism of Fire.  Stuff that simply is not talked about today because the Saints (or Later Day Aints, as I call many So Mos - or Social Mormons), not to be confused with the:

  • ProgMos = Progressive Mormons with pink hair and rainbow flags hanging off the front of their house who just want the Prophet to bend a little on the whole two guys/gals kneeling at an altar vibe.  They might be caught protesting at BYU a few days after signing their pledge to live the Honor Code or receiving their full professorship in the English or Women's Studies Depts.  Sheesh.
  • ExMos = Ex Mormons (self explanatory; those who spend inordinate amounts of time on the disaffected ex-mo sites trashing on the lost who still cling to their purple koolaid decanters)
  • Pharimons = Pharisee Mormons those who talk the talk but do not walk the walk of their declared religious values.  
  • SoMos = Social Mormons who are simply there because everyone is doing it and why be left out of a party when it is free, short of paying into the Ward Budget?   And who can have a better time alcohol-free than a gymnasium full of Mormons???
  • HoMos = Honey-do Mormons who just see an unlimited supply of men who can fix things in the hope that you will finally decide to visit on a Sunday and return to full activity.
Haha.  I love that list and would like to see it grow until we have all the "ites" nicely classified.  Please add in the comments.  We need to flesh this whole thing out.

Anyway, my FB friend brought up this and this was my reply to him:

This is a bunch of crap attempting to discredit Brigham Young and those who lived the higher laws. Likely from the charlatans at DoC. Let me ask you this, Larry. If these practices were wicked and so out of line. Why did one of the greatest advocates for women's rights, Eliza R. Snow, not stand up to it - and instead was married for time to Brigham Young as a former wife of Joseph Smith? Why did those who practiced it have an incredible increase in the gifts of the Spirit, as well as visits from the Three Nephites (including among my own ancestors)? Why after 1890-1910 did many of those manifestations begin to disappear until today there is a dearth of them? Why, when I read of the great men of faith in this dispensation (who have a fulness of Priesthood), are most, if not all of them were practicing plural marriage? I read the entire 500+ page biography of Edward J Wood who was the first Cardston Alberta Temple President for 35 years and had amazing gifts of prophecy and also healing who seemed to exhibit a fulness of his Priesthood. I could not resolve that with his apparent lack of plurality of wives. As time went on, sure enough, I found out (through Wikipedia, of all places) that he did marry his wife's widowed sister and would faithfully go to Conference every single one except two during a 100 year blizzard and once during the 1918 flu pandemic. He fathered and supported several children in that Levirite-style polygamous marriage that occurred after the Second Manifesto, possibly at the behest of later excommunicated Apostle John Taylor II, who was a huge advocate and would not heed the call to put the practice behind him.

Tuesday, September 20, 2022


 Folks, this is disturbing; the number of SADS and other sudden onsets of disease after taking the jab.

It is only 8 mins, but shocking to see the coercion put out by the jabbies:


 So glad she got some air time.  She had a remarkable gift and I cannot find anything in her writings that clash with modern or ancient prophecy:

Monday, September 19, 2022


 Yep, soon enough, you will have video evidence that I said and did things I did not say.  Right now, all you can hack is my written word, my profile, etc.  It is relatively easy for a semi-competent hacker to change someone's words.  Child's play for now.  The level of deception is just getting more and more sophisticated.

I cannot help but think of President Nelson's words that we soon will not be able to navigate the world without the deep and abiding presence of the Holy Ghost.  People will not be able to tell truth from fiction.  If someone, as my daughter did, will fall for something as benign as an obvious fake quote from Joseph Smith, how will the rest of us know what to believe.  What if there is an image showing what appears President Nelson at a press conference telling all faithful Saints to take the mark of the beast.  Will we blindly obey?  I feel like we have just been through a trial run of what is coming.

Here is something to illustrate that point:

We are going to be dealing with this and open daylight illusions that are computer generated mirages.  So good that no human can discern without divine help.  

God help us all....


Folks, I have been in a perpetual firefight with the ridiculous attitudes at DoC and the other anti's out there; in that they believe that Brigham was a piece of work, a racist, a murderer (of Joseph and Hyrum) and so much other tripe.  Oh how some people can fling the baseless poo!!  Likely, they are covering their own sins and chicanery.

Why do I care?  Because I do not want to see more of my loved ones hurt by ridiculous tripe.  Last night in a phone call, I finally got to defend the Church's position on the tripe my oldest daughter got into that led her off the Covenant path.  After 10 years, my daughter was actually in a position to hear a defense from me.  Wow.  She had a ton of water under that bridge in the meantime.  It has been painful to watch this whole time.  But some people have to learn the hard way.  In fact, most do including myself, at times.  The key is to limit that kind of learning and maximize inspired learning (following the warnings and promptings of the Holy Spirit).

My wife almost did the faceplant when that BYU "professor" (more like slanderer) went off about Joseph's "philandering" and all the children "he fathered with other men's wives".  Citing all "reputable" sources at the time in this professor's book, only to find out that ZERO of it was based on fact.  All the children were from the men the women were married to for time, while Joseph was sealed to them for eternity.  So far as we know, there were no side sexual liaisons.  Unless Joseph had access to some really good prophilactics (that he did not have with Emma - who seemed to get pregnant just by Joseph looking at her), nothing went down as these useless accusers assert.

Here is the problem - or part of the problem.  People are under the same spirit that the great deceiver was as he works in that role of  "accuser" that was from the beginning.  This is how he has been defined in scripture.  In studying his understudies on this earth, I would definitely support that title for him and his embodied minions.  While at the same time, I would probably never arrive at that conclusion for the Son of God.  Simply not His style.

So here is the rub; people will simply use any excuse to walk away because of sin in their lives.  Polygamy or blacks in the Priesthood are two really convenient hotpoints for those who want to leave - but who are not quite ready to throw the Book of Mormon under the bus (though their demon-incarnate masters) will eventually take them down that path with the final stop of that train being destination Throw the Savior Under the Bus; a heat-filled paradise with many other types with distorted visages.

So yeah, there is much hatred out there for the principle/doctrine of plural marriage.  One of it's purposes is to divide the sheep from the goats, so to speak.  Jesus himself said he came not to bring people together, but to divide houses against themselves.  The doctrines He teaches simply are not easy and for the spiritually lazy to comprehend, nor live.  I am always drawn to the testimonies in journals and temple histories of those who DID live the principles of the Gospel fully.  And they developed faith and spiritual stamina by doing hard things.  Many of those amazing people did live polygamy - and along with the toughness of that, received witnesses that we simply do not receive (in large part) these days.

This is one of my favorite story tapes that my wife and I came across probably two decades ago:

Enjoy!!  And ponder on those who lived during and after the "murderous" Brigham and John Taylor did and see if their works do not speak volumes.  See how you measure up against them.  I know I do not hold a candle to them, which either makes me worse than a murderous posse or it exonerates them and furthermore condemns those who condemn them.